my grandmother wanted to kill me

There has been a Decepticon emblem somewhere on my person every day since the election.

Today I saw a post that upset me. It was basically stating that half the fandom is incorrect to see the Decepticons as the ‘real’ good guys, and reiterated all the reasons that they’re terrible and the Autobots are, were, and always will be the only good guys. 

I may have growled ‘fuck you’ at the computer, almost reblogged with an angry comment…and then looked at myself with horror, because I make it my policy not to be negative at someone I’ve never met, or their thoughts, on such slim basis. Compassion is more important than anything else; we are all hurting, and it is so easy to do further damage that, especially on a platform such as tumblr, it does well to watch one’s words very, very carefully. Fictional characters are not worth doing real, tangible harm over. 

So why the hell was I so upset that I almost broke my own rules?

The election.

I have worn a Decepticon emblem somewhere on my person every day since the election. Earrings. My windbreaker. A t-shirt. But mostly the earrings, since they’re subtle and pass mostly unremarked. I’m even contemplating a tattoo, more seriously than ever before. 

I’m in agony. I’m a policy student; I specialize in public health policy. A few weeks ago, my mentor quite literally told me to hold off on entering the workforce for the next four years; he feels that me starting a career under the Trump Administration would be a very bad idea. At the same time, I’m significantly changing the course of my immediate future in light of the election; I’m applying to Teach For America, which has an LGBT initiative to recruit LGBT teachers. It’s intended to make up grade and graduation (and survival) differences between LGBT and straight students. I’m going to actively pursue being placed in a red state, where I can do the most good. 

It’s not like I don’t understand this is dangerous. There is a large part of me that wants to flee the country (New Zealand being the favorite refuge, right now). But my family didn’t leave China during the Cultural Revolution, though it killed my great-grandparents and led to the torture and humiliation of many of my other family members. My grandmother had to be almost forcefully sent to the US because the rest of the family knew damn well her opinionated nature and total disregard for her own safety would get her dead. But it wasn’t the first time the family had weathered horrors. I know too well that it won’t be the last. And if my great-grandparents could stay in China then, then no incompetent orange baboon’s arse will chase me from the United States. 

I’m bi. I’m multiracial. I’m a woman. I’m an intellectual. This is not a good combination in Trump’s America. But I’m not afraid. 

Because I think about Megatron every time I start browsing the New Zealand visa site. Megatron, and my family. 

We’ve been weaponizing words for generations. Two thousand years, in fact. Megatron, the young miner working in the dark for a better world, shaping words to change sparks, speaks to me on a deep level. This is what we have done for those two thousand years. And like Megatron, we have paid a price. Very often in blood. We’ve never been good at shutting up. 

Megatron is both a power fantasy and a cautionary tale for me right now, and right now, what I really need is the power fantasy. I feel incredibly helpless; I am not the only one. Megatron, someone who starts out so utterly helpless, gives me hope that I, too, may yet be powerful one day. That I may be capable of righting the injustices that cause me such pain now. 

I do not mean to excuse his atrocities. I am repulsed by them perhaps more than many others, because I understand how easy it might be to slip over the edge to committing them. (Anyone who tells you it is easy not to slip over that edge is a person to be very frightened of; they obviously do not see themselves as capable of horror, and those people are the ones most likely to commit horrors–they do not examine themselves or their motivations, they believe they are utterly in the right, and that is the most dangerous of persons). 

In the wake of this election, we all feel helpless. We are suddenly enemies in our own countries. Our neighbors turn on us for our compassion, for our liberal sentiments and our belief that all people are created equal. Does We the People still cover us? We’re not sure. There are so many who would say no. There are so many who believe we’re seeing the rise of another Hitler. 

Megatron rebelled against an authoritarian government. The lowest of the low, he shattered the monstrous system that treated him and his fellows as disposable objects. We are facing a future in which we are disposable objects. Is it any wonder we find hope in him? Is it any wonder that, seeing Trump get another pass for a lie, or use a tweet to cover up his nefarious dealings, you are being deceived gains new, immediate meaning? How about rise up? 

It’s not Optimus who gives us hope, Optimus who was a cop in IDW, Optimus, the well-meaning supporter of the status quo (that very same status quo that has so failed us!).

It’s Megatron, who may have fallen from grace, but who understands. Who was the miner who toppled an empire.

You may interpret canon as you wish. I would never want to step on someone’s toes for that. But for all you folks wondering why the hell fandom has suddenly decided the Decepticons are more appealing…

…it’s very simple. We’ve just realized we’re in their position. 

Acceptance as a Queer Asian American

Coming out as pansexual to my grandmother was an extremely important, and I believe, pivotal moment in my life as a queer, Asian young adult. I believe this for many reasons, but there are two specific ones that over shadow the rest.

The first of those is what it meant to me as a Japanese-American woman to feel safe enough and confidant enough in who I was to come out to my grandmother. For the majority of my queer journey up to this point, I was dead set on the fact that I could never tell my grandmother my sexual orientation. No matter the circumstance, I was sure that my grandmother would not understand or approve. No matter the circumstance, there was a great chance of my losing my relationship with her, my strongest tie to my Japanese heritage and her presence in my life as a third parent could be gone forever. I wasn’t willing to sacrifice the love between us or isolate myself even more than I already felt from the Japanese community.

As much as my refusal to share my identity with my grandmother was based in my fear of her not loving me anymore, a good portion was also based in how I felt my faux-heterosexuality was essentially tied to my right to my Japanese heritage. I already felt like an imposter for being biracial and I felt that my admission to being attracted to more than just men would give the community more reason to exile me, revoke my membership that I’d come to believe I could only have if my grandmother backed me first. After all, my grandmother was the closest resource I had for my culture and language. Everything that made me feel Japanese I could attribute to her: my round face, olive skin, and almond eyes, my short stature and straight frame, my knowledge of Japanese tradition and lore with her songs and stories, my induction to Japanese pop culture with Studio Ghibli, candies and sweets, cartoons by Sanrio, and watching her Japanese shows on the TV, my love of the Japanese food she’d raised me on, the miso shiru and gyoza that marked my childhood, my interest and grasp of the Japanese language that she’d spoke and sang to me all my life. If she disowned me for this, it would feel like the entire Japanese and Asian community behind her would disown me as well.

When I finally decided to come out as pansexual to my grandma I was twenty. Four years after my official acceptance of the label, I’d gained enough confidence in my intersectionality of identities, enough love and pride for them all, that none of them could be affected by her acceptance or disapproval. My forgiveness and acceptance of my white, Scottish family and heritage had allowed me to discard the shame I felt for being mixed race in the Asian community. My growth and education in my Japanese heritage, history, and language had given me confidence in my identity as a Japanese person that no amount of racial slurs, stereotypes, or discrimination I received from any group of people could shake. My growth and knowledge of my self as a sexually and gender queer person and found footing in the LGBTQ+ community had shed the self hatred and fear of rejection from my mind. As painful as losing my grandmother would be, it would not and could not break me as might have before. I was tired of living behind lies. Being able to do something about that without fear of losing myself in my lost relationship was the most liberating thing I’d felt in my history with my Japanese and queer identities.

The second of the two reasons is absolutely the way my grandmother responded to my coming out. She both met my expectations and surprised me in the best of ways. And by that I mean that her reaction was so explicitly something my grandmother would say and do, but my fear of the worst case scenario had clouded my ability to perceive this outcome over the former.

I saw the opportunity to tell her over a conversation we had started about the recent mass shooting of LGBTQ+ people in Orlando, Florida. The devastation she expressed over the massacre, her clear understanding of the hateful prejudice behind the crime, it allowed me to see her clearer than before.

“I don’t understand why people do that!” I remember her shouting. “Why you got to hurt and kill people just because you disagree? Megan, it does not matter who you love, who I love, it doesn’t matter! Just because you believe doesn’t give you right to take another’s life!”

With her words my perceptions changed. My biases that often allowed me to view her as a stubborn child with an adult’s face and experiences had been pushed aside. Instead of the previously held image I’d had, my view of my grandmother had shifted to that of a women who’d experienced much hardship and shut out many new people and ideas because of it, but was still capable of growth and acceptance of new social norms and ways of thinking. This new image, this new perception of my grandma was a kinder, softer one than I’d met previously. It was one that I was safe with, I could feel it in my stomach and my cheeks.

“You know, it’s kind of scary for people like me, people who like more than just the opposite sex, people like those killed in that club, to be alive right now,” I said. “I’m like them, I like more than just boys, I want to date a girl someday, and it scares me that someone might want to kill me for that.”

My grandmother stared at me for a moment, her bony arms encircling her small legs, a high hum coming from her throat. That hum and the noise of her TV that never got turned off were the only sound in the room for several moments.

“You like girls?” She asked, then gestured to the news on the TV. “Like those people?”

I nodded and she made the same high hum.

“Well you know, Megan,” she said, looking down then back up again. I could feel my heart pounding heavily against my chest. “it does not matter who you love what you believe because you are my granddaughter. You are my first granddaughter and I will love you and take care of you always.”

I felt tears pricking my eyes and my heart slow its pace. I’d cried coming out to each of my parents so far, but this was the first time my tears were from joy.

With my mother I’d cried with frustration and anger at her lack of understanding and patronizing questions. Despite her general acceptance and “I’ll always love you” concluding statements, it’d hurt that she’d had so many concerns and objections. With my father I’d cried with rage, the pain of betrayal, the pain of lost love, and a fear for my livelihood then forward. He’d made me feel like a child running from home who truly had no option of turning back. He’d made me feel like his promises to love and care for me all these years had been out right lies.

But with my grandmother, all I’d felt was an overwhelming happiness from her words. Her straightforward acceptance, her attempt to understand me with out being invasive… I hadn’t been aware of how desperately I’d needed her to respond in this way until she had. With it I felt a tremendous weight lifted off my chest and a surge of love and emotion.

Seeing my watering eyes, my grandmother leaned forward and hugged me. I laughed at how her arms could hardly reach around my shoulders and I scooted closer so to make it easier for her. She patted my back with her bony, knobby, hands and kissed my head.

“I don’t care who you love, Megan. I love you first and that’s what’s important.”

I sniffled and laughed, squeezing her waist in my arms.

“Arigatou gozaimasu, obaachan. Aishite,” I said. “Thank you, grandma. I love you.”

A True Nightmare

Ever since I read @nifwrites We Intertwined series, I’ve always wondered about Ardyn’s soulmate. I imagined he had one before he was demonized by everyone and they were one of many who turned their back on him. This is the story if you were the descendant of Ardyn’s soulmate. 

This is NOT a love story. If an Ardyn soulmate au is what you’re looking for, you might wanna go elsewhere. 

A/N: I’m not sure how I feel about this-I’m super proud of it because I know it’s not a direction anyone else is going in right now, but I’m worried of a possible backlash. If it’s going to be too much of an issue, I’ll probably delete it.

~A True Nightmare~
Word Count: 2,656


You threw another one of your disposable daggers at a goblin’s face and used your gun to shoot the one next to it, both of them falling dead to your hand. Prompto, Ignis and Gladio, the three you had worked hard to be by their side during this long and intense journey, all fought viciously along side you as Noctis ran to the crystal to buy them some time. But almost ten minutes had gone by and nothing was happening; there was no life-altering change like you had hoped there would be, Noctis never returning from the crystal, even after the hangar doors to the elevator opened. 

Go!“ Gladio shoved you towards the hangar while blocking another attack. "Check on Noctis-we’ll hold them back," 

You shook your head and took another shot with Prompto, but the bullets glazed off the daemon as it reared its head to attack. Barely able to block, you’re flung into the air and land right next to the hangar doors, gasping as you’re pretty sure you just broke a few of your ribs. 

"Just go,” Prompto ran over to help you up and pushed you towards the elevator as the three continued to fight. “We’ve got this!" 

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“I come from a small, yet privileged family, where I am the only child. I was spoiled rotten by my father and grandmother, while my grandpa and mother taught me that I have to work hard to get things that I want. My parents were killed when I was twelve, and that was one of the hardest times of my life. I barely talked, ate, did anything really. Losing both parents at once hit me hard. I was depressed for years. I isolated myself for so long until my grandparents got me out of the rut I was in. They helped me see the “good” in the death of loved ones, taught me to be strong, not to cry, to keep pushing forward. One thing that really helped was my mother’s garden. My grandma made me help her keep it alive, as a way to keep her memory alive. I would hope my mother would be proud of me now. I own a place called the Nail Garden where I can express myself through my art and make my clients feel confident and great about themselves. I hope she’s proud that I’m working hard to be the best me that I can be. 

-Dajane @broodsims
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Sims of San Myshuno

I am not human, are you?

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BTS AU (werewolf)

Part1 / Part2 / Part3 / Part4 / Part5 /

Requested by: anonymous

Request:   Hello, if I’m not asking for to much, can you make a werewolf au series to Jungkook ? If you don’t want to or don’t have time I completely understand. Sorry for my english, it’s not my first language. :)

A/N: Here it is! The requested by anony, Jungkook werewolf AU is beginning today. So I didn’t know what to base this on. I didn’t want to make it like human you meeting werewolf him and I didn’t like the turning into one of them idea…so I turned this in a Little Red Riding Hood, type story.I hope you like it and sorry for any mistakes made. Requests are open.

Word count:  2,992

Warnings: Blood and swearing.

   School ended for today and you were walking back home with your friends.The three of you lived very close to each other, practically on the same street. You had two best friends, Jackson and Lillian. You loved them very much and enjoyed their company each day. 

“So, do you want to come with us?”asked you Lillian

“If you are going to a club again, then no.”you said stopping in front of your house

“You never go out with us at night. You always say that your mother needs you and stuff like that.” Jackson pouted at you, jumping up and down with his school bag onto his back

“That is because she does.”you hugged both of them “Have fun and make sure to send me pictures.”you punched Jackson lightly in the shoulder “Protect Lillian, do you hear me!?”

“Yeah, yeah will do.”

  They smiled at you and walked away. Your house was dark as always, closing the door behind you ,you dropped your school bag on the floor. A figure was standing in the shadows next to the stairs. You didn’t look at it, but sighed.

“I know, I know. Be right there, just let me get ready.”

  The figure pulled back and disappeared in the shadows. Picking up your bag , you walked up the stairs into your room and knelt next to your bed. From under it you pulled out a box. Opening it, inside were different clothes.

“Should I change or go with the one I have on now?”you were looking at them for sometime before standing up and placing the box back where it came from ”Nah, I am too tired to change.” 

  Still wearing your school uniform, you walked out of your room and down stairs to the basement of your house.To normal people it looked like an ordinary room, but to you it was more than that. There was an old library there, you walked over to it and pulled out a book.

“The Little Red Riding Hood.”you read out loud the name “How ironic.”you said and reached inside the hole that was behind the book, soon the whole library opened up. “Here we go again.”you sighed and walked in, the bookshelf closing itself behind you.

“You are late.”said someone

  Behind your basement’s library was a massive room colored in white, mostly. The ceiling was very high and on it were big lights, which were illuminating the whole room perfectly. 

“I am sorry.”you said scratching the back of your head

  You were about to look up at the person talking to you, but before you knew it your body moved suddenly to the side. The sound of metal echoing in your ear.

“What gives?!”you yelled out at the person

“Just because I am your mother doesn’t mean you are going to be slacking off young lady!”she said walking over to you “I hope you can fight with a school uniform on.” her steady walk turned into running 

  She jumped and attacked you, but you were able to block her high kick with your forearm. The wind created by the attack, blew your skirt up exposing the training suit under it. “I am always prepared for this, mom.”you smirked 

“Don’t get so cocky with me Y/N.That is not all!” she swung her leg and was able to hit you, making your body fly back hitting the walls

“Can’t I have some time to warm up?”you asked her, rubbing your back as you stood up

“No one will wait for you to warm up when you are fighting.” she pulled out a knife from her suit 

  You quickly removed your uniform, leaving only the training clothes. Once you noticed the blade in her hand, you jumped up grabbing onto one of the ceiling beams. 

“This is training!”you yelled out ,pointing at the weapon  

“If you aren’t serious ,you aren’t ready!” she stopped and looked up at you “Staying still when you are being attacked isn’t a good idea.” 

“It is…where did you go!” in seconds your mother’s figure disappeared and you panicked 

“Over here.” she kicked you off the beam and you fell, just in time you were able to land on your feet “Don’t drop your guard!” another high kick combination

“Damn it!” you blocked

“Don’t swear in this household young lady!” 

“But you can?” you pushed back and reached for a weapon of your own 

“I am older than you and your parent.”said your mom

  You collapsed on the ground in the end of your training. Your mother threw a towel towards you.”Thanks.”you said wiping your sweat off. She sat down next to you.

“Three hours, 45 minutes and 21 seconds, you still need to work on your endurance.”

“Yeah, yeah I know.”

  You stood up and went to have dinner at 02:00AM, kinda late or early depends on who you ask. Your mother had prepared everything for you, so you just had to sit down and eat. There was silence at the beginning, before your mother decided to ask you about your day.

“So, how was school today?”she looked over at you

“Good.”you pocked around the food

“Did you see something?”she asked 

“I am not always searching for them mom. I am trying to live normally.”you got a bit annoyed at the same question she asks you everyday

“That is your job as a part of this family.” here we go again, every night you talk about the same thing

“We are not starting this again.”you slamed the utensil back on the table, looking at your mother

“I am not starting anything.” she said

“Ok, ok, whatever you say.”you looked at your plate again “Oh I forgot, Jackson and Lillian want to go to a club tomorrow night. I think of going with them for the first time.”you told her this because you didn’t want her to be waiting for you

“You can’t go tomorrow.”

“What! Why?”you asked 

“Check your calendar and find out.” 

  You pulled out your phone and looked ,to see if there was something on it. As your eyes stopped on tomorrows date, you saw what was written there.You weren’t looking at your mother as you spoke.

“Can’t I go another day?”you asked her

“That is out of the question Y/N.It won’t change just because you don’t want to do it.”she was mad, very mad

“Why can’t I go out with my friends like normal high school students do!” you threw the napkin on the table and stood up.Your mother followed you to the living room.

“Y/N,you can’t be like them and you know it” 

“Why?Why do I have to do all of this?”you turned around to face her”It’s not like I want to.”

“This is our families job since existence itself. We must follow traditions. I did this, your grandmother did this even her mother before and so on. It’s time for you.” this was the standard destiny bullshit as you called it.

“Can’t you find someone else?” you whined 

“Y/N!”your mother yelled out, pulling your attention towards her “You are part of this family, you have the red riding hood’s blood in your veins!”

“That doesn’t mean I want to kill werewolves like you did.”you looked at her “What have they done to us to deserve murder?It’s the 21st century mother, even vampires don’t hide anymore.” you said waving your hands

“You can’t deny who you are Y/N and you know it. Be normal like me and your grandmother.”

“Normal?”you laughed out “Since you said it, let me explain something to you.I am a high school student for the third time in my life. How am I supposed to tell my friends that my gran grand grandmother is alive?”

“Y/N stop his nonsense immediately.”she demanded of you

“You don’t get it do you mother. We are cursed, since the first of our blood line were born. We live almost forever, we are super fast, strong and can do stuff normal humans can’t do.” you couldn’t stop yourself after this, the wave of anger kept coming

“We are not cursed!”

“Oh really? Then why is every child in this family born a female?Were are all the men? You never told me were my father is, or my grandfather or even my grand grandfather.”she avoided your gaze “They are dead, aren’t they?”you pulled back a bit

“I can’t tell you that.”she said with pain in her voice

“Ok, I don’t need to know, if you don’t want to tell me so much.”you ran up the stairs and closed the door behind yourself. In moments like this, your mother normally left you to cool down a bit.But this time was different, this time you were planing to go out. You pulled your phone out of your pocket and called Jackson.

“What’s up?”he picked up

“Where are you right now?”you asked him

“Home, why?Did something happen?”he could feel that something was wrong from your voice

“Can we see each other now?”you decided that tonight you weren’t going to listen to her and stay home like everytime

“Sure, I will call Lillian right now.” he said

“Ok, see you in 10 min at our normal spot.”you hung up and changed into some shorts and a hoodie. The fighting suit staid under your normal clothes, because it had turned into a habit of yours.Opening the window, you stepped on the sill and looked back to make sure your mother wasn’t listening.Soon enough you jumped off and closed the window with the little magic skills you had.

  The Red Riding Hood wasn’t as defenseless as everyone might think. The story we all knew as kids wasn’t what really happened.That little girl was on her way to her grandmother’s house ,because that day was the blood moon. A day in which most werewolves decided to go out of hiding.

  Since these creatures of the night still existed, so did your blood line, to keep them under control. With each generation ,getting stronger and bigger. You knew your mother loved you and wanted you to know how to protect yourself, as your family’s females were most appealing to the werewolves.But she was over reacting a bit at times.

  As you were walking towards the park, a man with dark hair and eyes walked towards you. You passed each other, but your eyes were locked together. He was beautiful, strong , serious and very manly, even if this was something you never thought once you saw someone.It was like you couldn’t stop looking at each other.

“You should go home while you still can little girl.”you stopped walking, shocked at the fact that he spoke to you.

“I am here to meet my friends.”you said in a daze 

“You will meet more that your friends.”he smirked

  You didn’t say anything and he continued walking, soon you reached the bench and sat down on it. The face of that man still spinning in your head and the attitude he had. Your ringtone pulled you out of your fantasies and you picked up.

“Where are you guys?”you asked Jackson

“We are on our way. Lillian just came over to my house.”

“Hurry up!”you sighed and your head leaned back on the wood material of the bench. You slowly looked at the sky. “No!” you yelled out fast, jumping off 

“What?”he asked you

“Don’t come here. Stay at home, don’t let Lillian go out tonight!”you were serious 

“What has gotten into you Y/N?”Jackson asked “Are you going home too?”

“Yes, yes I am. Now stay there and don’t come out.”you hung up the phone, not giving him time to ask you anything more

 You looked at your phone’s calendar and then at the sky. “No, no no. Why tonight, it was supposed to be tomorrow!” you ran as fast as you could through the trees, not even taking the paths around you, as it was faster your way

  As you were running through the trees, you suddenly stopped. The sound of foot steps coming from around you ,meant you were already cornered.

“Look what we have here.”someone laughed out “Isn’t it too late for you to be out here little lady?” 

   Soon 5 men walked out of the forest and in front of you. All of them having big ears, thick claws and disgusting smiles. Yes, it wasn’t tomorrow, the blood moon was tonight. They were coming closer to you and you were stepping back a bit. Yet the 5th guy, who was standing behind the other 4 wasn’t transformed. He was just looking at you, from head to toe.

“You should have listened to me.” the voice came from the far back

“Are you talking to me?”you asked him, pointing at your chest

“Who else is about to be taken by wolves?”he said with a cocky tone in his voice

“I don’t need your advice!”you hissed at him

  The figure laughed out “Don’t act so cocky little girl. You don’t know who we are.”said the most annoying one of them

“I know who you are.”you smiled at them “A bunch of fleabags, am I right?”

“You little bitch!”he yelled out

“Did I hit the nail on the head?”you were playing with this one, because he looked really dumb and funny to you

“I will cut that head of yours!”

“Ok, ok. How about we do this.”you suggested “Let’s play a game, if I win you go away.

  The second dumbest, in your opinion, said “You are in no position to make demands at us little girl.”

“Oh really?”

“Do you really want to die so much?”the figure in the back asked you

 You smirked “Come and see for yourself!” and so they did

  You took on 4 full fledged werewolves and they were loosing to you. After a couple of beatings they stepped back and looked at the sky.This was your first time fighting a real werewolf ,so you didn’t know what was happening. But it didn’t take you too much time to realize that they were waiting for the blood moon to fully show itself.

“Let’s see you now.” the 5th guy was looking at you from the distance, behind the 4 werewolves

  They had become very strong and you were cornered soon. You knew that there was no escaping this, if you didn’t take them seriously.

“What are you going to do now ?”you were asked 

“My mother will kill me for doing this.”you said looking down at the ground

“We will be first!”they jumped at you, but soon were pushed away by a strong wave of energy, once they stood up and looked at you ,they were shocked

  Your hair had become crimson red and shined like a fire, your eyes were golden and on both of your palms were crests.

“What is this!?”they stepped back, feeling fear 

  The figure in the shadows laughed out and everyone looked at him “This is what werewolves call a holder of the red riding hood blood.”his eyes were locked on you “I didn’t expect to see someone of that clan today.”

“She is a ridding hood!?”the one who was acting full of himself ,stuttered

“What happened?”you asked him smirking “You were so cocky in the beginning.Did you wet your pants?”

  Before he could answer you got rid of the 4 of them, now it was only you and the hidden figure. He pushed himself off the tree and walked closer to you, exposing his face.You were shocked, as he looked even better when he was close. Your body was in fighting position and ready to counter any attack if he tried something. But you weren’t ready for what he planed. The boy leaned and bit your neck.Grabbing the skin, you trying jumping back, but he was holding your waist tightly.

“Where do you think you are going?”he asked with a smirk on his lips

“What do you think you are doing?!”you yelled at him, slightly blushing 

“Aww, is the little kitten afraid of the big bad wolf?”he asked leaning again towards you, his eyes now on the same level as yours ”Don’t worry I won’t hurt you, you are too interesting.” he felt you squirming and tightened up his grip, pulling your body flush against his. “What is your name little kitten?”he asked you, his voice getting too deep for you to handle 

“Why should I tell you?”you asked him

  He leaned his head back and laughed out, before looking at you again “Jungkook.”

“What?”you asked

“My name is Jung Jungkook. Now you tell me yours.”

  He did say his, so you decided that there was no harm in revealing yours. “Y/N.”

  His free hand creeped around your neck, sending chills down your back “Should I make a collar for you and write my name on it? Or should I mark you?”

“What are you talking about?”you tried to hit his chest, your powers disappearing

  It was your first time using them, so they weren’t going to last very long.

“You don’t get it, do you.”his head leaned to your ear “I am interested in you little kitten. From now on you are…”he whispered “…mine.”

“Who said I am?”you were blushing and your heart was beating. You didn’t know what to do

“Y/N!” someone yelled out

“Mom!”you answered her calls

  Jungkook looked to the side where your mother’s voice was coming from and then looked back at you. He pulled your body even closer and kissed your lips.”Don’t forget who you belong to, or I will have to leave an even bigger mark on you.”he licked his lips and jumped back, letting go of you. In seconds he disappeared in the forest.

“Y/N are you ok?”your mother ran to you

“Yes.”you were holding your neck and looking in the direction of the darkness

“Let’s go home, you will tell me everything there.” 

  Who was Jungkook really? Why did you want to know more about him? Why did you want to see him again? Only you really know the answer to those questions.

Final Farewells


B.A.P: Part IPart IIPart III ; BTS: Part IPart IIPart III; EXO: Part IPart IIPart III; Got7: {coming soon}; Monsta X: Part IPart IIPart III ; Dean: {Coming soon}

Genre: Angst

Characters: Minseok x Original Character

Summary: You ran away from him when you found out his secret in the gang, but you didn’t think you’d miss him this much

Word Count: 2333

Credit to gif owner


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I lost something very valuable to me.
Something irreplaceable; a certain kind of key,
With ridges used for a specific kind of lock,
Stitched and attached to a specific kind of box.
A brown-wooden chest in my attic to be precise .
I had tried every other key at least once or twice.
What kills me is the value contained inside.
A memento from my deceased grandmother left behind.

She told me while dying slowly in her bed,
She had something special but wanted to wait instead,
Until she was gone so that when I opened the chest,
What was inside could help put my mind to rest,
But I had lost the key and to make matters worse,
This chest is older than any remedy or curse.

I asked around town but nowhere complacent,
Was a locksmith capable of forging replacements.
They told me they don’t make keys like that anymore,
As if my problems to them seemed like such a chore.
You can only imagine the anger that I bestowed,
Wanting to let go but so desiring to know,
What exactly it was that was inside that chest.
What did she mean by put my mind to rest?

I checked in the house every crack and nook.
I questioned everyone for maybe that key they took.
And I forsook my daily routines; all for that key.
I was going to get to the bottom of this mystery!
So one night with a hacksaw and blade,
I smashed and ripped; O the mess I had made!
Little fragments of wood all over the place,
But I could not open the chest for Heaven’s sake.

This chest was more stubborn than my grandmother herself.
Clearly it cared not about the feelings I felt.
It refused to open through buzz saw and fire.
I had to douse the flames before they had risen higher.
It was almost comical but dumbfounded me,
As if this chest was magical or belonged to royalty.
When I picked up the chest what I found to be absurd.
There wasn’t a noise when I shook it; at least none to be heard.

Its been two years now since my grandmother died,
And this chest left behind I don’t know what’s inside.
So I finally did the only thing for myself to be saved.
I buried the chest next to my grandmother’s grave.
And to this day I myself can never forgive,
Nor forget the days when my grandmother lived.
And what kills me the most and this is no joke,
I’ll always remember the words my grandmother spoke:
“There is a key that I have that opens a chest,”
And what is inside could help put your mind to rest.”
I can’t help but feel guilty for a key that’s not traceable,
But even worse I lost something irreplaceable.

Enough is enough

I’ve always tried to keep away from the ship wars but considering the recent message I received from a charming anon calling me an “Homphobic racist slut” before telling me to “Do us all a favor and go hang yourself”, I think it’s time to say my opinion.

I don’t ship M@lec! *Horrified gasp* I simply can’t see the chemistry between them but I respect the shippers. Most of them are probably good people but since there’s a small but loud part of them on social medias who act like shipping it is required to earn the right to breathe…

I prefer Jalec. I don’t have to justify this to anyone but especially not to entitled kids who believe they have the right to dictate what I should post on my own blog. This has absolutely nothing to do with homophobia or internalized racism (As I saw some people calling it). It’s time for people to stop waving those words around to defend their actions/bullying. It is bullying to insult people over their own personal preferences or to tell them to go kill themselves. 

There’s something else that people should know by now but considering the posts I’ve seen lately, I’m going to say it.

Those characters are fictional.

One more time for the people in the back


How would you feel like if one day, someone really kill themselves because of your messages? Do you realize you would have ended a life because of fiction? Does Magnus and Alec are seriously worth more than a real human being life?

Also, let’s talk about Clalec. There’s most hate in that tag than there’s content. How are the Clalec shippers ruining your life by shipping them quietly in their corner? It’s like if you were in kindergarden and you started crying because you pretend that the quiet kid who’s drawing alone without saying a word had hurt you? Don’t even try the “But representation!” card with me. I understand the importance of representation but Alec is not going to suddenly start dating Clary because a few people think he has better chemistry with her. Alec is gay. I know it, the Clalec shippers know it, the cast knows it, my dead grandmother knew it. Now, if some people want to ship him with Clary, IT’S OKAY! REPEAT AFTER ME, IT’S OKAY!

For over 11 years, I was getting beaten up every single day. I’ve been told to go hang myself, to go slit my wrists, to throw myself off a bridge, to jump in front of a moving car. Now, I’m 22 and I’m more than I’ve ever been. If I never gave the satisfaction to have gotten me to kill myself to the guys who beat the shit out of me in school, I’m certainly never going to give it to some faceless, entitled kids on this website

otp prompt; “we are best friends and i found your grandmothers wedding ring in your house and i kind of am super in love with you and i know i’ll never be the one for you to give this to but im sad and bitter about it and i just wanna see what it looks like on me and its not like you’ll ever know so im gonna quickly slide it on while you’re busy, ONLY FOR A MINUTE, and wOW its beautiful and this makes me even more bitter, im just gonna pathetically bask in this pretend world for one more minute.. okay basking over, back to reality and- wait - oh shit- oh shIT ITS FUCKING STUCK ON MY FINGER OH MY FUCKING GOD. NO THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING N O. SHIT HSI TNO- OH MY GOD I HEAR YOU COMING OH NOOOO FUCK MY LIFE- oh hi… what?? im not nervous? im just um-…what am i hiding behind my back?? oh nothing- uh..fine..just don’t laugh…. ok i know this looks weird but i can explain why im wearing your grandmothers wedding ring-….sTOP LAUGHING AT ME.” au

Happy Request,

Jax daughter’s

  where I’m jax  daughter and he like thew me out and one year I become successful with singing and they come see me in my singing and listen to the song I sing you don’t own me by grace and colors by halesy and the WHOLE (i.e.) like tara and gemma is there club is shocked and they try to talk to me but security doesn’t let them so they follow me into my Manson and they are shocked I have a huge house and a baby girl but they tell me they need help with money and I help them and happy ending BTW the baby girl is happy’s

Sing it out

I had a pretty good childhood, filled with love and attention from my grandparents and even my father Jackson. They did their best on trying to soothe the pain that my junkie mother left hanging in the air, by the time my brother Abel was born I was already 12 years old and I could see in my father’s eyes how everything he ever build, how the love and affection he had turned black. Not long after that Tara was already in the picture but I didn’t like her, at the end of the day I was a product of her breaking my father’s heart, a product of a loveless marriage and relationship just for the sake of forgetting and not being alone, and that’s not fair. My grandmother tried her best to make me relax and see how loved and wanted I was but the minute Tara started raising my brother like it was her son I lost it. I was made of one of the worst combinations someone could do a junkie and an outlaw, I started being rebellious, hanging with the wrong crowd and doing everything I could to get away from all the pain I felt inside of me. 

By the time I was 17 things were growing thicker, there were more issues, everything was going to shit basically and the end of the tunnel was Jackson killing my grandfather, Clay was one of the few figures I still looked up to. He loved me, unlike my father and I shot myself down and not even my grandmother could help on taking me out of that place I was in, I was in deep hole and the way up was to hard to try and reach for help but he appeared, Happy Lowman, the Tacoma Killer took me out of there, I knew he didn’t have the intention to start what we did, he was only doing the job my father told him to “Keep her safe” but he did even more than that, gave me a reason to live and no more loveless nights, cured my deep wounds and made me understand how precious love could be even in the darkest times but everything good has to come to an end and so did my beautiful fairytale. Pregnancy. I went with shaking legs to my grandmother, a crying mess. She looked at me in the eyes with so much calmness but I could see the fear and regrets in her eyes, I was repeating the story. 18 years old parent like my father and probably as a bad one as he was when times got rough.

“Who’s the father baby?” She said and I started crying even louder “Is he not taking care of it?”

“No” I said softly still a crying mess “He doesn’t know yet. He can’t know" 

"He’s a brother” she said with a soft voice and I nodded “Oh my darling” she sighed. My father was going to kill me and to be honest I wish he had because living to see the look in his blue eyes I sadly shared and the awful words leaving his mouth made me wish I was never born in the first time.

“You’re just a stupid whore, just like your mother YN!” He screamed over and over again “FUCKING DISAPPEAR, GO AWAY FROM HERE I NEVER WANNA SEE YOUR FACE AGAIN” he said and those were the last words I’d ever share with the man I once called my father.

I left Charming that same night looking for a better life, a better life that wasn’t easy to achieve but a lot of hard work made me reach it. From singing in old crusty bars to actually being on stage was one of the biggest achievements I made, and all thanks to my only reason to keep fighting, baby Jessi who was not such a baby nowadays, she was taller than her classmates and shared that wicked little smile and eyes part of the Teller clan but with tanned skin and darker hair thanks to his father. Tonight I was playing in Oakland, far enough from Charming but I could still feel the shivers in my skin due to feeling so much familiarity around. Jessi gave me a thumbs up and sent me a small kiss before putting her headphones and sitting next to the sound box and I smiled in return, the lights were on now and there in the center of the room was my father, next to Tara and my grandmother looking at me proudly like if the pain inflicted was just in my dreams but I still sang, sang like never before to show them how good I was, how much I worked to be there and how much I deserved to be on top. I knew when I headed backstage after the show that they would follow me there and I waited patiently for my bodyguard to knock and I opened the door and just nodded silently, minutes later the people I dreaded the more to see where standing in front of me but there stood a different face I didn’t see from stage and all I thought about saying was long forgotten.

“Abel” I said with a loud whisper, 5 years old Abel was long gone and a proud 11 years old stood there rocking the blonde hair to the back our father did and blue checked shirt matching his eyes. I immediately stood up to hug him and I hold him tightly. “You are so grown up!” I said, small tears dropping from my eyes “Do you even remember me?”


“Grandma showed me all the letter you sent” he said and I smiled at my grandmother who just nodded at me “You’re my sister” he said and I nodded.

Working on my relationship with my father was the most difficult part, Abel and I hit off really well from the beginning and he loved playing with his little niece around. Tara was respectful and she took her time before getting slowly closer to Jessi or even me. I’m not going to lie and say it was easy for me to go back to Charming, to finally see Happy after all that time but I craved seeing him and introducing him to the baby girl. I knew Jackson had called him to come to the grandma’s house to talk and I could feel my whole world crumbling while Jessi just ran around the house being chased by Abel, a lot of laughs everywhere but I was about to have a nervous breakdown.

When I finally saw him, I saw the hurt of me leaving him behind in his eyes, the hurt of me never trying to contact him or look for him but the minute Jax’s words left his mouth about my kid Happy’s face changed from angry to surprised or even touched. Jax looked at him waiting for me to talk.

“I’m so sorry” I said and he just nodded, our eyes speaking more than a million words but it was broken by my little girl running inside the living room and asking for grandad Jax to pick her up and I saw Happy smile, smile like he never did before and I knew in that moment I was finally home.

Red Riding Hood

Request: can you do a damon smut where the reader is a grown red riding hood??? thxxxx – Anon

Pairings: Damon x Reader

Warnings: swearing, slight angst, light/implied smut

Word Count: 3393

This is a unique request, I had so much fun writing it. I  had to make your hair red to represent her cloak.

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

You ran and ran, your red hair flying with the breeze. You looked behind you, hoping that you’d get away from the wolf chasing you. How is that possible? You were faster and stronger and have better senses than a normal human being, but not as fast and strong as a vampire. Yes, vampires, werewolves (the one chasing you right now), witches, and other special creatures, such as yourself, do exist.

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cersei: would kick the walking stick out from olenna tyrell if possible, has had babies killed 2 protect her own self-interest ( amongst other things ), wants her youngest bro dead
me: moves into my grandmother’s house whilst i study + work until i return to uni to help look after her + alleviate her loneliness after my grandpa passing b/c i love my old granbean

  • Me: *playing Tomb Raider*
  • Grandmother who is visiting for the weekend: Mind if I sit with you?
  • Me: *squirming slightly because there is gore and swearing in this game and my grandmother is a sweet old lady: Um, if you want to.
  • Grandmother: *sits* Thank you, dear.
  • Me: *continuing to play for about five minutes*
  • Grandmother:
  • Grandmother:
  • Grandmother: KILL THEM KILL THEM ALL
  • Grandmother: OKAY NOW KILL THEM ALL
  • Me: *slowly turns to look at her* Grandma
  • Grandmother: *sweet smile* Hmm?
  • Me: Grandma oh my god
  • Grandmother: *more smiling* Well, hurry up and kill everyone else, I want to see you save this Sam person.
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Grandmother: Kill them.
I Just Know

Characters: Aaron x Reader, JJ, Morgan, Reid, Rossi, Garcia
Words: 2025
Requested by Anonymous:  Could you please write a Hotch x Reader where the reader, his girlfriend, fits the profile of the killer and he’s the only one who’s sure it’s not her? 

Originally posted by lilygarlands

         All eyes were on you as you walked into the BAU. Your boyfriend, Aaron Hotchner, had asked you to come down, but you had no idea why. He normally didn’t ask you to come in, especially during a case. He liked to keep his business and personal life separate, so you were pretty confused.

           “Aaron, what’s going on?” you asked him when you walked up to where he was standing with the rest of the team.

           “Come with me,” he said, taking your hand and starting to walk toward his office, “We need to talk.”

           “Hotch . . .” Derek’s voice caught you off guard. The normally flirty, happy man had a dark, almost threatening edge.

           Aaron turned sharply, “I’m not taking her to an interrogation room, Morgan,” he shot back.

           “An interrogation room?” you squealed, “What is going on?”

           “You shouldn’t be alone with her,” JJ said. You could tell she was trying to keep her voice soft and even, “One of us should question her.”

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Brett- Not Human

Request-  Could you do a Brett X reader, where the reader and Brett have been dating for awhile so they decide to have him meet their parents, but their part of a family of Witches who really resents werewolves?

A/N- Here you go. Fun fact: this is actually the first time I’ve posted something while my ask is still open since last summer. Go ahead and keep requesting! Also, can you guys believe it’s been five years of teen wolf? 

You stood in the mirror, smoothing down your hair until you were sure it looked perfect. You liked to think that you wouldn’t spend so much time and effort on nothing more than dinner with a boy, but that wasn’t entirely true. You were currently trying to tell yourself that it didn’t matter what anyone else might think, because you were confident that making yourself look calm and collected would only combat the chaos that was about to ensue.
After two months of dating, you had decided that it was time for your boyfriend Brett to meet your parents. Actually, you hadn’t so much decided as Brett hadn’t stopped begging you to bring him home, but you had given in nonetheless. It wasn’t like you were afraid they wouldn’t like him, you knew they would, but they had a tendency to be a little over the top.
Instead of him scaring them, you were confident that they would scare him. Aside from how you looked on the outside, you weren’t exactly the most cookie-cutter family in Beacon Hills. Then again, in a town full of werewolves, wendigos and banshees, a family of witches wasn’t so out of place. Brett didn’t know that though, and you were determined to keep it that way. The last thing you needed was to scare away your boyfriend, as long as your family didn’t do it first. Brett was a perfectly normal guy and as far as he knew, you were perfectly normal too.
With one last deep breath, you opened the bathroom door and headed down the hall. You turned the corner and walked into the kitchen where your parents were milling around. Your mother looked up from the pan she had just pulled out of the oven and she smiled as she saw the nervous look on your face.
“Y/n,” she called when she saw you.  “Will you help me with this lasagna? I just need you to sprinkle the cheese on it.”
“Now, Y/m/n,” your Aunt Violet remarked from where she sat at the already-set table. “You’re standing right over it. Why can’t you do it?”
“Maybe I’m tired from slaving over a hot stove,” your mother shot back. “Honestly, Vi.”
Your aunt smirked. “I think you’re just trying to distract her.”
“Mom,” you complained. “I don’t need to be distracted. I’m just nervous, okay?”
“Well, I can’t imagine why,” your father told you. “We’re just like every other family, Y/n.”
“Except for the fact that we can do magic,” your aunt told you with a wink.
“Violet,” your mom complained.
“Oh, hush,” Violet told her, swatting a hand in her direction as if she were nothing more than a fly. “Come over here, Y/n. Drink this. It’ll calm you down.”
She slid a glass on the table over and grabbed it, waving it in your direction. You walked over and pulled it out of her hands, bringing it up to your face to smell it. “What is this? A calming potion?”
“You could call it that,” she told you with a smirk.
“When did you brew this?” you asked her.
“I didn’t,” she told you, reaching out for the glass bottle on the shelf behind her.
You rolled your eyes and gave the cup back to her. “The last thing I need to do before this dinner is drink.”
“Suit yourself,” she told you.
She brought the bottle to her lips, right before your mother swept by and yanked it from her hands. “Stop it. Y/n certainly doesn’t need your mentoring right now.”
“Well, I don’t need yours,” your aunt grumbled.
You groaned. “This is why I’m nervous. If you guys act like this when Brett’s here, I’m swear I’m going to join a convent.”
“Don’t worry, sweetie,” your father told you as he leaned against the counter. “This is how you weed out the weak.”
“Dad!” you cried.
“What?” he protested. “I should know. I can’t do magic and I’m still a part of this family.”
“Besides,” your aunt piped up. “Convents are no fun. And you’re a witch, Y/n. You’d probably burn up if you even set foot in a church.”
“That’s a myth,” you argued.
“But have you ever been to church?” your aunt asked, wiggling her eyebrows at you.
“Stop it,” your mom complained. “Y/n, you have nothing to worry about. As far as Brett knows, we’re a normal family.”
“I really like him, mom,” you told her.
“And I’m sure he really likes you if he’s willing to meet us,” she told you.
“And if he’s strong,” your aunt added. “He’ll survive the night.”
You shot her an exasperated look, but before you could say anything, the doorbell rang.
“That’s him,” you stated with wide eyes.
“Well,” your mother said. “Go answer the door.”
“Right,” you said, swallowing hard and turning down the hall.
You took a deep breath and opened the door, telling yourself that everything would be fine. At the very worst you might have to escape your family and go get pizza, and you could live with that.
“Hey,” you told Brett as he stood in the doorway. “You look nice.”
He wasn’t wearing anything too fancy, but the button-up shirt and jeans were a very different look from the lacrosse uniform or hoodie and sweatpants he usually wore. He also had a bouquet of flowers in his arms, no doubt for your mother, which caused your heart to swell.
“Don’t sound so surprised,” he told you with a grin.
“I’m just shocked that you thought it was safe to wear something nice to my house,” you told him with a smile.
Brett raised an eyebrow. “Should I be expecting a food fight at dinner?”
“If my aunt has her way,” you mumbled.
“What?” Brett asked.
“Nothing,” you told him. “But, um, I’m just going to apologize in advance for anything my family might say or do. And if you’re too scared to come back, I understand.”
Brett smiled and leaned forward. “Nothing could ever scare me away from you. You look beautiful, by the way.”
He leaned forward, intending to press a kiss to your lips, but as he stepped forward, it was like he had slammed into a wall of pure energy. He stumbled back, his skin stinging from the buzz of whatever had been blocking the door. He barely caught himself before he fell back, but when he looked up to meet your eyes, you were staring at him in horror.
“Y/n?” he asked. “What just happened? Are you okay?”
The concerned look on his face might have caused you to smile at any other time, but you couldn’t ignore the fact that Brett hadn’t been able to get past the barrier. To anyone who didn’t know it was there, they had no clue that the front door of your house was lined with a heavy coating of mountain ash, as well as the windows and any other way inside. It was meant to keep out any supernatural creature that meant to do you harm, because after several incidents in other towns, your mother had decided not to take any chances in Beacon Hills.
If the fact that Brett couldn’t get past the mountain ash barrier hadn’t set off warning bells in your head, the glowing yellow of his eyes certainly did.
“Oh my god,” you whispered in horror. “You’re a werewolf?”
“What?” Brett asked, quickly closing his eyes and shaking his head. “No, I, uh-”
He stepped back and opened them again, and you realized that they were once again their normal blue. While your boyfriend’s eyes may have looked the way they had before, you couldn’t deny what you had just seen.
“I’m not gonna hurt you,” Brett cried, throwing up his hands and dropping the flowers onto your porch. “I swear, Y/n-”
“What?” you asked him. “Of course not.”
“What?” he asked, staring at you oddly. “You’re not afraid of me.”
“God no,” you told him. “You’re the one who should be afraid. My family, Brett, they’re not exactly normal-”
“Wait a sec,” Brett cut you off, nodding toward your door. “Is that mountain ash?”
You nodded miserably as you waited for the inevitable question that only took Brett seconds to ask. “What are you?”
You sighed and stepped out of the doorway and onto the porch. “I’m a witch. So is my mom and so is my aunt. That’s why I was so afraid for you to come over. I didn’t want them to scare you away.”
Brett laughed. “Y/n, I come from a family of werewolves.”
“Exactly,” you breathed. “And my family-they’re not exactly fond of you.”
Brett’s brow furrowed. “They don’t even know me.”
“Any werewolves,” you told him quietly. “My grandmother, she was killed by one a few years ago.”
“And you?” Brett asked hesitantly. “You don’t hate werewolves?”
You shook your head. “I don’t think they’re all bad. That’s what everyone thinks about witches. We’re not all crazy bitches will pointy hats and cauldrons.”
“Okay,” Brett said as he scooped up the flowers he had dropped. “But what about a broom?”
“Yeah?” you told him questioningly.
Brett’s eyes widened. “You have a flying broom?”
“No,” you told him with a scoff. “We use it for cleaning.”
“Oh,” Brett said, a blush creeping onto his cheeks. “My bad.”
You sighed. “We can work with this. I just have to move the barrier and if we’re lucky, my mom won’t even notice.”
“Notice what?” a voice asked you.
You whirled around and saw your aunt leaning in the doorway, staring at you with a sly smile on her face. “You’re right, Y/n, he is handsome.”
“Violet,” you complained. “Nosy much?”
“Very,” she assured you with a wink. “What are you two standing out on the porch for? Come inside.”
“Uh, actually-” you began.
“Ooh!” she cried. “Are those flowers for me? I’ve always-”
“They’re for mom,” you cut her off.
Your aunt rolled her eyes. “Whatever. She gets enough action from your dad.”
“Ew,” you said in disgust, “Please, never say that again.”
“Anyway,” she continued. “Come on inside. Dinner’s getting cold.”
She leaned forward and reached toward you, grabbing your wrist and Brett’s and pulling you toward the door.
“Wait, Aunt Violet!” you cried, but your aunt paid no attention to your warnings.
She tried to tug you and Brett into the house, but the moment Brett hit the barrier, this time with much more force, he went flying back onto the porch. Your aunt blinked in shock, turning around and sniffing the air. “Do you smell something burning?”
“Brett!” you cried as you ran back and knelt over him.
“I-I’m fine,” he insisted, but as he sat up you saw that his clothes were smoking.
You glared back at your aunt, who was staring down at you and Brett in shock. She crossed her arms over her chest, looking down at Brett suspiciously.
“Okay,” she remarked as she pointed a finger at Brett. “He’s not human.”
“You think?” you practically growled.
Suddenly you heard running footsteps and you groaned inwardly as you realized your parents were headed toward you.
“Y/n!” your mother called. “Violet, are you alright?”
Your mother leaned out of the doorway with your father right behind her, and that was when she caught sight of Brett. “Oh my god.”
“Y/n’s boyfriend walked into the mountain ash barrier,” Your aunt informed them.
“What?” your father demanded.
“You dragged him through it!” you snapped at her.
“You didn’t tell us he wasn’t human!” she protested.
“Woah, woah, woah,” your mother said firmly, holding up her hands. “Let’s all just take a breath. Y/n, care to explain?”
“I didn’t exactly know he was a werewolf,” you admitted. “Until about five minutes ago, when he leaned into the barrier. Then Aunt Violet came out, just being herself, and tried to pull us both through the doorway. End result-”
You paused, gesturing to you and Brett. “And she ruined the flowers.”
“Flowers?” you mother asked, looking at the charred bouquet on the porch. “Those are flowers?”
“They were supposed to be,” Brett informed her sheepishly.
Your mother sighed. “Get up you two.”
You and Brett both stood up, and your mother turned back to the door. She nodded to your father, who backed away as she swept her hands forward. In seconds, the dust lining the door was now revealed to the normal eye, and as your mother worked the spell, it parted for her.
“Now you can come inside without the door putting up a fight,” she informed Brett.
“What?” your aunt complained. “Y/m/n!”
“Honestly, Violet,” your mother told her. “He’s a boy. What harm could he do?”
“Much,” your aunt protested. “I say we keep him outside.”
“I say we keep you outside,” your mother told her. “Will you stop being so rude? This is why Y/n never invites anyone over. Do you want to be that family, Violet? Do you want to be lame?”
Your aunt crossed her arms over her chest and muttered something under her breath, but she simply stormed into the house. You pressed your hand over your mouth to stifle your laughter and your mother looked back at you and Brett.
“I am so sorry,” she told him, holding out her hand. “I’m Y/n’s mother, Y/m/n.”
“And I’m Y/f/n,” your dad said, stepping forward. “You must be Brett.”
Brett nodded. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Ma’am, and you too Sir.”
You grinned. “Brett plays lacrosse, dad. I’m sure you two would have a lot to talk about.”
“Oh,” your dad said, and it was evident he was pleased. “I played a little in college. What position?”
You grinned as Brett followed your dad into the house, shooting a smile back at you. Your mother looked down at you with a grin as you came in behind them, shutting the door.
“See?” your mother said quietly. “We’re not that bad. Your aunt is worse.”
“No more family dinners for her,” you said. “At least not with boys I’m interested in.”
“We’ll have to keep her around for the ugly ones,” she remarked as Brett and your father disappeared into the kitchen.
“Mom!” you protested.
“I’m just kidding sweetie,” she assured you. “But see? You were worried about freaking Brett out, but he ended up freaking Violet out. That’s a skill I admire.”
“So you like him?” you asked hesitantly.
“Of course,” she told you. “Any boy who’s willing to walk into a mountain ash barrier for you and still stick around is worth keeping. Besides, he brought me flowers, however charred they may be.”
You grinned. “Does that mean I can stay out till eleven?”
Your mother laughed. “I wouldn’t go that far.”
You sighed and rolled your eyes, but as you and your mother walked into the kitchen and saw Brett laughing and joking with your dad, you couldn’t help but smile. You had been so worried that everything would go wrong that night and that Brett would run away screaming. Even though quite a few things had, Brett didn’t shy away from a little chaos. Since that seemed to be all your life was full of lately, Brett seemed perfect for you.

Seven deadly sins. Pt 7


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Warning: Seven deadly sins are biblical thing so it means that this is going to be little bit religious. And I want you to know that I’m an atheist, so I don’t actually know a lot about this, I red something but that’s it. I’m not saying that everyone who believes in God are like this. I accept every religion, I’m not saying that if you believe in something else it’s wrong. I hate people like that. Please don’t take this too seriously. I really love you all.

pt1, pt2, pt3, pt4, pt5, pt6, pt8, pt9, pt10

A/N: I feel like I should drop this series. I’m thought that if I just continued doing this it would get better but it didn’t. I’m sorry for those who actually liked this.

“He’s your problem now” Jackson said and left us alone. “Y/N I…” Yugyeom started, he rubbed the back of his neck, his hair was messy, he had no shirt and his pants hung low. “Fuck Y/N be a good girl, don’t do anything stupid.” I said to myself but all I could actually think was “Can’t he just kiss me, fuck me against this kitchen counter, now please.”

“Yugyeom I like you too.” I said, Yugyeom came to me and hugged me to hide his face “Really?” he whispered to my hair and I nodded. He lifted me on the kitchen counter and finally…kissed me. The kiss started soft but then it got more rough, needier. I gently bit his lower lip. Yugyeom chuckled and pulled away from the kiss. He pressed his forehead against mine.  “I know what you want, so just say it and I’ll give it to you.” he whispered in my ear and placed his hand on my bare thigh. “I want you.” the words came out of me easily. But it was something I really wanted. He smirked and ripped my shirt off “Then you should do something about this.” he growled, looked at his crotch and chuckled. He kissed my neck and left few hickeys. He lifted me up and walked to Jinyoung’s room. 

Kiss after kiss I became needier and so did he. His kisses were needy and sloppy. He moved us to the bed. He hovered over me “I want you now” he growled and pulled my shorts off with one smooth move. He took his pants off. “Yug…” I started but he shushed and kissed my lips. He held my hands as he inserted his dick inside of me. I pressed my lips together, I didn’t want that others would hear us. Yugyeom was nothing like I expected, he was rough but caring at the same time, sounds weird I know but…I don’t care. He kissed my neck and then my breast and rest…is for your imagination only. Yugyeom started going faster and faster and I just wanted to come. “Yugy…” I tried so say his name but then he moaned my name as he came. He quickly pulled out and got lower so now his head was between my legs. He kissed my soaking lips and he parted them with his tongue. He sucked my clit and inserted a finger inside me, I gasped and threw my head back. He inserted another finger in, I hissed. Third finger and I bit my lip. He pumped his fingers in and out quicker and quicker with every move and he drew shapes with his tongue on my clit. He sucked my clit and I came.


It was the worst nightmare that I have ever seen. I woke up in Jinyoung’s room. I had something to tell something to Jackson so I went to Jackson’s and Jb’s room. I didn’t see Jackson but I saw Jb, he was cutting of his feet and hands, he was calm, like it was normal to just cut off your limbs. I ran across the hall to Mark’s and Youngjae’s room. I needed to tell Mark what I saw but…Mark wasn’t there but Youngjae sat on his bed, eating rat poison, like it was sugar or something, he looked at me but his eyes…were black and I mean the whole eye was black. “Youngjae stop.” Screamed but he didn’t hear me, he just continued eating and staring at me with his creepy eyes.

 I ran to the living room and I saw BamBam lying on kiddie pool which was full of snakes. All of them deadly, all of them around his body. Jinyoung was lying on the floor he was cut in half, not horizontally…vertically. Jackson was in the kitchen, dipping his hand into a deep fryer. He also looked at me and also his eyes were black. I ran to the bathroom. I just wanted to throw up but I saw Mark lying on the bottom of the tub which was filled with ice. His eyes were open and also they were black. At this moment I realized it was a dream, but I couldn’t wake up. 

Someone tapped my shoulder. It was a man without face “Sin of envy must be punished by drowning the sinner into freezing water.” He said and looked at Mark and then me “Hello daughter.” Even tho he had no face I knew he was grinning. His voice was cold, full of hate. “Sin of lust must be punished by…” he continued and looked at the hallway. “Yugyeom…” I whispered and ran to his room. Yugyeom was standing in the middle of the room, pouring gasoline all over himself. Sharp pain hit me “Yugyeom no.” I screamed and hugged him. “Don’t do it…” I started crying, my tears kept falling down. “Yugyeom please…” he took a matchbox out of his pocket and wrapped his another hand around me “Y/N, I love you.” he whispered. He lighted a match and kissed me. The pain…all I could feel was burning pain and Yugyeom. If he dies then I’ll die too. Like Romeo and Juliet… Well Romeo and Juliet had more problems but so close. 


I woke up, my head hurt, I was sweating. Yugyeom was sleeping. I walked to the kitchen, took a glass and filled it with water. A pair of hands wrapped around my waist. “Come back to sleep.” Yugyeom whispered, placed his chin on my shoulder and kissed my neck.  “My head hurts.” I said, Yugyeom chuckled “That’s not a reason not to come back and sleep.It’s a reason to come back to sleep.” Yugyeom took the glass out of my hand and lifted me on his shoulder.  He opened the door and entered the room.

Yugyeom told me not to go to school on the next day but I didn’t listen to him. I didn’t go to eat that day. I sat on my desk talking to Jb when my phone rang. It was from the police, they wanted me to see the man who said that he was my father. “Who was it.” Jb asked after the call ended, I looked shocked “I have to meet the man who killed my grandmother.” I said with shaky voice “You are not going, right?” Jb asked and furrowed his eyebrows. I nodded “You can’t go.” Jb said, his face got serious “I want to know if he is my father.” I said. Jb rolled his eyes “You can’t go, Ok?” he growled. I sighed loudly “I need to know.” I whispered and looked at the ground. He didn’t how this felt, I didn’t know how this felt, I just wanted to know. I had the rights to know . “I don’t want you to go.”

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Band Member: Ashton

Type: Soulmate AU

Description: In a world where every baby is born with a sapling on their wrist, your soulmate can be found through the tree tattoo that grew up with you. You travel through the seasons, summer when you meet them, spring when you get married and have a family, autumn when they slowly start to die then winter hits and you’re left alone.
Basically, this is inspired by a dream I had about Kate meeting Mikey, who I dragged on a plane in order to meet her.

You hated family gatherings.

Your great aunts and uncles, all of their trees either dying or dead, ambushed you and took hold of your left wrist. Their eyes filled with such hope that your mark had blossomed into summer at last but each walked away disappointed when they saw your immature sapling sprouting a few leaves.

“Don’t worry, sweetheart,” your grandmother crooned after the group had left you alone to bother your cousins. “They’re just excited. We haven’t had a left marked in the family for generations and they’re hoping to brag to their friends about how our family’s left marked found her soulmate.”

“They’re convinced I’ll never meet him,” you said with a sigh. “I can’t blame them. Left markeds aren’t famed for their success rate.”

“Don’t spread nonsense!” she chastised you with a single pointed finger. “Those statistics and such weren’t around in my day. My best friend was a left marked, she found her soulmate before I found your grandfather. You have a fighting chance, sweetheart. Don’t give up so easily.”

You nodded for your grandmother’s benefit. Left markeds were like left handed people, they were rarer than right handed people. But left markeds were one in a million which had made finding soulmates harder in previous decades. With the internet, it was easier to find other left markeds who might be your soulmate. Left markeds were always paired with other left marked people; rights were always with right markeds. Nobody ever questioned it, it was just what happened. Left marked pairings were supposed to have deeper connections but it was surely just another legend, you told yourself.

Your grandmother picked up a crystal glass filled with wine, her sleeve slipping down her right arm to reveal her mark. The leaves were falling off of her mark with rapid succession. You knew your grandfather was ill but not that ill. Your grandmother saw you looking and glanced down at her own wrist.

Her expression was solemn as she took another sip of wine.

“I think you better drive me to the hospital,” she said in an even tone. “Your grandfather needs me.”

She drained the glass and muttered something about going to speak to your parents. You looked around and saw the majority of your relatives staring at you. You were something of a legend in your family, the only left marked in a century and the last one failed to find his soulmate. What was going to make you any different? You didn’t consider yourself anything remarkable. You kept your head down and hoped that you’d just walk into your soulmate one day. You didn’t want to waste precious years of your life waiting for something to change your life. To hear your mother tell the same story, you weren’t bothered about falling in love and giving her grandchildren. You had told her countless times that some people were happy enough without their soulmate and still had children who were perfectly okay. Yet, there was still a stigma attached to being born to non-soulmates. The children were usually less favoured and often cast out of their homes if their parent found their soulmate.

“Are you ready to leave?” your grandmother questioned when she returned.

You picked up your bag and said a few goodbyes to your cousins; you caught the younger ones trying to catch a glimpse of your mark. You tugged your cardigan sleeve down to stop them and quickly caught up with your grandmother. She was already by the side of your car when you got outside. You climbed in then silently looked at her.

“I shouldn’t have left him,” she said sternly. “He told me he’d be okay for a few hours. I’ve barely been gone an hour and the leaves have increased.”

You pulled away from the outside of your aunt’s house. She fretted under her breath about your grandfather even though she knew her presence wouldn’t stop the leaves, she needed to be there to comfort him in a way only soulmates could. There were old wives’ tales about how soulmates could slow the process of death by being together, each country had their own spin on the story, but the majority agreed that somehow soulmates gave each other more time. Scientists had disputed it but in a world were soulmates existed, was anything entirely impossible?

“The nurses will be with him, Gran. He’s not alone,” you said as you turned the car into the hospital park.

“It’s not the same,” she snapped then looked at you with a sorry expression. “I’m sorry, darling. You’ll understand when you meet your soulmate.”

You bit your tongue; you hated hearing people say that to you. It was frustrating but your grandmother didn’t need a lecture about how it rubbed you up the wrong way when her husband was dying. As soon as you stopped the car, your grandmother jumped out and practically ran towards the glass front doors. You hadn’t been to visit your grandfather in the hospital, it wasn’t normal for non-soulmates to visit dying cases. Families preferred to remember the deceased as fruitful and happy. It was late and although you knew your grandmother wouldn’t be leaving the hospital, you decided it was best you at least offered to drive her home.

The walk to the front doors bit at your cheeks, the winter was bitter and cold this time. The news had warned there would be snow coming soon.  You hated driving in the snow so you prayed it wouldn’t be tonight.

The receptionist told you to head for Ward 6 when you asked where your grandfather was. The corridor towards the ward was white walled, the harsh light hitting your eyes as your heels clacked against the blue vinyl flooring. You caught sight of your grandmother in a closed off room, she was cradling your pale grandfather and, no doubt, telling him stories from their wonder years. Maybe she was telling him how when they met, your grandmother had been convinced he wasn’t her soulmate because he drove a brown Chevy or maybe she was telling him about their wedding day and how your grandfather knocked over the wedding cake. Whatever it was, you knew it was important to them. You knew they wouldn’t want you there. This was their time, their final hours together. People who had lost their soulmate described the emptiness they felt in their chest. Some filled it with drink, others with drugs or countless other addictions. Some just waited for death.

You walked towards the closest nurse, hoping to ask her how long your grandfather had left. She was stood next to a girl, about your age, who was sobbing into her mother’s arms on an empty hospital bed. The nurse saw you approaching and walked to join you halfway.

“Can I help you, dear?” she asked in a quiet voice.

You looked over at the girl again, you wondered how her soulmate had died as you saw the unmistakable dead tree on her wrist. The nurse followed your gaze and sighed, subconsciously stroking her own flourishing mark. She’d recently found her soulmate, you could see how summer had just blossomed on her mark. But there was a burst of pink amongst the lower branches, she was falling in love. You couldn’t blame her, if you had to be surrounded by sadness and death every day, you’d fall in love quickly too.

“Her soulmate died,” the nurse said, though she probably wasn’t supposed to. “The girl’s car hit some black ice and she was killed on impact. Poor kid, imagine being that age and knowing your soulmate is dead.”

The nurse turned back to you and shook her head.

“Poor girl didn’t stand a chance. The car flipped over into a ditch,” she continued before her smile resumed. “How can I help you?”

“My granddad is in that room over there,” you stated as you tried not to look at the girl. “I just wanted to know if, you know, my grandma will need me.”

She placed a hand on your shoulder. “He’ll be better now your grandmother is here.”

You nodded slowly, your eyes still unable to leave the crying girl. How was she going to live knowing she’d never find happiness again? You understood now why only soulmates were by deathbeds. The impact was too big; mourning their soulmate was enough to cope with without bringing others into it. Soulmates lost a part of themselves when their other halves died; they knew they’d never be the same again.


Your journey to work was longer than usual since you refused to drive quickly in the snow. You parked up and ducked into the nearest coffee shop to order a hot chocolate and warm up. The heater in your car was no match for the bitter chill that had hit overnight. The tall boy next to you ordered the same then smiled at you softly. He had his hands shoved into his pockets and he swayed from side to side. You bit your cheek to stop yourself from smiling manically, he was attractive. He turned to look at you again but this time, he spoke.

“The weather sucks, doesn’t it? The weather guy said we’re looking at ten inches of snow.”

You nodded, rubbing your grey gloves together. “I hate the cold.”

“Same,” he agreed then he tilted his head as if he was telling you a secret. “They say it’s going to get worse.”

You groaned which made him laugh. “If you’re going to keep giving me bad news, you need to stop talking.”

“Sorry,” he said with a smirk. “Maybe I should just quit while I’m slightly ahead.”

“I think…”

You waited for him to give his name.

“Ashton,” he said to fill in your blank space.

“I think, Ashton,” you said, you liked the way his name tasted in your mouth, “that would be a very good idea.”

He grinned at you which made your insides melt. He had an infectious happiness that made you want to run outside and start a snowball fight or swing around a lamppost and sing.

Your orders were shouted; you collected it and added two sugars at the counter. He laughed when he realised when you were both doing the same thing to your drinks.

“Sweet tooth?” he asked.

“I need to sweeten the bitterness of my soul,” you joked as you took your first sip.

He shook his head and leaned towards you. “I’m sure that isn’t true.”

You raised your eyebrows at him, the cup clutched between your frostbitten fingers. “I know it is.”

“I don’t see it,” he said plainly. “How could any evil be in somebody so small?”

He gestured to your height in comparison to his own while looking incredibly confused, you giggled. You never giggled. You covered your mouth with your hand and looked away out of embarrassment.

“What can I say?” you said in an attempt to sound flirtatious. “It’s concentrated.”

He looked at his phone and frowned when he saw the time. “I better go.”

You nodded and said you had to leave too though you didn’t want to.

“Maybe we’ll meet again,” he said hopefully.

You smiled and lifted your cup to your lips. “Maybe we will.”

You felt there was something refreshing about him. The way he looked at you set fires in your heart. Who needed a soulmate if love could feel like that?

It wasn’t until you got to work and pulled the gloves off that the girl that sat next to your desk screamed and you caught sight of your mark. It had bloomed, the leaves shaking in some imaginary breeze. Your wrist no longer looked pale and immature, the imaginary yellow sunlight made you smile. You’d started crying tears of happiness; you no longer had to pretend it didn’t matter to you. When you called your mother, almost as an “I told you so” gesture, she’d started crying too. Your colleagues gathered around you, all staring at your left wrist like it was magic, and oh it was. It felt like somebody had suddenly shone a light on the rest of your life. The light was patchy but you knew that your soulmate was going to be by your side every step of the way.

How could you have missed the feeling? Why didn’t either of you realise what was happening? You wondered how the hell you’d ever meet him again. The coffee shop was a long shot but maybe if he’d realised too, he’d be heading back there too since he didn’t know your name.

But you had his name.

You had Ashton.


He walked into the recording studio with a huge whacking smile plastered on his face. He glanced around, his friends in various positions around the room. Calum was laid over the leather sofa complaining about how late Ashton was for the session. Michael was pretending to listen while coming up with a new guitar riff. Luke was sat behind Ash’s drum kit, hitting the cymbals out of time to Mikey’s playing.

“Morning,” Ashton said in a playful voice. “How are we all feeling?”

His bandmates stared back at him suspiciously. Luke was the first to comment.

“Who woke you up this morning? A supermodel or something?”

Mikey laughed, strumming the guitar laid across his lap. “Send her over to mine tomorrow, Ash.”

“Aren’t you even going to complain about Luke messing with your kit?” Cal said as he pointed accusingly at Luke. “You nearly killed me last time.”

Ash rolled his eyes as he sat on the arm of the chair. He grinned as he pulled off his jacket to reveal his left wrist to his best friends. They all stared in amazement when they saw the change.

“Where did you meet her?” Cal asked.

“The coffee shop down the street from here,” he replied as he tapped his fingers against his thighs. “I just wanted to tell you guys before I headed back, I didn’t get her name.”

Michael clapped a hand on Ashton’s shoulder proudly. “You’re lucky, Ash. We’re stoked for you.”

Ashton picked his coat up again and looked down to admire his wrist. After all, it wasn’t every day you found the girl you’d spend forever with. But it was no longer the flourishing tree it had been, it was now losing leaves faster than he’d ever thought possible.

“Fuck,” he whispered as his mind raced.

What was happening? She’d been okay less than an hour ago, she’d been happy, even laughing at his bad attempts of humour.

“What’s wrong?” Michael asked, walking up behind him.

But Ashton just held up his wrist to reveal the orange leaved tree.

“She’s dying.”

Oh, look! Part 2 is here.


Another night that I can’t sleep; my head hurts a little, but nothing I can’t handle. But since I couldn’t go to sleep, I ended up doing a quick doodle of Surprise the G1 pony because I’ve been wanting to do so for a while now. So, here she is! I’m really pleased with how she came out, especially since the doodle itself took… mmm, what, 10 minutes? It’s kinda messy in result, but it’s fine. C:

Anyway, due to G1 Surprise being the original inspiration to Lauren Faust for the creation of Pinkie Pie, I’ve headcanoned the pegasus to be the grandmother of the lovable party-pony. So in my headcanon, Surprise is Surprise Pie, otherwise known as “Granny Pie”. She was a Wonderbolt squadron leader and, due to her having been a soldier, sustained quite a few scars to her being (the hind leg she has lifted has a permanent limp to it). But despite that and her age (she definitely wasn’t old, but was in her late 40s), she had the energy and enthusiasm to rival anyone more than half her age. She’s sadly deceased in my headcanon, however, having being killed during a deployment in Zebrica when Pinkie was around.

The way I see it, of all of her sisters, Pinkie actually takes after her grandmother the most, both in appearance and in personality (in fact, her parents often call her “Surprise’s little mini-me”). That said, though, I wanted to make it so the body and facial structure between them was still different enough to make them individuals. To better illustrate those differences, I put the headcanon drawing I did of Pinkie awhile ago beside her and drew Surprise in a similar pose. The differences here are:

-Surprise has a stronger and more defined jaw than Pinkie does

-Surprise has more weight to her, being more muscular and taller than her granddaughter

-Surprise’s hair isn’t as curly as Pinkie’s

-Pinkie’s eye’s are more round while Surprise’s has some angles to them

-Pinkie has a round snout while Surprise’s is more squared

I hope those differences are actually visible. o3o I’ll actually color her very soon-ish, so don’t be surprised if I reblog this with the colored version of Surprise updated in there. Feel free to ask questions in the meantime, and until then, thanks a bunch for takin’ a look. c: