my gran knitted this

things i need out of zeta society:

- danny and kirsch boxing together and kirsch gets danny this goofy pink boxing tape “cuz youre a girlbro and girls like pink it was SJs favourite colour” and danny’s ready to give him a lesson in genderstereotyping and then just cant bc he’s such a lost puppy

- there’s a little diner thing close to campus and danny and kirsch go there every sunday and have enthusiastic burger eating competitions (danny usually wins and kirsch pouts until danny lets him put on the lion king for sunday movie night)

- for christmas danny gets kirsch a scythe and he’s so touched he cries a bit and just like shoves his gift at her and she opens it and kirsch has spent the past two months learning to knit (“my gran helped me”) so he could make her a toque cuz her ears are always cold

- danny helping kirsch with his homework and it turns out kirsch is like a physics prodigy but he really doesn’t get robert lowell 

- kirsch getting wasted and calling danny at like 3am and she stays on the line while he cries messily abt will and they both fall asleep and kirsch wakes up to danny snoring over the phone

- bisexual danny (◕‿◕✿)

- danny and kirsch getting into a v aggressive snowball fight and laura getting caught in the crossfire and it just turns into danny and kirsch trying to defend themselves against carmilla while simultaneously crying of laughter cuz laura made her put on these ridiculous ear muffs