my grafics

Heya guys, here is a quick preview of my first drawing in my grafic tablet. And it was also the first time i drew @wiishu and Robin. But for the final drawing it will be in a week beacuse until a week i will not have again the tablet. So i hope you like the drawing with @therealjacksepticeye, @wiishu, Robin and the alter-egos, in the top. Have a great day ;)

pfffff. XD hehehehe

this was an ugly sketch i did for Skyline Eggman .. and i wanted to make it look pretty.. i edited it without my grafic pencil XD just with my tumb :D

i love the pose tho and the hat and the staff..

i’ve got realize a time ago that Eggman really looks like a circus presenter..

so.. some of his machines or ropots should be kinda circus themed.. :D sorta..

maybe i’ll do a decent picture about it someday.. maybe XD