my grade in that class is already *horrible*

A Letter of Apology:

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To all of my current rp partners, I know our threads kind of just… died, and I apologize so much. As summer school came to a close for the high school students, things became more frantic. All of the teachers had to do extra work, and I had to take on extra classes and teach more students than I originally had anticipated. 

Because of this, I became so immensely overwhelmed. Anything that wasn’t just answering simple IC asks or small, basic interactions became too much for me to handle. As I was already writing a lot for work, handling lesson plans and grading papers. It’s no excuse, but I feel horrible for letting our roleplays linger on for so long without a reply. 

However, I’m now on vacation! I have a break and thus, have more time to write with the people I’ve come to adore and admire. You’re all such wonderful friends, and honestly I’ll leave the choice up to you. We can continue our present threads, make entirely new ones, or scrap them completely. 

Please let me know! I want to become more active on the blog again and I feel like I owe you guys a ton. If it wasn’t for all of you, writing together, this blog wouldn’t have become as successful as it is now. 

I love all of you, and I hope to be able to provide more content here on this blog since my schedule has eased up quite a bit! I’m also working on a special fanfic to celebrate 1500 followers! <3 

Thank you guys so much ~

xoxo, Sushi

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Considering it's back to school season (kill me) I would very much like to know who the worst teacher ever was and why so that we can all revel in your past suffering before bathing in our own

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Bookworms Are Badass

- My mom sometimes likes to tell the story of how one day while taking to my grandfather, she walked past my room and saw me reading instead of doing my homework. She literally yelled at me, telling me that if she didn’t want to see another book in my hands ever again (turns out she was only talking about for the rest of the night and not for forever, but I took things sort of literally at the age of 14). My grandfather was just kind of surprised and confused and said that he never thought he’d hear her yelling at me for reading a book- something that other parents probably wish their kids would do more of. But, no, my mother thought I read too much. 

She would threaten calling the school and telling them to keep me from checking out books, (if she ever actually did the school never enforced it). I would have to learn to hide my books under my socks or between my mattresses so that she wouldn’t find them. I would end up sitting in my room with a textbook sitting up on my lap, and a book hidden in front of it so that my parents would think I was studying instead of reading yet another book.

-In my high school, we were only allowed to check out a couple books at a time- a max of three unless we just had a really good reason for checking out more (like if we were doing research for a report). I would usually end up checking out five or more in the morning- the librarian loved me and was perfectly fine in allowing me to check out more than I was supposed to- and at least two would end up being brought back by the time lunch rolled around. I was reading two or three books a day for the first couple years of school, but by the time I was a junior my workload increased and I could only do one a day, sometimes two days.

-I’m not sure if this is really considered badassery, but I like telling the story because it shows just how committed I was to reading. I was a model student. I really was, my teachers loved me. However, I was always getting in trouble for reading in class, but it usually just ended with me getting my book taken away. Sometimes until the end of the period. Sometimes until the end of the school day. It was no real trouble, I was still in good standing with most of my teachers. But one year, I had an 11th grade Honors English teacher who was just a really horrible teacher. I could go into detail just how bad she was, but you just need to know is that she was so horrible that she got fired after her one year there. 

I hated her and I felt as if she was ruining my favorite class for me, because I had learned absolutely nothing that I hadn’t already learned the years prior. As a result, I felt unchallenged and bored and I read a lot during her class. She would always tell me to put my book away and pay attention, but I didn’t listen. I know I should have, but I didn’t. I still have no regrets. One day I was reading during the warm up while she was explaining it. She had already put the answers up and my answers were correct, so I wasn’t paying attention since she usually spent half an hour going over it (which always annoyed me, because she was always ranting about how we never had enough time to finish everything, yet it was always her own fault for focusing a third of our time on a simple grammar warm up. But that’s irrelevant). So, she sent me out with my things and a worksheet to spend the period in detention, thinking that I would learn my lesson. I finished the worksheet in ten minutes and spent the rest of my hour reading. It was wonderful. The advisor in detention didn’t make me call home to my parents, because my offense was so trivial that she thought it was silly for me to have been kicked out of class.

I didn’t learn my lesson. I read a new book in her class the next day. I think that’s the first time I have ever went against the authority of a teacher in the name of books and literacy. I was kind of proud of myself. Still kind of am.

I’m not really sure if any of this really counts towards @books-and-cookies whole badass bookworms things, but these are the only stories I have of me breaking rules so that I could read.