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“Be Careful What You Wish For” - Boner’s 1k Writing Challenge

Here is my submission for @grab-my-boner‘s writing challenge!! Congrats on 1k followers, chica - you deserve it and are royally fucking awesome. It’s an honor to be a part of the celebration.

Song Slot: “Oh No” by Bring Me the Horizon

Characters: Negan x reader

Heads up: none - just fluff :)

Words in italics are song lyrics.

Pulling your lips away from Simon’s was proving to be even more difficult than expected, and it wasn’t getting any easier with each passing minute. You stood, hand on the doorknob, intending to leave – and yet unable to turn and make your exit despite being fully aware that you shouldn’t be there and didn’t entirely want to be there.

Your back was pressed against the wall as Simon’s hands were planted just above your shoulders, the rippling muscles in his arms and torso profoundly defined in the low light. His recently donned boxers hung low on his hips, almost begging you to remove them again. You pried yourself away from him and whispered roughly against his lips.

“Simon, you know… fuck, you know I can’t stay.”

He smiled with an air of frustration, roughly slamming his lips against yours one more time before gruffly murmuring, “I know, baby… I know. Get back safe. Same time tomorrow?”

You forced a smile and whispered, “Of course.”

Who you trying to fool, you know you’re in over your head.

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instead of fat hunk jokes how about a running gag that no matter what planet or galaxy they go to, some alien will always fall irreversibly in love with hunk for his kindness and open personality and the team has to come up with plans and procedures for what to do when hunk inevitably gets proposed to on a planet they’re trying to form an alliance with


Tear In My Castle

Castle On The Hill by Ed Sheeran vs. Tear In My Heart by twenty one pilots.

  • <p> <b>Adult:</b> Wow! You're so respectful and mature for your age!<p/><b>Me, whispering under my breath:</b> It's because I'm scared you'll punish me if I don't act respectful<p/><b>Adults:</b> What.<p/><b>Me:</b> What.<p/></p>