my gosh this is so cute

More trans hogwarts headcannons

okokok so can you imagine if there was a little ceremony for all the trans kids to pick their names

like can you imagine a pureblood transgirl who’s never been around muggles choosing the name Chandelier? And even though its ridiculous she adores it more than anything in the world?

and a transboys naming themselves Fred and George to piss off Umbridge??

and oh my gosh when the a cute genderfluid first year can’t quite decide on a name so all the 5th years stay up all night making lists of names for them??

and can you picture all the agender and nonbianary kids naming themselves after their favorite professors?? imagine their cute lil smiles when the professors let them sit with them in the great hall and jokingly ask their “mini-professors” for their advice?

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omg i just saw another video from this jikook summer package dump and jimin was like, doggy paddling around in the pool and being super cute, and hobi and jungkook were laughing and saying things to him in the bg. apparently one of the things that jungkook said translates to him calling jimin "scarily cute" and my heart....... its heavy with how soft these two are........

JUNGKOOK IS SO S O F T. gosh i get hives just thinking about him and how he acts around jimin and the things he says. and i just. wow. i need ot get my hands on the summer package lmao. and jungkook is so right, to be honest. jimin is scarily cute sometimes. god, they’re so whipped. i cna’t stop thinking aobut how cute and soft they are. 

did i hear panromantic asexual aidan ?? :0 haha, i wouldve submitted this last night but my computer ran out of memory,, but here it is, a lil icon !! i can make a demisexual one for jay as well, if you’d like !!!


THIS IS SUPER CUTE OH MY GOSH THANK YOU SO MUCH ;O; Do you mind if i use this as my icon? Shdvgsjs

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Bean!Cyclonus is so cute :"3 Now I just imagine bean!Cyclonus and Tailgate (not bean). Like, something happened and BAM - here's your happy little bean husband, Tailgate, take care of him. No, Whirl, you can't fight him

Oh my gosh, and Tailgate is in awe because Cyclonus is so terribly tiny, and incredibly cheerful. Blithely chirping and singing, grasping at Tailgate face and squirming.

Tailgate has no idea how to parent, especially when Cyclonus bursts into tears.His singing isn’t the best, but Cyclonus is instantly enamored. Sucking on his hand as he stares up at Tailgate with huge, innocent optics. 

First time Tailgate tries to feed him he throws up everywhere because he gave him normal energon. Ratchet throws a fit about it. 

Poor Cyclonus is hiccuping and nursing an upset stomach.

And he’s still hungry.

At least he gets lost of cuddles from Tailgate

Who’s still beating off Whirl with a broom. 

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*holds* (I hope it's ok I hold you as I say this if not I will back away) please tell me you've seen pictures of the turtles as kids. because oh my gosh they are cute. (Okay that's softserving the words I wish to describe them as)

*Holds back* They were so cute that they make me want my own babies! Every time I look through their old photos I squeal and die from cuteness!


{ Found this cute mug at my aunts! Had to make some vanilla chai tea ☕️💛 With milk and sugar. Reminded me of you guys! Just wanted to share.

-@dimiwimy }

oh my gosh, so adorable!! that tea sounds yummy and tea is always yummier when it comes from a cute mug~ thanks for sharing baby bear 🐻☕️🌼✨ - mod euphie

ahah ahah