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@chillxpillz: (I apologize for my English, I’m French !) Hi ! I really love your stories, seeing that you’ve written some new stuff always make my day better. You’re without a doubt my fav ! I was wondering if you were still taking random suggestions because I have one : Gon introducing Killua as his boyfriend to Ging and it goes all awkward because Ging is very intrusive or something like that idk haha. I’ve never seen something like that before and I think it might be funny ! xx

A week later and I finally got this done for you ^^; I’m so sorry for the wait, when you sent this to me I had like five requests that I had to finish first, but this is finally done! I hope you like this, I’ve never written Ging before but I tried my best with him ^-^

Canon universe for this one, the boys are not boys in this haha- they’re 18 and visiting Aunt Mito but, surprise! Ging’s there whoops

(part two) (part three)

It was a quiet night on Whale Island. Fireflies danced in the humid air outside, a warm breeze drifted into Gon’s room from the open window, and the sound of crickets and waves crashing into far off shore was peaceful. 

Killua could just barely make out the curve of Gon’s uplifted cheek in the dim light. Gon was probably smiling at him with that love-struck look of his and Killua’s face warmed at the thought. 

Ugh. He was so dumb, getting embarrassed over a smile, jeez. 

Ignoring his horrible blush, Killua refocused on drawing shapeless shapes onto the top Gon’s hand where it rested in the tiny space between their bodies. They were laying side-by-side on Gon’s bed, just like they used to when they were younger.

But they weren’t younger anymore. And sharing a bed had taken on a different meaning now after being reunited four years since saying goodbye in front of the World Tree.

“Killua?” Gon’s breath washed over Killua’s face. They really were close; less than inch distance between their elbows and shoulders. But Killua didn’t move away.

“Yeah?” he whispered back.

“Is…is Ging bothering you?”

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hello!! hope you’re having some nice holidays~

i tried drawing a punk killua XD he’s eatin star candy or somethin hehe! you’re super wonderful and cool and i love your blog! and your art is def one of my FAV styles! you really inspire me, and i admire you lots. hope you smile lots today!! //hugs/

OH MY GOSH !!!!! THIS KILLUA IS PERFECT I LOVE IT SO MUCH THANK YOU???? THANK YOU EMILY!!! I LOve punk killua i love his face and his black nails omg i love this sm thank you sosososo much im so happy im !??