my gorgeous arizona


I wanted to post our first look separate from the wedding photos because this moment was probably the most special moment for me and these photos captured Brianna’s reaction perfectly! We both were set against a first look but once Melynda(our photographer) shared her view on them and how it’s a special moment for the couple, we had finally agreed to do it. Brianna broke down bawling when she turned around and saw me and I think any bride dreams about her significant other having this kind of reaction because it truly shows the love someone has for you. That’s the kind of love I’ve always wanted and dreamed about, the kind of love the whole world can see, the kind of love you never have to question. This incredible women loves me with all of her heart and I am so glad you guys finally get to see the reaction I got to see! I love being married to my best friend.💍


got to do some watercolor painting in Sedona early this morning