my goofy girl

🎉congratulations🎉 -ft my goofy ass😂
IM SO HAPPY IM NOT SICK ANYMORE! ugh i love being me again lol
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I want

I want a girl who can keep it 100% real with me
I want a girl who can appreciate the little things I do whether it be as simple as a cute corny poem or a goodmorning text
I want someone to be goofy with me who isn’t going to be afraid to show me their weird side
I want a girl who I can tell anything to and get comfort when I’m sad
I want a girl who argues with me over who loves who more
I want a girl to get jealous so I know she cares
I want a girl who will break out into song with me when our favorite songs come on the radio
I want a girl who wouldn’t mind staying in on a Friday night and stay in our pajamas all day and watch Disney movies curled up on the couch
I want a girl that I know will care and me so I can introduce her to my mom
I want a girl that fits me like a puzzle piece
I want a girl who is just themselves because that’s beautiful
I want a girl to wear my clothes and make me her woman crush Wednesday so everyone on instagram knows we’re together
I want someone loyal, honest, funny and weird with a beautiful personality and I know she’s out there somewhere we just have to find each other (:


nature’s top five khiii worlds wishlist! { 3 / 5 }
land of the great spirits (brother bear)

“wow… look at the lights on that mountain!”
“hmm, i wonder what sorts of spirits live in those lights!”

I miss when I first started the show and all I cared about was my goofy girl squad & specifically when Chris and Sana came to school on the hover boards. I miss the time before I made this blog when no one noticed me n I just floated thru space. I miss when I didn’t have this small resentment for evak,not because they’re gay, but because I’ve been subjected to this fetishisation yet again. I miss it.