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200 // The Korean Feast

Was craving for some Korean dishes the past few days so i figure i’d asked some of my closest friends to dine with me later that night. Which they happily agreed on after hearing “it’s my treat don’t worry” phrase. Lol. These bitches. Well honestly, it’s been so long since the last time i ate Korean food. I believe, if i am not mistaken that was like 3-4yrs ago. I decided to go back to my fave Korean Restaurant around the Metro when the reason to eat coincides the idea of the same old reason 3yrs ago, korean food seems to make me feel good after a serious depression.

I would like to blog about the different dishes we had but my brain doesn’t work well nowadays. Haha. Promise, lutang talaga ako and i couldn’t think of any blogging terms or catchy phrases to make this post kind of cool, like how others do. Lol. But as you can see in the above photos—we had several Korean dishes but my favorites are always Samgyeopsal and Kimbap. I just love the taste when the meat is being wrapped up with veggies. I feel like i’m eating cool healthy meals. Haha.

I haven’t foreseen that i’ve ordered quite a lot for three people so we end up having lots of leftovers. So i called some of the kids and told them to drop at Guigui Restaurant and we could eat Korean Ice Creams right after. And who would say NO to meat, veggies and free dinner? Lol. This is what i hate about myself though, when i’m stressed i tend to waste money and eat whatever i feel like just so i could cater to my feelings. Sigh. I want this to be over, seriously. But i’m just trying to embrace the process. I do hope some friends and the universe will be patient with me too.

Anyway, maybe i’ll make more kwento when my mind and heart is at ease na.

my mom keeps being like “oh dont forget about daisy now that you have a new baby guinea pig :( :( shes getting old but shes still cute too :(” and im just like buddy if you think i cant smother two guinea pigs in affection at the same time u are sorely mistaken


I have like two followers on here, and I’ll scream if I even get one note but that’s okay, I decided to jump on this train anyway… So some of you may not know that it’s #AsianInvasion todayyy (for my timezone at least) and I want to celebrate my culture and identity. I was born in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, and I moved to Canada when I was very young. I’ve always struggled with my identity because I never felt fully Vietnamese or Canadian. There were times when I was told that my nose + chest looked too flat, my eyes too small, and that my sideburns were weird. My relatives laughed at my bad Viet, my constant “thank yous” and my “westernized thinking”. I have been mistaken for being Chinese multiple times, and it always comes with the standard “bUT yOU’RE aLL THe SaME?” This made me realize that my peers didn’t care to understand that Asia is a HUGE continent and doesn’t comprise of just 3 countries (China, Japan, Korea). I felt stuck in the middle, not being accepted into either culture. Stereotypes on both ends further isolated me from people. In Canada, I was expected to be “good at math, piano and art” (none of those I’m good at BTW). When people found this out, I’d be teased for not being a “good Asian girl”. In Vietnam, I was bombarded with statements reminding me “not to be too white” and “never forget our culture” as if I was careless enough to let it slip, as if I was so far beyond hope that a constant reminder of my heritage was necessary. There were times when I wanted to scream because I didn’t know what people wanted from me. Luckily I have had supportive friends and family, helping me remember that diversity is to be celebrated and not hated. Maybe I’m not part of either culture entirely, but that just means I have a unique perspective on both countries. I want to show that I am proud of who I am, chinky eyes and everything. Despite the stereotypes and generalizations, I will fight my way through prejudice, so my voice is finally heard.

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Lately I have a slight (huge) crush on Taekwoon but my friends tell me that he is a cold person and I honestly think he is the cutest person on earth even when he is with that IWILLKILLYOU stare. I am the only one that thinks about him in that way?

You just asked me about one of my favorite topics: JUNG TAEKWOON.

I know he seems to be cold and he indeed doesn’t talk much. But that doesn’t mean he’s not a good person. Actually, he’s really kind.

I assure you you are not the only one who thinks about him that way. I’ll give a few reasons under the cut.

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City of TomCav, Day 1

Tom Lounge

  • Tom talked about MATES, and did his Ralph Fiennes impression (at my eager request!)
  • Talked about the dents in the cortex set walls from when he’d deliberately drive the wheelchair into them again and again last season.
  • MIMED OUT SPINNING IN THE WHEELCHAIR. There was t-shirt ride up repeated bare Lower Back on show as he span slowly round and round bent over.


  • Discussed how all of the various Harry quirks were added by himself, as he thrives on physical acting, and Harry is an extremely physical character and “a badass”, also “a malcontent”. 
  • Did the gun cocking sound and mimed out his Harryisms!
  • He spoke again about how the writers had Harry very much the same as EoWells, same mannerisms, same speech patterns. And that he was all “no no no!” and switched them all up - SNOW, and CRISCO/RAMON.
  • Said the usual about Eobard being who he signed on to play and ultimately who he always goes back to - said that Harry is very different to Eobard, but ultimately a variation on a theme.
  • Also mentioned the modulating of Harry’s voice down, comparative to EoWells.
  • Genuinely loves everyone on the cast, they spend all their time between shots playing about, and then Carlos gets his guitar out and they start singing and just singing non-stop.
  • Grant is “so winning.”
  • Talked about Carlos a lot - he’s a “musical genius”, mentioned the Letter Carrier and that Carlos “almost died” doing it, he takes it all seriously to a level beyond the rest of them.
  • Carlos’ music from The Letter Carrier is his 40 minute running music on loop!
  • The entire cast “proceeds from gratitude” as a whole.
  • Various other things… but I was so busy just GAZING from being in a room with 20 other people looking at him and talking to him and looking at him. And we weren’t allowed pen/paper.

Nothing we haven’t heard before ultimately (except maybe about Carlos’ running tunes?), but the floof was on point and his precious face even more so!
I would say from all that he said it was indicative of him being in Season 3 which at this point is all but confirmed anyway, although we ran out of time right before I was going to ask him for confirmation. He talked about next season and the future and continuing to play on these multitude of roles within the show. So…

Tom Talk

Time to play TomCav Bingo, matrix contents courtesy of this post from the tremendous @politeandnotgay.

  • Much of the same content as the lounge, actually, similar questions, and again I was ultimately too dazed by sitting on the front row a few metres from him to take much of anything in.
  • Entered by running onto the stage and straight off the other side, then back on again.
  • “I don’t compliment well…”
  • Talked a lotttttt about his Time In The War, When The Boys Came Home, and Back in the 40s… at least 6 separate mentions!
  • Acted out “Run, Barry………………………………………………RUN.” As Harry!!
  • A lot of banter and comedy with con attendees who were asking questions, a lot of back and forth. He was his typically humorous self, and the room was in good spirits.
  • He was asked a generic question about playing Harrison (I forget the gist), and responded: ”Harrison from Earth 1, Earth 2, or…….. Earth 3?” Turned to look at the audience, and everyone OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH’ed. 
  • He was asked who his Favourite Cast Member To Film With Is….

And word for word TomCav Flashback!

(gif source: politeandnotgay)


“If you think for one second that i’m going to open THAT can of worms, my friend… you’re sorely mistaken!”


Danielle Lounge

I asked her about Snowells, and that ‘some parts of fandom’ (aka me and everyone else shipping Harry/Multiverse) felt there seemed some small hints of connection between Caitlin and Harry this season, before Jay came on the scene. Was it intended, was that there and played between them?
She seemed VERY surprised by that and said that Harry is like a paternal figure to Caitlin (what kind of unconventional badass rambo dad?), and that she and Tom had never played on any kind of possible romantic connection.

Bonus #2:

Tom Photo Op

This was the very definition of a ~whirlwind~ as his close proximity was so generally shocking to me, that I didn’t understand how to function all of a sudden, after fighting my way through the crowds lugging these giant props I had carved, primed and painted from thick modelling styrofoam.
All in the hopeless attempt to reference this iconic promo:

Tom loved my ridiculously huge props, and kept saying how much all throughout and still again as I walked away (making all the inhaled styrofoam dust, smoke, and paint fumes completely worthwhile, basically).

He wanted the lightning bolt! “Can I get the flash this time?”
And then I missed the memo that we were meant to look serious and brooding. It’s tough not being the happiest person alive in that moment when stood next to the Source Of All Planetary Goodness! ❤

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I think the other anon suggested fluorite for Vriska because, if i'm not mistaken, her lucky dice were made of fluorite.

yeahh so I’ve been told ;v; anyway I changed it now;;

Anon:Oh my, new gemstuck is just wonderful I can’t believe sollux is a fusion, it really make sense good job in making them hope you make more

thank youu! <3 I’m glad you liked it! I do have some more I started a while back to finish ahh

Anon:Can I submit a gemstuck drabble to you based off of your AU maybe. ((IDK if I’m actually going to write it because writing sucks ahaha))

if you want to, have fun! but I warn you I’m really lazy when it comes to reading fanfic ;v;

Anon:If karkat’s a gem now than who’s playing the rols of Lars

somebody said that could be Dave attempting to be cool loll

Anon:Uhm, sorry if this has been asked before! But would Rose (lalonde, that is) and dave have a role in the AU? if so, what do you think it would be? ’ v ’

Rose might be one of the cool kids but I’m not sure!

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Hey Fitz, let me give you some advice.*whispers* You should totally ask Dex out. *nods solemnly and pats your back* good luck! <3 That Rude Anon

Wait, what? Dex? *laughs* Rude Anon, I think you’re mistaken! Dex hates my guts, remember?