my goodness sir


Sean Pertwee gives advice on how to treat people at Toronto Comicon ‘17 (x)

As requested by @yayume-ladypenguin

me: that word is rude to say

some fucking redditor or something: Oh ?Are you triggered? did i triggered you? Kek. seem’s i’ve caught a little Trigglypuff in my ruse cruise. Hmm, lel. Triggered much? 

person replying this guy: good sir, you just doled out true pwnage, you win all the internets! and have my upvote, good sir!


TO Characters + Planet Representation Motives


do you ever think about Jim making the Sir Boast-a-lot video

Like writing the script and noting down in brackets “angry face” “psycho smile” “mocking tone” “more sarcasm here” and putting himself in front of the camera actually making all of those facial expressions omg

Then editing it with movie maker and choosing with great care every single special effect and cursing because the programme keeps freezing or the sound of the fake thunder doesn’t come in time with the fake rain holy shit can you imagine it

You can bet your ass he locked the fucking cab’s doors after Sherlock climbed in because there was no way that fucker could escape the result of four days of hard work and a hundred coffee cups