my goodness he is handsome

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I think Auston Matthews is not attractive at all! Why are people obsessed with him.... including you?

I’m hungry and tired so I’m gonna paraphrase @mcdavos and @fuckin-hockey

  • Auston Matthews is an absolutely incredible hockey player and at the age of 19 is already making a huge impact on his team and the league
  • He’s the highest drafted Latino player in NHL history. As a WOC, I pretty much go nuts every time I see any POC in the NHL
    • Catch me crying over Cliff Pu
  • Has a unique hockey development background
  • Literally a kid from Arizona, which is a non-traditional hockey market, from a family that didn’t know anything about hockey, and became the first overall pick of 2016
  • Made history. Multiple times
  • Is so humble and loves his family so much and is a great teammate

#he looks so good. #look at him. #he’s so handsome. #i can’t breathe.