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Not Northside Material - Part 2

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A/N: Y’all are amazing and the support for the first part of this was awesome and I love you all so here is part 2! I hope ya still like it, the other parts are already coming together and I tells ya it gets good (I think). 

Part 1 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7

Summary: Sweet Pea introduces himself and his friends to the new girl and it puts Jughead on edge… almost as if that was his intention.

Word Count: 2,849

Warnings: Still just Swears and Serpents

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Birthday - A Timeline EMP Journey ;)

So… John never knew when Sherlock’s birthday was? Do we believe that fact?

Let’s, for a moment, suppose that this is 2015… and they met in 2010.

That means for 2011, 2012 and 2014 John had no idea when Sherlock’s birthday was. However… if they did meet Irene in 2011 then at least for 2012, Irene would have texted ‘Happy Birthday’ to Sherlock???

And there was never anything from Mycroft that could have suggested Sherlock’s birthday. Like come on John, you’re gonna trust a text from Irene here?

But I’m gonna go onto another layer. I’m gonna delve into the timeline problem and… EMP. Under the cut we go!

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Prince Charming. || George Weasley x reader.

Title: Prince Charming.

Pairings: George Weasley x reader

Wordcount: 2.8k.

Warnings: Fluff.


a story with george weasley! from the prompt list: 1 , 2 , 6 , 9 , 33! You can use (y/n)!! (Y/n) is a hufflepuff but is in the same year as george! She has feelings for george but doesn’t want show them. So one day she has to help george at sth for school so they would study together and george would start to flirt with her! @dontwearitoutt

Authors Note:

Thank you for your request! It really enjoyed writing it, so thank you for giving me this chance. I hope that the story is in line with what you wanted and that you’ll enjoy reading it! I must say I made it very very long, hope you don’t mind that. But okay, I’m gonna stop talking and let you read. So take a seat my dear and let the magic happen! Lots of love! X

Summary: Reader is in love with George Weasley but doesn’t dare to admit it. When she helps George with his homework he starts to flirt with her. 


1. Excuse me, but who are you?

2. I told you I would make your dreams come true.

6. Can you just be quiet for a moment?!

9. Can I have one kiss?

33. Teach me how to do it.

“Okay, okay. Would you rather go swimming with Draco Malfoy or have detention with George Weasley?” your best friend asked. You rolled your eyes. “You already know the answer..” you said and giggled a bit.

“Yes I do, but I want to hear you say it again!” she said with a grin.

You sighed and said: “I would rather have detention with George..”

“I knew it!” she said and clapped in her hands.

“So when are you going to move?” she asked.

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I Know Your Secret - One-shot (Peter x Reader)

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Requested by: @kittiehalecan i have 1 with with peter parker, please, and preferably him saying it… thanks, i love your writing btw💜

Summary: Y/N has known for a while now that her best friend Peter Parker is Spiderman without Peter’s knowledge. One day is seems that Peter is finally going to tell her of the secret she already knows, but confesses something else entirely.

A/N: Oh man this story took me back to when I use to write YA contemporary fiction. I plugged in my old flash drive to read a bit of my old stories from middle school and high school, and a good 90% of it is just cringe worthy. I mean I’m not saying I am an expert writer now, I’m far from that, but it was bad and full of cliches. And if anyone asks nicely enough I am willing to post a link to my old Wattpad where I use to post.

Word count: 1037

I kept my eyes closed and the music in my headphones loud. It was too early to have to deal with people.  Had it not been for the dip in the seat next to me I wouldn’t have noticed someone had taken the empty spot next to me.

I opened one eye to see who was sitting next to me. When I saw Peter smiling brightly at me, too brightly for this time of the day, I groaned and slouched back further into the bus seat and closed my eyes tighter.

Peter was close enough for me to feel the small shake of his body as he laughed. One of my ear buds was pulled out and the loud rattle of the students on the bus mixed with the rock that was ACDC.

“You really shouldn’t listen to music that loud,” Peter says as I turn to glare at him.

“And you shouldn’t mess with me this early in the morning,” I glare at him snatching the wire from between his fingers.

“Did you finish the calculus homework,” Peter asks.

I tilt my head and raise an eyebrow.

“Right,” he chuckles. “Stupid question.”

“I think you forget that I am the one with the highest GPA at Midtown in our class, Parker,” I smirk.

“By only a decimal,” he is quick to say.

“And that decimal is enough to put me up top for valedictorian when we graduate,” I grin.

In the seat across the aisle from us, two of our classmates where talking enthusiastically about a video they were watching on their phone. The volume of the bus was too loud to hear the entire conversation, but one word in particular was clear enough for me to hear.

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