my goddess of victory

greaser boy - part III

High school AU - bad boy!Bucky

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Characters: All the avengers, Peggy Carter, Loki

When a new student from Brooklyn joins the reader’s school, she doesn’t know what is in store for her. He is the epitome of trouble and she finds herself caught in his headlights. The more she resists, the harder it gets. Limits are tested and so is patience. Will she fall for the greaser boy with the bad reputation?

Word count: 1k

A/N: Part three took me a while because I was busy yesterday. I hope to have the next part up by Sunday. Again, hopefully, I tagged everyone. 

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It was Friday. Which means one of two things. Thor’s party was today and second, you were able to stay up as long as you wanted. You were more excited about staying home than going to a party. Nike would probably go, she’d constantly ask you to go, but you refused each time.

“What are you going to do today?” Nike asked and took a sip of her drink.

“Probably binge watch Game of Thrones,” You shrugged.

She made a sour face, “Too much gore. Not for me.”

You chuckled, but before you said anything, Nike grabbed your forearm with an iron grip. Her nails cutting into your flesh.

“Ow! I have blood that I very much want to keep inside me,” You stated and tried to yank your arm away.

“Bucky Barnes,” She quickly said.

You turned and was met with a smiling Bucky who sat on the seat next to you. He set his water bottle on the table and held an apple in one hand.

“Hey Y/N,” He grinned at Nike.

You were a bit stunned but was quick to react. “Oh, Bucky, this is my friend Nike.”

“I’m guessing Nike as in the Greek goddess of victory,” Bucky raised an eyebrow.

“Finally someone gets it!” She threw her hands up. “Everyone thinks I’m named after the shoe company and will ask me why I’m wearing Adidas.” Bucky took a bite from his apple just as Nike began packing her things up. “Well, I should get going. I have to study for a test.”

You were about to follow her when she placed a hand on your shoulder and winked. It was clear to you, she was leaving so you could spend some time with Bucky. You were about to argue but she stopped you.

“No, you plant your ass on this seat and work your magic, girl,” she smiled. “You can do this.”

With a nervous laugh, you watched as she left you with Bucky. You inhaled and turned to Bucky, who was giving you that mischievous smirk. Butterflies erupted in your stomach.

“So what’s with this Steve Rogers guy? I hear his name a lot.” He leaned back in his chair.

“You see that group that’s at your 1 O'clock?” You asked.

“Yeah,” He replied. “What about them?”

“The tall blonde, super muscular, gray shirt. That’s Steve Rogers,” You spoke to him, but was looking in the other direction. “The brunette next to him, red lipstick, that’s his girlfriend. So she’s off limits ”

“Who says I was interested?” Bucky asked.

“With a girl that pretty? Who wouldn’t be,” You continued. Not giving Bucky the opportunity to speak. “Natasha Romanoff is the red head. Clint Barton is the one next to her. Tony Stark is the one with the sunglasses, Bruce Banner is next to him. Sam Wilson, he’s the one in the green shirt. Thor, long blonde hair, biceps that can have their own zip code and Loki, his brother. No doubt Thor is about to put Loki in a chokehold. Wanda and Pietro Maximoff. Siblings.”

“They sound like they’re Royalty at this school,” Bucky muttered and tossed the core of the apple in the trash. “Are they a big deal here?”

“Kind of, yeah,” You said. “They’re not mean though. They are all in fact really nice.”

Bucky looked at you and chuckled, “You’re cute, doll. Are Thor’s parties really that great?”

You shrugged, “I’ve never been to one. There’s one today. You should go, a great way to meet new people.”

“Are you gonna go?” He asked.

“Oh no, I’m very busy,” You lied. In reality, you were probably gonna spend the rest of your night reading conspiracy theories and questioning the human race. You surely weren’t gonna tell Bucky that.

He pulled at the collar of his shirt, “I don’t know, doll.” He paused. “I’ll go if you do.”

You frowned at his statement. A small, very small part of you had always wanted to go to Thor’s parties, but your shy personality said so otherwise. The party scene wasn’t your thing, yes, but you always wondered what went down behind those walls of Thor’s house.

Your parents always asked why you never went out. They were genuinely curious. They always told you stories about what they did as teens and it was far from your idea of ’fun’. Don’t believe for one second that they aren’t grateful they don’t have a party animal.

“So you in?” Bucky asked, pulling you out of your thoughts. “We don’t even have to stay for that long. Just go, have a drink or two. Dance to a few songs, then leave. Sound good?”

It did sound like a pretty tempting night. Worse case scenario? You got drunk and somehow ended up on stranger’s lawn that was 10 miles away from your home. But you knew that would never happen. You somehow trusted Bucky. Not with your life, but you trusted him enough to know that he was telling you the truth.

“Fine,” You caved in. “Only for an hour.”

Bucky smiled and nodded, “Done.” He pulled out his phone and handed it to you. Without hesitation, you typed in your number. The bell rang. Lunch was over.

Once the final bell rang, indicating that school was over and everyone was free to leave. A small burst of relief filled you. It was the weekend.

You already told Nike that you’d be going to the party with Bucky. She was ecstatic. Maybe even more excited than you were. She was itching to get a hold of your closet and decide what you’d wear and how you’d style your hair.

Bucky smiled at you, “So, I’ll pick you up at seven. Think you’ll be ready by then?”

You chewed on your bottom lip and nodded, “I’m pretty sure. I’ll text you my address.”

“Can’t wait, doll,” He got in his car and you continued your journey across the parking lot. What did you just get yourself into?

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my little victory today was getting up and doing things even though insomnia didn't let me sleep enough again. I debated not going anywhere for a bit but then was like HELL NO and got up and went dancing and got groceries and overall it turned out to be a great day =)

This is great! I love that you had a great day! Sometimes all it takes to have a good day is to start the day which can be hard if you haven’t had much sleep (if any)


I glance up at him. He looks so cool and calm, like he’s been doing the Seattle Times crossword.How unfair. Is he totally unaffected by my presence? He glances at me out of the corner of his eye, and he gently blows out a deep breath. Oh, he’s affected all right – and my very small inner goddess sways in a gentle victorious samba.

Me two years ago: I’ll never spend real money on an app that’s such a waste
Me now: sorry y'all I can’t go to dinner I spent all my extra money on the gold goddess of victory set but it’s so worth it look how cute this kimono is


Seunghwa trying hard to confess his feelings to you : Seung Hwa - Hum… You know maybe… (sigh ) I should perhaps do it in another way ! You - What are you talking about ? Seung Hwa - (start singing) Wherever you are, i can feel you. I feel you , you feel me. You’re #1 in my heart until always. You are beautiful. Just trust me , close your eyes. I want you , i want to do you my Last. My goddess of victory (his part in *My Last*)…*smile* I tought that if i sing maybe you will…! You kiss him passionately 😋. Seung Hwa - You love me ? You - No i love your lips 😉! Seung Hwa - Huh ? You - You are slow to understand things !

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Here it is. The greatest achievement I have made. Truly, this is the proudest moment of my life. At the young age of 7, I decided I was going to enter this Glalie into a beauty contest. The only reason why was because it had four moves that fell under the beauty category. I didn’t think anything of it. I just wanted to enter a contest. I remember many friends asking me why I did that because Glalie was ugly. It’s a giant floating rock that looks angry. It’s not beautiful. And that day I decided that no, I was going to prove that this glalie, this flying, pissed off, shivering rock thing that I named Koaru because I thought it sounded cool, is the most beautiful creature on this planet. I entered it in many contests, over and over again, and managed to get all the ribbons in except for Master rank. I spent countless days crying when i lost, over and over again, to this one lady’s Roselia. For real, fuck that roselia. But time passed and pokemon contests became a thing of the past. That is, until I transferred my beautiful Glalie to Y and then to Alpha Sapphire. And my time… no, our time, came once again. My time to show the world that, once again, this shivering, horned rock abomination is truly the fairest of them all. And I did it. I beat every beauty contest with her. She was the first pokemon I’ve ever had beat a master rank beauty contest. But did I stop there? Oh, no. I beat the master ranks in all the other categories as well, with different pokemon. And then the time came. The final master rank contest between me and Lisia. I could’ve chosen any of the contests to fight her. I could’ve competed with in the cute contest with my skitty, or the cool contest with my ninjask. Y'know, pokemon who really fit the part. But I decided against it. No, I had a point to prove. A point that’s been 13 years in the making. I competed with her using my one, my only, beautiful gorgeous trembling slab of ice: my Koaru. And I did it. I won. See that top screen? That is my beautiful ice goddess showing the face of victory. Which looks like she is incredibly pissed off. She is pissed off at all of the haters, the other 7 and 8 year olds who doubted my gorgeous glalie’s true power. Glalie is a powerful, beautiful quivering floating snowball and she is a force to be reckoned with. A beautiful one. I feel like this is how a parent feels when their kid graduates from college; a sense of unwavering pride. I feel nothing but tremendous pride for my beautiful shaky rock creature. I love you, Koaru

Hm, well my Pyrrha theory was correct

That was almost exactly what I had envisioned Pyrrha’s death to be like, which I theory crafted back in volume 1 (It’s some where back in my archives). Essentially I said the only reason you make a character with no flaws like Pyrrha is to kill her off to progress the story because her story arc has already been completed. I kind of hate that I’m right though, Pyrrha was my favourite. And that sucks.