my goddess of victory


Seunghwa trying hard to confess his feelings to you : Seung Hwa - Hum… You know maybe… (sigh ) I should perhaps do it in another way ! You - What are you talking about ? Seung Hwa - (start singing) Wherever you are, i can feel you. I feel you , you feel me. You’re #1 in my heart until always. You are beautiful. Just trust me , close your eyes. I want you , i want to do you my Last. My goddess of victory (his part in *My Last*)…*smile* I tought that if i sing maybe you will…! You kiss him passionately 😋. Seung Hwa - You love me ? You - No i love your lips 😉! Seung Hwa - Huh ? You - You are slow to understand things !

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Hm, well my Pyrrha theory was correct

That was almost exactly what I had envisioned Pyrrha’s death to be like, which I theory crafted back in volume 1 (It’s some where back in my archives). Essentially I said the only reason you make a character with no flaws like Pyrrha is to kill her off to progress the story because her story arc has already been completed. I kind of hate that I’m right though, Pyrrha was my favourite. And that sucks.