Sometimes I think about how much power Hoshino has like… she could draw whatever the fuck she wanted to, and it would be canon. She could decide to make Timcanpy the true villain of dgm. She could canonly make any ship she wanted come true. With just a pen and paper. She Owns Me™


You see this? Do you see this? Do you understand what she went through?

Everyone sit down because Mama CC is gonna lecture a little bit.

Remember a year ago when everyone was shitting on Mashima for drawing those panels of Erza? Remember when everyone started calling Fairy Tail a hentai and that they weren’t able to continue the series of take the series seriously because of those panels?

If I’m being perfectly honest I'm still angry over those accusations, and here’s why.

Those scenes were torture.Erza Scarlet was tortured and there were people laughing and shitting on Mashima and Erza’s character for not being able to “overcome” it.

Erza was a child slave. She grew up mistreated, abused, threatened on a daily basis, shamed, and living every day in constant fear of not being able to see the light of the next day. She lived in what her version of a hell on earth would be. When Erza was captured and tortured by Kyouka, both physically and mentally, she was scarred and visibly shaken. Why? Because those repressed memories of her hellish childhood came back and she was reliving the pain and trauma all over again.

“I’ve remembered things I didn’t want to remember… the trembling… being betrayed, and lied to… my shameful sights shown for all the world to see.”

She relived her past through that torture. She was traumatized, of course she wasn’t going to exactly be the strongest when chained up and stripped naked, especially when it reminded her of her slavery days. She was taunted, mentally, emotionally, and physically abused, and left to feel helpless.

This was a trauma. This was torture.This was in no way fanservice. That is how the sick and twisted minds of demons work. They gnawed at her triggers and used those against her to break her down, but her resolve prevented that from happening. But in the end she was still severely affected by this.

If you honestly think Erza did not suffer this arc just because she didn’t lose anything physical or someone precious to her, you need to start taking mentality into consideration, because Erza suffers a lot. You just don’t see it unless you take a look into her mind.

She was traumatized, and Kyouka made her relive hell. And people had the nerve to call those scenes hentai, and a joke.