my god. what have i done

Justin: You know I always thought that that, uh, munchies, was a uh, you know one of those, you know, a funny thing to say that’s not actually accurate. I have never felt a hunger– it is a righteous hunger. The first time that I tried mara-ja-uana, hoo god, I wanted to eat everything!


Justin: (laughs) All–a–all, pretty much.

Travis: Nonnie, unless you’re listening–

Griffin: NONNIE IS DEFINITELY LISTENING, OUR DADDY IS LISTENING, our daddy knows about our salvia trips, but that’s it.

Travis: I did shrooms once.

Justin: Oh me too.


Travis: I did shrooms, I ate an entire pizza because the flavor was just so amazing.


Travis: I killed a man once.

–MBMBaM 160, The Ballad of Dunkleman

Remy confused:  “Then who?  They’re all jerks.”

Mac:  “You’re not a jerk.”

Remy completely misses her meaning…..

Remy laughs:  “What?  You call me one all the time.”

Mac frowns:  “I do not.”

Remy:  “You say I’m the biggest jerk you know.  You called me one on the phone last night when I was making fun of Lily and Rhys saying that technically they aren’t having sex yet even though they’ve done everything but him sticking his d*ck in…..”

Mac:  “Remy!  Oh my god….“

Remy smiling:  “See?  Go ahead, call me a jerk.”

Mac:  “Fine!  You’re a big fat nasty jerk.  Happy?”

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bell-amys  asked:

Hey there! i just have to say that "Airplanes" is my lifeline right now, it literally gives me life these days. I just read chapter 12 and i'm a crying mess right now. I just love everything you're doing with this fic. But quick question, could it be possibe to write a short drabble from Theo's POV of this chapter? Like what did he do when he left Liam? Did he cry? Did he hit something? Was he angry? Did he scream at himself for all the bad things he's ever done? MY ANGSTY HEART WANTS TO KNOW.

Hey! thank you so much oh my god!!

Totally! I’ve thought about doing a few like drabble things for some of the moments in airplanes from Theo’s POV I’m just really lazy and haven’t gotten round to it yet.

I have literally over 100 prompts to write right now so it depends on what inspirations i get for what fics but I’d love to explore Theo’s POV at some point :D 

w-aeby  asked:

Damn that is expensive (for me cause i am miskin af) ya save money to buy it? Oh welp, good luck and hope ya can get used to the tablet very soon!

Well i kinda earn the tablet because pt3 is over and my parents seem to Notice my good behaviour. Tbh my dad works at Celcom. So he can buy anything for me if he knows that i will be behave at the aftermath.for me, the tablet its god damn expensive. But my dad is like" You know what, for safety measures, we’re gonna buy the medium one" and I’m like “the medium is so expensive- I don’t want my dad to broke-omg what have I done-”

Alfonse: -pulls Sigurd beside him- I found my new father.

Seliph: !!! Does this mean we’re brothers!?

Alfonse: -internally: At what cost Alfonse? At what cost are you willing to adopt a parent?-

Kiran: -peeks into room holding clipboard- Is the interview with Sigurd and Seliph done?

Alfonse: Ugh. For now. Bring me the next parent please.

Eliwood: -dragging Roy- This is my boy Roy. He’s our boy and I love him! -hugs him tight-

Roy: D-Dad please not here. We have an interview.

Alfonse: …-internally: Gods…-

Kiran: -to Hector and Lilina- You two will be next.


Lilina: Dad, Alfonse wants to adopt someone as a dad…

Hector: Oh…OKAY!


phaeleah  asked:

for the ask game, all the questions ending with 3; so 3, 13, 23, 33,...? :)

3: what random objects do you use to bookmark your books?

(just answered this haha BUT!) Oh man theres too many things, usually its the thing closest to me. In recent times I’ve been using my woodcarving tools or my ink pens/brushes as bookmarks. 

13: what’s something that made you smile today?

I saw like, a photo of Colin Firth being cute and that was it. Done and done. Smile achieved.

23: what’s your favourite thing to do on lazy days where you have 0 obligations?

I like to just sit and draw for fun! Now I’ve gotten into sculpture too so I might end up modelling/carving things for fun now

33: what’s your fave pastry?

Pasties!! My god they’re so askfjaksdjfa mmm. There was this place in Tasmania (Ross I think?) that did these really good pasties and I’m sad because I’m so far away from there

43: who was the last person you gazed at the stars with?

It was with my bestest friend and it was when we were waiting to go play TEW2 and Wolfenstein 2 at a secret lil Bethesda event

53: have you ever watched the rocky horror picture show? heathers? beetlejuice? pulp fiction? what do you think of them?

I’ve only watched beetlejuice sadly (Rocky Horror has been on my “to watch” list for ages now :c ) and I loove it so much! 

63: are you fussy about your books and music? do you keep them meticulously organized or kinda leave them be?

I’m a lil lazy with my books, not ordered or anything BUT my music is always extremely neat.

73: what are some of your worst habits?

I can be a lil standoff-ish and I hate that about myself, also my nit picking can get a lil too much. ALSO my habit of picking at my skin (arms/face etc) is pretty nasty and I really hate that too

83: what’s some of your favourite album art?

Still have a real deep love for Porters “WORLDS” and Miami Horrors “Leila” album art

93: what’s the hairstyle you wear the most?

My hair wasn’t cut as I wanted it to, I’ve gotten used to it but still have annoyances about that day, but now I let it go all wavy like it naturally does. I have no idea how to explain it so have this photo (feat my friend as Firth)

Thank you so much for the many questions <3 <3 

One of the most unsettling things that ever happened to me in a bethesda game was when I murdered that one priestess of Talos in Riften because I was bored but then I felt bad about it, so I reloaded my quicksave and when I walked up to her she just stared at me and said in a really resentful tone “the gods know what you have done” and I didn’t go back to Riften for a week


Pony: Blonde ass hair but I still gotta sausage!!!

Soda: Dropped outta school but I still gotta sausage!!!

Darry: Daddying’ my bros but I still gotta sausage!!!

Two Bit: Like Mickey Mouse but I still gotta sausage!!!

Steve: Face full of cake but I still gotta sausage!!!

Dally: Shot dead by the cops but I still gotta sausage!!!

Johnny: Burnt the fuck up but I still gotta sausage!!!



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