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I bought a massage oil last week that I forgot about ( and that I just found) AND IT SMELLS SO GOOD WHO WANTS A MASSAGE 

Pierre Fritel (1853-1942), ‘Les Conquérants’ (The Conquerors), 1892

This is how some see the march of history, “great men” plowing through the dead to bring the world “progress”, changing destinies through the sheer force of their “will.” I say that’s a bunch of noise but I have anarchist leanings so my worldview might be a bit biased when it comes to celebrations of power and of those who claim to hold it.

“In the centre of the van rides Julius Caesar, whom Shakespeare has pronounced “the foremost man of all this world.” On his right are the Egyptian called by the Greeks Sesostris, now known to be Rameses II, Attila, “the Scourge of God,” Hannibal the Carthaginian, and Tamerlane the Tartar. On his left march Napoleon, the last world-conqueror, Alexander of Macedon, Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, that “head of gold” in the great image seen in his vision as interpreted by the prophet Daniel, and Charlemagne, who restored the fallen Roman Empire. Straight onward, mounted on horseback or riding in chariots, march these mighty men of the past at the head of armies whose lines of spears stretch back into the dim distance. On either side lie prostrate the naked bodies of those who have yielded their lives that these men might exercise power. The Conquerors, their hosts and their victims all belong to the world of the dead. Yet their power and glory are made fearful realities. Their influence and work are felt to pervade the world, to reach even to us, the living spectators. They are presented as dead, yet living and sending forth a mighty effect upon ages yet to come. The mighty sacrifices by which the glory of the world is achieved are here realized as never before.”

“The Library of Historic Characters and Famous Events of All Nations and All Ages”, Volume 3, ed. by A.R. Spofford, Frank Weitenkampf, and J.P. Lamberton, Philadelphia: William Finley & Co., 1894.

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Viki I was just watching the Even clip for the 20th time and just the way Isak hugs him in the end after the whole 'get a room' ordeal just screams how much he needs Even and how much he loves him and omg it makes me wanna cry. Also Evens face when Isak starts flipping out I can't even describe it but it just breaks my heart every time and god I think I'm gonna have to go watch the clip again

i knowww!! that scene was so heartbreaking :( tarjei and henrik really did great though, and also the way isak wrapped his arms around evens neck iM:((((


OH                     MY                                      GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can’t beleave it !!! You guys are so amazing !!! we are more than 1000 here !!

This is soooooooooo hudge for me !! I can not tell you how happy i am right know ! and it’s aaaaall because of you ! It makes me want  to draw even more  so THANK YOU !!!! 

For this special occasion i decide to open a little shop on RDBUBBLE . For now there are only 3 choices but i will add more soon !  But if you  would like a specific one ( already on my tumblr ) just ask for it !

You can find my shop here

I hope you will like them :)

Also , during this summer i will open my first commission , soooo get ready :)

And again THANK YOU SO MUCH  !!! 

ps : sorry about my messy english <3

I don’t think I ever mentioned this on here but a few months ago I started going to a new church, which I thought was going to be a bit scary because this was the only other church I’d gone to except the one I grew up in. I can honestly say I’ve never felt more loved, or more welcomed anywhere else before. I’d gone to my old church for almost thirteen years and although I love everyone there, and I am very very greatful that I grew up there because of the strong theological knowledge it gave me, I can’t honestly say that the phrases “church family” or “brotherly love” (in relation to Christians between one another) were anything more than abstract concepts. But here, they’re so…tangible. I just love it so much, and I’m so glad God put me here when He put it on my heart to change churches.

There’s really no point to this post, I just felt I needed to gush about how much I just truly love this place. Even when the sermons aren’t super amazing, I still love being here. I’m just so thankful for the Godly, loving, welcoming people here

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Barbossa is half Irish? Cool! I dunno how I missed thAt.

He sure is. Geoffrey Rush had a big part in a lot of Hector’s backstory, and came up with a great one about him being half-Irish/half-English and running away at 13 to join the merchant marines. So it’s kind of stuck and is considered canon and I am absolutely 100000% supportive of this, god bless Geoffrey Rush and his headcanon, tbh. He made my work a hell of a lot easier.

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Dia, I adore your works. However, I don't understand the appeal of black jizz, tentacles, or Ardyn in general. I figured I should ask you to explain it to me, and see if you could show me why it's so great. Would you mind?

(this is the second time having to fucking type this out because Windows decided to update anyway without warning even though I told it fucking not to restart BECAUSE GOD KNOWS NOBODY COULD BE WORKING ON ANYTHING IMPORTANT MICROSOFT YOU FUCKING COCKSUCKERS)

Anyhow, first, thank you for enjoying my work. Now, to explain my kinky ass, lol.

The black jizz thing I enjoy mostly because it’s weird.  And gross.  And maybe just a teensy bit taboo.  And I’ve always found myself attracted to those sorts of things (pretty much explains my whole blood kink and watersports kink, too.)

There’s two main things that attract me to tentacles.  First, I’m really into restraint, and I love the idea of being held under control and being bound by every limb and part of my body.  Second, I’m really into the feeling of fullness and being filled up in every hole, and generally being used as a fucktoy.  There’s also the appeal of being used for pleasure by something inhuman and grotesque (monster kink), and when you add the idea of them using a secretion/liquid/spore/whatever as an aphrodisiac or a sedative, it adds a whole new layer of hot-as-hell.  Bonus points if they are slimy (again, with the grossness thing).

As for Ardyn, besides his panties-melting English VA and being just hot in general, his whole sadistic-as-hell nature has my masochistic side in a tailspin.  He appeals to my deepest and darkest fantasies, and there’s something about not knowing if he will fuck me, kill me, or both that is a huuuuge turn on to me.  The good ol’ fear boner, basically.  And the concept of him breaking my body, mind, and spirit and forcing me to submit to him and bend to his every whim is just, umpf.  Gimme.  He’s the type to corrupt from the inside out and I love it.  Consensual or not, although the more dubious the better.  And just throw in there his overall slimy nature and the way he talks as well, especially when trying to mentally fuck them up, and you’ve hit me square in all the kinks.  

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you do so much research and put so much thought into rise it makes me wanna lowkey cry like?? oh my god?? you're so good???

             YOU’RE  gonna make me ugly cry pls…..

                 Thank you so much, though, like… It’s been a really long time since I’ve tackled a canon character that’s been established for years like Rise has. It’s pretty nervewracking sometimes to write headcanons or even just finish out replies because I feel far from an expert — I’ve only just recently finished both animations, after all ( thanks R ) !  So it really is a relief, & you guys seriously deserve a huge thank-you for always reading what I put out & always giving such great feedback

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wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzeeeeeeeeeeeeee I GOT MY SHALLURAZINE I KNEW THAT BEARDED SHIRO PIC WOULD BE YOURS I SAW IT IN THE TRAILER AND THOUGHT I BET THAT'S YLIS I RECOGNISE THAT BEAUTIFUL SHIRO STYLE ANYWHERE I OWE YOU MY LIFE IT'S SO GREAT (sorry for yelling i'm just SO EMOTIONAL right now i cannot believe how sweet and tender it is byyyeeeeee love you bye sorry for fangirling at you bye <3 )

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OH MY GOD SMOL, I AM SO HAPPY YOU LIKE IT!!!! These compliments mean so much to me!!! You are so sweet!!! Lots and lots of love, plus hugs! <3

that post isn’t saying people /have/ to reblog an artists work god, its saying that if you enjoy it, you should share it with a quick reblog. if you enjoy someones work but only like it, its not being shared around. likes are great! no ones saying that likes on art/writing/og content are bad, i for one love seeing people like my art, but that small extra reblog is so important and will probably make a creators day as well as give them some publicity.

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Hi an actual norwegian here season 2 is even in norway like widely thought of as the worst season... bcs of willhell like im not saying the season was unpopular loads of ppl watched but that was mainly cus we didnt know what was gonna happen and were curious like i was 17 when it aired and me and my friends hated it and at one point newspapera wrote articles on how noorhelm was sending a dangerous message to young girls so yeah it was popular but the majority did not like that couple at all

Oh anon thank god! This is great to here,,, I thought all of Norway were going mad. I was honestly like how can you all like him?? 

Catch the Norwegian media being woke. Good.
I forgive you all again

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I feel extremely angry. I am angry at the girl who leaked this information, it wasn't her place to say anything and it's sickening that she thought it was okay to do this just because of a persons popularity. Harry and his family had to release a statement before they were ready to due to this person. I hope she feels utterly ashamed of herself and stays away from the family. I also feel great sympathy to the styles/twists and my heart goes out to them xx

I’m so sick of that girl and her god-damn awful account. I’m tired of her always giving the family the disrespect she gives to them. I’m fed up with the fact that she thinks it’s okay to spread things online that aren’t for us to see or hear or know about. I hope that the family know she’s released this information, and work on finding out who she is and putting all of this to bed because she doesn’t deserve to get away with this; it’s illegal what she’s done and it’s wrong and she can’t just freely walk away from this. I’m disgusted that people have this much disrespect in their lives for such an adoring and sweet family - a family who, despite the shit that some of the fans have given to them over time, come back with incredible amounts of love for every single one of us.

My heart breaks and I can only pray that they have the support and love around them to get through this. They have all of us sending our love and condolences and our prayers are filled with Robin, but, I pray they’re getting the physical support as well. The hugs and the kisses and the loving presence of familiar faces. xx

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Okay so you remember when I said what if Mufasa Ali and Naomi will make a great tag team? Okay so let's start with inspirational quotes ,I mean Have You Seen Her Twitter? and don't get me started on the clapbacks! And then let Naomi try and make him glow in the dark with his already awesome entrance! Once again them combos tho! Just imagine the moves that Mufasa Ali could teach Naomi!

if naomi and mustafa teamed up to save the world i have NO DOUBT in my heart that they could do it holy shit

oh my GOD mustafa teaching naomi how to do that rolling thunder neckbreaker!!! NAOMI TEACHING MUSTAFA HOW TO DO THE SPLIT-LEGGED MOONSAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they’d be GOLD together, oh my god, i’m in love with this i’m screaming. this is legendary already ill DIE

they’re both unstoppable and ready to get their messages across at any cost. mustafa takes any risk he needs to to make himself heard, naomi’s daring and fearless and ready to light this world up, they’re firestarters together, naomi’s the light and mustafa’s the heat and they would be EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Can we hear your rankings of the Chrises?

as of now, the standing is:

  1. evans: honest to god, his performance in gifted probably cemented him up here for the long haul. dark-haired, beardy, flannel-wearing evans or blonde, clean-shaven, captain america evans can get it whenever.
  2. pine: steve trevor singlehandedly saved men in superhero movies, can we believe? and god, he’s really, really great and cute in interviews. i spent too many years underestimating him. must make up for lost time.
  3. hemsworth: Hot Dad vibes on crack, tbh. he and his wife are adorable and he’s got great comedic timing as thor. nice ass, as seen in that one movie where he played a race car driver. (was it called rush?
  4. pratt: i mean, he and hemsworth switch places based off of who i’ve seen latest, and i saw the thor: ragnarok before wonder woman. so. but he is the goofball-golden retriever of my heart. 

The right way to approach prayer starts with genuine humility, so that you may agree with God, trusting and accepting His will and His time. I’ll try & make more videos often. My next one will be about how to pray powerfully for your desires/goals. HOPE YOU’RE HAVING A GREAT DAY. GOD BLESS! :)


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By His Grace, Sheela

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oh my gOD hello I love your art to bits and pieces!!! you are insanely talented and the kind of artist that can improve my mood when I see your work. I'm sure you see this kind of compliment all the time but it's funny that your art is so touching to me in so many ways and I'm just some anonymous blogger LOL anyway I hope you have a great day and have fun working hard to keep improving!

WAIT OK (sorry I was that last anon message) AND YOURE THE SAME AGE AS ME!!!! holy heck you’re so cool and you must have put in so much time to get so far wifnsldnek okay bye now sorry to bother you

ahhhh thanks!!!! I’m glad I can make people happy~ 

And thanks for the work compliment!! I get asks sometimes saying it’s natural talent but it’s honestly all hard work (not that being younger makes your art…… better than if you were older)

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lily oh my goosh. I'm the anon who requested that yongguk scenario (jelaous yongguk) and oh mY GOD IT WAS AWESOME !!! And it was like a double sucker punch (to my nether regions): THAT FUCKING BOP TRAILER AAND MY REQUEST?? It was even better than I had imagined. You've got Talent my dude. I just wanted to say thank u and I'll probs come fangirl when the video drops. Love u bai~~

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im so happy you liked it ! you’re so sweet ! it was honestly great timing with that and that teaser being dropped. it fucked me up majorly ;;

and yes, please come to me to fangirl ! im always up to scream about smthn !! love u back xx

hunk: i consider myself to be a pretty laid-back, easy-going, nice guy! i prefer making friends, not enemies, y’know? i don’t like stepping on people’s toes. i feel like everything would be better if everyone learned to chill out.

rolo: (does anything)