my god this was so great

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Who's your favourite paladin?

Who, me? 

A favorite??

From the paladins???

Yes absolutely. It’s Keith. I love him with all my soul look at him he’s amazing I’d die for him in a heartbeat


A glimpse, albeit small and static-y, but a glimpse nonetheless.

Chapter 3: Encounters
>Pages 171 - 173<

>Next (Saturday!)



Oh my god, this is the prettiest oven omelette I have ever cooked! <3 This is great if you have eggs that are going bad soon or a low budget for your food. Here’s recipe for this portion (1-2 person)!

3 eggs
2 500 - 3 000 ml whole milk

Mix all ingredients together and bake in oven in 175C/350F for 30 minutes or so, until the top is golden brown. 
Eat plain, with jam, with ham or bacon etc. similar you’d eat with scrambled eggs/omelette.

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i think a reason that spn has been doing better this season at not killing off women/POC characters (comparatively) is because davy perez is executive story editor, all of his episodes so far have been really good and i trust him & yockey & meredith glynn to do some great stuff this season!! (robbie will always be my #1 and have a special place in my heart but these 3 are doing some great things)

Bro, HELL yeah, this is very obviously a winning combination of Davy, Dabb, Yockey, Meredith, and Nina coming together to shift the tone of the show and honestly I am LIVING for it. They are all doing SUCH a good job so far, please leave them some love on Twitter if you can:

Could you imagine if Robbie had been dealt a better hand? He honestly had to wade through some shit, but if these were his compatriots? God. #RobbieDeservedBetter

Ch 160 Spoilers Ahead



He got revenge on someone who, frankly, I don’t mind him getting revenge on. Where’d he get that prosthetic, though? I can’t imagine that fully operational prosthetics are that readily available? Also, HEY! Face reveal! For some reason I thought he was going to be a really old dude, I dunno.

Why is everyone on this team so fucking savage, oh my god. When Shigaraki appeared last chapter, I thought he was going to kidnap Chisaki and use him for leverage against the heroes/Eight Precepts, but I mean, this is great too. How is Chisaki gonna deal with this?? The loss of his hands, his power??? What about Chrono? Is he going to go on a wild chase after Shigaraki? How’s Eri going to feel, knowing that the bastard who, y’know, treated her like nothing more than a lab rat, literally can’t touch her anymore? I mean, it’s a good way to solve the problem of such an OP character as Chisaki. Got character AND plot development, mhm. 

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Out of all the egos, who do you want to wreck you?

oh jeez that’s a tough one. they’re all so great. Ummmmm… It’s a tie between Wilford and Doc. 

Wilford cause he’s super goofy, sweet, and silly I’d be laughing for two different reasons. He’s also just super sweet and fun he’d be the best. He’s also super teasy and does a lot of baby talk and tickle monster and those tropes alone, even without actually touching me, can get me giggling. 

Doc cause, at least how he’s portrayed here at @dr-ipliler he’s SUPER EVIL AND INTIMIDATING AND TEASY AND MY GOD IF THAT DOESNT FLUSTER ME I DONT WHAT DOES, he’s scarier than the darkiplier we got her at @darklespark-ler cause that dark is like half lee Iknowiprobablyjustdugmyowngrave


[At twenty-three years old,] sleek and efficient was what Bakugō Katsuki had become.

– ESTE Project, Episode 5.

Sias here. I’ve been in a huge Bakugo mood while we’re working on getting chapter 5 up, and we needed a temporary banner image to open this blog… so, here he is! Older!Bakugo posing with wings for zero reason! 🤘

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i didn't expect another namkook song for this year's festa since they did one for 2016, but i neeed another duet by them, especially since jungkook is composing now and namjoon sounds so excited about it, even asked why jungkook doesn't come to him like he does with yoongi and hoseok. man, the interviews/promos about it would just be joon and kook going 'you're awesome and so good at music' 'no, you' 'no, YOU' for ages. why won't the universe let me be great??? ;;

WHOOO ARE YOU why you keep attacking my heart with namkook asks i feekjfkjfdkjfdkjđf i FEEL THIS god i always turn to jelly whenever i read your asks im shaKING

i LIVE for the mutual admiration and appreciation going on between namkook the past year!! /clutches heart……. and yes another duet would be awesome because they ALWAYS gotta sing together ;___; since pre-debut… but lately they’ve been comfortable with singing with other members but just… namkook… @ god, @ bighit, @ bts, please heed our prayers

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i've been following this blog for quite some time, and i just wanted to say that i really admire you as a person. you always handle every disagreement with such an awesome attitude, and you're not afraid to just... be you, no matter what anyone else thinks. and during the limited amounts of interaction that i've had with you, you've always been so sweet and kind to me, that it honestly just felt like i was talking to a buddy. so thank you for being you! and i hope you have a really great day!

oh my god i had a really rough day and this was so sweet to come home to… thank u so much honestly??? i hope u have a great day and that something nice happens to u 💖💖

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For the ask game: shadowhunters and once upon a time


favourite female character: Isabelle Lightwood, one of the kindest and most caring characters wwith just such a great arc and she’s so complex and layered and badass I love her a lot
favourite male character: Magnus Bane, High Warlock of my heart, been through hell but still shines he needs a break god dammit
least favourite female character: Um….. Clary. Which sucks because I loved her in season 1 but in season 2 she became so self centred and Mary Sue-ish that I grew to really dislike her
least favourite male character: Sebastian Morgenstern (I was going to say Jordan but he’s not on the show so that’s cheating lol) like I love him as a villain but not as a person
favourite ship: Malec one of the best written TV couples in general they learn from and lean on each other and have fun and I love them a /lot/
least favourite ship: Rizzy ew no get that away from me
film/tv show rating: 8/10 its not perfect but its so great and deserves more recognition

Once Upon A Time

favourite female character: Emma Swan aka the strongest character not just on ouat but one of the strongest on TV in general she’s an unconventional hero because her heroic thing is her kindness and she has the best development and she is one of my favourite fictional characters in general, she deserves so much better (than the show and fandom-I SEE YOU VILLAINS)
favourite male character: Killian Jones, invented redemption arcs, best male feminist, amazing hero I love him a /lot/ please let him rest
least favourite female character: Regina, go to hell you evil bigoted sociopath you don’t care about the Charmings or Belle anyone other than yourself just leave
least favourite male character: Rumpelshitsdick, also go to hell you sexist, disgusting sociopath stay 1000000km away from Belle and Killian and anyone else 
favourite ship: Captain Swan, aka the best love story ever, a complete fuck you to traditional gender roles, I love me a power couple, that mutual support hell yeah, most iconic wedding EVER and for the most part a healthy af couple (whats a 5a+6b idk them)
least favourite ship: RumBelle, the fairytale version of 50 shades of grey, Belle deserved better 2kFOREVER
film/tv show rating: 7/10 like its hit and miss tbqh some of its really fucking good and some of it sucks but as much as I complain I still love parts of it

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I am really glad you are back and drawing and posting stuff. You are one of my influences and I always love and have loved your art. Thank you for all the great supernatural, and now Thor Ragnarok art <3

Thank you so much, oh my god. I hope it’s okay that I publish this because it made me really happy <3 Thank you!

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my crush... i asked him out. he said yes. we just spent two hours on the phone, and he has the nicest face like you dont understand, he is beautiful. alongside funny, kind, and an all round great person. oh my god i like him so much i just cant

YOU ASKED HIM OUT AND HE SAID YES THAT’S SUCH A GOOD SIGN!!!! honestly oh my god this sounds like the beginning of something very beautiful my heart is swelling up i’m so happy for you!! i hope that everything works out for you two ✨

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I'm so proud of you for fighting Hela plus I just wanna say because no one else has as of yet, that you were great (illegal?) king! Haha. I know you're not a hugger but have hugs and pies anyway. ❤

It was nothing, really. Fighting my own daughter? Definitely something to be proud of. 

Now me being king? Something even I myself am proud of. Asgard happened to be at peace for the time I was ruling, not to mention everyone seemed to be fine when I took a turn to funding the arts.


Today was like a cleanse for my spirit :)

I spent most of my day committed to cleaning my room - which has been a long term project, and a must needed investment LOL.

It was really nice, I was jamming to old school Britney, Kelly Clarkson, etc. and had quite the time.

I realize how when you’re living in a mess it’s hard to be positive or to have a clear mind, but after cleaning my room I feel so much more free and peaceful.

The rest of my evening was spent talking with lovely people. Game show night was great, but the after party was even better.

I feel like good people can clean your soul. It allows you to think more positively and to just be more grateful.

I feel really pleased to have spent today like I did, because my mind feels more clear. I need my environment at home to be clean so god can reside, so tonight I’m looking forward to an easygoing slumber as a result.

Thank you God for this lovely day & for all the lovely people I interacted with tonight ❤️ I feel grateful.

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OH MY GOD what a fic!!!!!!! I haven’t seen Alfred Hitchcock’s Virtigo so that twist caught me by surprise. What a twist! It’s one of the most thrilling Dean/Cas fic I’ve ever read. Once I started reading I could not stop. Great job!!! Please never stop writing <3

I AM SO HAPPY that the response to my take on “Vertigo” has been so good. I’m so glad that you liked it!!!! SO GLAD!!!! THANK YOU!!! <3 <3 <3

I should host a watch party of the original Vertigo. Come over to my house, friends. Let’s bundle up and watch some murder.

(Believe the hype; go read my DCBB!)

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Today I (secretly) met my "worldly" best friend and she told me that she's moving off campus next year and the rent is really cheap but the apartments are good and asked if I wanted to room with her and !!!!!!! I finally have some solid hope...I have something to work towards now and I only have to wait a year before I move out! I can do this!

Oh my god that’s so great! It’s amazing to have an opportunity like that. I’m so happy for you. This next year is going to fly by, don’t worry. You’re going to get out soon

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*awkwardly slides into your askbox* Hi. I just discovered your blog today and have spent a good portion of my day looking through it. Now I feel I gotta tell you: 1) you are very pretty. Are you sure you're not a model or secretly famous? Because you are S T U N N I N G. 2) Oh my god, you post such great content. I feel like I haven't found anything I did not immediately adore. A++++ quality, I'm just saying. *tries to slide back out* *trips and faceplants*

1) THANK YOU ANGEL!!! 2) That means the world to me!?!? thank you so much i’m so grateful and wow im-