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IM SCREAMINGGGG 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 he is My Spirit Animal

“So when u need rest you need to control it yourself and tell someone like your manager and GET REST and if they don’t know I will personally Go there and SMACK EM MYSELF ”

Also lets not ignore “is great to be popular and busy yet but what’s more important is your health ” and Jackson liked 😊

I work at a place that repairs watches. The work itself is great fun, but the customers. Oh god, the customers.

We’re inside of a mall and the place itself is a full square kiosk that you enter from one side through a wooden gate. We’re fully enclosed in here and it sometimes feels like a jail cell(this has relevance later on).

I have so many stories that I could tell, but I’d be here for ages, so I’ll just pick out a few:

Once a frantic woman was pacing around my kiosk as I came back from a break. I opened the large wooden gate, entered in a key code on the alarm system, then unlocked the combination lock on the lower part of the door to let myself in. Once fully inside the kiosk, this frantic woman rushes up to the counter in front of me and gasps “I NEED MY BATTERY CHANGED! DO YOU WORK HERE?!” Like, first off, settle down. It was your average, run of the mill watch, not life threatening if it died. I actually have a regular customer that comes in for batteries who could die if her watch died and was unable to remind her to take her medicine, but this lady was just nuts. And this was already the day from hell and I bit back “Obviously.” Lady. Are you serious? I’m INSIDE the kiosk. I had to use TWO pass codes to get in here. You WATCHED me put them in. I wanted to shake my head and say “Nope! I was walking by and I wanted to know what it felt like to be a miserable peon that answers dumb ass questions all day! Dream fulfilled!”

The second was much more recent, like last week. A young lady came up, likely in her 20’s. She asks my coworker, word for word, “Can you put time in my watch?” Naturally, he was confused. As am I. He asks if she meant she needed the time set(daylight savings time was just a few days away and some people will spring ahead early, I dunno why). She says, “No, I need you to put time in it!” By this point, I’m shaking, laughter threatening to burst out of me. Coworker actually turns to me and stared blankly because he’s confused. She asks again and he turns back and takes a shot in the dark, “Did you need a battery?”

She’s frustrated at this point, “It HAS a battery!! I need you to put TIME in the BATTERY! SO THE WATCH WILL GO!”

I’m dying! Losing it so hard that I have to hold my mouth closed and bend down out of sight. He just agrees with her at this point, it wasn’t worth more arguing. After he’s done, she asks him how much time he put in it. He said he filled the battery up and she was all set. After she paid and left, we both lost it. I wonder what she thinks time looks like.

This job is certainly interesting!

©southernsarah619  OH MY GOD IT FINALLY HAPPENED! After waiting 10 years to meet him I did at Victoria`s bachelorette party. I am still shaking. He was sooooo sweet. Thank you @jaredpadalecki for making my night #bestnightever #jaredpadalecki #sanjacsaloon #bacheloretteparty #supernatural #mylifeismade #supernaturalismylife #icandiehappy #inshock #bejealous #smile

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©@McErin2006 @jarpad - Sam Winchester is even nicer in person.  So great to meet you.

Things My Friend Said Playing Video Games

“What are you doing? Get the fuck up! It’s not nap time!”
“Someone is shooting at me.”
“Whelp, my girlfriend killed you.”
“Congratulations, you fucked up.”
“Oh my god, there are so many things.”
“Did I not just do that?”
“What is happening?”
“Sure, take me. Let’s go.”
“My girlfriend is doing all the work!”
“You’re almost as confused as I am.”
“I just like ran right into this raider camp. It’s fine.”
“Random rocks and shit, just hanging out.”
“Great. I got a rock.”
“Let me just throw my ass just down this hole.”
“I love that I’m getting on shit that works on my equipment from the Milky Way, out of these ancient tomb things that the people in this galaxy don’t even know about.”
“Do you have to jump over that? You could walk just two inches!”
“Guys, bridges are supposed to BRIDGE THINGS.”
“I think your bridge is broken.”
“I kinda really want to jump down there. I know I’ll die. But I want to.”
“The music is going spastic, there’s shit flying in my face, there’s giant turnips in the sky… what the fuck is happening?”
“I don’t even know what’s going on.”
“Hold still! I want to shoot you!”
“Let me live my life.”
“My eyes are on fire.”
“This water looks like pudding!”
“They look like dumb little octopi.”
“Now it’s time to die.”
“I’m gonna punch your ass even though you fly, c'mere!”
“Let’s go, guys! So I don’t die – where the fuck are all of you!?”
“Well, it’s DEAD NOW.”
“What? What, what, what? I don’t see anything! What do you want? WHAT?!”
“I wanna get my MAD LOOT first.”
“These robots have the juiciest thighs.”
“I don’t know what the fuck you want from me, but if you think I believe this shit for one minute–”
“Fucking – just die, I’m done with your plot!”
“Knife to the eyeball!”
“Are you dead now? What happened?”
“That’s fucking, like, beautifully stupid.”
“You have a little dialogue tree I can shimmy my butt up?”
“Oh, get out you dirty whore.”

I never understand people saying it’s such a drag making conversation with kids. I know that it’s hard talking with people you don’t share many interests with, but after five minutes with Karen’s New Juice Diet or Ben’s Belief That All Women Need To Be Rescued, an eight year old telling you which Harry Potter book he likes the best is honestly a godsend.


Post-race press conference, Qatar

[Holy fuck Vale just went on and on and I didn’t want to clip what he said, so here’s the whole answer to the introductory question]

“I heard you say in parc fermé, if you were a betting man you wouldn’t have put any money on yourself. But that was a remarkable result after testing, and with everything that happened up to the race!”

“Yes, so. Start the season with a podium is always a great way - better than last year! But arriving from a difficult period like me. With a very bad winter test, sincerely bad from when I try in Valencia the new bike, and I never feel good.

But I have to say a big thank you to Yamaha and to all my team, because in all this period I always feel great support, great trust in me. And you know also the situation was quite critical…so. 

Something change from Thursday to Friday. Because on Thursday we still have the same problem that I had during all the test, and was very frustrating. But Friday was better. I continue to go quite slow, but I start to improve. 

So from that moment I was quite optimistic to arrive in the first five. But after Saturday you know we don’t make nothing, and the warm-up was very difficult; but sincerely for me, I suffer very much the high temperature - so the 10 degrees more that we had in the daytime. I finish the tyre after three corners. 

So this condition of the race was help for me. We change another time the bike for the race, and I feel good. I start, I don’t crash in the first three corner when a train come to me [Note: Cal clipped him from behind, that’s why Rossi’s rear-camera was hanging off his bike for the race] on my camera and everything. 

But after that, I enjoy very much. First of all, because I saw Maverick for all the race - that never happen in the test! And in the end I hope that Dovi was more in trouble with the soft rear, but I was also in trouble with the front on the right. So if I arrive there and for the push make a mistake, I was very angry. So this podium is very important.”

i met the sweetest Symmetra main in comp yesterday. she joined a group with me and my friend and we played together for hours, it was such a good time and she carried our shitty team to victory so much but was always like ‘i know people don’t like attack Symmetra so i can switch if you want??’ and i was like no you precious little dear you stay Symmetra please for the love of God you’re so good at Symmetra don’t switch also i love you

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Don't you just love Jennifer and Colin's friendship? It's so clear how close they are and they make CS great.

they’re actual best friends oh my god. their relationship is the cutest. and you’re right they do make CS so great. we’re lucky they play our otp. 

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97351 Tell Pyrrha you love her, but with a super sappy poem.

Every day I try,

I fight and I kill the me of yesterday

Because the me of tomorrow is stronger

And I need to be greater

I need to stand at your side

You are too great, too good

I cannot be your equal

And so I must forge myself into a new man

I will climb the pedestal that separates us

If you are a goddess, I will be a god

I will not follow you into glory

I will walk beside you

My partner

My angel

My love

Jaune: i’m only good at freeform
Jaune: i hope this is to your satisfaction

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You know what else is great about carrot with luffy??? Luffy is always sprinting ahead of the crew and stretching and slingshotting himself away to explore. But carrot is so agile and fast and can literally jump and keep up with him.. they are such a good duo I can't 😭

omgg YEAH????  they are literally the perfect duo oh my god

luffy catapulting himself around everywhere & meanwhile carrot just hops along with him like it’s nothiNG,, there is so much cute friendship interaction potential here oda better take advantage of it.  

i also like it bc prob the crew members luffy is most buddy-buddy with and does the most “friend” stuff with are chopper and usopp, but chopper and usopp kinda fail on the….being able to keep up with and be as fearless as luffy aspect, so carrot’s even more perfect- she’s enthusiastic and goofy enough to wanna be silly and eat and play with him, but strong, agile and confident enough to actually keep pace with him too.

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hi!! (thank god you have anon bc im shy) you were the first studyblr that i followed, and now i have one on my own! your posts are so helpful, and you have an amazing personality :) you're great, ily, and i hope you have a great day! good luck on your next assignment / quiz / test!

awhh, you’re so kind! luckily for me i graduated, but i’m working now and i need luck everyday LOL so thank you regardless. 

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Oh! Oh! Friend what would you say is your favorite bloodborne ending? Honestly I really like the yharnam sunrise one :o

God, honestly? I think they’re all so fucking good. Depending on the mood I want I switch between endings. I love the idea of just, I did my job now I want to go home. And, I shall give the rest of my life serving the Great Ones until history repeats. But my favorite is IM A SQUIIIIIID IM A SQUIIIID SUCK IM DICK IM CTHULHU JR

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This is the anon who's dad lost his job. Great news! My dad has a new job now, and it's in the same city! God is good, and I hope to use what he has given me and my family to do his will. Thank you all for your prayers! May your days be filled with love and joy <3

So happy to hear this, thanks for the update!! I pray the Holy Spirit will continue to make Their presence known in your life, and in your dad’s life as he settles down into his new job.

Went to see Beauty and the Beast and Power Rangers today with former crush and friends AND IT WAS AMAZING.


man watching movies has never been this fun before, until I went with my friends. I need to do this more often.

Welp, gonna go listen to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack now, because fucking Evermore.

EDIT: I thought more about it, and I just REALLY love Billy in the Power Rangers movie (whenever he did his little clap, I clapped too because I just couldn’t help it) and also, best part about it while I was watching the movie is that throughout it, I was hearing someone clapping and it took me some time, but it turned out the clapping was coming from a little boy who was sitting by us and JUST…

it was SO cute, like it was offputting at first because I didn’t know where it was coming from, but after I discovered the source, it made a lot of sense. The clapping certainly happened whenever I started shaking and felt like flapping because the movie was JUST SO GREAT (he was likely stimming). And what was even better is that his clapping caused the rest of the audience to clap a few times with him.

Just, it was a great movie experience.

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Okay wait, but I have an idea. What if Joey an Henry were really great friends, and once Henry left, Joey went insane and mad at himself. He got so made that he wanted to break something. So he broke one of their creations. Boris. He also got too insane in trying to 'please the gods' think that he would be happy again if he did so. Idk, just my idea -awkward human bean

He thought if he could please the gods they would brING HENRY BACK OH SHIT.

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So I stumbled across your latest post (because I follow the A Darker Shade of Magic tag) and saw you like ADSOM and Malec and I'm here like dude that's two of my obsessions right there. Gonna have to come back later to look for this awesome sounding fanfic of yours because it's midnight right now and I need some sleep 👌

Yeees. I can see you clearly have great taste. I just binge read ADSOM and AGOS and I’ve barely started the third but oh my god, I’m so obsessed! They’re such amazing books! Aw *blushes* If you have a chance to check out my fics, I hope you enjoy them! <3