my god the veins

In My Veins (16/20)

Title: In My Veins
Rating: K+
Pairing: Ten/Rose, human AU
Summary: –Telepathic bond soulmate AU– Everyone kept saying kids couldn’t develop telepathic bonds, that it was completely impossible. John Smith and Rose Tyler defied the impossible.

Notes: Well I finally managed to hash out a soulmate AU enough to be happy with writing it. All the blame for this entire story goes to @lastbluetardis​, who not only encouraged it, but also allowed me to yell at her about it until I was happy enough to start writing it. Blame her entirely.

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John: 18

Rose: 16/17

I can’t sleep.

Me neither.

Rose and John sighed out loud, both staring at their ceilings. They weren’t entirely sure who was keeping who awake — they both had a lot on their minds. The root of the insomnia was nearly impossible to track.

This separation wasn’t going well.

I could talk to Mum and Dad

No. John sighed again. I said I would stay away, and I meant it. Maybe if we just wait until you’re eighteen, they’ll be a little happier with us.

This sucks.


John was quiet for a moment before he finally began singing. One of them deserved to sleep. Not fair, Rose protested, but John ignored her. Rude, Rose mumbled even as she started to fall asleep, and John smiled a bit.

I love you.

Love you too…

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L E O + T H E  S I G N S P L A Y L I S T

Leo x Aries: Young God // Halsey

Leo x Taurus: West Coast // Lana Del Rey

Leo x Gemini: Summertime Sadness // Lana Del Rey

Leo x Cancer: Hallelujah // Rufus Wainwright

Leo x Leo: Foreigner’s God // Hozier

Leo x Virgo: In my Veins // Andrew Belle

Leo x Libra: Training Wheels // Melanie Martinez

Leo x Scorpio: Happy Together // Filter

Leo x Sagittarius: East of Eden // Zella Day

Leo x Capricorn: Flawless // The Neighbourhood

Leo x Aquarius: Brooklyn Baby // Lana Del Rey

Leo x Pisces: From Eden // Hozier

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Sorry I haven’t got back to everyone,haven’t felt good with this catheter in my jugular vein was causing a major headache 🤕 Thank god it is gone and now I’m at the physical therapy rehab hospital got here today, so I will be here for a while so I can walk again and my Neurologist is going to put me on some new medicine so hopefully it will kick the MS butt 😊

gods, r.l.

Q: why do we ache for godhood?
A: my hands shake, earthquake trembles too large for mortal form. souls take eons to build and seconds to shred, bloody fingers inches deep in a still-beating heart, blackened tongues and no words left after everything (only gods have eons to heal.) zeus’ splitting headache birthed athena and mine left torn wrists and sick sheets that broke the washer. time preserves nothing. ice melts and bones shatter and angry wasps peel skin off faces covered in dirt. (gods preserve themselves.) rebirth echoes in deserted canyons. decay howls back. flowers die and no one remembers their names. (who can forget a god?) if the lightning in my veins was ever divine it has become nothing more than anxiety. thunderous screams coat lips like honey. humans break so easily: too-white teeth splitting the skin of figs. red is such an ugly color to hold inside. (gods bleed gold.) we will never be something so beautiful that to look hurts, to look destroys, will we? we will never be anything but dust.

Q: why do we ache for godhood?
A, abridged: because we are afraid.

deep breath–in and out
held onto the visage until teeth started falling
cramped my heart into a sugar bowl
to sweeten up the serenade but grenades started rolling
couldn’t see the centrifuges, couldn’t rid my lungs of apoptosis
breathing didn’t help although honestly i wish it would
kept strolling back to track three
somehow the way i am i relate to songs of doom and confusion
songs of doom and confusion fill my veins
my capillaries overflow with them
it’s messy and disgusting but it is what it is
i flew an empty bottle down the lawn
had about thirteen more
puked, barfed, spewed chunks, you know the deal
my toilet was remodeled that very night
no blood, though, so thank god
songs of doom and confusion fill my veins
my capillaries overflow with them
it’s messy and disgusting but hey it is what it is
—  i hate that moment, when the album ends. you know it has to, you know it needs to, but i still hate it. when the album ends.

Was listening to the album “In Our Bones” by Against the Current the last couple days. And the song “Demons” starts with the line “ I read your veins like lines on a map/But I got no destination”. And I always thought, that this is a beautiful picture she is painting with those words. But this morning in the shower it hit me like train. I thought: “but veins have a destination…the heart…


It really fucked me up…

Listen–do you think I’m some
layover from which you can alight
and take off at whim? At 4 years old
I already knew how not to scrape myself
because it takes longer for my wounds
to heal. At 16 I stopped seeing other people
because I let the first take root until
there was more of him inside me than
my veins. Good god, my mother
did not raise a storm only to be taken lightly. 
Do not mistake my shadows for your shelter,
nor attempt to shore up my fragments
to fix your own ruin.

Listen: I, am not responsible
for you.

man I remember back when I was a noob thief on gates of sadness there I used to wvw but only roaming, duels and like obsidian sanctum trolling. but there was this one mf fem sylvari thief with the ponytail hairstyle that literally would kick my ass ten times over every friggin time. like I can’t even remember what he character looks like but all I know is that everytime I see a ponytail femvari, I want to kill.

me 364 days of the year: ugh can theatre kids stop talking about theatre goddddd do y'all ever stop talking can u just calm down jeez

me the day i see the musical: theatre is gods truest art. this, here, tonight, was a miracle. this is divine. i can feel the ichor of the actor running through my veins. i invoke shakespeare as my god,

I still feel like garbaaaaaaage

god this is ridiculous

I mean, yay, I can type now instead of writhing around uselessly, but a kitten could still knock me over.

and I have so much shit to do it is not funny. like. absolute bare minimum of laughs here. no humor. I am deathly serious for once in my clownish life. no fun allowed. I’m so dead inside right now.

god, somebody just inject tylenol into my veins that’d be great, just fucking take me away from this mortal coil of suffering. 

I haaaaaaaate peeerrioooooods and I’m loooopy from paaaaaaain