my god the drama is crazy


Cool goblin, cute goblin, crazy goblin, shy goblin, sad goblin,cheeky goblin, dumb goblin, ahjumma goblin, smile goblin. All make a great Goblin.

Have Some Patience

“josh is trying to get your attention while you’re on your phone and you ignore him too much so he started teasing you and eventually eats you out”

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This was so much fun to write because Josh just ruins me. I might write a part 2 for this just because I got a little carried away haha (oops). Requests are open x

Word Count: 1,860
Requested: yes
Smut: yes

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A Comparative Commentary on Love O2O
微微一笑很倾城: the Canon, Drama, and Movie

I may not be your biggest fan of the franchise, but I’ve been wanting to finish off this overdue commentary which have been sitting in the drafts for months… This is a comparative commentary of the two live action adaptations, with knowledge of the novel as a basis. (I have read the book first, watched the drama, then the movie.)

Disclaimer: This commentary is fundamentally still coming from my own perspective and opinions. Differing opinions are welcomed but be nice!


The drama and movie have different focuses, each with their own strengths and flaws.

The drama worked better as a live action/lighthearted romcom, while the movie better as an adaptation.

[spoilers and long post ahead]

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Romeo, O, Romeo

AN: The reader is in college and meets a slightly tipsy Jasper Jordan under odd circumstances. (Modern AU)
Pairings: Jasper x reader, Bellamy x Clarke, Monty x Miller
Spoiler(s): None
Warning(s): Swearing
Prompt: “I was on my balcony and you started loudly quoting Romeo and Juliet at me” (Not actually using the sentence, just the concept.


“Let’s get this fucking party started!” Bellamy Blake roared, lifting his solo cup to the sky.

You laughed affectionately and shook your head at the boy as the surrounding children cheered. For a history major, Bellamy Blake really knew how to live in the present. You just hoped that his spontaneous nature was going to wreck your shared house. Your best friend, Clarke, nudged you with her elbow.

“Don’t worry,” she assured, “I’ll keep him in check.”

You smiled at the girl, “And who’s gonna keep you in check Miss Griffin? Need I remind you that last time we had a party, you spent the whole time making out with Bell in my bedroom?”

“Me of course!” Monty Green cheered, kissing you briefly on the cheek, “We’ve got this under control Y/N. I promise you, nothing is going to go wrong.”

Just then, you heard the distinctive shattering of glass and sighed, giving Monty an exasperated look. His boyfriend, Nathan Miller shrugged at you and gave your arm a sympathetic squeeze.

“Try and have some fun tonight Y/N/N, for me?” Nathan asked.

“How can I when she’s here?” You retorted, jutting your chin towards your ex-girlfriend, Lexa.

Clarke looked down sheepishly, “You’re right, I shouldn’t have invited her. I’m sorry Y/N.”

You shrugged, still slightly annoyed with your friend, “Nothing we can do now.”

The music hammered your eardrums and, although you wanted to dance, the idea of bumping into Lexa made you physically ill so instead you just downed your drink, wincing at the burn.

“I’m going back to my room, call me when Bellamy gets too drunk to walk okay?” you said.

“No!” Monty whined, “You can’t go, not before you meet my friend Jasper.”

“Jasper?” You asked.

“Jasper Jordan.” Nathan explained, “Monty thought that you guys might hit it off. Mont, you said that you’d told her!”

Monty shifted his weight from one foot to the other, “I was worried that she’d say no.”

“I would’ve sad no.” you sighed, “You know how I feel about set ups Mont.”

“But he’s so great, he-“

“Tell him that I’m sorry, I’m going to bed. Night guys.” You said.


You rubbed your neck, trying to work out a knot that had been bugging you as you sat on your bed. It infuriated you, knowing that Lexa was only one staircase away and you instinctively knew that you wouldn’t be able to sleep until she’d left.
Suddenly, your room seemed stifling and you jumped to push open the doors to your balcony. The cool night air was welcome on your skin and you breathed a sigh of relief. You closed your eyes and drunk in the air like water. You could hear the music and the obnoxious sounds that people made at parties, but you strained your ears, feeling as though, if you listened closely enough, you would hear something new, something beautiful.

“But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?” An unfamiliar voice called to you,
“It is the east and Juliet is the sun!
Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon,
Who is already sick and pale with grief
That thou her maid art far more fair than she.
Be not her maid, since she is envious;
Her vestal livery is but sick and green,
And none but fools do wear it. Cast it off.
It is my lady, O, it is my love!
O that she knew she were!” the dark haired boy paused, swaying slightly with his arms still extended from his monologue, “I forgot the rest.” He eventually said.

You let out the laughter that had been pressing against your lips and leant over the railing to get a better look at the boy.

“That was really impressive!” You told him.

His eyes lit up with excitement and he smiled.

“She speaks.
O, speak again, bright angel, for thou art
As glorious to this night, being o’er my head,
As is a winged messenger of heaven
Unto the white-upturned wondering eyes
Of mortals that fall back to gaze on him
When he bestrides the lazy-puffing clouds
And sails upon the bosom of the air.” He finished, taking a deep bow as you applauded him, your giggles dancing through the night air.

“Are you an English major or something?” You asked your tipsy Romeo.

The boy smiled and shook his head, “Chemistry actually, but I did drama in high school.”

You returned the boy’s smile; he was cute in a ruffled, unkempt way. You felt the beginnings of butterflies stirring in your chest and forgot all about Lexa for a moment.

“Do you wanna come up here or what?” you asked, shocking yourself.

The boy stumbled, “Wha-w-really? Sure! I’m Jasper by the way.”

You recoiled, “Jasper Jordan?”

“Yes.” He drew out, “What’s your name? Or should I just keep calling you Juliet?”

You laughed again, “Y/N, my name is Y/N.”

“Y/N Y/L/N? Oh my God this is so crazy!” Jasper laughed, “Give me a minute, how can I find you?”

“I’m up the staircase, the last bedroom down the hallway.”

Jasper smiled and gave you the thumbs up, jogging back into the crowded house. You frantically cleaned your room as well as you could, taking a few seconds to run a brush through your hair too before you heard the gentle knock at your door.

“Come in.”

Jasper Jordan looked almost shy as he stepped into your bedroom, a bottle of champagne in one hand and a pizza box in the other.

“Dinner arrived,” he explained with a shy smile, “I thought you might be hungry.”

“I am, thanks.” You smiled, taking the box from Jasper and placing it next to you on the bed.

The boy took a tentative seat next to you and opened the champagne.

“Ah the classic pairing, champagne and pizza.” You joked, “I know it well.”

Jasper laughed, clinking the rim of his glass against yours.

“I’m gonna be honest, I wasn’t expecting the whole balcony scene thing to actually work,” Jasper told you, “so I’m not entirely sure what my next move is.”

You shrugged, liking the nervous side you were seeing, “Maybe your next move should just be being you.”

“Being me?” Jasper thought for a moment, “I like it. Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you Y/N.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you too Jasper.”


The two of you sat and talked into the early hours of the morning, laughing and joking like you’d known each other for years. You like Jasper Jordan. He was cute and smart and funny and he treated you like you were the only person he wanted to be with. Somehow the two of you had moved closer, his shoulder pressed gently against yours and his pinky finger brushing yours.

“Oh my God, it’s only 3:30.” You laughed, looking down at your watch, “I thought it was late.”

Jasper’s eyes caught yours and you felt the mood shift ever so slightly.

“O, then, dear saint, let lips do what hands do;
They pray, grant thou, lest faith turn to despair.” Jasper whispered, his eyes dropping to your lips.

“Saints do not move, though grant for prayer’s sake.” You answered your breath hitching.

Jasper smiled, cupping your cheek with his hand and moving his head closer to yours.

“Then move not, while my prayer’s effect I take.
Thus from my lips, by yours, my sin is purged.”

His lips brushed yours, almost shyly at first, and then with more intensity as you kissed back, moving your lips against his.

Jasper’s eyes were wide with wonder when you broke apart, breathless and giggling like school kids. Together you collapsed backwards onto your bed.

“You’re fucking amazing, you know that?” Jasper smiled at you.

You laughed, pressing a soft kiss to his lips, “So are you.”

Jasper leant up on his elbows suddenly, “We can do this again right? Maybe on a proper date?”

“Sure. We can most definitely do that.”

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WHY THE FUCK ARE PEOPLE SHIPPING JUGHEAD AND CHERYL she literally tried to beat the shit out of him and then said "i barely touched him" (i think her anger was justified tho not hating on what she did btw) i swear to god people will ship jughead with everyone EXCEPT with the girl who je actually has HEALTHY MATURE relationship just because they want "drama" or something "not so vanilla" fkn hell

They would be such an odd couple. I don’t they’d work at all. 

Its crazy that people refuse to remember that Betty and Jughead are 2 young 16 year olds. Are they supposed to be dry humping each other 24/7 

When Hermione lost Draco in the muggle world

Hermione: Um, excuse me, can you shout this for me?

Random people: oh sure. “GRANGER IS ENGAGED WITH RON WEASLEY!”

Draco: *runs faster than flash, back flips then do a perfect landing in front of Hermione. Stops for a while and tries to catch his breath and then…* HERMIONE!!!! HOW DARE YOU! YOU KNOW ITS HARD TO SURVIVE IN YOUR WORLD AND I THOUGHT I LOST YOU BECAUSE THIS PLACE IS TOO DAMN BIG AND NOW I HEARD A MUGGLE SAYS YOU’RE ENGAGED WITH THE WEASEL?! I CAN’T. I JUST CAN’T. UGH! *starts to ranting words that no one understands like how Eminem raps the rap God.*

Hermione: And… There he is, thank you ma'am.

Random people: No problem. And good luck with that.

Hermione: Thank you. *heavily sighs and grabs Draco’s hand and starts walking away from people around them.* Come on my drama queen, we need to go back from your world so you won’t be crazy.

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(continuing the story about Cody and the bubble wrap) the deputy came and was all "can i even arrest someone for wearing bubble wrap?" and the teacher was like "just do it anyway" so they arrested cody and then later codys parents threatened to sue the school because they can't arrest someone for wearing bubble wrap and there was a huge drama thing going on between the school and his family and then one day cody disappeared and we haven't heard from him or his family since

okayokayokay thats just crazy how is wearing bubble wrap a crime in any way and WTF HAPPENED TO CODY AND HIS FAM oh my god

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hello, where did you find all their movies and dramas to watch?? I'm interesting in watching them over this summer but I don't know where to start (if it's okay for you to list them)

YEHET Let’s do it (These are only for Movies and Dramas)

Kim Junmyeon’s One Way Trip: get the tissues because you are gonna bawl your eyes out

Do Kyungsoo’s Pure Love: make sure you keep some tissues from suho’s movies because this one is also going to ruin your life

Do Kyungsoo’s It’s Okay, That’s Love: D.o invented acting with this (16 episodes, 59 minutes each)

Do Kyungsoo’s Hello Monster: D.o is in a few episodes only but he just slays in every single scene, but I recommend to watch the whole show because it’s amazing (also, Park Bo Gum is on it) 16 episodes, 59 minutes each.

Do Kyungsoo’s Cart: I sincerely hope you still have some tissues left

Kim Minseok’s Falling For Challenge: he’s in high school??? (6 episodes, 15 minutes each)

Kim Jongin’s Choco Bank: 6 episodes, 15 minutes each, you are NOT READY for this man’s talent and beauty, it’s gonna hurt!

Chanyeol’s Salute D’Amour I’m gonna be honest and say that I haven’t watched this one yet

Zhang Yixing’s Oh My God!: This was quite weird, but also funny. Mostly it didn’t make sense at all, but Lay’s with a baby, so…

Zhang Yixing’s Ex Files 2: The BackUp Strikes Back: Lay is only in a few scenes, but kinda funny

Zhang Yixing’s To Be a Better Man: 42 episodes, 45 minutes each. Lay’s first appearance is on episode 12, but so far they’ve subbed only until ep 5. I recommend watching all of it if you’re patient enough and have some free time, I really liked it, Lay’s role is quite funny and adorable and he has a lot of screen time once he first shows up. If you want to check out all 42 episodes even without subs, check HERE, and if you want to watch all Lay’s cuts subbed, check HERE (if i’m not mistakes, there are some episodes missing, but they’re still updating it)

Zhang Yixing’s The Mystic Nine: Episode 1 to 8, All Credits go to this amazing person. This show isn’t really my style, but I’ll be watching it for Lay, my lovely bias wrecker! (This is going to have 48 episodes, holy unicorns!)

EXO Next Door: Iconic Masterpiece!! Episodes 1-3, and episodes 4-16. (watch those on youtube to support, if you care) Apparently there is a love triangle involving Chanyeol, D.o and a girl??? I’m not sure tho, I was too focused on Sehun and the little dude’s bromance, and also this happened:

Upcoming Movies/Dramas to ruin our lives a little more:

Xiumin’s Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River. It was released on July 6th, I’m waiting for subs in hd quality

Chanyeol’s So I married an Anti-Fan, released on June 30, also waiting for subs and hd quality

Ps: His wikipedia page is listing a drama called “Gaia” but I have no further information about this so far, he is not confirmed yet

Suho’s How Are You Bread. Apparently this drama will be released on December :D

Baekhyun’s Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. It’ll be released on August 29th with 20 episodes

D.o’s With God, to be released in 2017 // Brother, to be released this year

Lay’s Kung Fu Yoga, to be released in 2017 (with Jackie Chan, holy unicorns 2.0) // Unexpected Love, to be released this year

Sehun’s Catman, to be released in March, 2017 and to save mankind and end my existence. 

Technically, Yes (With Chen)

Originally posted by luhansguardian

genre: fluff, angst, smut
3579 words

Summary: You don’t believe in love, but surprise! Chen does! 

Does one actually know what love is? After thinking it through, you conclude that it’s a feeling that moves us into doing these weird actions, reason unknown at first, but since it’s become so familiar through time, people begin to ignore the oddness of the phenomenon thence liking that same weird feeling.

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Two Weeks

Title: Two Weeks
Author: @shiftylinguini
Rating: NC 17
Word Count: 22,000 Approx.  
Summary: If Harry had to guess which out of he or his Auror Partner, and tentative new friend, Draco Malfoy, would turn out to have Veela ancestry, his answer would be: neither, because that is ridiculous. Finding out the answer is actually him, and that his Veela heritage is wreaking havoc on his ability to work, sleep, and above all be in the same room as Malfoy, is a surprise to say the least. But this is fine. Harry’s been through worse, and he can just sit this one out, regardless of how much his body is screaming for the one person he doesn’t want to ask for help. Can’t he?
Content/Warning(s): Creature fic; Veela.

This story, god, it’s so gorgeous. The pining, Jesus!

But let me start at the beginning. Harry is a Veela. :D And he’s come into his Veela heritage because there’s someone in his life for whom he cares very, very deeply, and seeing them in danger was trigger. It’s Draco. Harry knows it’s Draco. Ron knows it’s Draco (who is awesome, by the way, Ron, I mean. Okay, so is Draco I just now I was talking about Ron :D). But the thing is, they are beginning to be friends, and well, Harry doesn’t want to ruin that, so he does what he thinks it’s best; he locks himself in his home and avoids Draco like the pest. Only not being around Draco is driving him crazy – literally, he’s just not well, and Draco on the other hand, is hurt because he also thought they were friends. Eventually Harry comes clean.

Oh my god, it’s beautiful, I’m telling you. The pining, the sheer want, it’s got some hilarious moment, comfort and yummy sexy sex. :D



here are some of my highly recommended must watch japanese series and movies! I have included my personal thoughts about it and some pictures would contain spoilers! 

BE READY TO CRY, LAUGH, GET MAD, AND GO CRAZY if you start to watch japanese dramas and movies. I swear to god they’re the best thing ever. everything is unique on it’s own. my favourites would be the tear jerker films though. 

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breakingnewsghagra  Nakuul Mehta sneaking in compliments for Shrenu…

yaaaaaaas, the only thing I’m excited about for this IB/DBO crossover whatever is more of my brOTP shivaay/gauri!!!!

IKR?! I have zero se bhi kam expectations with this mergershit and if it was in my hands, it wouldn’t happen at all. But the thought of getting the cast of both the shows together for once resulting in all the crazy bhai-bhabhi-devar shenanigans doesn’t sound bad at all. But my pessimistic ass knows it will be a week long disaster. Oh god..already all the fandom drama is giving me headspun..when it actually happens how will I cope?!

The signs at a party (story)

{Leo -male- is throwing a party and invited his fellow signs}

{Aries -female- & Scorpio -female- arrive first}

Leo - Aries! Scorpio! Hey, welcome to the party of a life time!
Scorpio - {looks around noticing it is only them} Hah, clearly. *rolls eyes*
Aries - *hits Scorpio’s arm* It’s a party thrown by Leo, of course it is going to be the party of a life time. *said to Leo in a flirty tone*

{Scorpio & Aries take a seat on the couch already starting to drink a beer each}

Scorpio - Did you actually just flirt with Leo?  You know he is such a fuckboy right?!
Aries - I don’t know Scorpio, we have actually started talking a lot lately and I wouldn’t mind taking this party as a good opportunity to-

{Cancer -female- and Capricorn -male- show up next already tipsy, being escorted by Virgo -female-}

Capricorn - Hey Leo, hows it going? Good? Great! I’ll be over there with Cancer if you need us.
Cancer - *giggles while being dragged away with Capricorn*
Leo - Oh ok. You two have fun! Poor you Virgo, having to deal with them.
Virgo - You get used to it when your best friend is in a relationship.

Aries - Scorpio, look there’s VirgHOE flirting with Leo.  Ugh I hate that bitch, she thinks she is so much better than everyone just because she is “sooo” smart.
Scorpio - *look at Aries* Who’s the bitch now? Haha just kidding, but yeah, I know, she is the definition of boring.  Don’t worry Leo would never go for her.
Aries - I hate that Cancer is friends with her, like common why does she need her when she has US?
Scorpio - Wait, Aries, what happened to Gemini? WAIT! AND LIBRA?!  Didn’t you have things with them?
Aries - Oh yeh…
Scorpio - You can’t have all Aries, pick one.
Aries - Ok.. probably Leo.  For something new.

{Gemini -male- enters solo}

Aries - Nevermind. Gemini it is.
Scorpio - Wow such a you move.

{Gemini goes to sit with Aries & Scorpio}

{Taurus -female- Pisces -male- and Aquarius -male- arrive at the party}

Aquarius - Leo! I haven’t seen you in forever!
Leo - Yeah dude it is great to see you again. *whispers to Aquarius* Why is Taurus here? I specifically didn’t invite her.
Aquarius - She heard about it from someone and then invited herself.
Pisces - *overhears whispering* Taurus? Oh god trust me I know, can we find a way to get her to leave?
Leo - Just because she is your ex?
Pisces - No. She is a bitch! She will just complain and eat all the food here. Not to mention try and get with everyone too.
Aquarius - Very true.
Taurus - Leo! Oh my god! *hugs Leo tight* I missed you so much!

Aries - No. Fucking. Way.
Gemini & Scorpio - What?
Gemini - Oh I didn’t know she was bad what happened?
Scorpio - Trust me.  If you know Aries you will know all the stories about Taurus.
Aries - Yeah because it’s true! Trust me! Everybody that experienced it knows it is true.  She is even trying to get with Leo right now, even though she shows up with her ex! WTF?
Gemini - Don’t let her ruin your fun at the party *puts arm around Aries*
Scorpio - *smirks*

{Taurus goes over to Cancer & Capricorn, who are making out in the corner}

Taurus - OH MY GOD CAPRICORN! *pushes Cancer to the side & hugs Capricorn* I missed you so much I can’t believe you are here! We need to catch up!
Cancer - *glares at Taurus*
Capricorn - *hugs Taurus back tight* Yeh, sure okay. Does it have to be now?
Taurus - YES OF COURSE I NEED TO KNOW EVERYTHING! *drags Capricorn into the lounge room*
Cancer - *stomps over to where Aries & Scorpio are with Gemini* DID YOU SEE WHAT TAURUS JUST DID?
Scorpio - I did. But this can be the boyfriend test.  See if he is loyal.
Cancer - *starts panicking* Yeah but it is Taurus, she can manipulate anyone to get with her.
Scorpio - I guess we will have to see.
Cancer - *sits down on the couch next to Scorpio very frustrated*

Virgo - *wanders around, not knowing where to go*
Pisces - Hey Virgo, you alright?
Virgo - Meh not really.  I don’t want to be here. I hate these types of parties.
Aquarius - Awh that sucks… *clear sarcasm*
Virgo - You know, I am just gunna leave early.  Sorry Leo, nothing against you just not my scene.
Leo - No worries! Have a nice night Virgo.

{Virgo leaves party}

Aries - Hey Scorpio lets go get some snacks from the lounge, Cancer wanna join?
Scorpio & Cancer - Okay.
{The three of them walk into the lounge only to find Taurus violently making out with Capricorn sensually}
Aries - Oh fuck no. *stomps over to Taurus and punches her in the nose*
Capricorn - SHE STARTED IT!
{Scorpio chases Capricorn out of the room}
{Taurus runs out of the party cries with a broken nose}

{Libra -male- and Sagittairus -female- arrive later}

Aries - *whispers to Scorpio* Why did they show up together?
Scorpio - Don’t worry about it
Libra - Aries? You and me?
Gemini - *looks over in confusion*
Aries - Oh um, sure!
Scorpio - Gemini? Since I mean Aries is taken.
Gemini - Alright.
Sagittarius - *flings herself onto Leo* DIBS MY PARTNER!
Leo - Oh, haha okay then.
Aquarius & Pisces - *look at each other and nod*
Scorpio - Hey Cancer you can join Gemini and I.
Leo - Okay! First Aries & Libra vs. Gemini & Cancer!

{Long time passes after everyone is very tipsy}

Cancer - Yes!!
{everyone sits in a circle}
Scorpio - I’ll start! Libra! Truth or dare.
Libra - Dare!
Scorpio - Kiss the hottest girl in the room!
{Libra kisses Aries}
Gemini - *jaw drops*
Libra - Sagittarius, truth or dare?
Sagittarius - DARE OF COURSE!
Libra - I dare you to do 7 minutes in heaven with the person you would most want to date in this room.
Sagittarius - Okay! *grabs Leo and drags him away into other room*
Aries - Gee okay then.
Gemini - Well, they will be awhile… Aries, truth or dare?
Aries - Truth.
Gemini - Out of the people at this party who would you most want to get with.
Aries - Erm.
Libra - Obviously me.
Gemini - Hah! Yeah yeah okay, let the lady speak.
Scorpio - *stares at Aries in pity* I need to go to the bathroom Aries come with me.
Aries - Oh.. okay. *leaves to the bathroom with Scorpio*

Pisces - Guys please don’t fight I swear.
Cancer - Yeah guys.
Gemini - It is just pathetic how Libra thinks he is all that, news fash, your not.
Libra - Like your any better!
Gemini - Never said I was!
Libra - *rolls eyes and mumbles* moody asshole.
Gemini - Fuck off. I’m leaving.

{Gemini leaves the party}

Cancer - Oh my god, I swear he is such a drama queen. Hot, yeah, but a drama queen. Anyways, Pisces, truth or dare?
Pisces - Truth.
Cancer - Who do you like?
Pisces - Oh.. Uh.. *mumbles* Aquarius.
Aquarius - What?
Cancer - YOU’RE GAY?
Pisces - No! I’m bisexual.
Libra - Of course you are.
Aquarius - You like me? Because I feel the same way.  But I’m just gay tbh.

{Aries & Scorpio return}

Scorpio - Wheres Gemini?
Libra - He had a little drama queen tantrum them left.
Aries - WHAT!
Libra - Yeah yeah we were shocking to but Aries can we go? I wanted to be able to spend time with YOU tonight and that has barley happened.
Aries - *looks at Scorpio with eyes of asking for permission*
Scorpio - Go.
Aries - Okay. *Aries leaves with Libra*

Scorpio - Okay. I am actually going to leave now, since there aren’t much of us left, Cancer wanna join?
Cancer - Yeah, lets leave these two alone hehe.

{Scorpio & Cancer leave together*}

Aquarius - … Finally! *grabs Pisces and begins to kiss him*

The End.

The White Queen (2013 miniseries), Episode 2 “The Price of Power”

Hold your head high, Elizabeth. God has chosen you.

leanconnoli  asked:

okay so imagine a bagginshield reality tv au, where thorin is tricked or convinced to go on some studpid reality show like the bachelor or something and bilbo is one of the producers who has to come up with ways to make drama and stuff and thorin refuses to do what they want him to do he's just ruining it and won't participate in the craziness but the audience is in love with him so they can't kick him off and they butt heads the whole time and also fall in love and its great omg

oh my god, this has the potential to be either completely hilarious or downright tragic

the bachelor is the one with the roses right? because imagine fili, kili and dis (and frerin shh he’s still alive) signing him up for that show, because he’s too stubborn to actually talk to people, so they see it as the only chance left to make sure that he doesn’t end up as a lonely, old, grumpy bachelor. (can u imagine his face when he finds out omg “i’m not going, dis” - “YES YOU ARE”)

and bilbo is one of the producers and he doesn’t even like his job, but he was so bored with his life and that old family friend gandalf is the head of the network and offered him the job, so there he is now

and thorin hates the show so much, and outright refuses to do anything remotely crazy or embarrassing, and when he first meets bilbo they just argue ALL THE TIME because nobody dares to speak up against thorin, because he just looks so intimidating and tall, so bilbo is the only who really does and IMAGINE THE BANTER BETWEEN THEM

and the audience love thorin for his handsomeness and his unexpected charm, (and bilbo has fallen for him too, but he doesn’t say anything, just silently suffers while thorin has to flirt with all these people) and at the end he has to make a decision (that’s how the bachelor works right? you give a rose to the person you want to be with? idk), and everyone is gripping the edges of their seats like WHO WILL HE CHOOSE

and then he just calls bilbo’s name and the whole room just goes silent while everyone in front of the tv is like ‘who the fuck is bilbo’ and bilbo freezes first, but thorin just stands there with the rose in his hand, waiting for him, so the other producers and camera people just usher him to go

and then bilbo walks up to thorin, accepts the rose and then he pulls him into the most romantic kiss possible while the entire audience cheers for them, the end


What Dykes say when trying to get with straight girls

Blank Space Spoof Lyrics:
Nice to meet you 
Where you been ? 
Can you tell Im a lesbian 
Crazy drama filled with sin 
Saw you there and I thought 
oh my god look at that bass
you look like my next big chase 
Type of game I love to play 

New fitted, baggy jeans 
You won’t find me on a magazine 
I’m the perfect gay mans dream 
But if you don’t know about me 
Well hey, let’s be friends 
I’m dying to see how this one ends 
Leave your boyfriend , and your friends 
I can make a straight girl gay for the weekend 

I’m not asking for forever 
All I need is a couple days 
You can tell them when we’re over 
That you wish you would have stayed 
I got a long list of ex girlfriends 
One time they all were straight 
Cause you know I love the trouble 
And you love the chase 

Cause we’re young and were shameless 
We’ll take this way too far 
It’ll leave you breathless 
Inside your boyfriends car 
I got a long list of ex girlfriends 
One time they all were straight 
But I got a blank space baby
Til I write your name 

Cherry lips 
Secret nights 
I can teach you incredible things 
Stealing kisses from the guys 
I won’t ask you to be my queen 
You’ll find out what I want 
Different girls every month 
I don’t want to fall in love - oh no 

Screaming, crying crazy girls 
I can make all straighties turn 
Rose garden filled with thorns 
I have them second guessing like 
Oh my god you’re a she? 
I get them all drunk for free 
Then we’ll try again next week 
Cause baby I’m a nightmare stuck in your daydream 

I’m not asking for forever 
All I need is a couple days 
You can tell him when we’re over 
That you wish you would have stayed 
I got a long list of ex girlfriends 
One time they all were straight 
Cause you know I love the trouble 
And you love the game 

Cause we’re young and were shameless 
We’ll take this way too far 
It’ll leave you breathless 
Inside your boyfriends car 
I got a long list of ex girlfriends 
One time they all were straight 
But I got a blank space baby
Til I make you gay

You Had Me At Loki: Chapter 28

GENRE: Drama, Erotica, Romance

FIC SUMMARY: Based on my one shot, Surrender.  Arwynn is half Midgardian and Asgardian and has loved Loki since she was 9.  When she finally becomes his chambermaid, they become lovers but will Arwynn ever get her happy ending with this arrogant, demanding and jealous God?


Author’s note: I’m so, so sorry for the long wait! But life has been crazy and I solemnly swear from now on, updates will be more requent as this story draws close to an end! This chapter is just a little bit of Loki fluff (I think I would categorize it as that, eh?), so, safe to read for all! As usual, any feedback is most welcome and I thank you all lovelies for sticking with me and sending me wonderful messages <3


The last thing I remembered before I allowed my consciousness to escape me, slipping into darkness was the sound of my heartbeat and the acute wariness of Loki’s presence. 


I remember telling my body to relax, to uncoil itself of all the tension and anxiety for no matter what I did, he would still be there and sleep, sleep would at least allow time to pass a little faster so that daylight would come and the night would soon be over. 


It was the very first word to enter my thoughts as I felt consciousness seeping back even as my eyes were closed.  As the blur image of him came into focus in my mind, the intense green of his eyes and the curvature of his smile, all the happenings of the night before came flooding back and I resisted the urge to let out a groan.  I felt the weight of reluctance bear down on my chest as I found myself prolonging the moment of respite.  The moment where if I did not open my eyes, I would not have to deal with the situation…did not have to deal with him.

What would I say? What would I do?

I knew that I would have no choice but to awake and face him, perhaps be flooded with emotions and frustration as I tried to wrangle my way past the door to get to my duties.  I did not know what he had planned for the day but I knew for certain that it would certainly not be what I would anticipate and I could not risk another moment spent in his company for not only did I not trust him, I did not trust myself with him.

What is it about you, Loki? What is it?

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2015 recap part 2 - May, June, July, August

2015 recap part 1 - January, Feburary, March, April
2015 recap part 3 - September, October, November, December

full length page (because tumblr won’t let me post this all at once)

Hello, it’s me for the second time, haha. As I promised, here’s the 2015 recap. I tried to fit everything in, but of course I might’ve forgotten something, so feel free to message me to add something/explain etc. When it comes to locations, a lot of arrivals are staged of course, so you can’t take everything at face value, I am simply linking what I have ok.

note: this is larry centric because that’s who I am as a person (meaning locations, moments etc.), there should be all ot4 events and interviews (i hope) and Zayn stuff after he left that is somehow related to the boys.

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