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What's truly pissing me off are trolls thinking women can't have male friends that are just that, FRIENDS. God forbid women ever hang out with men platonically. If they aren't a married man then omg she MUST be dating them. Like my goodness give it a rest. Trolls are idiots and don't understand how life works. In regards to today's drama, they're friends. They have been for a while. You can legit google conversations they've had about politics and stuff. They're friends. JUST. FRIENDS.

You win favorite anon of the day :) god forbid a man & a woman were friends without sleeping together, that’d be CRAZY. 

And also, it’s none of our damn business who any of them are sleeping with or dating, if anyone, so can we all take 7 steps back please!!! 


Cool goblin, cute goblin, crazy goblin, shy goblin, sad goblin,cheeky goblin, dumb goblin, ahjumma goblin, smile goblin. All make a great Goblin.

i dreamed that sulay kissed!!!! it wasn’t just a neck kiss like they did in 2013 but they were actually kissing oH MY GOD i woke up so confused because istg it was real but it wasn’t :(((( basically they were leads in a drama together and then they kissed and then entire fandom went crazy shfksj IT WAS AWESOME…. best dream ever!!!! 

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I'm sensing a lot of negativity from you towards this altered Quinn. I completely agree that the show is making a point about soldiers, PTSD, TBI and the difficulty with "redeployment". However I also think it's true that there is a segment of viewers who believe in and are cheering for this new Quinn to embrace his changes, fight to get stonger, come out an even better and more enlightened version of himself (forget crazy drama to come). Recovery is a process. This feels borderline judgmental.

Oh my God, dear reader… Not at all. We do not feel negatively toward this altered Quinn at all. In fact, personally I think Quinn’s wounded warrior storyline is fascinating - my favorite since the “Is Brody guilty?” plot.

Thank you, Homeland writers, for being so gutsy. Gansa and his team didn’t underplay the terrible consequences of a stroke. They didn’t bench the damaged hero, locking him up in a rehab facility, hiding him from our eyes as if someone with disabilities was not worthy of being featured.

Quinn is still the male romantic lead. With brain damage, a speech impediment, and physical disabilities. 

And I still think he’s gonna get the girl.

Really… how many shows would have taken this risk? In how many stories does the gallant hero come back from war with nothing but an elegant scar on his cheek, or maybe a slight limp?

Popular culture, like TV shows, have a huge impact on prejudices worldwide. This “altered Quinn” storyline is a beautiful choice from the writers of Homeland. We are also discussing this on Homeland and Stuff, our community.  It’s a very busy discussion, here.



here are some of my highly recommended must watch japanese series and movies! I have included my personal thoughts about it and some pictures would contain spoilers! 

BE READY TO CRY, LAUGH, GET MAD, AND GO CRAZY if you start to watch japanese dramas and movies. I swear to god they’re the best thing ever. everything is unique on it’s own. my favourites would be the tear jerker films though. 

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okay so imagine a bagginshield reality tv au, where thorin is tricked or convinced to go on some studpid reality show like the bachelor or something and bilbo is one of the producers who has to come up with ways to make drama and stuff and thorin refuses to do what they want him to do he's just ruining it and won't participate in the craziness but the audience is in love with him so they can't kick him off and they butt heads the whole time and also fall in love and its great omg

oh my god, this has the potential to be either completely hilarious or downright tragic

the bachelor is the one with the roses right? because imagine fili, kili and dis (and frerin shh he’s still alive) signing him up for that show, because he’s too stubborn to actually talk to people, so they see it as the only chance left to make sure that he doesn’t end up as a lonely, old, grumpy bachelor. (can u imagine his face when he finds out omg “i’m not going, dis” - “YES YOU ARE”)

and bilbo is one of the producers and he doesn’t even like his job, but he was so bored with his life and that old family friend gandalf is the head of the network and offered him the job, so there he is now

and thorin hates the show so much, and outright refuses to do anything remotely crazy or embarrassing, and when he first meets bilbo they just argue ALL THE TIME because nobody dares to speak up against thorin, because he just looks so intimidating and tall, so bilbo is the only who really does and IMAGINE THE BANTER BETWEEN THEM

and the audience love thorin for his handsomeness and his unexpected charm, (and bilbo has fallen for him too, but he doesn’t say anything, just silently suffers while thorin has to flirt with all these people) and at the end he has to make a decision (that’s how the bachelor works right? you give a rose to the person you want to be with? idk), and everyone is gripping the edges of their seats like WHO WILL HE CHOOSE

and then he just calls bilbo’s name and the whole room just goes silent while everyone in front of the tv is like ‘who the fuck is bilbo’ and bilbo freezes first, but thorin just stands there with the rose in his hand, waiting for him, so the other producers and camera people just usher him to go

and then bilbo walks up to thorin, accepts the rose and then he pulls him into the most romantic kiss possible while the entire audience cheers for them, the end

The signs in a Scorpio’s point of view (personal experience)

Aries: You’re an amazing person, insanely passionate about everything (maybe you should chill a little on that) and much like me, love you, you weenie muffin.

Taurus: You’re so sweet and caring! Mature af and you are eye candy, bae 

Gemini: can be sweet as pie or a demon in the flesh. Love you but sometimes you can fuck off


Leo: Mixed signals A F. but you’re a cool kid

Virgo: DRAMATIC AF. Go become a famous actor. 

Libra: COntroLLiNG but still my bae.


Sagittarius: CHiLL Out! Stop disrespecting your mom!

Capricorn: you need to stop wiTH THE GOSsip but your food bomb af


Pisces: Stop. Being. Such. A. Drama. Whore. But you’re eye candy.

If I starred in movies and just acted like I would normally act in those situations, it would be the most boring movie ever.

Stereotypical heterosexual romance movies would be like:

Female: “That’s it, I’m done, we are breaking up!”
Me: “aight see ya later”

Action movies:

Antagonist: *begins explaining evil plan before capturing me*
Me: *shoots them before they finish their sentence*

Horror Movies:

Some horribly played dumb-blonde stereotype: “oh my god look at this abandoned house! Let’s go take a look”
Me: “how about no?”

Reality TV:

Some crazy girl having a temper tantrum: “BITCH YOU WANNA FIGHT ME COME AT ME”
Me: “nah I think I’m just gonna leave”
One of her friends blocking my way: “NO YOU DONT”
Me: *charges through her full force tackling her over and runs away before anyone throws a punch at me*

Deep Emotional Story Drama:

*something really bad happens*
Me: *ignores it and acts like everything is fine*

The White Queen (2013 miniseries), Episode 2 “The Price of Power”

Hold your head high, Elizabeth. God has chosen you.