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Time And Then Some- Sherlock x Reader |Part Two|

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Meh, It’s not my best, but I tried…I hope you enjoy this, though. Keep a look out for Part three and Private Affairs. :) 

“Are you sure you’re going to be okay? I mean, if you need anything just call and I’ll come right back,” Y/n smiles as her sister fussed about, making wild hand gestures. Y/n knows Jeanette has been working her butt off since God knows when, and now she finally gets a day off and Y/n made it her duty to make sure that she spends it right. She had agreed to watch her son for the day, allowing Jeanette to spend some quality time with her boyfriend, Seth.
“No, J, go ahead. You deserve time off, Ethan and I will be fine.” Jeanette looked ready to drop everything even though Y/n reassured her, again.
“You’re a God sent, Y/n. I’ll see you later,” Jeanette says, kissing her cheek before slipping away. Y/n quietly closes the door behind her. Y/n heads back to the living room where Ethan was currently watching the telly, giggling at every silly thing that happens. “So Bud, what do you wanna do today hmm? We’ve got the whole day to ourselves.” Y/n says, plopping down on the couch next to the seven year old. Ethan looks away from the telly, turning to face Y/n, his grey eyes innocent and curious. “Can we get ice cream?” Y/n laughs, knowing that would be the first thing he would ask for. “Well, your mom left a shopping list, so we could get it later,” she smiles and Ethan nods, apparently satisfied with her answer.
Soon, Y/n had made him breakfast; eggs and toast. She had always enjoyed spending time with her nephew, he doesn’t happen often, but Y/n tries to be there as much as she can for him and her sister. There was another reason why she agreed to watch Ethan, so she could perhaps get William Holmes out of her head. Since she left his flat three nights ago, she couldn’t stop thinking about him. She had expected him to come to the bar the night after, but he didn’t show, and now Y/n is stuck trying to figure what to tell him if she ever does see him again. She thought at first, that it was only because he saved her from a lot of trouble that night is why he keeps popping up in her mind. Like a knight in shinning amour kind of thing. But she only realised it wasn’t that when she had sliced her finger cutting up mushrooms when she was making Ethan’s breakfast. He was like an annoying stain you just can’t get out of a tee shirt, no matter how many times you’ve washed it.
She’s only thought about a guy this much once, and that was in the ninth grade. A very long time ago, when childish crushes were a thing. The thought of her having a crush is just… no. That’s it. She doesn’t even know the guy to begin with.
But like she said, it’s that knight in shinning amour thing.
Later on in the day, Y/n decided to take Ethan out for lunch, going to a dinner some streets away from her sister’s flat. Then they went to the grocery to pick up the few things Jeanette had put on the list, plus, Ethan’s ice-cream.
Y/n held her nephew’s hand while looking through the list in her other hand. There wasn’t much things to get, and Jeanette had left enough money to get everything there, sans the ice-cream which Y/n’ll pay for.
Ethan was busy pushing the shopping cart with his free hand, staying close to Y/n like she’s asked him to. “Okay, I’m watching you, go get your ice-cream,"the dark haired boy skips over to the dairy section, Y/n keeping an eye on him from where she stood. As he came back with the mediumsized tub of what seemed to be cherry-vanilla, Y/n looks through the list again.
"Okay…Milk, cheese, ketchup….” Y/n checks the cart to make sure she has the things she crossed off, she takes the ice-cream from Ethan and places it the cart. “Okayy..still need–”
“Not getting into trouble are we?” Y/n had almost screamed bloody murder, but that baritone she’d recognise anywhere. She turns around, a small smile in her lips, “No, just getting some things,”
He still looked the same, (not like she expected him to change over the course of a few days) a mop of dark curls, though he was wearing a pair of dark shades, it was hard not to forget the colour of his eyes. His eyes are what caught her off guard at first, such a strange mix of colours; blue, green and flecks of gold. His eyes were captivating, eyes she noticed looked tired, almost ready to give up. It’s like when you want to sleep, but no matter how hard you try, sleep just evades you and you remain fighting that never ending war. How can eyes so young look so old?
He was dressed similarly to how he was that night, expect over his dark three piece suit he donned a long Belstaff coat, a navy blue scarf, his hands covered by black leather gloves.
When she realised she was staring, Y/n blushes and looks away. William smiles down at her, his eyes going to Ethan at her side who was staring up, looking between the both of them. “Is he yours?”
“Hmm? Oh, no. This is my nephew, Ethan.”
She watched when he smiled then, he looked almost relieved. Which was strange to her, yes he looked like a guy who enjoyed his solitude. But why would children be a problem?

Why the hell does that even matter to you?!

“Hi,” Ethan says quietly, and William smiles again, “Hello, little one,” Ethan is usually a shy kid, so the fact that he even bothered to greet William surprised Y/n.
“Anyway, it was mice to see you again, Y/n. But I’m afraid, I cannot linger. I’ll be seeing you,” He says, giving her a small nod before turning around and leaving, the coat he was wearing swished behind him.

Leave it to me, to like the strange ones.

Wait… wait what? Did he said he’d be seeing me?

“Aunt Y/n?” Ethan calls softly from under the covers. It was late, and about time that Ethan gets to bed, Jeanette had called, saying she’d home in a few minutes. “Yes baby?”
He peeks out at her from under his sky blue comforter, “That man from the grocery…” Y/n raises an eyebrow, not knowing where the child was going with this. She sits on the chair at his bedside, “What about him?”
“Mommy says that you can tell when you like somebody by the way you look at ‘em…and mommy looks at Seth like that all the time. The way you looked at him earlier….” Caleb says, Y/n chuckles, brushing back his dark hair. “You need to sleep,” she says smiling, leaning over to kiss his forehead. “Goodnight, sweetie,”

It was late when Jeanette returned home, Y/n was already dressed for work when he sister came in. “Oh, I made you late didn’t I?” Jeanette frowns, and Y/n shakes her head, getting up to grab her things. “No, I still have an hour to get there,” she smiles. Jeanette puts her bag down, plopping down on the couch next to Y/n. “So, you had fun?” Y/n asks and Jeanette grins stretching out her left hand and wiggling her fingers, causing Y/n to look down.
Oh my God,” Y/n laughs, and Jeanette nods, “I know!” the ring on her finger was simple, a single silver band with a white diamond.
“Oh my God! Congratulations!” Y/n says hugging her sister who laughs and hugs her back. “You bitch, I am so happy for you, I could cry.” Y/n says, not unkindly.
Not long after a small celebration between the two sisters, Y/n recalls her day with Caleb. “Wait, so you saw Mr creepy again,”
“He’s not creepy. The guy literally saved my ass,” Y/n says, shaking her head. Jeanette laughs, “And he said he’d be seeing you? I honestly have to meet this guy,”
“Ah haha, no. You’ll scare him off,”
Y/n says laughing before looking at the watch on her wrist, “Shit, J, I gotta go. I’ll text you later,”

“Stay safe,”

He came in early tonight, making the same order like he did last. Not at all surprising Y/n. He was quiet most of the time he was there, and Y/n was top busy attempt to make small talk with him. But when everything had settled, Y/n smiled at him and leaned against the counter. “Hey,” she greets with a small smile and he chuckles deeply, “Hello,”
“…So, I had to wait an entire three days to see you?” Y/n muses and Sherlock watches her curiously before smiling, “I would have came sooner, but I had some business to take care of,” he says, tapping the glass, silently she refills it. “You’re taking care of yourself, I hope.” He says, watching her over the rim of the glass as he lifts it to his mouth. Y/n smiles, tilting her head, “I’d ask you the same but you’re in a bar,” she chuckles, “but I am,”
William chuckles, smirking at her, “Everyone has a vice,”

It was about two am when Y/n got off, ready to go home and collapse in her bed, she smiles to herself as she locks up the bar. William left a bit around ten, and Y/n was quite surprised to find him waiting outside.
“Oh shit–William, you scared me,” Y/n says, her hand over her rapid beating heart.
“Sorry,” he apologizes, walking over to her, “I just thought I’d walk you home,”
“That’s very kind of you, thanks.”
It wasn’t a very long walk, from the bar to where Y/n lived. The walk there was quiet, while Y/n had tried to make conversation, William didn’t seem in a talking mood. At least, that’s what it seemed like to her, he’s just so darn mysterious. When he had taken a silver hip flask from the pocket of his coat and drunk from it, Y/n raised an eyebrow but didn’t question.
She hummed thoughtfully, causing William to look over at her, “What?”
“Nothing,” Y/n shakes her head, and he raises an eyebrow now, “Okay.. It’s just that… people drink when they’ve got something on their minds. Something they’d rather forget. You drink a lot, so I was only wondering,” she says quietly and William pockets the flask, sighing. “There are some things I try to forget, I suppose. But alcohol can only do so much, the forgetfulness is only temporary, eventually, they just come right back.”
It was quiet again after that, but not an awkward silence, it was quite calming. Just the two of them enjoying each other’s company. “Well, this is me.” Y/n says when they had reached her flat, she turns and smiles up at him. “Thanks again, for walking with me,”
“Of course,” William smiles taking her hand in his gloved one, Y/n feels a blush creep up her neck when he brushes his lips gently on her knuckles. “I’ll be seeing you,”
Y/n couldn’t help but feel giddy as she went up to her flat, and she couldn’t help but wonder where this was all going to lead.

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headcanon time! so @deohsogay and i were talking and as we all know, vasquez is a giant fucking lesbian and has been out and proud since she was in high school probably and long story short, her gaydar is off the charts

so OBVIOUSLY she has alex figured out from the moment she steps into the deo. and at first she’s not sure if alex is just lowkey and private but then she realises wow alex does not know that she is in fact a giant lesbian

and this amuses vasquez to no end because alex is the gayest gay to ever gay in the history of gay, and she has absolutely no idea. and after a while it gets to vasquez and she cant hold it in anymore so their conversations go a little like this

‘vasquez i got a new motorbike!’
‘i said yay! how exciting!’

‘vasquez i went to the movies last night and saw this one with kristen stewart in it she’s so cool i really like her’
‘what was that?’
‘thespian! you love actors!’

and when maggie shows up on the scene, you bet your ass vasquez hears all about the stupid, short, dimpled cop with shiny eyes who annoys the shit out of alex and vasquez is like oh my god she has a crush is this what it feels like to be proud of your children and she watches closely at the way alex smiles when maggie is around and she sees the way maggie looks at alex and she’s like ‘i give them three months and theyll be engaged’

‘it’s okay, vasquez i dont need back up, maggie’s coming with me’
‘you are so gay’
‘excuse me?’
‘you sure youre okay?’

ANYWAY so after this back and forth for years, FINALLY alex approaches vasquez one day and is like ‘hey susan did you know that maggie and i are dating and also i am gay’

and vasquez goes OH THANK GOD! and she pulls out this huge fucking scrapbook and it’s called DEOh So Gay: The Gaygent Danvers Story by susan vasquez and it’s literally a scrapbook made up of sneaky photos she took of alex’s gayest outfits and also written down documentation of every time alex said or did something gay and alex is blushing and also laughing because she’s so happy she’s come so far and vasquez is a good friend and also maggie loves it and it sits on their coffee table for the rest of their lives

Sally Headcanons

-Sally feeling so helpless as her son takes on the world, and there’s nothing she can do, but he’s just a child and it’s not his job.
-But she doesn’t say anything to him, because he shouldn’t think she’s anything except caring and loving. Because anger is not something she should feel.
-Percy coming home, and Sally feeling so, so mad. Not at him, at the world, and the gods and everyone expect Percy. Everyone except her damaged, little boy.
-The first day he’s back sleeping in his own bed, she sleeps through the whole night without a nightmare.
-Waking up, and that dreadful feeling filling her stomach “where is my son?” but he’s there, he’s with her and he’s safe.
-She cooks so much food, and cleans his clothes and does everything she can because now she finally has someone to do it for.
-And Percy worries for her, and feels so guilty for the stress he’s put her through but he’s “my son, and I don’t care how stressful things are, I’ll always look after you.”
-Things settle down, and when the house is too silent she doesn’t panic that he’s gone. They have karaoke baking sessions together, and Annabeth supplies baking advice (and singing tips).
-Sally realizes Annabeth gets the same anxiety she does sometimes, and soon all 3 of them travel to therapy together in Paul’s car.
-Sally meets the demigods, and adopts them all as extra children (especially nico). She and Jason read tabloids together, Sally and Hazel write and draw with each other and give constructive criticism. Frank is her favorite (not that she’d ever say it out loud). They have movie nights, and Sally loves the bustle and activity and finally being able to look after them.
-She’s relieved to meet Reyna, who is responsible and is the only person (aside from Annabeth) she trusts to keep her children safe.
-She and Percy turn the apartment into a makeshift hostel for demigods that would otherwise stay at camp for years on end.
-Sally being everyone’s mom.

things my grandma said to me since i came out as bi:

grandma: oh my god, now i finally understand why you love to watch gay movies so much!

grandma: is that girl who called you the other day the reason you decided to come out? 

me: no, she is just a friend.

grandma: hmm, i’d have thought it was her. she has a gay voice.

grandma: are you dating a girl?

me: i’m hooking up with a friend. 

grandma: oh, good for you. you should experiment before you pick a girl.

grandma: wait, the girl you are going out has the same name as you do? that’s definitely weirder than being bi. isn’t that confusing?

grandma: please, don’t kiss girls on the street. or do anything that can perceived gay on streets. i don’t want you to get hurt, please. great, now i’ve a new reason to worry about your safety. not just men can try something, now you can be hurt for liking girls. you really likes to stress me, don’t you?

grandma: did you tell (my godmother) about being bi?

me: no, i didn’t tell anyone in our family but you. i don’t trust anyone.

grandma: congrats! you’re fucking smart. trust no one, except me. not even your mother, she’s my daughter but she can be really backward. 

grandma: *interrogates about the girl i’m hooking up the same way she interrogated me about the guy i’m hooking up*

grandma: you’re not weird for liking kissing girls. i knew a lot of girls that liked to kiss girls too.

me: did you ever kiss a girl?

grandma: nopes, but your aunt totally accidentally dated a lesbian once without knowing.

grandma: so you like both of them? that’s…so weird.

me: not really. i mean, i look at a guy and if i think he is attractive, i kiss him. if i see a girl and i find her attractive, i kiss her.

grandma: sounds more like you’re easy.

me: you’re not wrong.

grandma: that’s fine. you’ve got my whore genes. i was just like you when i was younger, except only with guys.

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RFA+Minor Trio taking care of an MC who is on her period and it's a really rough one?

***Aw, poor gal. Might be a little shorterish just to be delicate, because I don’t think anyone enjoys being reminded about that excruciating pain. Short and sweet like we wish our periods could be lol. ~Let’s Connect! FFC

Character breakdown: Good ending canon characters, Secret ending 02 Saeran, V, no operation, standard hc Vanderwood***


  • Somehow you totally synced up? I guess that makes sense. She totally gets it.
  • Cuddling up on the couch wrapped up in blankets being miserable together.
  • Zen musical marathon, snacks, and cuddles. What could be better?
  • Convincing her to have tea instead of coffee – settle the cramping.
  • Sharing a heating pad – toasty.
  • It’s like the best sleepover except it’s your partner.


  • He’s had girlfriends before, so when you pushed away from him this morning, he knew what was up.
  • “Want some tea? Cuddles? How are you feeling?”
  • Cuddling up with his hand splayed over your tummy like a heating pad.
  • He’s nuzzling your hair and practicing his lines for the newest musical, and you end up falling asleep there in his warm embrace.


  • Jumin calls to confirm your date for the evening and you turn him down???
  • His immediate reaction is panic – has he done something? Is something wrong?
  • “MC, if you’re ill, I’ll send the best doctors.”
  • “I’m not ill…just…I’m on my period.”
  • “Oh…Driver Kim!”
  • Now you have a nurse for the week? And chocolates delivered to your door every morning?
  • This dude on urbandictionary and Wikipedia finding all the things that will help you. And suddenly your house is filled teas and all sorts of things to help you. That electric blanket ends up being your favorite thing.


  • “Why can’t I come over?”
  • “I’m not feeling well…”
  • “What, are you sick? Are you okay? I’m coming over right now!”
  • Pretty much starts running to your house…Before he realizes he should be taking the bus.
  • When he gets there, you tell him that you’re on your “monthly visit.”
  • It takes him a second, but he’s not stupid – med student too, after all. (Yes, some animals deal with it too.)
  • You got too hot at one point so he helped you run a bath…Helped you in and out of it too…Tried not to peek, but accidentally saw your bare back, and now he’s got a nosebleed.
  • Now you’re cuddling in bed in your bath robe
  • Yoosung, I hear kissing helps…” WELL THEN. He’s super blushy about it, but… You’re getting all the kisses. Your lips will be sore tomorrow. So will his.


  • You’re hot and cramping, so you push him away from cuddles.
  • Mr. Pouty Pants ain’t having that, just pulls you closer. And then you tell him. “I’m sorry!!! Don’t be mad, Kitten!!!”
  • For the rest of the day, any time you’re even slightly irritated…“What, are you on your period or something? LOL
  • In all seriousness, He lets you have all the HBC you want, and orders you some pizza. Although the pizza delivery guy has a bit of trouble with the security. He doesn’t speak Arabic.


  • Notices something is wrong without you even telling him. “You seem tense…do you need a back rub?”
  • End up giving you a full body rub down. God, your back feels so much better. Added bonus for him, he gets to spend more time memorizing your shape with his hands.
  • Puts any work off for the rest of the day, so he can take care of you as much as possible.
  • Attempts to make tea and burns himself, but, it’s the thought that counts.


  • Why doesn’t she want me to come over? What did I do wrong? So much angsty self…
  • Finally “It’s not you…I’m just on my period”
  • Has no idea really what that means for you, Looks it up, and it sounds painful.
  • Oh, ice cream helps! He’s over there with tons of buckets of ice cream
  • You build a pillow fort together and eat way more ice cream than a human should consume in one day. Intimacy still isn’t exactly his thing, but you do end up getting cuddles.


  • Okay, so…He knows what a period is, but…he’s never had to deal with someone actually on it What the Hell is he supposed to do?
  • Cooks some of your favorite foods, makes sure to make lots of snacks, gathers all the movies and blankets for a day together.
  • How is this huge, seemingly emotionless, secret agent man so sensitive and fussy?
  • Lots of cuddles. Just wraps himself around you. You’re not going anywhere today. Not that you’d want to.

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Act of Kindness | 01 |

02 | 03 | 04 | 05

Yoo Kihyun | Fake Relationship!AU | Fluff | Smut

Since day one, boundaries and personal space were never really part of the picture.

It’s too late to be roaming the streets, especially alone.

But this seems to be the only time you can take a peaceful walk. Crowded and loud streets during the day, as well as you working six to eight hour shifts most days. There’s no time during the day, but there’s time when you can’t sleep or just have a lot on your mind. Sitting in the house all night instead of sleeping makes you restless, so taking a stroll around two in the morning has become a regular thing.

Often times there are a few others outside. Some drunk and dragging their feet down the sidewalks trying to catch a taxi or walking to their destination, some seeming to be doing exactly what you’re doing. No one speaks, the only sounds coming from passing cars and whatever goes on in the household nearby that are still alive at this time of night.

Today is exceptionally cold and you bundled up in sweats, a thick sweatshirt, and a jean jacket. You can still feel the slight sting of the wind, but it’s better than tossing and turning in bed all night. You had insomnia in high school and this kind of feels the same, but then again it’s different. There’s a lot more on your mind now that your gap year is a little over half way over. You’ve already been accepted into your university of choice and got a few scholarships, and with the help of your mom you won’t be deep in college debt, but the excitement and doubt have set in early it seems. Still unsure of a major, worrying about if you’ll have enough money for books, food, and other expenses. Half of the time you know you’re just over thinking, but even telling yourself that multiple times doesn’t always work.

So breathing in the fresh air and feeling the wind seep through your clothing calms you. It relaxes your nerves and gets you tired by the time you’re back home.

A sniffle breaks you out of your daze. Just about every night you walk is uneventful so you’re a little curious. There’s another one closer this time, so you speed up your slow, slightly dragging footsteps. When you hear movement around the corner of the brick wall to your right you slow back down once you hit the edge of the wall, and find someone slouched against the brick. One knee up and propping his arm up, head down as more sniffles and quiet hiccups come from him.

You almost turn back around, but maybe he needs someone to talk to. Even though if you were in his position you know you wouldn’t want a stranger coming up to you asking if you’re okay when you’re obviously not, but hey, he could be different.

“Excuse me?” you whisper out, not wanting to scare him. 

His body visibly stiffens, and then he’s wiping at his face before clearing his throat and looking up at you. You make sure not to loom over him, keeping a distance as you stand next to him.

“Um,” you start again, not sure of what to say next. You’ve never been in this position before and you feel like you’re wasting his time as you just look at him for a few seconds. “Are you okay? Well I mean, clearly you aren’t but I was wondering if you needed someone to talk to or something? If not I completely understand because I wouldn’t want a stranger butting into my business but I heard sometimes strangers are the best people to talk to because there are no biases,” you spill out, realizing how fast you’re speaking and that you’re rambling.

“Sorry, I’m rambling and not even giving you the opportunity to speak,” you laugh, embarrassed.

He just stares up at you. His eyes are still glossy and from the dim streetlight a block away you can see his red nose, a little wetness under the tip.

“Sure,” he rasps out, making your eyes widen a bit in surprise.

Would it be best for you to sit down next to him? You’re sure it would be awkward if you just stood over him. But then again you don’t want to cross any boundaries.

This is why you don’t comfort people. You really suck at it.

He watches your mental debate with a blank expression for a while before scooting to his right and patting the now empty spot.

Sitting down, your leg brushes up against his own, but he doesn’t move away.

So maybe he doesn’t care about boundaries and personal space.

“Do you actually want to talk or do you just need some company?”

The back of his head softly thuds against the wall and he sighs. “I’m not sure yet,” he says lowly, closing his eyes.

You nod to yourself and get comfortable, leaning back on the brick behind you and lifting your knees to your chest. “Take your time.”

It’s silent for a while, just the faint sound of his deep breaths. His sniffling stopped, and you can assume his tears have as well.

The time is unknown, as well is how long you’ve been sitting here with him and you’re starting to feel the drowsiness take over. You don’t want to leave him here after offering a shoulder to cry on, but the thought of just going to sleep sounds so good right now.

“I’m just really starting to wonder why I’ve made certain choices in my life,” he finally breaks the silence, making you jump. “Sometimes I just think I would be happier if I never would’ve taken a certain opportunity even though it’s kind of the best thing that has ever happened in my life.”

He’s being very vague, but you just nod along even though he can’t see it. You wouldn’t to spill every detail to a stranger either.

“It’s just that I’m barely getting any sleep these days, I’m stressed the fuck out, and I miss having a room to myself. I haven’t had a good moment alone in God knows how long and I’m just tired of it. I love what I do but…”

A heavy sigh comes from him before he’s shifting, stretching both legs out and finally opening his eyes and turning to look at you.

“Is popularity and good—great actually—income worth all of the unhappiness?”

You observe his face. Eyebrows scrunched, worry lines in his forehead, watery eyes, bottom lip caught in between his teeth. He looks so hopeless, so lost.

“Even if it isn’t,” he starts back up before you can even answer his question. “there’s so much on the line if I give up and quit. Lawsuits, so much money being taken away… disappointing people who mean so much to me…”

You can’t even try to wrap your head around what his occupation is and what could cause all of this distress.

“Did you sign a contract or something?” you ask, voice wavering due to the lack of use.

“Yeah,” he breathes out, running a hand through his pink hair, a color you hadn’t paid attention to at first. It’s a pretty color—probably even nicer in the sunlight or even just a brighter light than the yellow, dim glow coming from a distance—but it’s a little odd.

“Is it taking so much of a toll on you that you don’t think you’d be able to push through until the contract expires?”

From his eyes you can see his contemplation. He must really be in a rut when he gets a paycheck for doing what he loves, yet all of these cons come along with it. If he keeps this up he could possibly end up severely depressed, or things could get so much better and he’ll get to a point where he can have his alone time and get the sleep he needs so much.

“I don’t want to give up,” is his response.

“Then don’t,” you say with a small smile. “If you really love what you’re doing then all of these troubles should be worth it in the end. Nothing worth your time comes easily.”

His stare is blank once again as his eyes are on you. Maybe he’s observing like you were earlier. Maybe he’s taking in your words in. Maybe he’s wondering why the hell he’s opening up to a stranger he’ll never see again.

“You’re right,” he says lowly. His head starts nodding and his eyes widen a little as he repeats those two words with more confidence.

He stands up abruptly, extending his hand down to you to help you up.

“Thank you. You might not think you did much but I really needed this,” he smiles, looking much better than he did when you first stumbled upon him. His eyes are no longer filled with tears, those they’re still red, as well as his nose and that could just be because it’s cool outside. He only has a shirt and a thin looking cardigan on and he must be freezing, but he shows no signs of it.

“I’m glad I could help,” you smile back genuinely, gazing down at the way your hand his still holding his own before looking him back in his eyes. He’s very attractive, you note.

He hesitates a bit before stepping forward and wrapping hs arms around your shoulders. chin lightly digging into the crook of your neck.

Definitely doesn’t care about boundaries or personal space.

Stunned, eyes wide and body starting at the sudden contact, you laugh softly to yourself and bring your arms up to return his embrace.

“Sorry, I’m a hugger and I haven’t held a girl in a while,” he explains, showing no signs of letting go anytime soon. You don’t mind, especially when he smells so good.

Nodding, you just run your hands up and down his back in hopes of doing a good enough job in comforting him. “It’s fine, take your time,” you chuckle.

It feels like hours before he squeezes a little tighter and then slowly let’s go of you. He takes small sluggish steps backward. “Thanks again, beautiful,” the pink-haired boy says before biting on his bottom lip once again. Shy smile playing on your lips, you wave and back up in the opposite direction until you round the corner.

Once he’s out of sight you let out a breath you hadn’t even realized you were holding in. 

Well tonight sure was eventful.

You don’t have to work today, which means you can go back to sleep. The clock on your nightstand reads 9:12, meaning you only got around five hours of sleep anyway.

The second time you wake up it’s after 12:00 and the sun is blazing, rays seeping through your curtains and making you groan out in frustration, turning your back towards your window. Yawning and rubbing the crust out of your eye with one hand, you reach for your phone with the other. Squinted eyes roll once you see your best friend blew your phone up while you were asleep. Once it hit midnight your phone automatically goes on Do Not Disturb, so you didn’t feel the vibration of the notifications.

Not even bothering to check her messages or see why she called you over ten times, you put some music on and head to the bathroom. It’s your free day, so you go all out. Taking your time to wash your hair, brushing your teeth and using your toothbrush as a mic when you hit high notes, blow drying and straightening your hair all while dancing. Once you’re dressed in pajama shorts and an oversized sweatshirt that you don’t remember the original owner of, you slip on your slippers and grab your phone off of your bathroom counter heading to the kitchen to find something to make.

You settle for pancakes with fruit on top.

Finally opening your best friend’s messages, you scroll up to the first one she sent while shoving the pancakes into your mouth. The first message was at 8:34 am.

Well I’m mad af that you didn’t tell me you were in a relationship now.

Your head cocks to the side. In a relationship? You haven’t been in a relationship in a year.

And I’m fucking pissed you didn’t tell me you were dating fuCKING KIHYUN.

Who the fuck is Kihyun?

 I had to find out on fucking tumblr that my best friend is dating an idol when she should’ve been the one to tell me.

And I know you like your privacy, so why the fuck were you showcasing your relationship.


Oh its your day off youre probably still sleep.

But Ima need you to wake tf up because you have some explaining to do.

Wtf is this??????

As you’re reading you’re just getting more and more confused, slowly chewing.

She sent a picture and you have to turn your brightness up and tap on it to get a good look. 

The picture has you choking on a strawberry, thwacking at your chest in hopes of ending your coughing fit.

Just why the fuck is there a picture of you hugging that stranger last night (or this morning)? After struggling to drink some water your hacking stops and you can breathe again, but your eyes are still as wide as ever as you stare at the picture. From an outsider’s point of view, it does seem kind of intimate with how his chin was in your neck. But the fact that it was automatically assumed that the two of you are in a relationship is a little outrageous.

Exiting out of the picture, you scroll down more and see that Krystal sent more pictures of the hug at different angles. 

There’s even a shot of when you hadn’t let go of his hand before the hug and you can totally see how someone might’ve gotten the wrong impression. With how late it was it seems like the two of you were sneaking around.

Scrolling back up, you search for the name she had said.


Going straight to Google, you type his name in a not even a second after you tap search articles and pictures of the hug pop up. There are captions calling you his girlfriend, mystery lover (which makes you chuckle to yourself), and mystery girl. You go to images and there’s a flood of Kihyun. He has black hair in some, brown in others, blond and pink as well. Now the pink hair isn’t so odd now that you know he’s a damn idol.

All of the things he said while venting to you are coming back to you and everything makes so much sense. His schedule is probably always packed and as you scroll through pictures you can guess he’s in a group, and that’s why he doesn’t get his much needed alone time. This is why he was outside in the wee hours of the morning sitting on the sidewalk and bawling his eyes out. The people he doesn’t want to disappoint is most likely his fans and supporters, as well as the rest of his group. 

With a sigh, you call Krystal. It doesn’t even ring twice before she’s yelling in your ear, asking where the hell you’ve been and what the fuck did you get yourself into.

“Okay firstly, ow,” you complain. “Secondly, I was not showcasing anything. This is all just a big mis—hold up, someone’s calling.”

Krystal threatens you, saying something along the lines of if you hang up the phone I swear—but you switched the line before she could finish.


“Hi, is this _____?” a deep voice asks.

You look at your phone, not recognizing the number.

“Um, yes, who is this?”

There’s a moment of silence on the other end before the male is clearing his throat. “Hey, it’s the guy you found on the sidewalk last night,” he says with an awkward laugh. “I don’t know if you’ve seen but—”

“Yes, I’ve seen that I’m your mystery lover now,” a chuckle dryly as you get up and start washing your dishes, phone caught in between your ear and shoulder.

“You… you don’t sound mad about this,” he observes, confusion clear in his house.

Your free shoulder shrugs. There’s no reason to be angry when it’s just an incorrect rumor that will get fixed soon. No point in getting heated about something no one will remember in like a week.

“I’m more concerned about how you got my number.”

Another awkward chuckle. “My manager did some digging… I’m not exactly sure what he did or where he got it but he told me we have to discuss this." 

Humming, you wipe your hands dry before holding the phone again and making your way back to your room to sit on your bed.

"What is there to discuss exactly?” you ask.

There’s no need for apologies when it wasn’t his fault. You’re the one that walked up to a random crying stranger as a rare act of kindness. You could have avoided this by ignoring him and just simply walking back home. It’ll all blow over soon anyway.

“Our relationship,” he says after a moment of hesitation.

Your eyes squint in confusion. Your relationship? There is no relationship so what is he talking about?

“You and I are strangers… and you just happen to be famous and I had no clue until fifteen minutes ago.”

Kihyun sighs, and you can already tell he’s about to say something you’re not going to like, so you beat him to it.

“All you have to do is tell them it was a false alarm and that I was just a fan that just so happened to stumble across you, no big deal.”

“I really wish it were that simple but it isn’t.”

There he goes saying something you don’t like.

How complicated can a small interaction be to explain to fans and the press? Of course you wouldn’t want the real scenario to get out to the public because you’re almost positive his fans will look at him differently.

“What do you mean?”

Suddenly there’s loud chatter in the background before someone is yelling, telling the people to calm down and shut up so Kihyun can talk.

“Do you think you could meet me somewhere tonight? I feel like this would be better to discuss in person.”

Last time you were with him you were deemed his lover, so how would meeting up again make things better? But you don’t want to make this phone call any longer than it needs to be, so you agree with a sigh. “Yeah, I guess.”

“I’ll text you the address. Would you need to get picked up?”

“Nah, I’ll drive there.”

“Alright, cool,” he breathes out. “I’ll see you later then.”

“See you then.” Just as you remove your phone from your ear you hear him yell wait! and you look at your phone in confusion before putting it back up to your ear. “Yes?”

He sighs out in what sounds like relief, glad you didn’t hang up.

“Please don’t speak about this to anyone until we talk later.”

You nod. “Gotcha.”

Switching back to the call with Krystal, she’s yelling in your ear again. 

“You better have a good excuse as to why I’ve been on hold for almost five minutes.”

Rolling your eyes you open your mouth to tell her what happened, but then Kihyun’s words are ringing in your ears. Even though Krystal is your best friend and you tell her everything, you know you shouldn’t say anything. It would be nice to tell someone about the mess you got yourself into but it would best to wait until you have the full story.

He said it’s not as simple as telling the public that the whole interaction was a misunderstanding and you’re anxious to know what his manager or company has planned. You just really hope you’re right about this whole ordeal being forgotten within a week and that no further information is leaked.

The last thing you want is people knowing anything about you other than your face.

“I’ll talk to you later, Krys. I gotta run some errands,” you quickly makeup before making a kissy noise and hanging up.

You’ve barely done anything today and you’re already exhausted. 

You throw yourself back onto your bed with a huff, eyes shutting. You already know you’re going to be checking your phone every five minutes.

Ephemeral [1]

(adj.) - lasting a very short time; short lived 

Member: Namjoon 

Genre: Angst, some sort au that is tbd, romance(?) 

Words: 1.5k 

Summary: There is a man in your dreams. You don’t know what he looks like or what his name is - you only know the sound of his voice. His voice. His voice follows you where ever you go. These dreams are your only source to see him, yet these dreams feel so real. 

A/N: Hi everyone! Here is my new series, Ephemeral. I know I’ve kinda left things on a bad note with Fernweh as I took it down, but hopefully you will enjoy this series. I feel much better now and I have a good feeling about this story. I hope you guys enjoy Xx 

[ two ] [ three ] [ four ] [five]

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“Don’t be afraid Y/N—“

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Weekly Reading List #16

Hey y'all… it’s time for my weekly reading list. Hope you enjoy these fics as much as I did. If you do, please let the writers know and leave feedback on their fics. You can catch up on my previous reading lists here.

About Dean’s Dreams by @fanforfanatic **flangst** (Dean x Reader)
Summary: Dean writes letters to the woman of his dreams. As in, the woman he’s with when he’s asleep.
Rating: Brief smut
Warnings: Mentions of canon events

THIS WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! Although I kinda felt where you were going with this story, it was great. I enjoyed every second of it… I loved how you threaded your story through the canon events. Stunning work!

(Gif by @jessica-bones-winchester​)

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wrasslin-rollins  asked:

11 with Seth!

No. ;) 

#11: “Being your girlfriend is exhausting.”

You wiped the tears from under your eyes for what felt like the hundredth time that night. You had been fighting with your boyfriend all night and you were getting so tired.

“I’m sorry that I have a busy schedule and that I can’t always come home on time, I’m sorry that I have other things to do. Things that will help my career!” Seth yelled as he paced back and forth, he had been doing that the whole time and honestly you stopped trying to follow him with your eyes. 

You stared blankly ahead of you as you nodded slowly, “You’re right. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything.” You mumbled and finally he stopped walking and looked right at you. 

“Don’t do that,” He said angrily, “Don’t just stop and give up, you were the one that started this fight remember?” 

“I know I did Seth, and I’m sorry for doing that too. I’m sorry that I asked if you would be coming home for my birthday, it was selfish of me to want to spend it with my boyfriend.” You snapped, looking back at him with piercing anger in your eyes. 

“God, why does it have to be about you all the time?” Seth said in exasperation.

“Are you kidding me?” You practically yelled as you finally stood from your spot on the couch, “Are you asking why my birthday has to be about me?” 

“You know that’s not what I meant!” Seth argued back, “I just mean you know how important my career is. I don’t see why I have to celebrate your birthday with you on the day of your birthday. Why can’t we just do it on the weekend?” 

“Oh my god, I don’t care when we celebrate it! I don’t, I don’t give a shit about it anymore Seth! Do whatever you want, I was just asking if you were coming home for it! That’s all, you were the one who went off on a rant about me putting you in a tough spot because you didn’t want to miss a promo opportunity!” You finally cracked, “You’re always making me feel bad for wanting to spend time with you! I’m always there for you, I’m always supportive. I always do what you want, but I never get that in return! I get nothing from you, but I give you everything and I am so sick of it! I’m done, Seth.” 

Seth’s face softened, but at this point you didn’t care. You shook your head and started to walk towards the door. You were too tired to continue this tonight.

“Y/N, please wait!” Seth pleaded, “Let’s just talk about this!”

“Seth, I can’t do this anymore…. being your girlfriend is exhausting.” You whispered before turning you back to him and making your way to the door. 

“So is that it then? We’re done?” Seth asked, his voice broken as he took a few steps towards you, trying to will you to stay. 

You couldn’t look at him as you grabbed the door handle, “I guess so.” Your voice broke on the last word as you stepped outside of his apartment and let the tears fall as you made your way to your car. 

The Day After Tomorrow

Characters: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki (brief), Reader (Y/N Y/L/N)

Pairings: Jensen x Reader (sort of)

Word Count: 1,095

Warnings: One curse word (used twice)

Author’s Note: Heyyy! This is my entry for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing  Kari’s Danish artists spn challenge! I hope you guys like it! I got the song “The Day After Tomorrow” by Saybia!! Hope you guys enjoy! Feedback is greatly appreciated!!!

The Day After Tomorrow

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jacquipoirier  asked:

was there any indication that hyde still loved jackie in season 8? i only was able to watch like 4 episodes and they werent in order. I think i just saw the first two, the valentines day ep and the finale.

I saw the first episode, the one where Jackie falls and gets super dirty and Hyde is like 3% nice to her, and the finale, so I’m not sure I can answer this as good as one can do. Except that I know for spoilers and conversations with my friends a few things.

Okay, let’s put on the heart eyes to talk about this shit. Here comes the long ass meta after the cut, pals!

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Alexander Nylander - Permission Part Nine

Word Count: 1696

Warnings: None?

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six / Part Seven / Part Eight / Part Nine / Part Ten

You wake up nauseous from the jet lag. Groggy, you stretch yourself out on the soft sheets. Rubbing your eyes, trying to adjust to the new light. You lay in bed a couple minutes waiting for your body to wake up before you head to the bathroom. Brushing your teeth and making yourself presentable. You walk to the closet to change into different, yet still comfortable clothes. Before leaving the room, you pass by the window that is now showing the glistening Baltic Sea in the backyard. The blue from the sky reflecting off the waves reminded you of a familiar pair of eyes. Ones you’re hoping to see soon.

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I did more Dream Daddy fanfiction because I have to write ALL THE DADS, now. 

A Year Later: Craig


Mature Teen?, Mostly Fluff

Words: 4468

I close my eyes and step on the scale. I open them and look down.

“Hot damn!”

“What’s up, pops?” Amanda asks from her room. She’s only been back from school a few days, and it already feels like old times.

“Somehow, through some small miracle, I’m back to my college weight.”

“Ugh, can we not talk about college weight? I have one working pair of pants.”

“I told you what that cafeteria food would do to you, panda. A couple visits to the gym with us will probably get rid of that freshman fifteen.” I step down off the scale and try to catch Amanda’s eye in the bathroom mirror through the slightly open door. She’s too busy FaceSpacing or Twitjournaling or some other portmanteau of two social media sites that make me sound like the old man I am.

“I’m perfectly happy with my nacho and pop-tart diet for the time-being, but don’t let me stop you, my dude.” She throws a peace sign up at me as I pass by her door, and I stick my tongue out at her. She’ll learn soon enough. Youth is wasted on the young.

Craig greets me warmly when I find him near the ellipticals. River’s gotten too big for the chest carrier, so she’s started going to daycare. That means there’s nothing between us when his arms come around me in a lingering hug. There’s a lightning quick squeeze on the tush thrown in for good measure. The first month or so, I had thought it was just the change from  platonic to romantic that had made Craig’s shows of affection so weird and squirrely. Turns out with him it’s all about the space. Right place, right time, he can’t keep his hands to himself. The gym is the one in-between place. Fortunate considering how little time we get just the two of us during the week.

“Good morning, babe,” he says quietly into my ear before pulling away. “Leg day, bro. You ready?”

“I love leg day!”

I actually hate leg day, but my god my butt looks amazing afterward.

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And I You.

Originally posted by whenimaunicorn


Note:I hope you guys enjoy! It can be found on my Ao3!

Requested by no one! This is a late birthday gift for @ateliefloresdaprimavera!

Your father had been a dear friend to King Ragnar, meaning you have grown up with his sons. Out of the five sons, you have always been closer to Ivar. When your father had died Ivar stayed by your side the whole time. It was very uncharacteristic to those who only know the youngest Lothbrok son to be stubborn and ruthless. Towards you, Ivar was kind and caring. It only seemed as romantic feelings grew during your time of grieving. You two have been courted for sometime now, although no one but Aslaug knows. The main reason the relationship has been kept a secret was due to you only being a blacksmith’s daughter. You feel as though Ivar can not be known to be courting a blacksmith’s daughter for he is a prince.

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I can’t wait for the day to come to finally say “I do” with you in front of the Lord. From that day on, it’ll be just you and me. We’ll now be under the same blanket each morning. Your beautiful face will be the first thing to greet me and in that moment I already knew that God has already sent me my morning gift. Our little haven will be mostly filled with photographs hanged on the walls, and the aroma of coffee and chocolate lingering in our dining area. I’d be happy to make your breakfast and help you prepare for work. And on weeknights, we can sit side by side blogging while listening to 90’s hit songs or enjoy a movie marathon with our best-loved old shows. It’ll be fun! Just you and me from morning to nigh time, and for the rest of the days to come.
—  d.r.n
Updates to look out for: *updated*

Happy New Year, everyone!

1. 19 Days

2. Junjou Romantica

Comment: I cried on the fucking train while reading the latest chapter. That is not how you should let your readers start the New Year, Nakamura-sensei. It’s not good for their hearts!

3. Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi

4. Ten Count

Comment: OMG. I can’t. Shirotani-san, way to take a more active role. Is mattress mambo number two already in the works, sensei?

5. Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai

Comment: They better bang on that next chapter or I don’t know what I’ll do with my life. ((but thanks for keeping me alive, sensei. I would have given up on life if I didn’t have this series to keep me from crossing to the other life))

6. Seito Kaichou ni Chuukoku

7. Otokonoko no Koto wa Shiranai

Comment: This is the last Katsura work that I’ve come across. I hope they make more.

8. Ote o Haishaku

Comment: The gods don’t know how happy I am that this has been finally updated.

9. Kashikomarimashita, Destiny

Comment: I mean, I’ve been into the omegaverse a lot these days and this is one of the only light ones I’ve read and came to like. I’m really looking forward to the butlers’ story. Art is a 10.

10. The Same Time as Always, The Same Place as Always

Comment: I expect things to go down in the next chapter. UDA-KUN, FIGHTING!

11. Oya no Kao ga Mitai

What this is: Father and son in love witchu, homie.

12. Family Affair

What this is: Cram school-sensei asks homie to live with him to escape the pressures of their inheritance hungry relatives.

13. Pink to Mameshiba

What this is: Sensei is a fan of some idol group and one of his seitos find out and they become friends despite the blackmail and turns out seito’s onii-chan is part of the idol group.

14. Ashita wa Docchi da!

Comment: Why did it take me so long to read this?! THIS MADE BE SHIT BRICKS WHILST LAUGHING. Goodness! This is just so funny and cute that I was so frustrated when I got to the last chapter. ((I hope his eyebrows grow back in the next chapter))

15. Ore to Joushi no Kakushikoto

What this is: AKB48 (I’m kidding) fan subordinate takes home his drunk-ass boss whom he hates and ends up taking a video of him getting himself that ass. He uses it as blackmail then later as jerk-off material after his boss exposes his obsession with the girl group. 


1. Oita ga Sugiru wa Koneko-chan

Comment: Last chapter is only chapter where no bones were broken.

2.  Kuchizuke wa uso no Aji

Comment: I’ll be damned if this was still ongoing.

3. Kataomoi to Parade

Comment: Let me just put it out there, senpai deserved him so much more.

4. Ginza Neon Paradise

Comment: Prepare tissues.

5. Kikoeru?

Comment: Really kawaii. Read this first and then The Same Time as Always, The Same Place as Always

please never break a girl’s heart telling her you only need ‘time’ for yourself if you don’t mean it. it may be nothing to you, but she will sit there, drowning in tears, praying every single day to a god she doesn’t even believe in that maybe, just maybe, it is the day that you’ll finally come home and she will breathe again. please please, don’t make her fight with everything she has for a love that is not even there.
—  just tell me the truth

love-made-public  asked:

Hi darling! Probably someone has already asked this, but ✿ + kalagang of course :)

you were actually the first one!  i did receive another kalagang request from an anon as well a little while after.  :)

alrighty, kalagang headcanons for this post.

  • who is more excited for halloween?
    • halloween was never a huge thing for either kala or wolfgang as kids.  it wasn’t super big in either of their countries at the time.  (and wolfgang’s father would never have let him celebrate, either, but they don’t talk about that.)  will and nomi’s childhood memories of the holiday make kala excited, though.  she decides she and wolfgang are going to do a couple’s costume.  he’s not exactly thrilled about dressing up, but kala’s smile when they go out together is all worth it to wolfgang.
  • who gives the best gifts?
    • hmmm i suppose kala.  wolfgang has never really had anyone to buy gifts for in the past except felix, and let’s be real he got felix condoms for christmas.  when wolfgang buys things for kala, it’s pretty much always on impulse - he just sees something that makes him think of her and buys it.  kala, though, prides herself on taking time to consider each gift she gives someone.  she knows wolfgang has no use for decorative things, so when she buys him something she makes sure it is always practical, yet elegant.
  • who sings along to the radio the loudest?
    • kala definitely.  she sings with reckless abandon.  wolfgang usually has to be drunk to sing along to anything, but sometimes she can get him to chime.
  • who actually finishes a book they’ve started?
    • hm honestly probably both of them.  kala i see as being an avid reader, and i think she’s constantly moving from one book to the next.  wolfgang doesn’t read quite as often, but if he actually likes a book enough to buy it, he’ll finish it very quickly.
  • who falls asleep during a movie?
    • lol kala again.  wolfgang is a very light sleeper.
  • who plans a surprise getaway vacation?
    • ah ha, one for wolfgang!  kala is terrible at keeping secrets, she wears her heart on her sleeve.  but when things are finally safe, he spends some time arranging things and then surprises kala with a trip to paris.
  • who comes home with useless decorative knick knacks for the house every single day?
    • oh my god kala is most of these but yes kala.  wolfgang’s living space has always been minimalist.  (when he was younger, it was because his dad would get drunk and break things.  now it’s just a habit.)  kala on the other hand will get little things just because they’re cute or they make her smile or because they remind her of him.  wolfgang loves each and every little knick-knack she brings home.
  • who takes more pictures?
    • kala again omg.  wolfgang doesn’t really take pictures in general - the only ones of him before the cluster are all ones that felix made him take at some point or another.  he doesn’t hate them, he just never saw the point.  kala, however, loves having pictures of friends and family to keep her company wherever she goes.  and once kala and wolfgang are finally together in person she takes a million super cute pictures because she wants to be able to relive those moments again and again.
  • who likes baths? who likes showers?
    • well, we already know wolfgang likes baths rofl.  the boy is a fucking fish.  kala prefers showers, and she definitely is not comfortable going to the public bathhouses that wolfgang frequents.  but she doesn’t mind taking baths at home with him.
  • who keeps a weekly planner?
    • kala.  when she was in university she started using one to keep organized, and it just stuck.
  • who actually watches the discovery channel?
    • both tbh.  wolfgang never enjoyed traditional education, but he likes to learn new things all the same, and kala just loves learning period.
  • who brings up having kids first?
    • hmmm.  this is tough.  i feel like for a long time, neither of them would bring it up due to wolfgang’s past.  i don’t know why, but i’ve always headcanoned them as kala getting pregnant by accident and being scared to tell him because she doesn’t want to bring back memories for him.  but once she finally tells him, he fucking melts.
  • who fixes things around the house when they break?
    • wolfgang.  he’s always been self-reliant, so he taught himself how to fix things without asking others for help.  he doesn’t mind doing things for kala, though.
  • who leaves their dirty towels on the floor?
    • wolfgang.  sometimes he just doesn’t care enough to pick them up lol.  but kala thinks it’s super gross.
  • who makes the coffee in the morning?
    • wolfgang.  kala is not as much a coffee person, but wolfgang needs it in order to function.
  • who gets jealous over very petty things?
    • lol both tbh.  wolfgang tries not to, but he envies pretty much anyone who gets to spend time with kala when he’s not there.  not because he thinks she’ll cheat or anything, but there’s a part of him that just wants kala all to himself.  kala gets jealous over more specific things.
  • who exercises more?
    • wolfgang.  kala exercises enough to stay in good shape, but wolfgang likes to work out when he’s angry.  it’s a better outlet for his rage than punching someone, after all.  (plus the boy’s gotta stay buff somehow.)
  • who starts listening to christmas music in october?
    • neither tbh rofl.  wolfgang has never been big on christmas music, and kala doesn’t celebrate christmas at all.
  • who actually reads the newspaper?
    • kala.  wolfgang doesn’t care enough to read the news unless she tells him somehthing important is going on.