my god that's terrifying

  • Prussia: hey guys, wanna see me with awesome yet terrifying Halloween make-up~?
  • Hungary: oh really, let me see- GAAAAAAAHHH!!! OH MY GOD ITS TERRIFYING!!
  • Austria: THATS HORRIFYING!! Why didn't you warn us beforehand, geez!!
  • Prussia: ... I haven't put on the fucking make-up yet you assholes.

“Things happen, but you can’t keep on waiting. If you want something, go for it.”

  • Me: Okay, so the antagonist of this series is a blood-lusting killer that feels no remorse for his actions and actually thinks he's being productive and helpful through killing.
  • Me: He also has a really cheerful demeanor and acts as though he is constantly happy.
  • Me: He's also a well rounded-character with many sides and he was manipulated into being evil by an evil organization that he fought hard against but lost.
  • Me: He also had a sad past, and will have a sad future.
  • Me: (Though none of the aforementioned stuff excuses his actions.)
  • Me: He's also a foil for one of the main characters and parallels him in multiple ways.
  • Me: And now he's planning something bad that will most likely fuck up the plot and the protagonists.
  • Friend: Oh my god, that's so cool! This character must have a super badass and terrifying name then! What is it?
  • Me: Kevin.
  • Finland: hey Sve, you never smile! Come on, smile just once!
  • Sweden: ...
  • Sweden: *attempts to smile*
  • Sealand: *walks in* hey mum, dad- oh my good GOD THATS TERRIFYING
  • Denmark: *follows him in* hey Sve- OH MY FUCKING GOD MAKE IT STOP STOP PLEASE HOLY LEGO STOP
  • Finland: you guys are mean- oh wow that really is bad Sve you can stop now
  • Sweden: *stops smiling*
  • Iceland: *passes by* Hey Sweden you should smile more often I've never seen you smile
  • Sealand, Denmark and Finland: YOU DON'T WANT TO
  • Sweden: ...
  • Sweden: *internally crying*
Teenagers seem to have this kind of lifestyle of immortality. They live as though they know that they’ll have the opportunity to make things better tomorrow. And that’s just so fucking scary. Tomorrow is never promised to come. My god that’s just so terrifying.
—  Me to my friend today