my god is supreme

i still cant get over the updated sorcerer supreme tony stark 

he has a giant a crotch arc reactor 

also is that a ponytail

and look at at that tiny fucking robot helper holding up his cape so it looks more dramatic oh my fucking go d

jfc tony ur a hot mess in every universe


Is there only one God?

There is one absolute God. But each human being, according to my philosophy, is a portion of God. The Supreme God is like the ocean. Each drop has a little of the consciousness of the ocean; therefore, we can say each drop is a tiny god, a portion of God. When you are portion of the Infinite, you can say that you also embody the essence of the Infinite.

According to our Indian philosophy, there are as many gods as there are human beings. What do we mean by that? We feel that each human being has God inside him. We believe in the soul; we believe that we have God inside us. Most of the time our God is fast asleep. But when we pray and meditate, our God comes forward. There are many who are still fast asleep. Their God is still sleeping. But we are praying, we are meditating; so we are bringing to the fore our God. The soul, which is God’s representative within us, has a complete and inseparable connection with the Absolute God.

- Sri Chinmoy, God and the cosmic game


The West Wing 5x17 The Supremes

Oh my god, you’re putting my mother’s cats on the Supreme Court.

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Hfjsjjsjshaj this white vegan in a group on facebook said that eating meat was pushed on poc by western imperialists and that outside of Europe veganism reigned supreme I'm choking

Hahahahahahahaaaaa oh my GOD

Nothing will make me laugh more than when Clint thought Christine was calling Dr. Strange ‘Burrito Supreme’ instead of ‘Sorcerer Supreme’ because he misread her lips and just thought food was clearly the obvious choice to fill in the blank because he was hungry.

On Satele Shan

Alternatively titled: Why I will defend Satele Shan to my dying breath and Bioware really screwed over her character in game.

Okay, so I’ve seen multiple people now talking about why they don’t like Satele Shan and most of it just links back to how she’s a terrible parent who doesn’t care about Theron (and I don’t just mean the post going around right now; I’ve heard this from a variety of sources, some of whom know very little about her to start with). Which… really kind of pisses me off. And I ranted at a few friends about it (thanks to @inquisitorhotpants and @fluffynexu for putting up with me lol) and just need to write about why I love her so much and how Bioware screwed her over. Bear with me: this is going to be long and probably get a little personal.

The tl;dr version: Satele has a lot of backstory that the game never shows, being as it’s never told in her POV, and so it’s very easy to make assumptions based off of only what we see, which is mostly from Theron’s heavily biased perspective.

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Twenty-seven million women voted for me. I think they might have had in mind that I was going to protect this particular right. ‘I like that guy from Florida with the good hairdo, but I wanna retain my right to choose. So I’m voting for whatshisname, married to Abbey Bartlet.’
—  Jed Bartlet

god the first 20 years of my life were SUPREMELY shit i wish i could just. delete them. i hate tginking about high school or my first years at university it literally makes my skin crawl

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Does this mean you'll be decorating your car in SatanSoo stickers?

Im not one of those kinds of religious people that builds a shrine.

My shrine is inside my head where he is God and number one Ruler Supreme who i sing praises to and thank for existing.

“He” is Kyungsoo. Outside of EXO i am an atheist.