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confession: I'm a furry but fur suits are the weirdest fUCKIN THINGS ??? Why u want???

You know, I’m actually gunna give you a real answer here instead of just some witty one-off like I normally would.

1. I like costumes. Plain and simple. I think dressing up is super fun and Halloween just aint enough for me.

2. I’m fugly as hell and can’t do make-up for shit. I could be the greatest costume maker in the world and it wouldn’t matter because I’d hate any “normal” cosplay I made because it was on me.

3. I like animals. I think they’re super cool. Seems to follow that if I like animals and I like costumes, animal costumes would be a logical next step.

4. I enjoy character acting, but I have zero context to do it in. I did theatre in high school and did some work at a haunted house for a short time and found I had a lot of fun running around like a loony, but in my adult life I haven’t had the time or desire to go into theatre full-time. A fursuit and conventions give me the chance to do that again sometimes without it having to consume my whole life.

5. I’m an artist. Fursuits are fucking incredible works of art that take SO MUCH time, money and space and materials to produce, and the really talented suit makers are fucking miracle workers in my eyes. There are so many really gorgeous and creative fursuits out there, and I think it’s a damn shame people will just dismiss them as “weird” and not see them for the god damn masterpieces they are. You take a look at any suit AutumnFallings or Fleecerot or Clockwork Creatures or Kaiborg Studios has made and tell me it’s not amazing.

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wait, what's the difference between Cassian's real age and the age they say he is?

I’m assuming this is in response to my tags about the amazing @notbecauseofvictories thing I reblogged about Cassian and Mon Mothma, because I vaguely remember typing something like that, but it might not have been; regardless, if anyone reading this diatribe hasn’t read it, they should go do that. 

Diego Luna is 36. 37 now. Born in 1979, just like me. Look at him, look at his face as he plays Cassian; he has creases around his eyes and the bones of his face are sharp in a way they weren’t when Diego Luna was in his mid-20s. He’s beautiful, he’s not young, he’s weathered and sharp and his life is engraved on his face. He’s not old, but he’s not young. I can’t find the still I want: it’s when Jyn has the blaster and he tells her to give it to him, and she slyly says “Trust goes both ways” and he stares at her for a moment. Every minute he has lived shows in his face in that shot, every moment of pure agonizing bullshit he has ever weathered is just right there to see, and it’s fucking amazing. It’s like a half-second acting clinic in Having A Face While Being In Your Late Thirties And Having Seen Some Shit. It’s absolutely what I wish I could do with my face. (I can’t. I have zits and wrinkles at the same time. No one takes me seriously, I get carded for booze, and I’m also old enough to be invisible. it’s amazing.) I can’t find it, so have this still instead. 

According to Wookieepedia and various promotional materials, Cassian Andor is 26.

It’s not… impossible… for a man of 26 to look like that but… why… 

I’ve just done the Extra™ thing and looked up what Diego looked like when he was 26.

As someone of Diego’s actual age, I feel like that matters. I understand, Cassian would lead a more weathering life than Diego presumably has (I actually don’t really know his RL business but I’m assuming it involved a lot less murder and espionage, and I’m super sorry if that’s an incorrect assumption, but come on Diego is a human sunshine muffin I’m not drawing this out of thin air here).

He’s still not a baby in this photo, of course. He has lines around his eyes, a little bit. Probably if he were frowning his forehead would have some of that crease in it that Cassian has in every frame (because he is frowning in every frame, but, you know). But his cheekbones are still smoothly hidden under softness, there are no hollows above his jaw, he’s soft and smooth and pretty and it doesn’t take anything away, he just doesn’t have as many lived moments in his face to turn wearily on Jyn and visibly decide that he just has no fucks left to give over whether she shoots him or not.

Anyway! A bunch of us writer types were sort of just assuming that Cassian was played by an actor about his age, and have constructed headcanons accordingly, and they are way more interesting headcanons I think than him being a murder baby! It’s the sort of thing, I admit, that at 26 I would have been like “what does it matter” but now that I am 37 I am like “no it matters a bunch, honey”. 

ALSO FELICITY JONES is 33 and I was SO EXCITED that they had a heroine over 30 but NO, Jyn is supposed to be like 20 or whatever, WTF. WTF! WTF! Ugh. COME ON, LET WOMEN AGE. It’s bad enough the only women in star wars have to be under five-three and brunette with large eyes and wide mouths but now they also have to be under 30 whether or not their actress is. (CARRIE FISHER WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME.)

Obviously the casting people weren’t really thinking “not every adventure has to happen to Very Young Adults” which is what I was so excited about, they were thinking “These Hot Young People Should Be Played By Hot Slightly-Older People Because Adventure Makes You Look Slightly Older Than You Are”, which is bullshit


Or: Sam likes Max, Max likes Sam, and The Geek Needs to actually get work done, so they need to resolve something stat. 

AKA: The one with the date

I am woefully late in finishing up a long overdue prompt for @thewittyarsonist for Zootopia, which I am hard at work on! But then the opportunity struck for something to give in the meantime, and I had to take it! Based on this absolutely hysterical (and really awesome) piece of art! Check it out. I couldn’t stop laughing. And then one thing led to another and I slipped this 13 page monster out between study sessions. 

For those who don’t know Sam and Max, you probably should. And that’s not advice for story reading. That’s just life advice. Go watch it. Witty got me hooked. So now I’m gonna get you guys on it, too. It’s brilliant. So go watch. 

(The prompt was Frustrated. So Witty, you’re getting the same prompt for this, and then the other for Zootopia! You’re getting it all!) 

(side note, this was impossible to write because if you’ve ever watched the show you’d know that dialogue, among many other things, is fucking insane. But that was part of the fun.)

Sam says “glad to have you around” like it doesn’t mean anything. And maybe it doesn’t. He says everything like that. The weather’s good today. How about those Mets. Intergalactic cheese wranglers have stolen the world’s supply of gouda. Pass the milk.

So when he says “glad to have you around” while he slaps a hand against Max’s back, it hard not to feel…

What’s the word?

Max reaches through his limitless supply of Seussian diction and pulls out “frustrated”, which is as mundane as it gets. But there it is.


He’s frustrated.

“Whatever you say, Sam,” he chirps, loading the bazooka and flicking the switch in their car to open the sunroof. “Now, you gonna give me a lift, or am I gonna have to vault out’a this car by myself?”

Sam lets go of the wheel and laces his hands together, their car hurtling over the cliff side. Oh, the Geek was going to fucking kill them for this one, but they’d survived worse than a perilous plunge and an angry adolescent. “You sure you wanna go out like this so early? You haven’t even had your coffee!” Granted, their coffee was now somewhere down in the depths of a rock quarry after the third spin. But Sam always packed a french press under the passenger seat in case mid-hurtle cappuccinos were needed.


It’s stupid and it’s little and they’re flying through the air, spinning around in what is essentially a glorified Campbell’s soup can, but the mundanity of the small show of care leaves Max once more regarding the word frustration with a certain level of ire. And through the smoke and the gasoline he can just catch glimpses of that safe smile and eyes. God, his partner was practically built for trust. So he puts his left foot into Sam’s waiting palms. “Save me a cup.”

Sam nods and grins and shifts for better velocity. “What floor?”

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I’m still not over Gravity Falls, and I probably never will be. Get ready for an essay, friends.

Before “Take Back the Falls” aired I was a little afraid my interest in Gravity Falls would die out. Sure, it was my favorite show by about thirty orders of magnitude. Sure, I’d gotten into it in a way I’d never gotten into a tv show before. That didn’t count as insurance. I’d fallen in and out of love with stories—especially shows, which aren’t really my thing—before. But you know what? I don’t think I’m ever going to stop loving Gravity Falls, because every time I think about watching any given episode, I feel the same sort of pang I get when I read Thorin’s last line in The Hobbit or hear the opening notes of “When You Wish Upon a Star”—because every time I try to pick Gravity Falls apart, I’m more wowed by what Hirsch and his team managed to do.

I just—okay, let’s look at something really simple, something which, in a lesser show, would have been really cool, but still only that; cool. In episode 1, “Tourist Trapped,” we’re presented with an unspoken question. Well, all right, we’re presented with a couple dozen unspoken questions, but I’m only going to focus on one. Dipper finds a journal in the woods. He opens the front cover and sees the words “Property of…,” with the space underneath for the name ripped out. Who is the author of the journal? We don’t know. Cue giant mystery number one. Fast forward to the end of “Not What He Seems.” A mysterious figure steps out of the portal. The kids ask who it is. Stan’s reply: “The Author of the Journals—my brother.”

So there you are. It took almost three years, thirty-one episodes, and a whole bunch of hints and clues, but we finally, finally got the answer to one of the first and certainly one of the biggest questions of the show.

Except … not really.

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It's really nice to see people who are older than 25 in the fandom :) I'm 16 but I can't see myself becoming any less invested in fictional characters when I'm older lol... Also in general I love the fact that more and more adults are allowing themselves to be more "childish" in a lot of ways. Or maybe I just didn't see it when I was younger. Either way it's somehow reassuring to see adults who don't feel like they have to "act their age"


It’s so strange because at work (I have a high responsibility job in surgical care) I am often treated like the ‘baby’ at 29 and often get things mansplained *sigh* too as it is quite a male dominated industry. So I find it so intriguing to be in this forum where suddenly I’m some kind of granny?!

Thank you for saying so and I also agree that it is so reassuring to see many people just continuing to be who they are.

I had this funny thing this weekend where I went to a birthday party and, basically, everyone there was what would be considered a nerd at school. And my husband and I talked about how we had the BEST time because everyone was interesting, had interesting hobbies, NO-ONE talked about work or their flashy new car or whatever stuff we end up talking about with some people who were the ‘popular kids’ at school….. because nerds are actually way more interesting because people with interests are interesting! 

It doesn’t really matter what you are passionate about but I think it is good for everyone to have a few things they really care about and sometimes, if you are an obsessive person like I am, something you can be obsessive about in a healthy way though of course! Then it is fun to share this with others, to take an interest in what interests others, I talked about SPN and my last holiday, others talked to me about their interests in volleyball and politics for example….

And yeah of course this doesn’t die with age, I am so done with this whole ‘by the time you’re 30 you must have a responsible job and make lots of money and have a mortgage then as a woman you must give this up of course so you can spring out some babies and have no interests outside of posting a million pictures of said baby on facebook and drink wine every night in your oh god what did i do with my life stupor’, sorry, personal bad example shining through there.

Like, the important thing is that we all have the choice, I hope most people do and I am sorry for those who don’t, I am so grateful that I do. If someone wants to do the above, that is SO COOL and SO OK, but it isn’t for me right now. I definitely want kids but right now I want to be a big kid and meta about a fictional love story and emotional drama of two brothers, watch some cool movies and earn enough money to go on holiday.

I am so with you, age does NOT take away our interests, only WE do, if we choose to let this happen and I refuse, I think it’s so healthy to be each our own person with our own interests and values! 

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Hello! I'm a solitary wiccan with a kinda specific question. I read your earlier post about the nastiness amoung our community between pagans and wiccans, and i wanted to know what Silver Ravenwolf does to perpetuate this? Are there any prominant figures you believe are fostering a negative environment among the communities?

I love specific questions. They are often really fun to research. 

Okay, I am not a fan of Silver Ravenwolf. She is very problematic for the pagan community in general and Wicca specifically. And while I do not like speaking badly of anyone that has done what they can to further paganism…some of the the things that she has done have been…wrong. 

Now, first let me say that I know that sooner or later every pagan (myself included) is going to throw a piece of misinformation out there. It’s usually accidental. I find this forgivable because most of us have not had formal training and are going off of memory…memory is imperfect. You get the picture. 

So, no…I don’t dislike every pagan who says something that turns out to be wrong. But S.R.W is the Queen of this. Moreover, she has had enough access to some of the most well learned and practiced Priests and Priestesses that paganism has to offer…and she still spreads misinformation and hatred. This, to me, is unforgivable. 

I will explain, I will even have quotes. 

  • “ There is no difference between Wicca and WitchCraft. Anyone who tells you there is a difference is experimenting in the theory of Occum’s Razor.” -SIlver Raven Wolf, The Teen Witch Handbook. 

NO!. Wicca is a religion. Witchcraft is, as the name states, a CRAFT. It is nondenominational. While the two can, and often do, overlap; they are NOT the same thing. She needs to stop perpetuating the idea that if you use magic you are automatically a Wiccan.

Moreover…writing a handbook for Teen Witches is a money grab geared towards people who are just beginning their personal spiritual path and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Why? Because most teens don’t actually know what is and what isn’t a good 

  • “Wicca — It is thought that this term was originally coined by Selena Fox of the Circle Sanctuary in an effort to describe the modern religion of WitchCraft ” -Silver Ravenwolf, The Teen Witch Handbook. 

NO. Rev. Selena Fox is a High Priestess of the Wiccan tradition, an author, and a religious activist on the behalf of pagans of America. She was one of the first non-abrahamic reverends in the U.S. She is one of our most respected High Priestesses and Minister of the Circle Sanctuary (one of the few recognized pagan sanctuaries in America). She is a wonderful person and has done a lot for the pagan community as a whole. But she did not coin the term “Wiccan”. The first modern use of the term Wiccan, was by Gerald Gardner in 1954. Selena Fox was 6 at the time. 

  • “Another name for a solitary witch is ‘natural witch’.” Silver Ravenwolf. Book of Shadows: Solitary Witchcraft

NO. Seriously. A solitary witch is a witch who practices her craft without the aid of a coven. “natural” witch has multiple meanings and I am not a fan of the term at all. 

  • “… the traditional colors for Mayday are red and white representing the blood that flows from the woman when her purity is taken….” Silver Ravenwolf, To Ride a Silver Broomkstick

Oh my fucking god….no. Wiccans do no view the ‘purity’ of a woman as a virginal state. Maiden, Mother, and Crone. It’s not Virgin, Not a Virgin, and Cant Have Kids. This quote actually made me throw out the book. Funny since most people view this work as her least offensive work. 

I also have a problem with the phrasing of this. I find the idea that someone could ‘take’ the virginity of the Goddess as something that borders on blasphemous. Can you use  blasphemous for Wicca? Fuck it…I just did. 

The Great Rite, the act when the God and the Goddess come together sexually to create the new life of the year, is a sacred thing for Wiccans. The God isn’t ‘taking’ anything. It’s a magical moment between Lord and Lady. So fuck of S.R. 

  • “don’t listen to your parents, do whatever you want to - behind their backs if necessary. If your parents don’t understand you, that’s okay. Mama Silver does.” Silver Ravenwolf’s website. 

Okay…stop. I know that a lot of my readers are teens. I know you want to jump right into Wicca and paganism and that parents can be remarkably small minded about what their kids learn and investigate. I know that this can be really frustrating and unfair. It sucks. I’m sorry. But encouraging a teen to lie to their parents is a tacky way to go about this. 

How about encourage teens to be honest, to help people (parents are people btw) understand Wicca, and to stop making Wicca into this naughty, dirty, rebellious thing? It’s a spirituality that needs to be represented well. 

She represents herself as a ‘patron of teen witches’ because she is the “Only one who writes for them”. -SRW website. 

This is very much NOT true. The fact is it is illegal for anyone to talk to children about religion without the parents explicit approval. This includes Christianity by the way. So she is not the only one who cares about teen pagans. What Ravenwolf does is portray paganism as an act of rebellion rather than a spiritual journey that often begins during teen years. 

For all my Teen readers with parents who will not accept their practice. I know what you are going through. I was there. I had books thrown out. I got called crazy. I got told it was ‘just a phase’. Best part about being an adult? I get to practice what I want and my family is fully aware. 

Sorry…random tangent. 

Okay, only kinda sorry. Moving on. 

But you know what? Here are some articles that can state a lot of this for me: 

Here, Here, and Here

Those are three articles by trusted researchers who come from three very different pagan backgrounds who all explain, in their own way, why Silver Ravenwolf is toxic to the pagan community. 

To put it very simply: 

  • Her misinformation
  • Her misleading ‘facts’
  • Her wrong history
  • and more

As for other pagans that I feel are bad for the pagan community….not really. Plenty have made mistakes over the years…but we are a fairly young religion that is spreading very quickly. We have no single book that tells us what the ‘truth’ is. We are all looking for it by sifting and reading the work of others. We do not have a weekly interpreter telling us what to believe. We do not have a government made up of similar religious believers helping incorporate our belief system into their government. 

More tangent…damn. 

But…what I am saying is that we are all going to make mistakes….the real mistake is unappolgetically continuing to make them after you have been informed of your inaccuracies. 

  • "I need to assert my dominance as a man!"
  • "What is wrong with you? You have a mother!"
  • "In hypothetical terms, you scored last night."
  • "Do you like magic?"
  • "I'm like Yoda, except instead of being green and little, I wear suits and I'm awesome. I'm your bro- I'm Broda."
  • "Are you acting out the last scene of Sleepless in Seattle with dolls?"
  • "I have you. I don't need to wait for it anymore."
  • "What would you expect? You've seen my penis."
  • "That makes me want to join a gym so I can get super strong and punch you really hard in the face."
  • "Oh my god, can you just be cool?"
  • "I don't love her, okay? I just miss her when she's not around, think about her all the time, and I imagine us running towards each other in slow motion and I'm wearing a brown seude vest. But I don't want to be her stupid boyfriend!"
  • "I can't just go say hi!"
  • "When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead. True story."
  • "We met at the urinal."
  • "I was a teenage popstar in Canada."
  • "I guess, starting tomorrow, we can tell people."
  • "One out of every eight adult women in America is a prostitute."
  • "Love is the best thing we do."
  • "Playing loser tag is awesome!"
  • "Ouchy in my mouth."
  • "I'm cuddly, bitch. Deal with it!"
  • "I don't care if you have an orgasm! If you care, you do it!"
  • "He can't be pregnant. You have to have sex to be pregnant."
  • "I think you were in love and you messed it up."
  • "Everyone's leaving me and I don't like it!"
  • "Last week, I went out with a girl whose favourite band was Glee."
  • "What are the chances that we're both serial killers?"
  • "When I let a day go without talking to you, that day's just no good."
  • "I'm always gonna love you. Til the end of my days, and beyond."
  • "Love doesn't make sense!"
  • "You make me happy. You make me happy all the time."
  • "Do you want them? I hate olives."
  • "Not awkward, guys. Not awkward if we don't let it be awkward."
  • "Good luck on your date, I hope she's everything you're looking for"
  • "Settling down is for losers and kids who never go out anymore."
  • "There is no one hotter than God."
  • "OK, here’s my thing – if gay guys start getting married, then suddenly the whole world’s gonna be doing it. That’s how it works. they start something, then six months later, everyone follows. Like… now everyone gets manicures."
  • "I keep waiting for something to happen."
  • "Look, you can’t design your life like a building. It doesn’t work that way. You just have to live it… and it’ll design itself."
  • "This font is often mistaken for Helvetica, but actually, it's Helvetica bold."
  • "I refuse to be a part of a third runaway bride situation."
  • "I'm really into you. I just can't be with you...right now."
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  • "If you keep acting this way, little by little, you're gonna lose me."
  • "The only people in the universe who haven't seen Star Wars are the characters in Star Wars."
  • "Chicago? Is that even a real place?"
  • "I'm sorry I don't have time for your drama right now. My fiance is missing."
  • "Just tell me. Do you love me?"
  • "Is there any way we could just go back to normal?"
  • "I only know of one truly platonic relationship."
  • "Do you want to keep playing or do you want to win?"
  • "Holding hands is like the fourth grade equivalent of banging."
  • "You hate women and women hate you."
  • "Why say goodbye to the good things?"
  • "You get older, you have kids, you stop stealing. It's sad."
  • "You have to let me dance my own battles!"
  • "New is always better!"
  • "If you have a crazy story, I was there. It's just the law of the universe."
  • "Sometimes things have to fall apart to make way for better things."
  • "The future is scary but you can’t just run back to the past because it’s familiar. Yes it’s tempting but it’s a mistake. "
  • "You took my infant child to a strip club?"
  • "When you're in a new relationship and you're competing with your ex for who's happier, it can get ugly."
  • "I don't get lonely. I have five dogs."
  • "People make fun of the guy who stays home every night doing nothing, but the truth is, that guy is a genius."
  • "It's not cheating if it's on the phone, right?"
  • "Aren't you tired of waiting for destiny?"

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Based on vol 4 ep 10, I noticed my theory on Nora. I noticed when Beacon had the sirens go off, Nora was shaking her head and covering her ears. I assumed it was due to her past. AND GOD DID IT HIT ME IN THE FEELS WHEN IT WAS CONFIRMED CORRECT! I'm actually wondering now if the past caused her to have PTSD or bad memories when she hears sirens like that, due to how she acted at Beacon.

I noticed that too! Not the first time I watched that episode though but her reaction kinda sticks out. Though Kuroyuri had no sirens, but it could still remind her of that situation, or it’s a hint to her past before she got to Kuroyuri. 

What’s interesting is that Nora doesn’t have PTSD, at least from what we’ve seen so far. The sirens clearly affected her in some way, maybe some memories brought back by that, but aside from that she doesn’t show any symptoms. Ren was the one who really didn’t want to go back to Kuroyuri, who clearly tried to avoid going back to the place where he lost his family. Nora didn’t show any signs of flashbacks except that scene with the sirens, she doesn’t show any signs of avoidance. 

I think that’s actually a damn interesting thing - maybe it’s because Nora had already lost her family at that point and what happened in Kuroyuri didn’t make her loose but gain a lifelong friend, but when they were kids, Ren comforted her and helped her to get through it. Now as (nearly) adults Nora seems to handle everything way better than Ren. He was the one to freak out in Shion and she was the one to go after him. He was the one to be clearly distressed just by the thought of having to go back to Kuroyuri, she was the one to offer him an alternative, to comfort him and be worried about him being okay up in the mountains. 

I’d actually really like to see it the other way around, because so far we’ve touched Ren’s backstory and the things that still haunt him, I’d love to know what’s still haunting Nora. Kuroyuri didn’t have any sirens. Maybe there are some things we still have to learn about her. 

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are you guys fulltime cosplayers? i've always worried about money being a constraint for when i'm older/out of the house and bless the fact that my parents support my cosplay habits, but i'm not really good enough to be a fulltime cosplayer and be able to afford flying to cons. how do you afford cosplay, especially when you're in college or just out of college?

Hmm. I feel like I’m going to go into a few tangents here, so bear with me. 

First of all, virtually no one is a full-time cosplayer, including us. There are probably less than a dozen people in the western world who make “being a cosplayer” a full time job, but even then, it’s a melange of people who are craftspeople in the costume field (like God Save the Queen’s Catherine, who is a professional costume maker but occasionally cosplays) or models who happen to cosplay (like Jessica Nigri.) People like Yaya, who bring home the bacon[?] on both making their costumes and wearing them, are… well, virtually non-existent. There’s so few that they’re basically statistical anomalies. And even then, so much of being a “full time cosplayer” the way they have is owning a business, building a brand, producing content, etc. The actual act of wearing cosplay is a tiny part of it in the end (even if it is the most visible part.) 

We’re making a go at business on the craftspeople end –– after all, our business is based on making things for cosplay, not the act of being cosplayers. It’s not enough to support one person exclusively right now, let alone support multiple people. It might never be! But we’re working on it, and we’ll see.

The other thing I want to touch on is this recent community-wide fascination with being a “full-time cosplayer” or a “professional cosplayer”, as if it’s even a financially viable thing.

To be blunt, barely anyone is going to make any money off cosplay. If someone does happen to make a little bit of money, they’re still not very likely to make any profit, and they certainly won’t make enough money to cover expenses of cosplay, let alone support themselves. There’s lots of stupid puff pieces floating around lately about cosplayers (read: cosplayers who model) capitalizing on cosplay and making it their profession. It’s simply not true. There are people who think starting a Patreon and building a fanbase on there is enough to be a professional cosplayer –– say you manage to get $1000 a month. That’s a lot of money! There’s a fuckton of hopeful “professional cosplayers” on Patreon who make like, $36/month. But can you support yourself on $1000/month? And not just rent, groceries, utilities, transport, taxes, other expenses, pets, leisure, etc… you also have to factor in the cost of cosplay itself, and the time sink to produce enough content to continue giving patrons reason to continue supporting you.

So no. There is no money in cosplay. It’s foolish to chase money in cosplay unless you’re a dedicated craftsperson with the intention of making it your profession orrrrrr someone who can make modeling work, and even then it takes a lot of grinding, a lot of time and sometimes money (it costs money to start a business!) and an assload of luck.

So on to your question:

How do you afford cosplay, especially when you’re in college or just out of college?

You get a job and keep cosplay as a hobby, putting it on the back burner when necessary.

I know that’s kind of shitty advice –– oh, just get a job! Let me climb into my job cannon and fire off to job land where jobs grow on job trees, or whatever the quote is! –– but it’s the simple truth.

Cosplay is a hobby. It is, at times, a very expensive hobby, especially if you have lofty plans and are always experimenting or want to make a lot of things or any number of factors. But that’s life!

So I’ll tell you this, as a person who has funded her own cosplay, her own travel, her own conventions for over a decade: you just have to set realistic expectations. Money gets tight in college, and you suddenly have new expenses, and transitioning to “adulthood” post-college can be rough. I know, I did it! I definitely made way fewer costumes once I got into college because of money and time constraints, and it’s been a lot of trial and error learning how to budget for cosplay now, as an adult. While you’re in school, you might only be able to do one costume a year. And that’s okay.

To a minor degree, it’s also what you choose to prioritize: cutting down on recreational shopping, subscriptions, eating out, and even spending on other hobbies (video games, concerts) means you have more room in your budget. But you might not have room in your budget for those things anyway –– lots of people in college, after groceries and rent and other expenses, end up with like $20 spending money a month. And it’s hard to make costumes on $20/month, but what’s the alternative? Starving so you can cosplay?

I have seen so many people who do asinine, stupid shit like not buying groceries because they HAD TO have this wig for their costume, or not being able to make rent when they JUST went to a convention. Within days they’re begging for money online to make expenses –– I have seen this over and over again for years from many, many people, and they are almost always people who are in college and don’t have much money management experience. They’re usually late teens, early twenties, making their first independent financial choices in their lives, so whatever, you know, it happens. But if you can avoid those kind of financial missteps, it’s best to. Cosplay is an expensive hobby. It sucks when you can’t participate in something you love to the degree you want to, but that’s life. You either find a way to make more money, even if it’s picking up a babysitting job or getting a retail job or whatever, or you go without.

I didn’t make many costumes in college, personally. When I did, I tended to buy the things for them during the summer when I was working full-time, but I tended to keep a tight budget anyway. I stopped using hotels for local conventions and started commuting. I went to fewer conventions, or only dropped by for a day instead of spending the whole weekend. I made a lot of costumes out of existing fabric I had from before. They were lean years! But we all had them. School had to come first.

Out of college, it might take you a bit to find a job. It sucks, I know, I’ve been there! But cosplay can wait. It’ll still be here when you get your shit sorted out, and it’s not like you don’t have old cosplay to wear in the meantime. Once you do have a job, it might also take a little bit to get your finances stable enough to have enough money to comfortably spend on hobbies like cosplay. But once you’re in order and have a consistent budget, it’s not a big deal to spend money on cosplay. 

Money may be a constraint for a while, but if you focus on college while you are in college, and work hard and study and make connections and get lucky (oh god I hate this economy) then hopefully when you are out of college, it’s all downhill from there :)

tl;dr: work work work work work work.

- Jenn

BH6 Catboy/Dogboy AU Headcanons Part 3

Doodle Post 1 - Post 2 - Post 3 - Post 4  - Post 5 -

Headcanons 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 -

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My first *Peraltiago* fic rec

What Now? by author_abz

“I was happy. I didn’t know and I was happy because I didn’t know. Now I know and it hurts. But it’s a warm, achy kind of hurt I thought was made up, but it’s real because I feel it, and all I had to do was ask.”

Jake is drunk and rambles to Amy.

Girls Only Say ‘Hate You’ to the Guys That They Love by sadesmae

Jake wants to go out with Kylie.

That’s My Kind Of Risk by LaurytheLatrator

Amy smokes. It’s not a big deal or anything.

(Three moments when Peralta caught Santiago smoking.)

10 times Jake or Amy babysitted Terry’s twins and ended up together or not by weasleyspotter

or the 10 steps it took for Jake and Amy to get together.

eyes shut (it’s you i’m thinking of) by cresselia

Teddy cancels the date, and Amy finally makes her way to the bar.

we share, we care, we grow together by Kasuchi

“Argh, you’re one of those girls aren’t you? All perfect and stuff?” Jake looked put-upon. “I bet you make perfect grades and you shower every day.” What if Brooklyn Nine-Nine was a little less Barney Miller and a little more Hey Arnold? A full-on cracky AU.

Bribery Will Get You Everywhere by Marks

Jake gets bribed into visiting Santiago’s family for Christmas. It’s not bad, but don’t tell anyone that.

she wears her heart on her sleeve by cresselia

“She should be drunk for this.

But she’s not. Instead, she’s completely sober and completely in control of her actions, her own lips centimeters away from Jake’s.”

Amy struggles with her seemingly gravitational pull towards Jake while trying to remain faithful to her own moral code.

of realizations and rooftops by nereid

In which everyone talks about Jake, Amy’s in denial and burns Jake’s hair. A bit.

Tonight You’re Perfect by sadesmae

Jake and Amy meet at Warped Tour. This is not an alternate universe, this totes happens.

Unresolved by RubyCaspar

Based on spoilers for s1 finale - when Jake is fired, Amy is forced to confront her feelings for her partner… and can only hope it’s not too late.

‘cause I’m not feeling anything at all by plumfield

Teddy’s everything she looks for in a guy. He’s a consummate professional, a great listener, and a total gentleman to boot. He pulls chairs out for her, holds doors open, and picks up every tab; if she has to reschedule a date because a case has come up, he understands, because it’s just as likely to happen to him.

After five dates, she can picture exactly what their life together is going to be like.

something suitable by birdbox (Bella_Barbaric)

“Oh, and I want you in your Sunday best,” Jake tells her over the phone.

“What?! All my 90s Bat Mitzvah dresses are at the dry cleaners!” Amy teases, even though she knows she’s still got the blue montrosity he gave her to wear on their ‘first’ date at the back of her closet.

“They are? Well, you know that’s a deal breaker for me, Santiago—we can’t go. Date cancelled.”

Stay, Stay, Stay by startoftime

The four times Jake and Amy shared a bed, and the one time Jake tells her it’s something more.

Cops and Robbers by disastersaurus

It’s a damn good arrest, Amy thinks, and the captain’s going to be so proud of her. The only thing that could be better is if the guy would just shut up.

If You Like Piña Colada by pyrodynamo

So a while back, Jake maybe writes a list. On the top, underlined twice, he’d scribbled, things that I maybe kind of are okay about Amy Santiago. It quickly deteriorated into a list that sounded like the worst I think I like-like her novel ever written.

Just a regular everyday normal couple by DanicaGentozzi

Jake and Amy struggling with the everyday little things that every couple, at one time or another, have to go through in a relationship.

The Bet by myrifique

Peralta and Santiago set a date for the end of the bet.

Interaction series by YankeesGirl28

Five times Amy wants to talk to her partner after he leaves and the one time she does.

Or five times Jake wants his partner to say something and the one time she does.

the most important meal of the day by disastersaurus

Jake + 10 Breakfasts.

What If We Love Like Fools by LaurytheLatrator

Weddings were one of the only occasions where adults got dressed to the nines and slow danced. And Amy was here, sitting at her table, sipping her champagne and poking at the bizarre unpronounceable meat on her plate. She felt so pathetic.

god only knows what i’d be without you by satellites (brella)

Amy Santiago, Jake Peralta, and rear view mirrors. (Or: five times Jake and Amy drove each other somewhere.)

I Know My Coffee’s Cold by TheBoyWhoStoppedTheApocalypse

“I don’t want to bother you,” he waved a hand. “Well, you already bothered me by walking up to me,” she looked up at him. “Tooshy.” “It’s touché,” she corrected.

High Crimes and Misdemeanors by Kasuchi

“I got cold,” he said, one shoulder (the one not pressed against the doorjamb) shrugging, like the sentence was the most natural thing in the world, like he woke up on her couch in a t-shirt and boxers with his entire body wrapped around hers on the regular and it was no big deal.

he sings the songs that remind him by Kasuchi

Rosa stands. “Talking’s for wusses. We’re going drinking.” Teddy and Amy break up, so naturally everyone goes to the bar together.

feet are where i landed by 40millionyears

“says the woman who’s been engaged eight times.” this has always been her downfall: distracted by something sparkly, she’ll agree to pretty much anything.

Good Morning by Gabby

Or Amy wakes up the morning after an unexpected night, internally freaks out, and then lets her mind wander.

The Unbearable Lightness Of Being A Cop by amathela (Zhailei)

Starring Detective Theodore Bear, New York’s Finest (and cuddliest).

and the world spins madly on by 40millionyears

post 1x22. something bad goes down (or, jake dies and amy’s left to deal and the author is terribly sorry)

Black Lace & Handcuffs (Or Doing It Santiago Style) by Gabby

Amy divulges secret fantasies to her surprised, delighted boyfriend - and learns the art of being uninhibited, Santiago-style.

if only for tonight by Bookie

“I wasn’t smoking,” she says frantically, and Jake is overwhelmed at how adorable she is.

too long on the borderline by mrs_nerimon

They haven’t seen each other for nearly five months, he’s supposed to be working undercover, and she’s got soy sauce spilled on her shirt.

Red Fish, Blue Fish by Kasuchi

Jake beamed back at her, thumb rubbing small circles on the inside of her leg. “No, see, you’re slipping, Santiago. I’ve been on the force for twelve years. I’ve been around lots of cops, and you’re definitely one of the best.”

i look into your eyes, falling by uppercasemad

Navigating domesticity and the surprises it offers.

Act/React by Kasuchi

Later, they don’t talk about it, but for weeks Jake is startled awake from dreams of cafe-con-leche skin and a hot, insistent mouth on his. Jake likes making Amy laugh.

I’m In Heaven by Gabby

Or the time Jake learns he should really know better than to sneak around to spy on the object of his affection when he’s not supposed to.

you should be standing right next to me (instead of two feet in front of me) by sadesmae

He rents a boat. Like an actual fishing boat… because one time she mentioned that she’s never been and that she always kind of wanted to go.

it’s better to feel pain than nothing at all by cresselia

He’ll always be second best when she’s sober.

Until We Make This Right (I Won’t Say Goodnight) by YankeesGirl28

It’s not like you expected her to break up with him or anything. // Eventual Jake/Amy

prime (and otherwise) by rollingplains

In which they discuss an alternate universe while in this one, to pass the time.

Whiskey and pancakes by ferggirl

Happy hour hasn’t been this happy in god knows how long. Boyle is beside himself — Sarge has actually had to pick him up off the floor twice. Rosa’s been spotted smiling by no fewer than seven people.

And Amy Santiago is getting rip-roaring drunk.

The Many Times Jake is a Moron and the Few Times he Isn’t by everhtorne

“I bet you never thought this would happen,” Jake speculates, his voice faintly hopeful as if he’s trying to cheer Amy up. “You and me in a dark room together.”

Five Times Jake Makes Terrible Choices, and One Time Amy Does by Crowsfan

Jake never expected his terrible, terrible ideas to work out for him.

Primary and Secondary by Kasuchi

He pulled his hand away from his face and casually placed it on her thigh. She felt it, warm and heavy, through her jeans. Five times they don’t talk about what happened, and one time they do. (Sequel to Red Fish, Blue Fish.)

rest your bones by lilypupu

Drabbles for the Domesticity Meme. Part 2: Food, nicknames, and a lot of profanity (not that Jake understands any of it).

Hands by Diaphenia

“If we’re going undercover, you’re going to have to be quicker on your feet,” Jake said, insufferably smug.

Amy huffed. “Well, this is why I wanted to go over everything with you. Preparation is the soul of… preparedness.”

anonymous asked:

i'm not trying to bust out a "your fave is problematic" on you, but you seem like a really great and reasonable person, so i wanted to let you know that jared leto's been heavily accused of raping / assaulting his fans.

I knew this day would come.

First off, It would have been better if you were off anon so that we could have properly had this discussion, but alas, everyone thinks im gonna rip their heads off for their comments when it’s just the opposite. If you’re going to message me respectfully (which you have) then awesome! lets have an adult discussion about shit. I’m open to it. I’ve had one other person come into my ask box about this and i know others have had rude anons too, so i actually appreciate the fact that you’re being pretty good about the situation. Regardless, as much as I would have rather spoken to you about this via actual messages (it’s easier to talk and discuss that way) it’s probably a good thing you’re on anon cause now this is forced to be published and we can finally get this entire thing out in  the open.

Just a heads up, i’d rather people read the entire thing before sending me any bullshit. I’m not going to take any bullshit given from people who haven’t properly investigated the situation themselves and haven’t fully read and understood what i’m saying. This isn’t a for or against. It’s taken from a neutral point of view and i will present it as such. Also i would really like you all to note that there is alot of mentions of rape/bdsm, so if that’s a trigger for you, just… scroll. Keep scrolling. Don’t hurt yourself.

So. First things first: I am fully aware of the accusations made against him. I am fully aware that in today’s society women’s allegations of rape aren’t taken seriously and are often turned into ‘she deserved it by how she acts/ what she’s wearing/she let me on/ she probably wanted it’ and to ‘ignore’ these allegations is to damage everything we’ve worked for in order to make Rape being taken seriously. Note that i do in fact take rape very seriously and would not support anyone should i have the tinest incling that they had been abusive. I also want you guys to note that  in even talking about this subject on is dangerous in itself and could essentially lead me into social oblivion and be dragged into the depths of hell, regardless of what I say. So know that, if i am talking about this - it’s something that’s important to me, cause fuck me if i don’t hate drama. I fucking hate it.

Without further ado lets get into this:

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alderaani-rebel  asked:

Hey, I wanted to ask you a question. Have you discovered a way to relate to teens without sounding cheesy? Our school has all these anti-drug anti-bullying campaigns, and it's always something like misused internet memes on the walls- Sarcastic Willy Wonka with a message that reads "Don't smoke!" Sometimes they just put hashtags in front of everything, or make text message posters, et cetera. Most of the kids ignore it and make jokes about it. I was wondering if you could give me some tips. Thx.

OKAY, so this turned out way longer than I expected it to! But I’m so glad you asked, because apparently this is something I feel very strongly about and did not realize until I started to talk about it. So here goes.

What I have found from working with teens is that they do not appreciate being patronized (shocker) and therefore do not respond to it at all. Putting a hashtag in front of something does not make it trendy. Those damn text message posters – while a pretty lame idea to being with – are often made even worse because WHY DOESN’T ANYONE WHO MAKES THOSE KNOW WHICH SIDE TO PUT THE INCOMING ‘TEXT’ ON AND WHICH SIDE TO PUT THE OUTGOING ONE ON? I have never owned an iPhone and even I know which way to do it so the conversation isn’t backwards and nonsensical.

So anyway: yeah, teenagers are going to make fun of that crap…because it’s total crap. And it’s actually little offensive that some adults think they can “get through to those damn kids” by co-opting their culture (I call this kind of stuff “youth culture”…I don’t know if that’s mislabeling it, but I don’t know of a better term to use) and misusing their colloquialisms. I’d be pretty annoyed, too. Especially when the teachers who come up with these brilliant ideas basically fall into one of three categories. They are pretty much always either:

a) completely missing the mark on how absolutely ANY of this stuff works and therefore are only embarrassing themselves and subsequently the students they are trying to reach,

b) unironically trying to “get in with the youth crowd” by using words they think the kids are using (pssst – that never works and they think you’re weird), or

c) purposefully trying to ruin something that teenagers enjoy simply because they do not understand it, and are super bitter humans who apparently can’t let anybody have fun without pitching a fit when they’re not invited to the party.

Think about it – how many times have you heard an adult say something along the lines of “Well I’m just going to use every slang word they use until it isn’t cool anymore, because I, an adulty adult, am using it [probably out of context and with an air of superiority and mocking in my voice every time I do so].”

So on to your actual question – how can we relate to teenagers without patronizing them? I think it’s simple – drop the nonsense. I 100% promise that you can have a conversation with a teenager about an important issue without having to use the word “hashtag” even once. You can talk to them – about real, important things – in a mature, real way. 

AND, believe it or not, doing so will get you so much farther than if you hang up a poster where it looks like Jesus is texting me to not do drugs but, lo and behold, the creator of the poster did it backwards so now it just looks like I’M the one trying to talk Jesus out of getting high this weekend. As a teacher, if I wanted to talk to my students about drugs…I just would. It doesn’t have to be prefaced with me trying to rap about anything. It doesn’t have to involve me trying – and inevitably failing – to sound cool. It’s more genuine that way.

So what do I do to ‘connect with the youths’? I don’t try to be one of them. I am not a teenager anymore (thank god). I am an adult who loves a lot of teenagers and wants what’s best for them. 

And yes, sometimes I would have long conversations with my teenage students about One Direction…because guess what? I legitimately like One Direction, so our conversations were two-sided and our shared interests were genuine. You know what I DON’T like? Those popular teenage boys who make the Vines and then have people pay money to meet them in a hotel lobby (??) or whatever it is. So you know what I DIDN’T reference in any of my conversations with my students? Those Vine boys. Because I just don’t care about them, and so any attempt of mine to talk about them would put me into one of the three categories listed above.

I’m not saying don’t try to connect with your students. Of course do that. I know about a lot of things that I personally don’t care about. I know about them because my students care about them, and they talk about them, and I listen to them. But there is a difference between listening to someone talk about something that belongs to them – their slang, their friends, their interests – and trying to take that thing and use it to manipulate them.

Your students will know if you’re being authentic. I’ve said it before in a million other contexts, and I’m saying it again now. Be yourself. (Now, definitely do keep up with current slang – I do so I know what the kids are talking about and can intervene if I know what they’re saying is offensive.) But don’t feel like you need to use that slang to connect with your students. 

You’re not friends with them. You’re not going to be. Leave the youth culture with the kids and just be yourself. Let them know you care. Find ways to connect with them that don’t involve mocking the way they speak. Even a nine-year-old can see through your bullshit if you try to act like something you aren’t. No need to put on a show to love your students.

Hilary Duff's Interview on "Reddit"
  • Fan: What will your second single be?
  • Hilary: I don't know what it's going to be!
  • Fan: Would you like to make another album down the line or will "Breathe In. Breathe Out." be your last?
  • Hilary: God, I hope not! I really want to make more music. I already want to start working on another record! I've lived with this one for so long now. I know everyone else is just now hearing it, but I'm already thinking of the next step. I will definitely not wait as long to make another record.
  • Fan: Hi Hilary! Fans were wondering about the songs that didn't make the album that you mentioned in interviews or posted clips of (i.e. Feel Alive, If I Fall, This Heart etc.) and wanted to know what happened to them and if we will ever hear them? Secondly, I wanted to know if you can see yourself making more albums after "Breathe In. Breathe Out."?
  • Hilary: That's the tough thing about making a record. You start somewhere, and you end somewhere, and only a certain amount of songs can be on a record. And the strong survive. It's sad. "If I Fall" is one of my favorite songs, and "This Heart" is a song I wrote about Luca, so maybe I'll sing it live in concert with him there, i sing it to him in general, but that's the way it goes - you cut some songs, they might not be as strong as others, but there's always options of ways to use them. Another song I wrote for the album is "Outlaw," and we put that in YOUNGER - so now we put it as a bonus track on a special record that you could only get here or there. But that's just the way it works - and you only have a certain amount of spaces.
  • Fan: Last month you performed (on my 20th birthday actually!) in front of a huge audience for the first time in a while.. how did that feel?! Do you have any plans for pop-up concerts this summer or maybe even a tour?!
  • Hilary: I do have some plans for a pop-up tour, maybe one or two shows, just to play the new music. But nothing set in stone yet. All is depending on schedule. But yeah, I definitely want to sure, I'm just shooting the second season of YOUNGER in September, taking a break for Christmas, and then getting a show together. I'm really missing playing live shows, and being onstage, and it felt so good to play that Boston radio show and see a live audience in front of me again.
  • Fan: Hey Hilary! Thanks for doing this today. I have always been a fan. Saw you twice in concert in 2004/2005. My sister & I used to fight over who loved you more!! I can't tell you how many posters we had of you. Tour books, door-sized posters, DVDs, CDs. It's been incredible to see you grow into a successful, independent, & beautiful adult. So my questions are which do you favor more? music or acting? Why? Also, what's the most meaningful song on Breathe In. Breathe Out to you? Also will we see you on Haylie's cooking show? Thank you so much!
  • Hilary: Well, first of all. That's a cute story. I have stories with my sister like that too. I would say maybe I feel more comfortable with acting, you know? I've done that longer. I feel like that was my passion as a child, and my dream. And I fell into the singing, and obviously, get something totally different from it. I love being a musician now. I think it took me a long time to consider myself that, because I really have to work at it. But being onstage, there's no other feeling like it. It's tough to choose. Being in front of a live audience is something really special. I'm trying to get an answer first! They're both so different. This season I was so upset, but I didn't get to be on Haylie's show. I was so busy with my record and traveling so much that none of our dates matched up. It was such a bummer, because it's such an amazing show, and we have so much fun together. And it's a shame, because we have so much fun cooking together. Next season, i will! My favorite song on Breathe In. Breathe Out., one that's close to my heart is "Braveheart." I wrote that song. And it's a bit of a sad song, but there's definitely strength in it. And I love that about it.
  • Fan: What would you tell the 13 year old you?
  • Hilary: Mmmm. I remember feeling really insecure at 13. Like, part of my job was...I had to have a certain confidence, and a certain bravery, but inside I felt like a very normal insecure 13 year old. And I guess I would tell her to just take it easy on herself. That everything sorts itself out. And everything's not such a big deal. And I guess I would be like "Just wait until you're an adult - Wait until you're an ADULT, if you think that's a big deal!" And I'd give her a pat on the back, and say "Good job. Calm down!"
  • Fan: A few years ago a friend and I were walking toward Avalon on a Thursday night when he spotted you at Katsuya. Being young and naive, I got very excited and turned back, at which I time I pointed at you and shouted "YOU'RE HILARY DUFF!" Then you slowly turned and walked away, seemingly frightened. Do you remember this encounter? If so, I apologize for startling you.
  • Hilary: *smiles* No, I don't remember that encounter, but I guess I'm used to being yelled at in public!
  • Fan: Hi Hilary! What is your favorite part of being a mom? What is your best remedy for when Luca has a cough?
  • Hilary: Ooh, that's a good one. I think I feel so grateful that I get to have so many new experiences with him. I mean, everything in my life has changed because of him, and all of it is for the better. It's so entertaining to watch how his little brain works, and the questions that he asks me, the things he's interested in - it's amazing to watch him grow and become a little person, and I get to watch him grow and follow along with him. And laugh a ton in the process. It's great.
  • It depends on how bad it is. They make some natural cough syrup that I will use? I'll try to keep a humidifier in his room. And put baby Vic's vapor rub on his feet and his chest when he's sleeping.
  • Fan: What's your favorite Taylor Swift song?
  • Hilary: Oooooh, toughie. Tough call. Maybe "Welcome to New York"?
  • Fan: Is there a reason why Hilary is spelled with only one "L"?
  • Hilary: Because my parents really made a huge mistake! I don't know... I like the way my name is spelled, and I think now the rest of the world knows how to spell my name, but growing up, it was pretty much ALWAYS misspelled.
  • Fan: Hiii Hilary! You are always camera ready and gorgeous, what's one makeup/beauty tip you can share with us?
  • Hilary: I am DEFINITELY NOT always camera-ready, or gorgeous, but thank you! Hmmmm. What's a good camera tip? I think not enough people focus on eyebrows. That's one thing I focus on a lot. Eyebrows frame your face. People tend to make their eyebrows too small, or too light. I think if you played around with it, you'd be surprised what the outcome would be.
  • Fan: Harry Potter or The Hunger Games? lol Love you!
  • Hilary: AWWWW that's EVIL! How am I supposed to choose?!?! HUNGRY POTTER! Yeah, I love the Hunger Games. But I might say Harry Potter.
  • Fan: What was it like working with Tove Lo? She seems like such a fun person. I'm in love with your new album and I hope you enjoyed working on it as much as I enjoy listening to it.
  • Hilary: Aww, thank you! I love hearing that.
  • Loved working with Tove. She's a cool chick, for sure. REALLY talented. And really added something special to my record. I'm really grateful for that.
  • Fan: what has been your biggest challenge to record your new album?
  • Hilary: I think... it's just been a growing experience. From the start of it to the end, it's just learning a lot about myself and about what I want to talk about and what I want to say and how I want to reach people and what I want them to know about me. How my voice sounds. It's been 7 years since I made a record. And I guess it was a very therapeutic experience, but also a lot of pressure to get it right, you know?
  • Fan: Hi Hilary, What do you have to say to your male fans? We love you, and we wish you all the best as this brand new BIBO era is about to begin! We want as many singles as possible, and come to Toronto please!
  • Hilary: I guess I would say what I would say to any of my fans, which is I'm really grateful for your support, and sticking by me for such a long time. You make an impact, and a difference, in my life. And I hope you relate to what I have to say on this record. And this is definitely going to be an exciting new journey, and I hope you come along for it!

starscarlet  asked:

oh my god honestly you're right though (Ford's reaction will probably be the same either way so) I mean Dipper is gonna be sooo pissed at Ford (and probs a little at himself cus it's Dipper) and I just. one of these eps Dipper's gonna stop acting like a mini me of Ford and Ford isn't gonna take that lightly and I'm 100% sure Ford blaming Mabel is what's gonna do it for Dip (of course he isn't full Ford right now either he never has been but Ford won't see that until Dipper stands up to him)

Yes! This also increases my need to see Dipper do what Ford could (can) not and let go of his research, the journals, for his sibling. Ford couldn’t burn them even if that was the best way of keeping Bill from ever finding them, but Dipper can. Dipper can let go of them. The biggest difference between Ford and Dipper’s characters is the lengths that they’ll go to for the people they love. Dipper will go far, in some cases he’s downright selfless, but Ford won’t. He’s self-centered. (And this would balance things out between Dipper and Mabel’s learning lessons here–Mabel can’t keep her summer friends and Dipper can’t keep the journals. They both have to let stuff go; they both have to move on.)

I’m still convinced that the knowledge within the journals is destructive and trying to figure out how the supernatural works is impossible. Stan’s right to try to keep the kids away from it, and he’s right to tell Dipper to only use the journals for self-defense. Protecting people from the supernatural is fine, but trying to understand it and the universe is only going to lead to your destruction, as it has to countless others in this story alone.

I also can’t help but feel that as long as those dumb journals are around, Bill’s still manipulating Dipper and Ford with their obsessive need to know how everything works and subsequently destroying their sanities and relationships with others. It’s just an endless cycle of horrible mistakes (although unlike Dipper, Ford won’t admit that he is making mistakes). And considering how much Stan and Bill are alike and seem to have similar ways of thinking, I truly think Stan has the right idea about burning the journals to either weaken or defeat Bill Cipher and help save the universe.

As much as I enjoy Dipper feeling more self-assured, it’s not happening in the right way. Ford pushing Dipper until he agrees to something Dipper initially said no to, being his apprentice, isn’t right (sounds a lot like Bill pushing Dipper to make a deal despite how many times Dipper denied him actually). I mean Ford totally ignored everything Dipper said about not leaving Mabel and his dream to start a ghost hunting tv show and then stomped on it all! That’s not okay!!

Ford saying Dipper is better than the others because he’s intelligent also isn’t right (especially because it was in fact Mabel who discovered many of the journals’ new additions; not Dipper). Ford saying Dipper is smart to be paranoid and not trust anyone, including his family, isn’t right. Ford assuming Dipper feels suffocated by Mabel when they’re actually best friends and love each other and help each other be the best they can possibly be isn’t right. Ford pushing Dipper to not just abandon Mabel, but literally abandon his whole family and rest of his childhood isn’t right. Ford projecting himself on to Dipper, an impressionable young kid who’s more than eager at the moment to listen to Ford’s every word and take it to heart and not argue for fear of upsetting him, is not right. Ford needs to realize that, and so does Dipper. I’m not sure if it will make Ford change who he is since at this point I think he’s past the point of growing up, but I know it will change Dipper’s perspective and bring him back down to Earth.

Mabel is wrong to never want to move forward from this point in her life, but Dipper is wrong to want to move forward too quickly. You HAVE to get older, it’s the natural way of the universe, but you have to live your life at a natural pace as well. You can’t jump straight to adulthood; you NEED that growth and maturity to gradually happen over your childhood and adolescence. Even Ford lived his whole childhood.

If Dipper were 18, this would be a different story (although Ford is honestly a terrible influence on Dipper and Dipper growing up/living with just Ford alone as a parent/friend would result in a Dipper we don’t recognize, one with a superiority complex who doesn’t give a shit about anyone but his research–basically a mini Ford, especially considering how much Dipper has adopted some of Ford’s behaviors already. Bill may be the antagonist, but Ford is certainly a Disney villain that needs to be stopped.), but Dipper is 12. He’s just a kid and Alex has said Dipper is meant to be a kid and Mabel helps keep him there. He and Mabel are very young and still need one another.

The happy medium for them both is letting go of their summer friends/ambitions and then going home together, growing up together, and pursuing different lives when they’re adults (unless Mabel stays Dipper’s cameraman/ghost hunting buddy) without a problem. They’re both gonna have learned their lesson that just because they’re adults going in different ways doesn’t mean they have to drift apart or even give up their child-like spirits. Nobody ever really stops being a kid.

I’m also kind of DYING to see how Dipper reacts to finding out Ford is kicking Stan out of the Shack at the end of the summer and consequently giving Wendy and Soos no jobs and Stan no job, no home, or family to turn to. I think that’ll blow over about as well as Ford calling Mabel stupid and incompetent for breaking the rift after she almost dies because he encouraged Dipper to lie to her about it would. And if Ford tries to throw a fit after that, I want Dipper to fucking figuratively destroy him honestly.

Not so Gleeful pt. 2

Jeremiah was trying hard not to do alot of things. Stick out, be unique, be noticeable were all at the top.

So why in the name of sanity did he decide to make a scene on his first day of class?!

“There is no way in hell I am ever summoning Alcor the Dream-bender.” He said.

‘Oh god oh god oh god he’s going to ask why’ Is what he thought as the teacher’s face became set with what Jeremiah had always called 'Hearing but not Listening Syndrome".

It came with being an adult.

“And why not?” His teacher asked predictably.

'Think of something good or you’ll get in trouble’

“Um… b-because he’s a very powerful demon. No sane person would summon him unless needed.” Yeah. That was a good excuse.

“Ah. I see. Well luckily enough I have permission from the demon in question, and it is alright to summon him on purely academic grounds. You have nothing to fear from Alcor.”
The teacher smiled. It was supposed to be a warm smile but to Jeremiah Gleeful, it was like slipping a nail in his coffin.

The next week was a mix of catch up and homework, with a dash of anxiety over the fact that he had to summon a demon in front of the entire class.

Jeremiah didn’t like that. In fact he started hyperventilating when he even thought of summoning a demon.

He also disliked the fame he had recieved with his defiance. He needed to blend in yet he continued to stick out. Especially since people began noticing the fact that the Pines Triplets were interested in him. (There was a rumor going around that Acacia had tried to steal his permanent record.)

So like most high schoolers, he was happy when the weekend came. Not like most high schoolers, however, was the reason why.

Jeremiah needed practice. If he was going to be living in Gravity Falls, a place that practically throbbed with magic, he needed to get his act together.

So he went into the forest right after school on Friday.

“Denuntiamus autem manum meam igni” his hand caught on fire, a tiny whisp of a thing.

He groaned and released the magic.

'I just don’t feel it’ he realized. This was his fifteenth attempt at a simple fire spell, and that was the best out of all of them. But it was nowhere near what he was actually capable of.

He was trying so hard but every time he tried, he remembered his last fraternization with magic. He remembered the consequences.

Screams. A glowing red light. Blood. Candles and viscera. Oh no….

“I COMMAND YOU TO OBEY ME!!” a voice screamed as claws raked through the air. Black tendrils snaking their way though the room searching for something easy.

Young was easy. Unconscious was better.

Jeremiah saw the tendrils grab a hold of a leg and an arm. Long black hair waving wildly as the woman it was attached to was dragged towards the portal.

Jeremiah grabbed the woman’s hand. “MOM!!” He screamed as he pulled against an un-yielding force.

He looked up at the man he had thought would protect them. The man he had only ever admired.

“Dad, help us!!!” He screamed.

The man looked down, blood on his baby blue suit, pressurized holy water in a bottle in his hand, eyes half crazed with power. He was smiling.

“Beautiful isn’t it? All that power! And soon it will be mine!!!”

'He won’t help’ Jeremiah realized. 'I’m on my own.’

He saw the the circle, the source of the demon. The cause of all this. He did the only thing that made sense. He destroyed it.

He grabbed the bottle of holy water from his father’s hand and crushed it against the circle, smearing the symbols, releasing the demonic energy back into the ether.

There was a loud boom and several thuds, as the shockwave the destroyed circle emanated flung everything in the room to the walls.

Gideon was knocked out. So was his mother. He could feel the hot blood flooding down his face, coating his hair.

He had to act fast. He crawled towards his father’s study, eyesight straining and getting blurry. He grabbed for the phone, managing to knock it to the floor.

He dialled 911. Then he passed out.

When the cops arrived Gideon Gleeful was gone. He and his mother were taken to the local hospital to be treated for lacerations and internal bruising. He had a minor concussion.

Marianna Gleeful (nee Vazquez) had fallen into a coma.

His mother never woke up.

Jeremiah woke with a start.

“Just a bad dream…” he muttered as he picked up his things.

He said dream. He meant memory.

anonymous asked:

I just want to thank you for stepping up about this. You are handling this like any adult should, owning up to their actions and trying to move forward. I'm the one going through the old WhaChows and cataloging the abuse so I have heard some of the things you've spoken about. Thank you for trying to make things right in any way you could even after all these years. As a third party, it strengthens my respect I have for you, despite the things you did, since you are coming out now and trying.

I’ll literally be 28 in a week. I was living at home, an 18 year old right out of highschool, when I joined fb20xl. 10 long years ago. And I made friends, I got popular, I rode the waves. I bought into the hype, and I sat in Psy’s lap and showered him in adoration like a lap dog because, as fellow ex-fb20xl member Meta put it: “Psy was good to me”.

He was good to a lot of us guys. But we weren’t women, so though he groomed us, it was for different reasons. Honestly, Psy’s never done a single thing to act against me. I have a fanbase BECAUSE of Psy. I roomed with him at Otakon 2005, I was given money, I called him every Easter for years. And though I hazed myself out of his group and drifted into obscurity, I had left on good terms with Psy. There was absolutely no reason for me to look back or speak up.

….Except there IS a reason to speak up. I made excuses. I watched him torment women, use them as objects, tear down their psyches. Some of them were girls who I later pursued for some kind of relationship, but I think many have said it perfectly, Psy breaks women down until they believe that they are trash.

I would sit on the phone with one of the women who he had used, an AMAZING artist named Mausy, as she cried and cried for MONTHS over this guy, needing to talk her out of self-harm due to her guilt and sorrow over breaking up with Psy. And I still was friends with him, by his side through shitstorm after shitstorm.

And I even joined in on certain attacks. I remember tumblr user smellstine and how she was at odds with damned near EVERYONE in Psy’s group back then. The flamewars that started, how heated and angry I was over something I wasn’t even a part of. But I remember Psy perving on her, talking about wanting to hook up with her at a con, how awkward it was for those at the con to see Psy meander about and attempt to drag this poor girl into the sack with him.

I remember how mad, furious, and angry I was when Sunshine faked her death online just to get away. But looking back, though it was kind of tactless it did help her get away from Psy for good.

And though the age gap between us was vastly different when compared with Psy, I am perfectly guilty of oversexualizing and making inappropriate comments to some of the girls, even YOUNGER girls, that were involved with Psy. One in particular that I was called out on by smellstine I have gone to personally to make amends.

It might have been almost 10 years ago but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t apologize. I’ve been seeking out a LOT of people from that time period to try and patch things up, bring about positive closure.

But that’s the difference between myself and Psy. Someone calls my name and accuses me of something, I go and I accept the consequences of my actions. I was young. I was stupid. I was in an environment where thanks to Psy’s grooming, I thought that what I was doing was funny, cute, acceptable. But Psy or No Psy, it was all on me, and I will work to make things right.

But if someone calls PSY out, well then he makes empty threats about taking legal action and he calls his withering masses to gather around him as a shield, like a horde of locusts drawn on the light coming off their falsh prophet. He cries out to people within the fandoms he frequents and tries to get actual successful people to back him up based on whatever drivel Psy can feed them.

There’s two sides to every story, yes, but guess what. Psy is giving people his ONE side, not the 20+ sides that have come to light over the last few days.

As I said when I began this rant, I’ll be 28 in a week. My father was 28 when I was born, my mother 25. My wife is 24. Somewhere down the line, I am GOING to have children. And god willing that I have a daughter, I want her to look back and see that I could admit I was wrong. That I spread the word, BECAUSE it was difficult to do so, in order to make sure that people like Psyguy who prey on young girls get outed. I want to make sure that more women don’t suffer like the women I know have suffered. 

I’m not a hero for speaking up. But I AM trying to make amends by doing the right thing. I had information to add, ways to validate these women, and a way to try and help give back. This isn’t about “slandering Psy”, this is about these brave women who went through hell and who are trying to finally break the silence after SO long. Some of them suffered more than others, but their stories are what need to be heard regardless of the severity. 

As I’ve said, all the evidence is there in the testimonies, the old comics, the Wha-Chows, in-between the lines of the last 10+ years. Pieces of a story that is quickly piecing together to form a much bigger picture, a painting illustrating years of abuse, pedophilia, heartbreak and hopefully now…..healing.

invisiblespork  asked:

It all happened because of Tony, or perhaps despite him. Or maybe it would have happened regardless of his interference.

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anonymous asked:

Hey, as a person who is coming to terms with the fact that I might be asexual, do you mind me asking you a few questions? Please do not feel obligated to answer any of these. 1) How did you know/realize you were asexual? 2) I know you were in a relationship in the past, how did that work between you and your significant other? 3) Can you explain asexuality in your own words or how it affects you? I'm sorry if this is intrusive, but I am just really struggling right now. Thank you.

Sorry for just getting back to you, bare with me anon, you’re about to go on a long bumpy ride. I now present:

Amanda Linn’s Journey with Asexuality (by your’s truly) 

1) Actually, me even figuring it out is a long, painful, and funny story. 

To sum up the beginning, I was not in the best of relationships many moons ago, and even then I found my boyfriend suggesting some sexual things and instead of being excited or happy about it I’d immediately think “But why when we could do x???” and “Ew….. No, I don’t wanna do that at all.” and “Umm…. I’d rather do y”. etc. 

A year or two after that I still found that my sex drive, or lack thereof, was pretty dormant. I actually ended up taking this quiz that was supposed to be like incredibly accurate when it came to pinpointing sexuality, and my end result was “No sexuality (asexual)”. Naturally I was confused (because god knows the media geared towards teenagers and adults CAN’T have a character that doesn’t want sex!! HOW WOULD YOU CHARACTERIZE THEM??) so I took to the internet and to other corners of tumblr and educated myself on the subject. During this time I also entered the relationship you mentioned and I found that while I was really into this guy, I didn’t wanna have sex with him either. I was more smitten and more everything, but not more driven to have sex with him. Even my favorite actors I thought were totally hot I didn’t want inside me. Thus, I turned back to those definitions and found myself reflected in them. 

2) Well, it worked in the way that we’d talk romantically and lovingly and we discussed about physical things and agreed to never  go past some making out. Sure, he told me I’d get him sexually frustrated (which did bother me a little) but he never acted on it with me and as far as I know he didn’t do it with anyone else either. 

3) Asexuality is lack of sexual attraction. 

I say “lack of” instead of “no” because there is a spectrum to asexuality (like there’s a gay spectrum and a color spectrum). Here are some examples:

sex-repulsed asexual: an asexual who will stay away from sex at all costs

non-sex-repulsed asexual: an asexual who wouldn’t mind doing it. 

demi-sexual: an asexual that will have sex with someone they’ve established a strong emotional bond with (not sooner)

gray-area asexual: an asexual that sometimes experiences sexual attraction