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Sick scenarios!!

•"You’re so sick you literally just fell down the stairs I can’t just let you walk home/take <insert public transport> by yourself!! I know we aren’t that close but I care about you enough that I don’t want you to get run over!!“

•"You’re doing some sort of presentation and you can’t stop sneezing and coughing and now the professor is yelling at you and oh god please don’t get upset it’s not your fault here do you need a hug”

•"We’re actors and you keep wrecking the takes please don’t feel bad!! Come to my trailer I’ll take care of you"

•"Im so sick our mutual friend dragged me to the hospital you work at and now you’re giving me death glares because I told you earlier this morning I was fine I’m sorry"

•"I’m really feverish and I haven’t noticed you and this sneeze just won’t come out and I’m pulling the most ridiculous build up you’ve ever seen and shit now I’ve noticed you this is fucking awkward sorry"

•"You’re my neighbour and you sneeze so loud and I can’t sleep I hate you so much so I’m going to complain and shit you’re really sick and your heating is broken come to mine"

•"I always take care of you but never catch it but for some reason I’ve caught it now and I am too proud to tell you I’m sick and I don’t want you to feel bad so I’m going to tough it out"

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Wake up!! S11 Confirmed!!

Thank god I have my emergency call, aka @becksndot5, set up for me every night! IT’S HAPPENING! And now I want to go back to bed, I need it, because it’s 2am, but it’s not like I can, I mean… IT’S HAPPENING! Can you imagine? The filming, the teasing, the promotion, the trailers, the spoilers, Mulder and Scully having sex, Gillovny raising at its highest, Jimmy Kimmel, did I mention Mulder and Scully having sex? I’m not screaming! Bye.

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Well, if the trailer is what's happening right now wouldn't eva break vilde pearls, so maybe Eva breaking the pearls by protecting Sana?

Hi, Anon!!






Because Vilde’s pearls represent innocence, and it’s under that same “innocence” that she’s masking her racism and islamophobia tbh??? And if we reverse it the way everything’s been happening in opposite manners, Eva ripping that necklace would be breaking that innocence, thus removing that reason and mask Vilde’s under. 


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Awake Part 8

Title: Awake

Summary: You had just graduated with a degree in English and thanks to some writing competitions you had gotten noticed and offered the job of a life time right out of school. This job was your dream job, you were going to be a writer for the tv show Supernatural, your favorite tv show. The whole cast and crew are very welcoming and kind and you find yourself making some of the best friendships, specifically with the green eyed actor that plays Dean.

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader

Warnings: language, smut

You sat at the counter wearing one of Jensen’s sweatshirts watching him as he flipped pancakes. You ran your finger through your wet hair playing back the shower in your head. If this morning was any indication of the next month you were in serious danger of falling in love. You really cared for Jensen and wanted it to work out, you probably were already in love with him, but after everything with Brandon you felt nervous about getting hurt again and you didn’t know if it would be worth it.

“How are you this morning baby?” Jensen asked as he set a mug of coffee in front of you.

“I’m ok, last night just kind of shook me up. He wasn’t the best boyfriend, in fact he sucked in a lot of ways but he was never scary, I just don’t know what brought all of that on” you said thinking about last night, “ I just hope he’ll leave me alone from now on” You said and Jensen nodded.

“You’re safe with me” he leaned over and kissed your forehead before going to get the food. You smiled at him and pushed all doubts and fears out of your head for now.


It was mid-afternoon, just a few more hours until you’d be on a plane for Texas. You were walking towards Jensen’s trailer when you saw Gen. You smiled and walked towards her to talk. Everyone especially Jared was sad to see her go. It was her last day on set since her character wouldn’t be in the next seasons, but you knew she’d be around, her and Jared were very much in love.

“Hey, you ready for your trip?” Gen asked as you walked towards Jensen’s trailer together.

“Ya all packed up and ready to go”

“Are you ok after last night? Jared told me what happened” She stopped and looked at you concern in her eyes.

“I’m fine its all ok now, but I am glad to be getting out of here for a bit” You said and Gen squeezed your hand and nodded and the two of you kept walking.

Out of no where though Gen stopped you and pushed your hair back and looked at your neck, “Nice hickey!” Gen nearly squealed and then her eyes went wide, “Oh my god weren’t you at Jensen’s last night after that whole mess?” She said a little too loud.

“Oh my god Gen Shhh!” you said and she giggled.

“I need details now!” She pulled you into Jensen’s trailer and the two of you sat on the couch and you explained everything that had happened to her, “I  knew there was something going on! The two of you look at each other like star crossed lovers, I can’t believe you didn’t tell me though!” She said feigning hurt.

“I wanted to tell you so bad but me and Jensen decided not to tell anyone at least till we knew where this is going, we know we’re more than friends, but we haven’t really talked about anything  past that, you can’t tell anyone, not even Jared, Jensen wants to be the one to tell him everything” you said and Gen was about to make a remark back when Jensen walked in.

“I want to tell who what?” He questioned coming and sitting down across from you and Gen.

Gen raised an eyebrow at Jensen and pushed your hair back giving him a nice view of the love bite he’d left. His eyes went wide and he looked to you.

“You might want to suck on her in less noticeable places” Gen said smirking and you smacked her arm pulling a laugh from her, “don’t worry I won’t tell, but you won’t be able to keep this a secret long and you shouldn’t, Jared will be happy for you two. Y/N, use some of Jensen’s set make up to cover that up because someone is bound to notice it” She said as she left the trailer.

You looked to Jensen and gave him an apologetic smile.

“So Gen knows” He said giving you a look.

“ I didn’t voluntarily tell her but she noticed this and she knew I was at your place last night so she just kinda put it together” you said hoping he wouldn’t get upset.

“Well I guess that kinda on me, I just can’t help it though, you make such sweet noises when I bite down there…” Jensen’s expression suddenly changed and he made his way over to the couch and put his arms on either side of you leaning down towards you. You looked up at him waiting for what he was going to do next. He tilted his head and leaned down to the same spot he’d left the hickey and bite down pulling a moan from you, “see what I mean, you respond too much for me to stop that” he said as he leaned back down and began kissing and nibbling your neck. You tilted your head to give him more access. He leaned down and wrapped his arms around you prompting you to wrap your legs around his waist as he carried you to the bed.

“you know she’s right though, we won’t be able to keep this a secret for long” you said as he pulled your shirt off.

“well how bout we tell Jared while we’re in Texas, since Gen knows he might as well too, and then we can tell everyone else when we get back” he said kissing down your stomach. You felt excited but also nervous at the idea of telling people so soon. Jensen felt your body tense up stopped his kisses looking up to you, “we can wait longer if you’re not sure yet what, um, what you want this to be” Jensen handed you your shirt back and you could tell you’d upset him. You stopped him from getting up and pulled him back to you so he was kneeling between your legs. You placed your hands on his face as you spoke, “I know that I want you, and I know that I’m already falling fast for you, I’m just scared…” you said looking down not wanting to meet his eyes, “every relationship I’ve had has ended really bad, and I’m always the one getting their heart broken. And I’m just scared, because I know I’m going to fall so deeply in love with you, but my heart can’t take it when you wake up one day and realize you’re too good for me” you felt some tears escaping down your face and Jensen lifted a hand to wipe them away and pull your gaze to his.

“Sweetheart, I have known since the day I met you that I wanted you, and quite frankly I am already falling in love with you” he said and you smiled widely at him and he pulled you closer and rested his forehead on yours, “I am all in Y/N, I’m not going anywhere, I want to tell everyone how I feel about you, I want to show everyone that you’re mine” he said leaning in and nipping at your neck and you giggled.

“Well based off of this hickey everyone is going to know I’m someones” you giggled out. Jensen pulled you into a hug and placed kisses on your shoulders, “I’m all in too” you whispered and Jensen pulled back to look into your eyes. You smiled at him and he smiled the brightest smile you’d ever seen from him and pulled you into a crushing kiss that you could still feel his smile behind.

“I can’t wait to have you all month” his voice free of lust and just full of love and adoration. He likes me, he actually likes me, this isn’t just sex. You felt your heart swell with happiness and you kissed his forehead. Jensen smiled back but his eyes traveled to the clock on the table, “ughh I have to go baby, I have to go do my scenes, I will see you soon ok?” you nodded and watched him as he left the room.


After you turned in your last bit of writing you went back to the trailer to relax until it was time to go. You thought about the long flight and traveling and didn’t really want to stay in your work clothes so you dug around in your bag for your favorite pair of leggings. You noticed your super comfy but super cute blue lace underwear and bralette set and decided to put it on under your comfy clothes, just to give Jensen a little surprise when he did get you home. You dug around in your bag for a shirt, but then saw Jensen’s bag in the corner. You unzipped it and found a perfectly worn in gray NFL sweatshirt. You threw that on and decided to take a little nap to prepare for traveling.


You were in that hazy state between sleep and awake when you felt two arms picking you up and carrying you, you nuzzled into the chest that was carrying you and fell back asleep without really thinking about what was happening.  You woke with a jolt and lifted your head wondering where you were.

“Hey sweetheart, we’re almost to the airport” Jensen whispered in your ear pressing a kiss to your temple. You looked around and saw Gen and Jared cuddled up in the seats in front of you and you were in the back in Jensen’s lap in a car to the airport, “you looked so cute sleeping I didn’t want to wake you so I just carried you to the car” Jensen explained and you smiled up at him and very excitedly pressed a kiss to his lips, you could feel his smile under the kiss and you pulled back to smile at him, “ I will never get over how much I love seeing you in my clothes” he said trailing his hand under the sweatshirt and running his fingers down your ribs.

“I told Jared about us, I hope that’s ok, he was really happy for us and he promised to keep quiet till we want to go public” he said running his hand up and down your side.

“That’s totally ok with me, now we can be all coupley around them in Texas when we hang out” you said snuggling closer to him reveling in the feeling of his warm hand on your skin. His fingers traveled a little higher feeling the lace of your bra and you could’ve sworn you heard him growl.

“I’m not going to want to share you if you keep wearing underwear like that” he whispered in your ear and you felt your skin grow hot, “ what do you say we experiment with some of those ideas you had that night you got drunk with your friends” you looked up to meet his eyes, they were dark and lust filled. You bite your lip and nodded, “we’ll talk specifics later, we’re at the airport sweetheart”

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I just read 'Mad' and it reminded me of 'Chase Holfelder's Every Breath You Take (Minor Key) like someone needs to make a trailer of Mad with that song please listen to it author-nim~

OH MY GOD. I just listened to it now and I’m honestly in love. It goes so well with the story and having it in a minor key gives it that mysterious vibe that I love. 😍I’ve always been a sucker for trailers so if someone made one with this song I would cry and fangirl forever. 💕💕💕💕

Ok so we didn’t get much of Bellarke from the new trailer but my boy, my sweet little baby has found hope again. God, it’s been a long time and it feels so good. I feel like a proud parent right now XD

But this tells me that my prediction is also probably not correct. I honestly thought that Bellamy would sacrifice himself for other people to survive. Don’t get me wrong I don’t want Bellamy to die and I am not talking about him dying either but for me him giving his place would have eased his conscience and brought his immediate character’s arc full circle. But maybe Jasper’s “we do whatever the hell we want” and the nuts have made their effects and Bellamy has finally let go of his tortured self. Who knows? But I sure want to see how Bellamy got there while just last episode he was still thinking and regretting his past decisions. Also, I’m just avid for angst and I WANT a separation for my babies. I know I’m horrible person but I honestly think that…

Originally posted by wallflowerworld

Also, can we just talk about Abby/Bellamy/Clarke working together, I’m all here for this. I never knew I needed this so bad but I love what I’m seeing. But more importantly, they are in the house, you know where I’m going with this, I want to see them cuddling on the bed and falling asleep together or just talk and fall asleep. I mean I would totally be up for them having a make-out session or even better, having sex, but that is never going to happen so I would say that as long as they are both on the bed and together and close we’re good and we’re lucky. I like how easily it is to satisfy us as a fandom though XD .

 But yeah what do you guys think? Are we going to get angst? Is there going to be a separation that is going to hurt like hell but that were are going to be happy about? Are we going to get to see them being all cute on their big ass fluffy bed? Is the lack of Bellarke scene hinting to something big, or is there just not going to be any important Bellarke scene because we still have so much to cover over the last 4-5 episodes? Also how does Clarke finding that place is going to change everything? Are they going to start a Mount Wheather of their own?

 Please answer I would love to know your opinions and predictions since I honestly don’t know what to think anymore….

Thoughts on tonight’s teen wolf

  • ummm house of anubis on teen wolf what???
  • this show reminds me of why i HATE FRESHMEN
  • derek hale should just enroll at beacon hills high at this point
  • where’s danny???
  • i miss “kick ass and take names” lydia :(
  • liam and his anger issues are weirdly attractive??? but he’s like 12??? so i need to not feel this way???? ok?????
  • teen wolf just gave us proof that showers are calming
  • “i think you could definitely take him and then GIVE him to me” I NEED THAT BOY IN MY LIFE
  • um is derek turning human bc if so WHY GOD
  • fucking kate argent
  • meredith gives me the creeps ok
  • “what are you on…gamma radiation?” i cry
  • kira slaaaaays and i love it
  • mexican stand off, lol are these the jokes
  • wow ok i ship deputy parrish and lydia now
  • this episode was hella lame ugh :(

I’m going to be honest here. I’ve been anxious and frustrated with Clarke ever since she started to be influenced by L after TonDC. 

Now, I understood the narrative’s need for L in Clarke’s life, but it still upset me that one of my favorite characters became so… (imo) pathetic and lost. 

Seeing her in the promo and trailer so confident and leading again heals my soul from the last two years. 

I use to dread seeing Clarke on my screen, but not anymore. I’m so glad the writers have given her her agency and autonomy back. 

Watch on

whats up youtube uzumaki khan here I’ve just been told there’s a trailer of super smash bwothas with SHULK in it! i have not watched it yet I’m gonna do a live reaction of it right now, lets go. LETS GO. ffffFFFFFFFFFFFF SHULK IN SMASH BWOTHAS ders actually a trailer? who’s that? bowser? wheres shulk yo !!!!!!!!! DATS IT!!!!!!!! DA MUNADO!!!!!!!!!!!! yEAAHAHAAHAAAAA CMON OHHHH MY GOODDD yOOOHOOOO shhIET onsahe whites linknmoff….YEAHBOI SHUUuuuU LOOK AT THE GWAFICS DAS MAH MAIN CARWACTtttffFU YEAAAAAAH BOI SHULK THAHA SMASH BWOTHAS. THE MUSIC, IT KEEP ON POOCHES WAMA ZIIINIA ooOOOOOH MY GWOD SMASH BWOTHAS DA BEST GAME EVA. deDEDEHHEHEH (pounds hand repeatedly on palm) yoooooooooo baHAHAHAHAWHAWHAW. bbbbwAY GGOD. Monado, lend me your strength yo! The Mechon, Bionis… DUNBAN!!!!!!!!! IS THAT DUNBAN?!?!?! NO!!! uuUUUUUUUUmmyYYYYY god-people, we knew shulk was in-(gasp) ………..people, I need thIS GAME NOW WE KNEW SHULK WAS IN THIS GAME IT HASNT BEEN NOTHING CONFIRMED IT WAS JUST LEAKS, AND NINTENDO DID TAKE THE LEAK OFF, BUT NOW THERE’S ACTUALLY A TWAILER OF SHULK, MAH DUNBAN WAS IN THERE, AND YOU PLAY XENOBLADE YOU’LL KNOW WHY IM EXCITED, fu-shulk is my main cawhacter, hands down BRING ME ON YO WHO CARES IF WE DIDNT GOT STREET FIGHTER 5, WHO CARES IF WE HAVENT GOTTEN THE NEW TEKKEN, SMASH BWOTHAS IS ALL I NEED BWAH, CMON!

Okay, so this is very crappy but I wanted to see the BS bits only so I did this! There’s no audio in some bits because there were dialogues from other shows playing at those times, and also I’m so sorry the music’s so annoying. Wish I could isolate what RandL are saying but anyway, there it is!

(If you watch it on mute it looks like a proper BS trailer, haha).

  • Ed: *sees that his sandwiches are missing*
  • Me: Now this seems familiar
  • Me:
  • Me: Nah it can't be
  • Ed: *stumbles upon the trailer*
  • Me: That probably belongs to the dead redneck
  • Gotham: *a wild penguin bursts out of the trailer*
  • Me: Holy shit
  • Me: It is Oswald
  • Gotham: *ends with Oswald asking Ed for help*
  • Me:
  • Me: *cries tears of joy until the next episode comes around to fuck with my emotions*
"That Feeling" - Chris/Darren/Will/Mia

Paramount lot carnival party!fic.  Drunk!Chris is silly, sexy puppy piles, Mia/Will and some Chris/Darren sappiness.  Mentions of pot smoking.

Poly!verse Masterpost

The problem is, Chris finds the daiquiri stand while he’s by himself for four seconds.  One incredibly strong daiquiri later he’s moaning strawberry pineapple, oh fuck me, to anyone who will listen, and out of that group two people request another for him, and by the time that he breaks away from them he’s five daiquiris deep and drunk as a skunk.

He loves everyone in this fucking bar.  It becomes necessary to tell everyone in this fucking bar exactly that, but when words prove problematic he decides aggressive hugging and kissing will have to do, and then—there’s a whole crowd of people to address, so he really needs to get to it.  He loses track of who and how, and then he spots a familiar blonde head by the Ferris wheel and his skin goes tight and hot and oh god he loves this bitch more than any other bitch ever.

He launches himself at Mia and kisses her square on the mouth because she is the best best best ever and she is his technically, too, it counts, they are dating, and she is so badass and hot that he wants to die and tell her that except he should probably tell her that before he dies.

Keep reading

Please Stay {Luke}

[[A/N: this imagine is inspired by the book/soon to be movie “If I Stay” which is really good by the way and I totally recommend the book! I encourage you guys to watch the trailer for the movie because it might help this imagine make a little more sense but I did my best trying to explain it! Another Luke imagine i’m sorry oh my god I need to write about the others it’s just Luke and ugh

here’s a link to the trailer if you wanna watch! xx ]]

[[Luke comes to the hospital after you’ve been in a car crash]]

You looked down at your body that was now resting on a hospital bed. You weren’t dead but you weren’t sure if you could classify yourself as alive yet either. You weren’t even sure what you would call your current state either. Not a ghost but not a person? It seemed like you were in your body but you were also looking down at your body laying in a bed. You seemed perfectly fine as you, or your spirit, or whatever you really were at that point stood there next to your real, damaged, body. You could see people and hear people, but they couldn’t see or hear you. You were an entity. You were the remains of your spirit that were stuck in between heaven and the real world as your body struggled to stay alive. The only sound in the room were the constant beeps from the machines in the room telling you that your heart was still beating, your only reassurance that you were still, in fact, alive. As you watched the monitors in the room, you heard a voice from down the hall, an Australian accent that was very familiar. 

“I’m Luke, i’m her boyfriend I need to see her.” You could faintly hear. You hurriedly ran out of the room and down the hall to see your boyfriend, standing there at the check in desk. A nurse must’ve recognized the urgency in his voice and agreed to take him to your room. You watched as he ran a hand through his hair as he followed the nurse to your room. His eyes were glossed over, as if he had been holding back tears with every ounce of strength he had. You could feel the air rush by as they walked past you, clearly not being able to see you just like everyone else. You followed close behind them as they entered your hospital room. You could almost see Luke’s soul shatter into pieces as he took in the sight of you. 

“Listen sweetheart, it’s pretty bad. We’re doing everything we can,” The nurse tried to reassure Luke as he struggled to keep his composure, “She’s lost a lot today. Her family was taken away in that car accident. You’re the only one she’s got left, be strong for her.” She said as she rubbed the side of his arm.

“I’ll leave you alone for now, try talking to her. You never know if your words are the words that’ll keep her here.” The nurse said before quietly leaving you and Luke alone. You wanted to go up and hug Luke more than anything, but he of course wouldn’t feel it. He couldn’t see you, hear you, feel you, and it was more painful seeing him like this and not being able to do anything than it was to be in that car accident. You watched as he slowly approached your hospital bed and you did so too, standing next to him as you both looked down at your body. 

“How am I supposed to do this…?” Luke muttered to himself as he looked up at the ceiling. He knelt down beside your bed, gently taking one of your hands in his, making sure not to hurt you at all. He took a deep sigh before finally speaking. 

“Please tell me this is just a nightmare and i’ll wake up in a minute next to you. I’ll wake up and you’ll be right there and i’ll wrap my arms around you like I always do and you’ll turn towards me half asleep and bury your face in my chest like you always do and everything will be normal. It’s not that easy though is it? I still can’t believe the call I got. We were doing soundcheck. I normally don’t even look at my phone during soundcheck but I knew something was wrong and as soon as I saw your friend’s contact on there, I knew something happened. Ashton drove me here. The whole band is worried sick. I’m surprised I didn’t get in a car crash getting here with how Ash drove.” He said letting out a small laugh. 

“I don’t know what i’ll do without you, I really don’t. Calum, Ashton, Michael, everyone, we’d all be a mess without you. You can’t l-leave.” He said choking up on the last word at the thought of you possibly passing away. You could see the tears starting to run down his cheeks.

“I plan on being with you forever and that can’t happen if you leave me. We had so much ahead of us, you had so much ahead of you. You had the rest of your life in front of you, you can’t just leave.” You could hear the pain in his voice as he struggled out words, tears flowing down his cheeks as he was still on his knees beside you. Tears were dripping off of his chin and hitting the bed sheets as he bowed his head down, looking as if he had given up hope. He slowly picked his head back up with what seemed like all of his remaining strength. 

“I love you. Please, please, please just stay.” He whispered as he stood up and placed a gentle kiss on your bruised forehead. And those words were enough to make you want to stay. You didn’t know how you would survive life without your family but you realized you did have a family. You had Luke. You had Calum, Ashton, Michael. All of them. And that was enough for you to want to stay in this world. You could feel all of the air rushing around you all at once. But it was just around you, Luke didn’t seem to be feeling it. In that one second, you went from standing there next to Luke, watching your own body, to now laying in the hospital bed. You could now feel every bruise and every cut you had gotten. You weren’t just a spirit wandering around anymore, you were back in your own body. You could feel your eyes start to flutter open and the pain that came with finally waking up. 

“L-L-Luke…” You let out a groggy whisper as your eyes opened.

“Oh my god, you’re awake! You’re alive!” He said as he grabbed your hand again. More tears flowed from his eyes, this time out of joy that you were alive and not leaving anytime soon. 

Okay, major brainstorm, and I think there’s a non-zero (if only just) chance it might actually work out. Among other things, the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer introduced my new favorite superhero movie characters, Four Mooks Wearing Store-Bought Avengers Masks:

Somehow, some way, these idiots have managed to steal my heart just as they tried to steal the contents of an ATM with an honest-to-god laser, before being smacked around by a lightly radioactive nerd. I realize there’s no more need for a Phil Coulson-type character or group of characters in the role of “shows up in all the Marvel movies to let you know they’re connected” now that all the heroes are just showing up in each others’, but I wanna see these guys pop up all over the place. In Ragnarok, in Captain Marvel, trying and failing to pull an overseas job in Black Panther, thrown into the Microverse in Ant-Man & Wasp, narrowly avoiding atomization in Infinity War, getting beaten to a hideous collective pulp in one of the Netflix shows to remind us that’s part of the MCU too. Just the saddest, most ambitious, unlucky bastards in this entire universe. They should hook up with Turk sometime, I bet they’d agree they’ve all got Vision, and then by sheer nightmarish coincidence get busted by the actual Vision.*

So fast-forward 5 years or so to the post-credits scene of one of these movies, and haha, it’s our favorite morons - what shenanigans are they gonna get up to this time? This time they’re casing a construction site, but wouldn’t you know it, it all goes wrong again. They’re running like it’s a Three Stooges sketch from some guard dogs, stopping behind a wall to catch their breath, when it suddenly catches in their throats as they see a…crowbar? 

But something’s wrong. There’s something different about this. It seems almost to glow from within, a sickly turquoise. And it’s covered in runes, and in spite of being from some unknown language, they understand its words instinctively and perfectly. This crowbar has been imbued with something greater, touched by a force from beyond the knowledge of the ancients, of the gods themselves, a relic of a time before time, charged with power beyond power for those willing to take it. And as one they leap for it, desperately, knowing this is their final chance to seize a greater destiny, and as their hands meet around it LIGHTNING STREAKS DOWN FROM OVERHEAD, AND—-!!!

And that’s how we get THOR 4: That’s Right Babe, It’s The WRECKING CREW!

* How have Turk and Vision never run into each other in the comics? I’mma hold that in the back pocket just in case, but if Mark Waid or Charles Soule catch wind of this, feel free - a paltry 50% cut of the paycheck for that issue/arc in question would be a perfectly reasonable ‘thank you’.

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ok but really…