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With an amazing cast for example: Luke Evans(actual god aka also known as bard the bowman) Emma Watson (actual goddess and secret wizard) dan Stevens (HIS VOICE MAKES ME WEAP AND HIM GROWLING MADE ME NUT) ewan Mcgregor(my pure singing Christian candle stick) josh gad(the best lefou I could imagine) Ian mckellen( my fucking gay father and FUCKING GANDALF) Emma Thompson (who is fucking nanny McPhee god bless) Audra McDonald (THAT HAS THE MOST STUNNING SINGING VOICE) and let’s not forget Alexis loizon (who played Stanley my beautiful cross dresser) GETTING TO MY POINT! who could ever hate this fucking movie??????? Because I don’t see how that is possible?????

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« I don’t wanna see strike number three ‘cause it end with our friendship coming to an end. He’s scared, you know he’s scared, but he hides it really well because he has no soul »
- Josh talking to Luke (first part) and the interviewer (second part)

Disney Part 2- Josh Dun

You day had started at 3 a.m. Your flight was at 6 a.m. so you had to be up and out very early. You didn’t care though because it was all to see Josh.

Once arriving in Florida you could barely contain your excitement. You looked around for Josh but you didn’t see him. It wouldn’t be to hard to spot him because of his bright yellow hair. As you approached baggage claim you saw a small crowd with four people in the center, one with bright yellow hair. His eyes met yours and he politely excused himself from the fans and practically sprinted towards you. He picked you up and spun you around. You couldn’t get the smile off your face as he held you. Once he put you down he held your face and kissed you. A small tear of joy fell from your eyes.

He put his arm around you and walked with you toward the other 3 people he was with before. You were happy to realize it was Jenna, Tyler, and Josh’s brother Jordan. You all exchanged hugs and you chatted with a few lingering fans.

After about 10 minute of just talking you gave Josh a look signalling that you really wanted to go.

With that josh wrapped up the conversation and all 5 of you left and headed back to the tour bus. Although having 5 people on one bus was cramped and not ideal, you were so happy it was with these people.

The rest of the day was just catching up with everyone and eating taco bell. You realized that Josh was a little distracted. Every Time you would look at him he would be staring at the floor or off in space.

At about 1030 at night you were extremely tired from such a long day.

“Sorry to be such a party pooper but i’m going to head off to bed. I’ll see you all tomorrow.” They all said goodnight to you as you walked towards the bunks. You thought Josh would have followed you be her didn’t. You were slightly concerned so you decided to text him.

‘Babe come to bed with me. I miss you’

Not even a minute later Josh was pulling back the curtain of the bunk and climbing in.

“I’m so happy you’re here.” He said as he pulled you into his bare chest.

“I am too.” you said yawning. “Josh can I ask you a question?”

“Of course Y/N”

“Are you okay? You seemed kind of off today.”

There was a slight pause. He was thinking of a response.

“Yeah . I’m just really happy you got to join us on the tour. I guess I was just kind of upset not knowing if or when you would be able to so I’m now in shock that you’re here.”

“Well I’m here to stay for now.” You said as you turned to face him. You closed the gap between your and Josh’s lips. You felt him smile against your lips. Before you knew it you were fast asleep in Josh’s arms. You have been waiting for this moment for so long you didn’t want it to end.

When you woke up in the morning the bus was completely silent. Josh was asleep still holding you. As you went to get up you heard a small grunt from Josh.

“No, don’t leave. Not yet.” He held you tight and wasn’t letting you go.

“Josh I have to pee, please let me go.” You said giggling lightly.

He let you go after about 3 minute of an intense make out session and a few exchanges of ‘I love yous’.

As you went to head to the kitchen part of the bus to make coffee you were pulled up into the bunk. I guess he really didn’t want to let go of you.

What felt like 5 minutes was actually an hour. You must of fallen back asleep in the bunk with Josh because you were woken up by a big “Yeah, It’s Disney day. Get the hell up Y/N and Josh.” From Tyler.  

You laughed and Josh just rolled his eyes at how childish Tyler could be at times.

Once all of you were ready it was about 9 in the morning. You all were pumped to go to Disneyworld and after a cup of coffee and a bowl of cereal everyone was out the door.

Before you knew it the day was nearly over. You all waited for the fireworks to begin.You could see out of the corner of your eyes Tyler and Jordan talking to Josh about 10 feet away from where you and Jenna were standing. He looked very anxious. You were about to walk over to see what was happening when the first boom of a firework sounded. To be honest it kind of startled you. Josh and the other guys walked over and joined Jenna and you. Josh pulled you close and you both stared at the fireworks in the sky in awe.

After the firework show you all went to ride a few rides before leaving. As you walked off the last ride you noticed Tyler giving Josh a pat on the back. Josh grabbed your hand and lead you towards a more private area. The rest of the group hung a few feet back and that’s when you turned around to see Jordan with his phone recording you.

“Jordan what are you doin-” your words were unable to form as you turned around to see Josh down on one knee with a velvet box in his hand.

You put your hands over your mouth and tried hard to fight back tears.

“Y/F/N” Josh began to speak. “You truly are the love of my life. I’ve been thinking about this very moment since the day you said yes to going on a date with me. You are my one, my only, my whole heart. I want to be the one that make you smile just like you do to me. Now before I start to shed a tear or fans realize what I’m doing. Y/N Y/L/N, will you become Mrs.Dun and marry me?”

You couldn’t speak . You shook your head yes and he slipped the ring on your finger. He got up and hugged you so tight. You cried happy tears into his chest as people clapped and cheered around you.

“Oh my god, Josh I love you so much. I want to spend my life with you. I’m so happy.” He held your face and wiped away a few stray tears.

“I love you too. I can’t believe you said yes. I wanted to do this in Disney World because this is where I first told you I loved you on our third date.” You smiled remembering back to that day and at how he kept track of the dates you guys went on.

“This is really where dreams come true. I got my dream guy, dream day, and dream proposal.”

Valentine’s Confession

Josh Dun x reader

Summary: You, the makeup artist of twenty one pilots, begin developing feelings for Josh and to your surprise, Josh feels the same.

Words: 827

Requested? Yup by @reeceallen

A/N: So I changed it up a bit by making Josh a year older (I don’t know why). And Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

You have known Josh, basically, since you were born. Your mom and his mom were very close and because of that they always scheduled playdates for the two of you. Josh was a year older but you two grew to be best friends.

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Remember in ‘Oh My God I Think I Like You’ there’s the lyrics that are like 'we get married on a hillside surrounded by ducks’ (idk the exact wording rn sorry) so it’s pretty funny and everything, just a throwaway laugh, right??


'Marriage’ can be viewed as an expression of love.

And in S2 E2 we got Greg telling Rebecca that he loved her. (And they were honest and open with each other, like married couples??)

But he said he loved her… AND WHERE WERE THEY???


And what do we get at the end of the episode?

Rebecca with Greg’s sweater (😭😭) and basically Rebecca going 'Oh My God I Think I Like You’ again.

That’s it I quit. This show has ruined my life.


The West Wing 5x17 The Supremes

Oh my god, you’re putting my mother’s cats on the Supreme Court.


Right here at Luke Air Force Base outside of Phoenix, Glendale, Arizona and we’re gonna see some F-16′s, F-35′s and god knows what else!. Luke Air Force Base is a gem for the U.S Air Force and I’m proud to be here.” (X