my god i cannot stop laughing at this picture

This Day in 1D History - February 9


  • serious shopping in Manchester


  • gotta love the 1D road family :))
  • ‘shoots and stuff !’ (via Niall’s Insta)
  • Niall, Louis, Eleanor, Liam, and Sophia take a yacht out on Sydney Harbor for Sophia’s birthday!


  • Louis makes pancakes!! (well. he tries. lmao)

Hi this is deer nonnie and I must keep my identity hidden (you can post picture but not me I’m a secret ily) but I wanted to show you what I made so hi

(!!!!! Hi love!!!!!!!!!! nice to meet you off nonnie!!!! i love you very much!!!! and i sWEAR TO GOD LMFAO I LAUGHED WAY HARDER THAN I MEANT TO FCUK ~4)

Today is totally awful BUT the autographed picture of Danielle from 90 Day Fiancé that I ordered for my best friend came today and I seriously cannot stop laughing. You can PayPal her 7 dollars and she will send you one with whatever message you want. God fucking bless tlc for bringing this happiness into my life.