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Only God can judge you but bear in mind that God will judge you

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Do you think my little fire baby and Mare bear will get back together cause that ending broke my heart and the epilogue didn't help either😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️ but the gold as the crown update did help thank you at least you didn't tear apart my heart😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

ahahahaha (laugh nervously as I look at my GatC outline)… ahahaha, yeah um… sure, they gonna be together 5ever. (backs away slowly) (trips) (all my reunion fics fall out, all of song of fire falls out, all of gold as the crown falls out) oh my god, look I was just, (trip and more fics fall out) I was just holding these for my beta! (my reunion and angst fics for after kings cage fall out) oh my god just listen! (Trips on all my fics) LISTEN! 

HP Tag

Tagged by lovely @mrsellacott

What is your name?: Ruth

How old are you?: 27 (28 today oh god)

What House(s) are you in? Ravenclaw

What kind of blog do you run? Current active sideblog with all things Harry Potter and A LOT of Cursed Child, Drarry and Scorbus. (Also other ships i.e. Hinny.) Main blog has other multi-fandom things that I love. 

Your Patronus? Polar Bear (how…?)

Your Pottermore House results? Ravenclaw

Which book is your favorite? Prisoner of Azkaban

Which book is your least favorite? Love them all but if I had to choose then possible Order of the Phoenix 

Which is your least favorite movie? Order of the Phoenix

What is your favorite quote? “After all this time?” “Always” (also “There is no need to call me Sir, Professor.” Sassy!Harry is the best Harry)

Favorite Potter? Harry 

Favorite Weasley? Ginny

Favorite Malfoy? Draco (Sorry Scorpius, daddy wins this one)

Favorite Black? Sirius

Favorite Marauder? Padfoot

Favorite Golden Trio member? Harry

Favorite Silver Trio member? Ginny

Favorite Female character? Can’t pick between Ginny or Luna

Favorite male character? Apart from Harry and Draco? Neville.

Favorite Professor? Lupin

Favorite House? Slytherin 

What character do you dislike the most? Umbridgeeee more like UGHbitch

What ships are your favorite? Drarry and Scorbus

Is there a movie that you liked more than the book? Love the whole aesthetics of the movies but nothing beats the books!

If you could make your own House, what would be the traits? Bravery, Honesty, Friendship

What would your Amortentia smell like? Tangerines, morning spring air, and a bit of something else…

Which do you prefer - owls, cats, or frogs? CATS hands down (also I am bitter that Stuart’s kitty didn’t win twitter poll)

Which is your favorite Harry Potter Era? Cursed Child Era (though they’re all my favs)

So, I tag… @bounding-heart, @platinasi, @ohscorbus, @emopeej, @buzzybluepenguin, @torestoreamends, @itsmusicalphan24601, @aquiveringgeekness, @fangirl-by-night , @drarryking, @kingdomofscorbus, @mxlfoydraco, @sparebowkerjr ….(will add more once I’m back on my laptop)

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i would love it if my governess knit willie a sweater because he always seems like he has a chill and it’s some horrendous color or pattern or something because it has to be because her love for him or something idek

of course before she throws herself off widows’ hill because of carolyn

and when she haunts him

he knows it’s her