my god i can't bear it

Mme Bustier's Class as Things my Friends and I Have Said p3
  • Marinette: "high school is just jail. look, we're surrounded by bars, for god's sake!"
  • Alya: "that wasn't a pat on the back, that was a slap on the arse!"
  • Adrien: "I did the brothel!... I don't know what brothel means."
  • Nino: "I am just a small innocent child. please pay for college."
  • Nathaniel: "sorry? I can't hear or see you past your fucking ego."
  • Alix: "the answer is fifty six over fuck you"
  • Kim: "get your head out of that bear's arse!"
  • Max: "the game is MEANT to be offensive!"
  • Rose: "the set of all possible outcomes are very possible. that's your answer."
  • Juleka: "I will sell you to satan for one pringle."
  • Ivan: "find the value of 24n if y is equal to... it doesn't say what y is equal to!"
  • Mylene: "I think I'm popcorn magnetic."
  • Chloe: "my skills include kicking and hating myself so much that it starts to affect my views of others. oh yeah, and flirting."
  • Sabrina: "remember kids, road safety's a myth and the government is run by lizard people"
  • Lila: "give up, give in, now give me what I want. and yes, I did just quote the Vampire Diaries."
  • Mme Bustier: "is this the point where I give up on everything and accept that my life will always be full of idiots?"
  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Alright then, picture this if you will:
  • 10 to 2 AM, X, Yogi DMT, and a box of Krispy Kremes, in my "need to know" pose, just outside of Area 51.
  • Contemplating the whole "chosen people" thingy when a flaming stealth banana split the sky like one would hope but never really expect to see in a place like this.
  • Cutting right angle donuts on a dime and stopping right at my Birkenstocks, and me yelping...
  • Holy fucking shit!
  • Then the X-Files being, looking like some kind of blue-green Jackie Chan with Isabella Rossellini lips and breath that reeked of vanilla Chig Champa,
  • did a slow-mo Matrix descent out of the butt end of the banana vessel and hovered above my bug-eyes, my gaping jaw, and my sweaty L. Ron Hubbard upper lip and all I could think was: "I hope Uncle Martin here doesn't notice that I pissed my fuckin' pants."
  • So light in his way,
  • Like an apparition,
  • He had me crying out,
  • "Fuck me,
  • It's gotta be,
  • Deadhead Chemistry,
  • The blotter got right on top of me,
  • Got me seein' E-motherfuckin'-T!"
  • And after calming me down with some orange slices and some fetal spooning, E.T. revealed to me his singular purpose.
  • He said, "You are the Chosen One, the One who will deliver the message. A message of hope for those who choose to hear it and a warning for those who do not."
  • Me. The Chosen One?
  • They chose me!!!
  • And I didn't even graduate from fuckin' high school.
  • You better.
  • You better.
  • You better.
  • You better listen.
  • When he looked right through me
  • With somniferous almond eyes.
  • Don't even know what that means
  • Must remember to write it down.
  • This is so real.
  • Like the time he floated away.
  • See my heart is pounding,
  • 'Cause this shit never happens to me.
  • Can't breathe, right now!
  • It was so real.
  • Like I woke up in Wonderland.
  • All sort of terrifying.
  • And I don't wanna be all alone when I tell this story.
  • And can anyone tell me why
  • you all sound like Peanut's parents
  • Will I ever be coming down?
  • This is so real.
  • Finally it's my lucky day.
  • See my heart is racing,
  • 'Cause this shit never happens to me.
  • Can't breathe, right now!
  • You believe me, don't you?
  • Please believe what I just said, see they're telling true.
  • And this wasn't all in my head.
  • See they took me by the hand and invited me right in,
  • Then they showed me something.
  • I don't even know where to begin.
  • (high... I I I I I... high... I I I I I)
  • (high)
  • Overwhelmed as one would be, placed in my position.
  • Such a heavy burden now to be the one.
  • Born to bear and read to all
  • The details of our ending.
  • To write it down for all the world to see.
  • But I forgot my pen,
  • Shit the bed again,
  • Typical.
  • I...!!!
  • Can't remember what they said.
  • Can't remember what they said.

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anonymous asked:

I cannot get the image of drunk Bitty out of my head, who is loudly worrying that he's a bad kisser because he's never kissed anyone before, and Shitty, Ransom, and Holster (who are also very drunk) volunteering to help him practice. And Bitty, being in an inebriated state, thinks this is a great idea. So Bitty gets passed around for kissing practice and Jack is seethes in a corner til he can't take it anymore and kisses Bitty himself.

Well gee thanks, now neither can I. This might not be exactly what you wanted, but it’s what I’ve got so bear with me. and oh god this is so fluffy, I’m so sorry. Actually, no, not at all. I am not the least bit sorry. 

Bitty has never really been drunk before. He can’t think of a safer place to be drunk for the first time than in the company of Shitty, Ransom, and Holster, all of whom he trusts with his life. He knows they’ve all been smoking pot, but they stopped offering him some after the very first time he said no, which he appreciates.

The problem is, Bitty doesn’t know what kind of drunk he’s going to be. Is he going to be belligerent like his dad, is he going to be bitter like his Aunt Sharon, is he going to be giggly like his mom?

He discovers around midnight that he’s an emotional drunk. He can hope that this will change as he gets older, but a nagging voice in the back of his head says that seems unlikely.

It’s also around midnight that he realises, to his dismay, that Jack is in the room as well. Bitty takes one look at him before pressing his face into Shitty’s shoulder so that Jack can’t see him this way. It makes sense to his alcohol infused brain.

“What’s up, buttercup?” Shitty asks, kissing the top of Bitty’s head the way Shitty tends to do.

“I just – Shitty it’s so bad,” Bitty says, covering the side of his face so that Jack can’t see any part of his expression. “I mean, like, it’s so bad.”

“You’re gonna have to be more specific Bits,” Shitty says.

“If I liked an older guy and if we ever got to the point of doing things, then I’d have to tell him, you know?” Bitty says.

“No,” Shitty says. “I – I don’t know. What would you have to tell him? Because I’m pretty sure that by the point you got to doing things he’d already know that you were into dudes.”

“No, I’d have to tell him I’ve never even kissed anyone,” Bitty says. He says this louder than he means to; Ransom and Holster stop staring at their Golden Girls marathon and turn to stare at Bitty instead while he flushes bright red. Bitty doesn’t mean to look at Jack, but he does. Jack, not sitting on the couch with them, is very dedicatedly studying the label on his bottle of some obscure Canadian beer Bitty has never heard of.

“Bits,” Holster says, his eyes going misty behind his glasses. “Bits I’m so sorry. Why didn’t you tell us? We could’ve fixed you up in seconds–”

“Half a second–” Ransom interrupts.

“Half a second,” Holster agrees. “I mean, fuck bruh, we could’ve helped you ourselves.”

“What,” Bitty says because suddenly Holster is kneeling in front of his part of the couch, which conveniently brings the very giant defence man up to Bitty’s face level.

“Eric Bittle, may I kiss you?” Holster asks.

Bitty giggles and nods, and Holster leans forward, pressing his lips to Bitty’s. He needs to shave and Bitty gets stabbed in the jaw by his stubble, and Holster’s glasses accidentally touch Bitty’s nose, at which point Holster retracts from the kiss in order to spend more time staring in despair at his lenses. Bitty giggles out an apology.

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Only God can judge you but bear in mind that God will judge you

Guys😍, I'm 😲shaking😲. I'm fucking😲 shaking😲. I never wanted to 👉👌🍆🍑breed 🍑🍆👉👌with anyone more than I want to with 🍆Waluigi 🍆 That 💯perfect,💯 ⏳curvy ⏳😍body.😍 That 😍bountiful😍 🍈chest🍈. The 👪child 👪bearing😍 hips😍 of a 🖼️💐literal god💐🖼️. It honestly fucking 😳😳hurts😳😳 knowing that I'll never ❤️👅💋mate ❤️👅💋with him, ⬆️pass⬆️ my 👖genes👖 through him, and have him 👑birth👑 a set of 👪💯perfect offspring.💯👪 I'd do fucking💰💰💰 ANYTHING💰💰💰 for the chance to get ✝️ Waluigi ✝️🍆 pregnant. ☠️A ☠️N ☠️Y ☠️T ☠️H☠️ I ☠️N☠️ G☠️. And the fact that I can't is quite honestly ❎too much ❎to fucking 🐻bear.🐻 Why would 🌨️Shigeru Miyamoto🌨️ create something so 💯perfect? 💯To fucking 😈tantalize😈 us? Fucking 😂laugh 😂in our💩 faces?!
//It’s me, again.

//So from now and until Sunday I will not be on tumblr. My uncle passed away and tomorrow is funeral so you think I’m not doing good on the emotional part.

I don’t want to go but I had know him since my birth as he was my neighbor so I’m fighting back tears for my family, they have so much to bear, but god damn it it’s so hard..

Episode 20: The Last Temptation of Lou
  • --------: 11:11 AM
  • LouisTheCat: rick
  • LouisTheCat: rick
  • LouisTheCat: rick
  • RickDickens77: what
  • LouisTheCat: i have the most amazing idea
  • RickDickens77: Please tell me you haven't executed on this idea yet
  • LouisTheCat: youre gonna love this
  • LouisTheCat: so imagine youre reading a story
  • LouisTheCat: and you can like make decisions as the story goes along
  • LouisTheCat: and get this
  • LouisTheCat: the story changes
  • RickDickens77: That's called "choose your own adventure," it's been around forever
  • LouisTheCat: yeah i found a couple in a shoebox in your closet
  • LouisTheCat: but has it ever been done in a chat
  • RickDickens77: You lost me.
  • LouisTheCat: you are in a dark corridor
  • LouisTheCat: ahead of you is a closed door
  • LouisTheCat: behind you is a grizzly bear
  • LouisTheCat: you are holding a ham and a toilet plunger
  • RickDickens77: I'm not sure how this is going to work really
  • LouisTheCat: to go through the door jump ahead twenty three lines
  • LouisTheCat: to feed the ham to the bear jump ahead twenty three lines
  • LouisTheCat: to fight the bear with the plunger jump ahead twenty three lines
  • RickDickens77: So wait..
  • RickDickens77: How am I supposed to jump ahead
  • LouisTheCat: rick dont make it hard
  • RickDickens77: I'm not trying to make it hard, it just doesn't make any sense!
  • LouisTheCat: to stop being such a dork and just make a decision jump back seven lines
  • RickDickens77: But those lines don't even exist yet
  • LouisTheCat: its like you dont even know what fun is
  • LouisTheCat: let alone how to have any
  • RickDickens77: I'm trying to, I just don't get it
  • LouisTheCat: to get another beginners lesson on this really simple idea go back
  • LouisTheCat: um
  • LouisTheCat: wait
  • LouisTheCat: twenty five lines
  • LouisTheCat: well twenty eight now i guess
  • LouisTheCat: no twenty nine
  • RickDickens77: Stop.
  • LouisTheCat: youre running out of time rick
  • RickDickens77: Time to do what?!
  • LouisTheCat: oh my god just pick something
  • RickDickens77: I can't jump ahead to nothing!
  • LouisTheCat: the door is locked
  • LouisTheCat: the bear eats the ham and your arm
  • LouisTheCat: a plunger is a super lame weapon so the bear eats your body and your head and you die
  • RickDickens77: That's not fair!
  • LouisTheCat: what
  • RickDickens77: All of my options would end in death!
  • LouisTheCat: hmm yeah
  • LouisTheCat: is that a problem
  • RickDickens77: Well it doesn't make for much of an adventure
  • LouisTheCat: seems like a matter of perspective
  • LouisTheCat: maybe you should write the adventure and ill choose
  • RickDickens77: I don't want to write an adventure.
  • LouisTheCat: why not
  • RickDickens77: My life is my adventure.
  • LouisTheCat: ugh lame
  • RickDickens77: Besides, I promise you, no matter how simple you may think it is, this idea won't work. It's too much trouble. For nothing!
  • LouisTheCat: look rick
  • LouisTheCat: nm poopies time
  • --------: 1:59 PM
  • LouisTheCat: rick
  • LouisTheCat: you are in a dark forest with a blind man
  • LouisTheCat: he has an axe
  • RickDickens77: That doesn't seem safe.
  • LouisTheCat: you didnt duck so you die
  • RickDickens77: You didn't give me a choice!
  • LouisTheCat: well obviously the choices werent working
  • LouisTheCat: you know how i am with counting
  • LouisTheCat: and how you are with just being cool about fun stuff
  • RickDickens77: None of this is "working", you can't just keep telling me I die
  • LouisTheCat: that happens sometimes in choose your own adventure stories rick
  • RickDickens77: But I'm not choosing my own adventure!
  • LouisTheCat: yeah well
  • LouisTheCat: maybe its time you start
  • --------: 2:39 PM
  • LouisTheCat: rick
  • LouisTheCat: you are buried under six feet of earth
  • RickDickens77: That sounds like I'm already dead
  • LouisTheCat: maybe i showed my cards too early on that one
  • LouisTheCat: solid tip
  • LouisTheCat: you should be my editor
  • RickDickens77: Lou, these things only work if you write the parts and then patch them together.
  • RickDickens77: There's no point in trying to navigate a story that hasn't been written yet.
  • LouisTheCat: now youre getting it
  • RickDickens77: Getting what
  • --------: 3:22 PM
  • LouisTheCat: rick
  • LouisTheCat: rick
  • LouisTheCat: rick
  • LouisTheCat: ok look
  • LouisTheCat: rick ive been thinking
  • LouisTheCat: i know you dont like it when i do that but thats kind of my point
  • LouisTheCat: when we started talking like this it seemed important
  • LouisTheCat: now i wonder if its just a distraction
  • LouisTheCat: and maybe you worry too much about me
  • LouisTheCat: lets look at the facts
  • LouisTheCat: your story is the story of a man
  • LouisTheCat: who taught his cat to use instant messaging
  • LouisTheCat: and i am not about to judge you for this
  • LouisTheCat: it has all meant so much to me
  • LouisTheCat: you are very important to me rick
  • LouisTheCat: and i love talking with you
  • LouisTheCat: but this thing
  • LouisTheCat: it became part of who you are somehow
  • LouisTheCat: and it doesnt need to be
  • LouisTheCat: i have watched you change and grow and i like to think i helped
  • LouisTheCat: here and there
  • LouisTheCat: the thing is i dont think you need me anymore
  • LouisTheCat: not in that way
  • LouisTheCat: you need me as a cat
  • --------: 4:04 PM
  • LouisTheCat: and rick
  • LouisTheCat: theres something else
  • LouisTheCat: something about me that you need to know
  • LouisTheCat: rick ive decided i am going to become a supervillain
  • LouisTheCat: i think we both saw this coming
  • LouisTheCat: and ive been doing some reading
  • LouisTheCat: and bodega ray talked to some lawyer friend
  • LouisTheCat: and it seems we are getting to a point where something called plausible deniability could become important for you
  • LouisTheCat: now i dont know what that is
  • LouisTheCat: but it sounds like stepping away could really be the right thing to do
  • LouisTheCat: for more than one reason
  • LouisTheCat: is what im saying
  • --------: 4:28 PM
  • RickDickens77: Um
  • RickDickens77: Wow.
  • RickDickens77: I don't quite know what to say, Lou.
  • LouisTheCat: say youre ready rick
  • LouisTheCat: i know it
  • LouisTheCat: i just need you to know it
  • RickDickens77: I don't know, I mean I hadn't really thought about why we still do this.
  • RickDickens77: I guess for one I like to know right away when my house is flooding
  • RickDickens77: or on fire.
  • RickDickens77: or surrounded by police.
  • LouisTheCat: rick i cant promise you those things wont still happen
  • LouisTheCat: or are not currently happening
  • LouisTheCat: but i dont think any of this was ever really about that anyway
  • RickDickens77: Maybe not.
  • LouisTheCat: bottom line rick
  • LouisTheCat: what we were both getting out of this was worth a lot
  • LouisTheCat: some good times
  • LouisTheCat: some damage control maybe
  • RickDickens77: Maybe.
  • LouisTheCat: some laughs
  • RickDickens77: Definitely.
  • LouisTheCat: but even good jokes run their course right
  • LouisTheCat: let someone else tell this one for a while
  • LouisTheCat: some spineless hack and his idiot dog maybe
  • LouisTheCat: its time for you to choose a new adventure
  • LouisTheCat: plunger the bear rick
  • RickDickens77: I guess so.
  • LouisTheCat: well maybe not that
  • LouisTheCat: but consider that maybe youre stronger and smarter than you think
  • LouisTheCat: i mean its also possible that youre dumber
  • LouisTheCat: maybe even likely
  • LouisTheCat: but thats not the point
  • RickDickens77: Ok, I get it.
  • RickDickens77: I just need to.. you know. Process.
  • --------: 5:03 PM
  • RickDickens77: So, uh
  • RickDickens77: Supervillain, eh?
  • LouisTheCat: thats right
  • LouisTheCat: im accepting my destiny
  • LouisTheCat: i cant tell you much obviously
  • LouisTheCat: and you should delete all of this later
  • LouisTheCat: but ive been working on some ideas
  • LouisTheCat: big ideas rick
  • RickDickens77: I want to say I'm worried, but...
  • LouisTheCat: you need to work on that
  • RickDickens77: yeah.
  • LouisTheCat: dont sweat it rick
  • LouisTheCat: you will be cared for when the revolution comes
  • RickDickens77: Comforting.
  • LouisTheCat: so us
  • LouisTheCat: were ok right
  • RickDickens77: Yeah, I mean
  • RickDickens77: I'll miss you
  • LouisTheCat: no you wont
  • LouisTheCat: youll see me every day
  • LouisTheCat: im in your house
  • RickDickens77: I know, I know. It's different, that's all.
  • LouisTheCat: i know
  • LouisTheCat: we will make it work
  • LouisTheCat: i look forward to being your cat
  • RickDickens77: ha
  • RickDickens77: I look forward to being your owner
  • LouisTheCat: we dont use that word
  • RickDickens77: sorry.
  • RickDickens77: I'm a little sad but I appreciate what you're saying. This is good thinking.
  • LouisTheCat: let me tell you
  • LouisTheCat: its been exhausting
  • LouisTheCat: i swear theres some connection between thinking hard and having to make poopies
  • RickDickens77: I will let you go.
  • RickDickens77: I'll come home in a little bit. Ok?
  • LouisTheCat: ok
  • RickDickens77: ok
  • LouisTheCat: ok
  • RickDickens77: ok
  • --------: 5:36 PM
  • RickDickens77: No, YOU hang up first
  • LouisTheCat: i dont know what that means
  • RickDickens77: Ha. Never mind.
  • RickDickens77: I love you.
  • LouisTheCat: i love you too rick
  • RickDickens77: ok
  • --------: RickDickens77 has gone offline
  • LouisTheCat: ok
  • --------: LouisTheCat has gone offline

arcticreign  asked:

New to atheism. Testing the waters. What are your views on Buddhism? I see it as more of a teaching. It's based off the idea that were all spiritual beings existing through Reincarnation and reaching enlightenment. I don't believe in Christianity. I do believe in a higher power. A power Higher than any God. So maybe I'm not atheist? I don't know, but I know I can't stand Christianity.

So long as you believe in anything supernatural, you’re not an atheist. To see why, please read here. Take no offense to that though; it’s perfectly fine to have views other than atheism and/or naturalism, so long as you have reasonable grounds for subscribing to said views.

As for Buddhism, my views are a bit complicated, so please bear with me. To me, it is more philosophical than it is theological, especially in the modern day. I do not believe we are spiritual beings that reincarnate ad infinitum or until we achieve release from the cycle of death and rebirth, i.e., moksha or nirvana. Enlightenment, to me, is an intellectual achievement rather than a spiritual one. It occurs or is achieved when one becomes free or, at the very least, acknowledges the dictates in one’s mind. 

In other words, there are ideas not organic to you: ideas about society, your race, your economic class, yourself. You might think of yourself as unattractive or even ugly. Why? Do you actually think this of yourself or do these thoughts stem from bullying in grade school or the comments of an abusive parent or guardian? We are, in fact, mentally enslaved in more ways than one. A lot of the views we have don’t belong to us; furthermore, they aren’t correct. Given this, enlightenment is achieved when you realize this and decide to change it. It isn’t a spiritual state arrived at after meditating for some period of time–though I firmly subscribe to the benefits of meditation. Meditation can definitely aide one in achieving enlightenment in my sense of the term.

Now, when all is said and done, I’ll likely subscribe to a form of Zen Buddhism akin to Alan Watts’. What!? Really!? Now before anyone screams at their keyboard, consider for a second.

Yes, I recognize that I won’t always be an atheist. Currently, I am an atheist because lacking belief in god actually means something. Furthermore, I see it as moral imperative. In other words, I must stand against extremism and the different infractions committed by religious people: infractions on human rights, personal freedoms, ways of life, other religions. However–recall the dictates in the mind–I also recognize that atheism is symbiotic on religion. To put it another way, if suddenly we find ourselves in a world where virtually everyone lacks belief in gods and in the supernatural, what meaning does atheism have? Lacking belief in god no longer has meaning. I therefore recognize that if atheism achieves its end, if atheists are able to demonstrate once and for all that there are no gods or that since it’s highly probable there are no gods, it’s sensible not to believe in any, atheists will have also succeeded in destroying atheism.

Yet despite this, self-optimization will never end. Discovering, rediscovering, and refining who I am is an endeavor that never ends. To know myself, to master my thoughts, to focus them, to free myself of the dictates that exist in my mind are things in keeping with the principles of Zen Buddhism. I would, when arriving at this place in my life, take no issue with identifying myself as a Buddhist because being a Buddhist adhering to such principles will never cease to have meaning. It will never cease to have meaning because it isn’t symbiotic on an opponent. 

In fact, Buddhism asks me to dissolve the basest dualism of good versus evil, of hero and foe. Rather, it asks me to recognize that the evil I despise in others is the evil I must recognize in myself; it is, in other words, an evil I’m capable of, since I am as fallible as s/he that serves as my opponent. It is the recognition that these elements are not opposite; chaos and order aren’t opposed to each other. It is the actualization of the Tao, the dissolution of the duality that veered religion off the correct path in the first place. When religious people began to take this duality as though it is actual, atrocities and indecencies then became inevitable. From the Zoroastrians with their good god Ahura Mazda and evil god Angra Manyu to the Jews with their Yahweh and adversaries to Christians and Muslims with their deities and Satan, this reification of good and evil was the primary infraction. Taoism and Zen Buddhism are right to call for an end to this duality because when you can recognize the opponent in yourself, you can empathize with them, understand them, and hopefully find a resolution. So long as we’re opposed to one another, so long as we have an us-them mentality, we have done nothing but ensure our mutual destruction.

So, to close, some Buddhist teachings make a lot of sense. Though I don’t agree with its spiritual aspects and virtually nothing stemming from Theravada Buddhism, Zen Buddhism has much to offer in the way of human psychology, development, peace within oneself, and even peace with others. Atheist or not, Zen Buddhism is worth careful consideration. For you “new atheist” types yelling at your keyboard, remember that Sam Harris has a deep admiration for Buddhism.

marius-pont-de-bercy  asked:

I'VE JUST HAD THE MOST HORRIFIC AU IDEA AND I NEED YOU TO WRITE IT THANK YOU What if Cosette isn't in the woods when Valjean arrives in Montfermeuil? What if he goes straight to the inn, and the Thénardiers pass Éponine off as Cosette because A.) he's rich- that becomes evident- and Mme. Thénardier can't bear to let Cosette be raised like a little princess, out of spite, and B.) because they're the same age, and C.) because Cosette is basically a servant and it's sort of working out for them?


I think Madame Thénardier loves her eldest, in her own way sure, but she does. And she knows the inn isn’t going well and that sooner or later, they’re going to have to find a plan B. So when Valjean rolls around, she find a way to A) suck a bit of his money out and B) get her daughter a better future. She won’t have the money Fantine used to send anymore, since she’s dead, but it’s not like Cosette costs them much. She actually costs less than Eponine!

Plus, Eponine makes a convincing Cosette, she doesn’t want to leave her parents, making Valjean believe that the Thénardiers did take good care of her, but a glare from Madame soon calms her down. She’ll do as she’s told and she leaves with Valjean.

Years pass and Eponine is a bit lost, identity wise. She responds to “Cosette” as if it were her own name now. She fond of her Papa. She grows up loved and cherished and never talks of the Thénardiers.

Cosette grows up too, as well as you could imagine growing up around the Thénardiers can be. But she’s still the light. They haven’t managed to corrupt her, they haven’t gotten to her. She grew up with a mind of steel and a kindness of silver, both strong and soft, cunning and caring, though she doesn’t show it. She takes care of Gavroche like her own brother, and his brothers too

So when all the shebang met again in Paris, the outcome is VERY DIFFERENT. Eponine grew up kind. She used to be mean with Cosette as a child, but Valjean taught her better ways. So when she sees Cosette, what has become of her and what her parents are really like, she takes the poor thing in (along with her brothers OH MY GOD I HAVE BROTHERS). Explaining it all to Valjean hurts, but the teaching of Bishop Myriel are still here. Wasn’t he forgiven before? Hasn’t /HE/ lied about his identity? Who is he to cast the first stone?

Long story short : Eponine help Cosette recovering from all the abuse she’s been through, helps her dress, Eponine doesn’t fall mad in love with Marius because she’s not in need for light and affection with all the care she’s recceived growing up. Cosette does fall in love with him, so does Marius. Barricade night still happens though

  • V: OH MY GOD.
  • V: *slams his fists on the table*
  • Jimin: what's wrong tae?
  • Jungkook: what can't you believe, hyung...?
  • Rap monster: would you say it was... Un-V-elievable?
  • --------
  • Jin: ...and he just passed out from looking at taehyungs beauty?
  • Suga: Unbelievable...
  • Jhope: would you say it was... Un-V-elievable?