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ciuucalata’s klance fic rec list

part 1

Right To The Core by BleuSarcelle

(The one that it’s based on a short cute angsty video from tumblr and I couldn’t help myself to make my space gay suffer.)

listen here. this fic! this fic!!! it destroyed me but i love it so damn much. the angst is amazing and… god i am crying just thinking about it now. please read it and i promise you won’t regret it.

Dancing With Bluenette by BleuSarcelle

(The one where Keith wants to propose to his boyfriend and almost has a heart attack.) (Then the other one where Lance proposes back and Keith cries.) (The following one where they both cry because wedding make you cry.) (And that last one where they adopt.)

if you’ve read that angsty af fic and you need something to heal your heart and soul please read this because it’s so damn fluffy and domestic it’ll make you tear up. and when you finish this please read the whole series bc it’s so fluufy and good!!!!

Kiss by coralreefskim

“Keith,” Lance slurred, so it sounded more like he was saying Keef instead.

“What,” Keith said flatly, not really asking, as he jogged over to Red, eyes glowing yellow into life.

“You have stars in your eyes.”

Keith choked. “What?”

“Why do you have stars in your eyes?” Lance murmured.

ft low key mutual pining and bad pick up lines

i loove the way the author wrote keith and all the other characters. it felt so in character to me and the dialogue is soo good!! the fic is really cute and it made me smile so much

Please Don’t Go by Lxie

“Please don’t go.”

“Sorry, Lance." 

okay i know this is angst too but i promise you it’s really good. i loved the writing so much! like the biginning hit me hard and i fell in love with it instantly. and there’s also a second part!!! and lxie promised me a happy ending so there’s also that

Hello Meithman by archaicsextoy

Red escapes from Keith’s apartment only for his super unfairly attractive neighbor to bring her back. 

this was so cute!!! keith worrying about his cat was adorable and there were parts that made me laugh out loud tbh. this fic made me smile so much and i just love it!!

high tide, incoming by kojondo

It starts like this:

They’re sitting across from each other at a table in the local burger joint, tossing casual banter and the occasional insult back and forth. It’s familiar and comfortable, reminiscent of every other conversation they’ve ever had, until out of nowhere Lance leans forward and says with a mouth full of fries, “Let’s date.”

okaty okay okay the beginning of this fic is really really good. and pining keith is always a good thing. and the ending was just so damn soft. and the comparisons to the ocean were so well done. I LOVE COMPARISONS

Butterfly Kisses? by waffle_walks

"Butterfly kisses?" 

this is so damn soft and fluffy. *soflty* what the heckie? it had me squeeling so much and smiling so hard. please please read it. i promise you you’ll be smiling so hard your cheeks will hurt

You’ve Been Added To Space Nerds by bespectacledoikawa

Space Daddy™: Children,
Space Daddy™: please.

( or that one fic where voltron meme squad is formed by various college kids all over japan and keith is slowly falling head over heels in love with the kid with freckles on his face and stars in his eyes )

listen here. this fic is everything, it’s one of the firsts group chat fics that i ever read and i absolutely fell in love with it. i loved the ending and the pining was soo good. but mostly the interactions between everyone were the best. and coran is also present here which is always a bonus

Barbie Girl by shipstiel

Soulmate AU—Everyone hears the occasional stray thought from their soulmate—more of a glimpse into their mind than anything else. Unfortunately for him, Keith seems to have gotten the strangest, most irritating soulmate ever and seriously who the hell sings Barbie Girl at three in the morning, what are you twelve? Get some fucking sleep. 

soulmates aus are always the best thing ever no mater what. and this one is too. it was so funny and i loved it so much!! the ending was the best. and there’s also a second part from lance’s pov so make sure to read that too

Must Have Done Something Right by DeerstalkerDeathFrisbee

“So that was…”
“If you say painless I’m shoving you into another snowdrift.”
“Okay, that’s fair.  But you got a lollipop!”  
“That you stole from pediatrics.”  
“I’m a very good date.”

Lance accidentally crashes into his new neighbor in front of their mailboxes and somehow ends the night with a very attractive (and slightly concussed) date.

this is the first part of True Love or Something and i just started reading it but i am in love with it. cneiurnhcr wish i could talk more about this but i am only at the seventh part but i promise you this is an amazing series and you should read it

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soooooo i just hit 4k followers on this hellsite and i thought to celebrate i would do my first follow forever !!! why any of you follow me is a mystery to me bc im obnoxious as fuck but thank you anyways !!!!

while i would love to tag all of my mutuals i follow an insane amount of people and i probably have well over 500 mutuals (that’s so many oh my god who am i) !!! so ill just be tagging mutuals i talk to or that im always seeing in my notifs !!!!! if i forget anyone im so sorry but im kinda stupid so it’s to be expected !!

my loves:

@hoteldumorts - olive i loathe you but we’ve been friends for so long and i don’t know what i would do if i didn’t have you to make up a billion malec headcanons with, talk about MY matt daddy, or make fun of for being in love with shakespeare 

@clarygaywood - rina !!!!!! u were my first friend on here and even though ur mean to me for changing my theme every day im so glad we started talking !!! ur a gorgeous ass makeup hoe and my life would be meaningless without ur 300 second long snapchat rants :-)

@spacelightwood - chlo ur so brilliant and beautiful and u have the cutest accent in the whole world !!!! im sorry i just lost our snapchat streak i suck but i hope u can forgive me :( and ur drunk like 99% of the time, ur probably drunk right now, drink some water and go to bed :)

@magnusragnor - omg elle we just recently became friends but i don’t care you’re literally ALWAYS in my notifs and i love going and looking at your tags on my posts !!!! they are always so sweet and i can’t wait to get to know you better !!!!

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  • Stock Antagonistic god in a Persona game: If only more humans were like you
  • Protag: Cool. Coolcoolcool let me grab my wallet real quick
  • Stock Persona god: Why would I-- what are you doing
  • Protag: I am /trying/ to get out my pictures of my friends if you would just chill for like five seconds. You might want to get comfortable because there are a lot of them and I love them. Anyway, this is one of my friends from school, and she's the best because she's strong and kind, and-- You better be paying attention these people are important to me. Anyway, she'll kick any shadow in the face and I appreciate her. What a good friend. Also? Not a fan of your work, so that's one down for the 'hey so humanity actually hates what you're doing' count. Then there's this kid-- Oh man, they're so good. I'm gonna adopt them and kick their parents' asses. You better be listening; this is important and I have at least nineteen more friends to tell you about

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Hyungwon, I.M, Kihyun, and Shownu reacting to finding out you were a cam girl or worked in the sex industry so you could pay for your college. You can choose the scenario if your dating or friends. If you told them the secret, or they happen to find out by themselves one day while searching the web. By the way I love this blog! ❤❤❤

God I love this idea!!! I decided to make it so you’re dating them so I can cry harder than I already am… Even though I literally just joined this blog I hope you’ll accept my love lmao.

When they find out you used to be a cam girl (Shownu, Kihyun, Hyungwon, and I.M) *Slight NSFW*

Shownu: He just stayed frozen in his computer chair, not even expecting to see what he was currently seeing. The things you were saying were just so out of character for you, it was all so …raunchy. He started to feel his pants tightening just when you walked in the room. He instantly looked like a deer caught in headlights until you started explaining the reason behind it.

“So they just watch you do that stuff?” “Well yea that’s kinda how it works, Honey” “….We should do that…. but like…. just us”

Originally posted by gifsmonstax

Kihyun“WHAT IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS HOLY AND PURE! Y/N!!!” Kihyun would screech in horror from the office. Once you went in to see what the big deal was, you’d lock eyes with the frantic man with huge eyes stuttering in the computer chair. You just stared at him with a bored look until you noticed what he was freaking out about, the video of you slowly stripping down still playing on the computer as he jut squirmed awkwardly. You sighed and paused the video so you could simply explain your reasons for it.

“I just wish you would’ve told me before I ruined my own innocence” “Aw baby don’t be like that. You know, I could always ruin your innocence”

Originally posted by 93kihyun

Hyungwon“Um y-y/n?” Hyungwon would call for you from the computer he was sitting at in the living room. “One se-” You were interrupted by the sound of a girl’s loud moans,  but to be more specific, your loud moans. You almost dropped the glass in your hand as you rushed over to your blank ass boyfriend staring at the screen which featured a very naked version of yourself. You quickly shut his laptop without saying a word, which he immediately countered with “Hey I was watching that” he smirked.

“No need to be embarrassed,y/n it’s not like it’s anything I haven’t seen before” 

Originally posted by bangtan-monsta

I.M“Hey, baby are you still that flexible?” A giddy ass Changkyun sang as he watched an extremely vulgar video involving you and a pink vibrator. “Huh- Oh my god Changkyun! Where’d you find that?!” You pinched his stomach out of spite. “Ow! It’s amazing what you can find on the worldwide web hm” He’d grin at your red face before you explained your reasons. 

“Aw my jagiya is so smart” “I should not be getting treated this way you animal” - J

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oh god i am filled with so much love right now instead of hate i cant believe it. i love my mutuals, i love my friends, a lot of people care about me and i love you all

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Ahh you introduced me to Steal My Heart (steal my whole life too) the other day when I was trying to avoid CAM (which I've managed btw! Imma try and wait for more than the next chapter, bc Steal My Heart is a long ass fic woo) And man! You need to read it as soon as you cAn!! It's great! Extraordinary! Fabulous!

HEY i AM reading this!!! it’s so good i agree!!!! i’m on like chapter five and @snowbunnylester is my love god bless

  • Coworker: I was telling someone about you so you can help them later, but I wasn't sure how to respond to a thing they said.
  • Me: Oh?
  • CW: Yeah, I told her your name, and she was like, "Oh, the guy with the crazy hair!"
  • Me: Accurate.
  • CW: Yeah, but I wish I'd thought to say something like, "Yeah, that's Christian, but everybody calls him 'Vulture.'"

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me: *sees your post* me: tHE HECK IS THIS? me: * sets up a powerpoint presention to show how TALENTED, AMAZING, and LOVEY, you are* me: dear grandmother yammother, have you seen through read your farm au? have you seen your incredible art? have you seen basically anything you've made? its incredible, isnt it? what was that about you being 'medicore' ? ummM MEDICORE MY ASS! don't let your bad thoughts overtake you. you got this, love. i belive in you.

god all of these messages get me so emo like i am so appreciative of the support you guys give me all the time it literally keeps me.going and keeps me doing art and creating ❤❤

redcloneofsteel38  asked:

Bruh, you changed your profile photo to Chanyeol and 1. I feel disrespected by him and 2. I miss your beautiful face!!! Anyways... I also wanted to say how much I love your blog!! It's the very first I ever followed and I love all of your writings!! Actually your writings inspired me to start my own blog and write again!! To stop my rambling... thank you so much for everything you've done, whether it be for me or for all your followers!! I love you soo much!!!

I am in tears. The first?!?! Oh my god I’m so honored. And yes Chanyeol is rude and that tongue needs to stay in his mouth or in mine… WhT?! Love you back bb 😘

Harry: *regaining consciousness after a minor Healing procedure* What’s goi– *sees Draco sitting next to him* 

Draco: Hello, there.

Harry: *awed whisper* Oh my god. You’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen.

Draco: *flatly* Is that right?

Harry: *still gaping stupidly* Are you a Veela? 

Draco: No, Harry.

Harry: *gasps* You know my name?!

Draco: Oh, I know a whole lot more than your name.

Harry: *delighted* We know each other?!

Draco: *holds up hand* We’re married, love. *points out Harry’s matching ring*

Harry: *gasps at own hand* Wh–?! *drugged flailing*



7•2•17 | 53/100 days of productivity

New study space and I am in love. Hardwood table! So much space! So much natural light! What more could a girl ask for?

🎧: Nightcall: London Grammar

Person A: *hiccups* *more hiccups*
Person C: woah, you should drink some water
Person A: *drinks water* I still feel.. *hiccups even more*
Person C: I got it. The element of surprise shall save you from your mis-
Person A: *falls to the floor*
Person C:
Person C:  oh my god, I think you just killed A

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Have you ever done artwork of Preston, X6, or Piper? I feel like your style would work so well with them! Also wanna say you're so talented :D I love seeing your work on my dash it's always so breathtaking.

oh my god…until this comment I never realized that I’ve only ever drawn Hancock and Nick. I am so ashamed!


I have to .. there’s something you need to know.