my god i am so in love with you

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Hey so guess what? I had told you in an earlier ask that ch 22 of lucky us killed me and you said to come back to life just to die again. I followed your directions and am now experiencing the feeling of death the second time around. Ch 23 is even better like how do you even do that? Whenever I think a chapter is the top you just come back harder and I love it and love you! I will continue to die and die again just so I can relish in these chapters of pure beauty

Not through my puny human strength. ‘Tis a gift from God.

You think I’m clever enough to bring things back from chapters ago and make it look like I planned that from the beginning? Pfft. I can’t even remember how to use a can opener.

Now I will leave you with two bits of information:

  • Chapter 23 detonated the hard decision I made regarding this fic a few weeks ago
  • There’s one more thing from a previous chapter that’s going to make a major comeback…

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hello!! i just wanted to say i love your blog a lot as i am a giant class and doctor who fan. thank you for continually brightening up my dash with your posts 💞💞

oh my god?? thank you so much?? 

I feel kind of loud and obnoxious sometimes, especially when the Class fandom is so small, so honestly it’s nice to hear that at least some people like the shit I say haha

keep being awesome and having great taste my dude

I got 10 notes on a post that I made when I wasn’t in my right mind and in summary I had to sing the first part of You’ll Be Back, so here you go.

In which my art blog becomes narcissistic because I thought it would be funny to get 0 notes on a post.


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Okay you need to know this 😂 So my brother bought stationary in bulk and I look through them thinking cheerfully "Oh I love things in bulk!" Next thing in my mind is Emmett and Jacob... you knowww~ 😂 Right after that I was like "MOVE BITCHES OREANA NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT DIS ASAP"

ROFL! XDDD Don’t we all, honey? XDD Oh God, the bottom line had me howling! Hahaha, I love when we say something we don’t mean to come out as perverse.

My favorite ever had to be when I was in my sister’s old car (it was a two-seater only), and so there was little room in the vehicle, and we had just gotten finished with out dinner at a wings bar when she turned to me and as INNOCENTLY as could be, held up her purse and asked:

“Can I put this between your legs?”

And I took it out of context and started laughing so hard when I answered with a ‘that’s what he said’ remark, to which she started laughing real hard, and we couldn’t leave the parking lot for 10 minutes till we were done crying and laughing. X”DD

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Hey sweetie I hope I'm not bothering you (do you get a lot of asks/do you mind them?) I just wanted to check on you to see if you are feeling well and I also wanted to remind you that you are an amazing human being and if I ever grow to be only half as good as you I will be so good - well who am I kidding it's impossible to be even half as a good person as you are you are so sweet and helpful and nice. Have a nice day and stay hydrated! <3

Of course you’re not bothering me and I would never mind getting asks, I’m actually crying I promise I’m not as amazing as you think you’re like 200% more deserving of being called that oh my god, this is really sweet of you, love, thank you so much 💕
I’m all good, thank you for asking! I hope you have an excellent day as well ❤

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Hey I'm just here to let you know that I think your blog is phenomenal and its really helped push me to pray more and to hold onto my faith with a stronger hold than I've had as of late. This lent has been bad for me because I haven't done what I said I'd do in praying more and I've been letting the world get to me too much. This blog has helped me so much, it's shaken me awake and reopened my eyes! So thank you for everything you do and post, God Bless you! 💓💖💕☧

Thank you Anon! All glory to God, I am so happy you were able to find encouragement through my blog. I am praying for you! You re so loved! 

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I just am here to rant to you about an au idea for Hamilton. So one of the basic aus for Hamilton is the debate au, but what about a mock trial au? Mock trial is basically just a "fake" court but is really competitive. You can be an attorney or witness and it's just, perfect Also it's mostly civil cases concerning America. It's acting, defending, prosecuting, and mock trial is just wonderful. Ok sorry, my rant is over now, I just love this idea for an au a lot



I’m tired of smut just being porn star worthy, professional, distant fucking

give me fic smut where the characters are new and awkward and ‘oh my god am I doing this right?’ and 'no, oh my fuck you don’t put it there’

give me fic smut where the characters are crying but not like 'that’s good dick’ crying or 'shit that hurts’ crying but rather 'oh my god I love this person more than life and we’re so close right now’ crying, gimme some of that full out bawling

give me fic smut where it’s all a joke and they’re doing anything they can to purposefully kill the mood just to make the other one laugh

give me fic smut where they’re trying things out and maybe things don’t go as planned but they keep going anyway and have a good time

give me fic smut where the characters are literally teasing each other the whole time, but not like sexually teasing but more like insults that are their way of flirting like 'ow you bit my tongue, nice going you clumsy asshole’ and 'fuck you, I made you spaghetti and this is the thanks I get?’

give me fic smut where they laugh, be it because one of them did something funny/embarrassing or because they’re just happy????

like can people in smut fics be more than attracted to each other and not just sex machines with their only priority being fucking???


“Tell him you’re excited to have his last name and then marry his brother.”

#wastehistime2k17 Oh my god I had so much fun doing this silly comic! I really hope everyone can take this prompt as a joke as I really mean no harm in doing this! 💖 Some McHanzo for Valentine’s Day 💖💖💖 have a fun week, y’all!


“Islam talks about balance. No one can be perfect. Your relationship with God is something between just you and God. Islam can be interpreted in many different ways, and I am a very big fan of my mother’s interpretation. She is my role model. She tries to use examples from the Qur’aan in a modern sense. Instead of going back to the time of the Prophet [Muhammad (peace be upon him)], we must place the Qur’aan in a contemporary context.”

since it’s valentine’s day i’d just like to scream a little over this

because i’ll never be able to wrap my head around

just how outrageously smitten and in love they are

especially in this interview, the interview that changed a nation

they were so obvious and flirtatious it was the only interview they were ever allowed to do alone with each other

but my god if it isn’t a treasure


tag yourself, i’m them staring at each other’s lips

who looks at their best friend like that? whom?

just how will you get him for it? i am fascinated, do tell

I summarise heathers songs
  • Beautiful: School sucks unless your hot
  • Candy Store: Your not allowed to suck anymore
  • Fight for me: DAAMMNN you're hot
  • Freeze your brain: Take a fucking sip babes
  • Big Fun: underaged drinking! UNDERAGED DRINKING!
  • Dead girl walking: Sexy times
  • The me inside of me: Die in order to become even more popular
  • Blue: The fuck boi tune
  • Our love is god: I killed three people but I love you
  • My dead gay son: Dads out gay their sons
  • Seventeen: So sit in the naughty corner for murder
  • Shine a light: Your flaws are okay*
  • Lifeboat: My life's gone to shit now that all my rides to school have died
  • Shine a light reprise: *as long as they're socially acceptable
  • Kindergarten boyfriend: Still not over my ex, the song
  • Yo girl: Lol your life is shit
  • Meant to be yours: VERONICA openthe opentheDOOR plEAse
  • Dead girl walking: You thought you'd seen the last of me hah think again
  • I am damaged: You suck less than me so I'll die
  • Seventeen reprise: My boyfriend killed 4 people including himself but fuck that lets go watch the princess bride
I know I can’t tell myself to get over you. That’s not how it works, I’ve tried. But god dammit, I am so tired of loving you when you don’t love me back. I’m only hurting myself and I know I have to, need to, stop. But how? You were perfect, are still perfect. And even though you broke my heart, I still love you. I guess that’s the problem though. You’re still perfect, just not for me.

Happy 2 year anniversary to my partner in crime @boredpoetsociety . I am so blessed that God chose us to be together, I couldn’t have ever imagined that I’d ever find someone like you. You make me the happiest man on Earth and I hope I do the same for you 😊❤️ you’re my best friend. I love you so much ❤️ Here’s to many many more!!!


I love when you are on the last Tube and everybody is really drunk. There are people singing, people eating McDonald’s, people sleeping. I always forget that, and when I go back I am reminded. I love the energy. London is my home. I miss my family so much, it’s hard being away. And I miss salt and vinegar crisps. And Marmite. And good fudge. Oh my God. Clotted cream fudge…