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Do It Again

This one’s for @avasmommy224‘s Birthday Challenge - Happy 30th my love!
Hope you have an AWESOME day, followed by an incredible year. May the writing gods bless you with so many ideas you pray for writers block!
Enjoy, Jenn - this one’s for you!

Prompt: “Today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth”
Word Count: 2139
Warnings: Fluff, Smut - take that as your summary as well!
A/N: Thank you to @wi-deangirl77 for giving this a once over and making sure it made sense! Use the gif to inspire your imagination!

“Ow!” Jensen’s voice was rough with sleep, but he was sure as shit awake now.
“What’s wrong with you?” He asked, swatting me with the pillow he’d pulled from under his head. I flinched back, capturing the pillow and thumping it back down on him.
“I just wanted a piece of that fine ass!” I whispered, resting my head back to the dip in the small of his back, savoring in the warmth of his bare skin.
“No need to bite,” he growled, reaching to slap at my pantie-clad behind, running his hand up my thigh towards my knee that rested near his face, giving it a squeeze.
“And I was having such a nice dream too.” He murmured, lifting himself to rest his lips against my bare leg. I was aware from an eagle-eye view, we probably looked like a ying-yang, perfectly describing us, our differences that made us a whole.

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Kampos -- Part Two

Second installment of A Thing I’m Writing For @reioka. Gettin into the story guys. Sorry for the cliffhanger (not) also, don’t know when I’m going to be able to update next, because I just started my first job and it’s long hours and takes a lot out of me. I’ll try though!!! 

Part One

It quickly became clear that Steve and Bucky hadn’t really thought this out well. With Pepper tutting in the background they fretted, worrying over the hows and wheres of exactly what they were going to do with Tony. Hill wasn’t happy; Tony didn’t like her, and was very much cowering behind Bucky’s sheepish legs.

“Which idiot broke the tank?” Steve elbowed Bucky, who scowled.

“He’s better out here.” Hill pinched the bridge of her nose.

“He’s an ocean animal. For all you knew he couldn’t breathe air!” Bucky grumbled but had the tact to look properly apologetic and chastised. “How are you planning on moving him? Where are you planning to put him? You do realize seahorses aren’t freshwater animals, right?”

“You could let me go?” Tony tried weakly, his tail curling reflexively.

A gasped “My God” cut off whatever reply he would’ve gotten as a new human entered the room. This one had swirly, driftwood colored hair and bubbles floating in front of his eyes. “When I heard Zola ranting to those soldiers I thought he had finally gone crazy.” The human was staring and Tony didn’t really like that, although he thought he could take the human if it came down to it. The plates of his tail clicked as he curled and uncurled it, reminding himself to use his nose and not his gills. “Look at him. Amazing! And he’s intelligent.”

“He talks,” Pepper said proudly, as if she were the one who taught him human speech.

“I talk,” he echoed weakly, tired of being spoken about like he wasn’t there, curling his tail around Steve’s leg when he stepped too close. Steve grimaced but didn’t move away, smiling shyly down at Tony to encourage the closeness. The driftwood-haired human lit up, rushing forward and kneeling next to Tony, holding out his hand. This was one of those strange human habits that Tony didn’t know how to react to – they all stuck their hands in his face, like they expected him to do something with it. He stared at it, puzzled, before leaning up and nuzzling his cheek against it in affection and greeting, as he would with Natasha or Clint. The humans all got a very strange look on their faces, like they had eaten a jellyfish and it was floating around in their tummies. The driftwood-haired human withdrew his hand, his face blooming.

“I’m Bruce Banner. I’m going to help get you situated and then we’ll figure out what to do, okay?”

“You won’t send me home.” It was more weakness than words, and more statement than question. He was ignored, Steve and Bucky glancing at each other uncomfortably.

“I have a tank” Bruce Banner was saying to Hill, rubbing his bubbles on his shirt, somehow without popping them.

“You mean the one you created that slime monster in?” Hill deadpanned.  

“Maybe,” Bruce answered. “We just need to fill it with water and treat it.”

“How much is this treatment going to cost?”

“A lot.”

The tank was large, so large that Tony could’ve let salt escape after being stuck in the prison for so long, but it was still not as nice as the ocean would’ve been. It took Bruce Banner a long time to get it filled. Steve and Bucky, with a very real worry about Tony drying out, took to pouring buckets of water over him. It was fresh water, but it was kind, and Tony wouldn’t die from it like a real seahorse would (at least not immediately), so it was fine.

Most of these SHIELD humans were kind to him. Actually, most of the SHIELD humans avoided or ignored him, which was very nice. Bucky, Steve, Pepper, and Bruce Banner were nice though – he wasn’t yet sure about Hill. Especially because he thought a hill was a mound of something which humans liked to climb, and human Hill was certainly not that.

The water in the tank was perfect, and he gasped in surprise as Bucky and Steve lowered him in. It felt good rushing past his gills, and he actually did leak salt, looking at the humans through the glass (and this glass didn’t distort his vision! How amazing humans were!). He beamed at Bruce Banner, who bloomed and rubbed the back of his neck, tilting his hair down.

“I did some research,” Tony heard him say faintly through the glass and water, and smiled brighter, turning to explore his new (hopefully temporary) home.

His dorsal fin beating, he uncurled out his tail, relishing in the feeling of being able to stretch out and the absence of the heavy weight that came over his body in the air with the humans. He stretched his tail, curling it around one of the fake plants someone had kindly anchored to the bottom of the tank for him underneath the sand, finally feeling safe, and popped his head above the water so he could speak with the humans.

“Thank you Bruce Banner!” he chirped.

The humans wanted to look at him.

He didn’t really want the humans to look at him, because last time humans had ‘looked at’ him it had hurt a lot and they hadn’t done much looking, more prodding. So he told them that his gills hurt and he wanted to be in the water for a few days, surprised when they agreed. They were also as appalled (read: disgusted) as he was that the other humans had fed him dead food instead of live, and graciously provided him with live food to catch and enjoy.

And after they were so kind to him, he had to let them look at him, didn’t he?

Bruce Banner was the one doing the looking. He was surprisingly gentle, explaining everything he did. Bucky and Steve stood by with him, and Tony felt safer, even though he liked Bruce Banner a lot, especially when Bruce Banner brought out the needle because he wanted to take a liquid called blood out of Tony’s body. They all promised that it wouldn’t hurt him and he could live without a little bit of it, because Bruce Banner wouldn’t take it all, so he agreed, but he forced Bucky to hold his hand while the sharp metal went into his arm. Steve stood at his tail, letting him curl around his arm in anxiety, and Tony was grateful for that as well, because it made him feel more safe. When he had his tail around something, the currents couldn’t blow him away, so it was always safer.

It didn’t hurt, and Bruce Banner really did take only a little (Tony had seen more body liquid – blood – in some fish he had eaten), and Tony decided he really liked these humans. His herd was gone anyway (don’t think about it, don’t think about it), so he might as well stay here.

It was awkward when Bruce Banner wanted to see his pouch. There wasn’t much to see, and only his mate was supposed to touch there, but the humans were still being nice to him and he still had his tail wrapped around Steve’s arm even though Steve was making a face now (Bucky kept telling him to breathe) so he let Bruce Banner look, ‘palpitating’ (he guessed it meant gently pressing, from what was happening) his belly where his plates met his skin, and then lower where his pouch was. It wasn’t necessarily uncomfortable – he couldn’t really feel it – but he didn’t really know what Bruce Banner was looking for either. It was the same pouch as any other seahorse, nothing really special about it, but Bruce Banner was fascinated with it.

Later Bucky was going to let him try something called chocolate when Bruce Banner walked up, looking perplexed.

“Tony, you know you’re producing pregnancy hormones, right?”

Fashionably Late

Word count:
Genre: Fluff, Smutty smut smut
Summary: You have always been the most stubborn morning person, but Jackson has always been a great improvisor.


“Babe! Wake up we’re going to be late!”

Your eyes fluttered open to your boyfriend walking into the room as you laid on your stomach in bed. The only reply you could muster up to Jackson was a baffled groan from being woken up.

“5 more minutes” you say as you hide your face in the pillow of the bed Jackson and you have been sharing for over a year now.
“No!! We have to leave in an hour and I know you take over an hour to get ready y/n”
“Ever heard of being fashionably late?”
“Yeah, fashionably, not late late!”

Your eyes shut as silence once again filled the room, a sigh left your lips, You really couldn’t be bothered getting up, Jackson and you were meeting a few of the boys for a catch up at Marks house and Mark wanted to leave for lunch with you all. As great as it is to see the boys, which you always look forward to, Jackson and you both knew you have never been a morning person.

You hear footsteps re-enter the room, you don’t move an inch as you pretend to be asleep, crossing your fingers with your hands tucked under the pillow in hope not to be told to get up. Instead you get surprised as the weight drops to the bottom side of the bed. Still pretending to be asleep as you feel Jackson climbing up the bed. Not a word filled the room and all you could wonder was what on earth is that boy up to? He usually had to do something to get you out of bed but this is new.

Jackson had crept up beside you on the bed, a gentle hand moved to place on your waist which made you smile into the pillow, which thankfully he couldn’t see.

“You awake babe?” You could feel Jackson’s soft voice right next to your ear, his warm breath sending a shiver down you spine, but you kept up your facade, and didn’t move.
His hand moved further around to your stomach and you couldn’t help but left out a tiny giggle as his hand slightly tickled you - shit you thought, it’s over, he knows, you just had to be ticklish.
A chuckle left Jackson’s mouth and you furrowed you brows into the pillow out of frustration.

“So we are awake then huh?”

“No, definitely not awake, very much asleep *snore*”

A laugh left Jackson’s lips, “Guess I’ll have to try harder to wake you up then” he taunted.

Oh god you thought, please don’t tickle me Jackson you repeat in your head, once again crossing your fingers. Instead of tickles, you get greeted with a gentle kiss at the nape of your neck. A hidden smile made its way to your lips as Jackson kept pampering the back of your neck with small kisses. His tongue made a warm lick from the bottom of the back of your neck to the top and then he continued to kiss, the feelings arousing you but you were not giving in.

“Awake yet?”
You shook your head against the pillow “Not even close”.
“Ill try harder then”

Jackson’s hand moved slowly further up the side of you body, and his kisses moved from the back of your neck to the side as he started biting down and sucking on your skin, leaving marks you know you will have trouble covering for the next few days. You let out a small whimper and Jackson smiles against your neck. No you thought, he isn’t winning, at least not yet. His kisses trailed up and down your neck, alternating between sucking your neck and earlobe or just pampering kisses, each and every one going straight to your core.

“Anything?” he asked, his hot breath creating a cold contrast to the wetness his mouth left on your neck and you let out a small sigh.

“Not doin anything for me baby” you lied, you were already getting wet, Jackson also picked up your lie as he laughed beside you.
“Hmm….What to do next?” he thought aloud and you anticipated his next move.

His weight shifted, his hand grabbed hold of you waist as he flipped you over onto your back and proceeded to move on top of you, his legs at either side. You looked straight into his eyes as he stared right back, full of playful lust.
He leaned toward you as his lips met yours in an overdue kiss, his soft lips and yours molding perfectly together as you kissed him back passionately. His hand grabbed yours out from under the pillows, placing them above your head as he continued to kiss you. His tongue licked along your lips and you gladly opened your mouth for him as your tongues moved together in a steady rhythm, Jackson’s clearly taking the lead, which was sexy as hell.
“How about know?” he asked, heavy breathing evident on the both of you.
“Definitely getting there” you smirked up at him as he continued to kiss you, his one hand still pinning both of yours above your head, the other making its way down your side to the waistband of your shorts, you parted from Jackson’s heavy kiss, your breathing getting heavier as he moves his hand under the material of your shorts and underwear, you gasped as he very gently and slowly rubbed your clit, your arousal evident as you’re soaking by now.
“Ok! Definitely awake now” you moaned
“Good girl, didn’t think you could resist much longer” a smug look set upon Jackson’s face.
“Shut up” Jackson chuckled at your response, but he wasn’t wrong, he knew you couldn’t resist him and he knew just how to get to you, he has barely done anything to you and you’re already very wet.
His hand finally released yours to settle beside your head as his other continued his torturous slow motions where you wanted him most. Moans escaping your lips as he softly rubbed up and down your folds. He removed his hand from you and grabbed the hem of your t-shirt, lifting it up over your head to reveal your bare chest and then he did the same with his, both discarded on the floor, you took this moment just to gaze at his perfect body, his muscles tensing, you moved your hands to his hips, moving upwards ever so slightly on his torso, taking your time to feel him as he smiled down at you, never getting over you always appreciating his body, he loved it. He continued to pull your shorts down your legs and also discard his, leaving you both in just your underwear/boxers. He leaned back down to you, his face next to yours as he placed a small kiss on your mouth before moving to your neck, your collarbone, and down to your chest. His mouth connected with your breast as he licked over your nipple and his mouth enclosed, sucking on it and leaving wet kisses while his left over hand messaged the other, your buds hardening at his touch. Moans escaping your lips at a faster rate taking in all the amazing feelings being received by Jackson. You hand encasing his hair in a tight hold while the other gripped the bed sheets in efforts to keep yourself somewhat composed. He continued sucking on your nipple leaving little nibbles which washed over your body in a pleasurable pain, arching your back toward him, moans leaving your mouth, you could feel the tension build up at your core, which was becoming more wet for him by the second. Jackson lifted his head, staring into your eyes as he moved downwards on your body.

“Keep looking at me baby girl” you kept your eyes on him, propping yourself up on your elbows for a better look at him.

He kissed up your thighs, leaving little marks and nibbles on your inner thigh, pulling the thin material down your legs, before finally moving to your core and licking one long clean strip upwards making throw you your head back in pleasure.

“What did I say?” He looked up at you as you placed your eyes back on him. Jackson turning his attention back on your core leaving little licks and nibbles at you clit.

“You’re so wet for me baby, it’s so fucking hot” a groan filling his throat when it was evident just how much you were needy for him.

“Fuck Jackson!” you moaned his name trying your hardest to keep your eyes on him as he licked up and down your folds and around your entrance. With a few more swipes of his tongue, his eyes were on you as he easily pushed two fingers inside you, pumping then in and out of you sending waves of pleasure through your body.

“Oh my god, fuck!” your body arched in pleasure as he curled his fingers inside you, hitting the right spot that made you scream in pleasure as you tore your eyes away from him, arching your back and rolling your head back as he continued in the same spot, your core tightening on you and you knew you wouldn’t make it too much longer if he kept this up.

His tongue licked and sucked at your clit, leaving little kisses on it in between, making you writhe in pleasure as his fingers kept up their pace inside you, making sure to curl them to send you into overdrive. You breathing heavy and your heart pacing as you attempted to lift your hips of the bed in pleasure but Jackson placing his free arm on you to hold you down.

“Jackson I–”

“I know baby”

Your hands clasped onto Jackson’s hair, gripping tightly as he once again quickened the pace of both his tongue and his fingers, euphoria washed over you body and you screamed Jackson’s name in pleasure as your orgasm washed over your body, your body arching, toes curling, head falling back and hands gripping tighter onto Jackson’s hair as pleasure rushed through you, taking over every part of you body, sending tingles all the way through while Jackson continues for you to carry out your high, finally slowing down his fingers as you started to calm down from your high. He gave a last few licks as he tasted you, finally lifting his head up and smirking back down on you while licking his lips as he cleaned your remnants off his face.

You breathed heavily, left slump on the bed, you energy taken from your high. Jackson leaned toward you, deeply and roughly kissing you on the lips, pushing his tongue through your lips and making you taste yourself. You lifted your hand up placing it on his shoulder and flipping him over as you moved on top of him, not forgetting to pleasure him too. You moved your lips down to Jackson’s neck leaving kisses and nibbling at the skin just under his earlobe, you kissed further down his neck leaving kisses all the way down to his chest, you could hear low groans coming from Jackson’s and god they were fucking sexy. You moved down his body licking from his torso down to the band of his boxers while your hands trailed from his pecs downwards to the same spot, you looked up at him as you placed your hand over his boxers onto his approaching hard on and rubbed softly, palming him through his boxers. You moved your lips towards him and kissed him over the material, soft curses falling from his lips.

“Fuck y/n!” he groaned, his chest rising up and down as his breathing becomes heavier.
Your hands trailed against the waistband of his boxers as you slowly started to pull them down his legs. Throwing them onto the floor as you moved back up to him, his erection finally free.
You look up at Jackson’s face, admiring his beautiful scrunched up features and messy hair as you took his length in your hand pumping up and down at an agonisingly slow pace, wondering how long he can handle your teasing. Your lips moved to his tip as you left tiny kisses and licks on it, wiping away his pre-cum at the same time, staring up at him with innocent eyes as he propped himself up on his elbows to watch you, his jaw clenched and facial features tensed. You licked another small lick around the tip of his shaft while your hand continued to move slowly up and down.

“Stop teasing me” he spoke, moans and curses leaving his mouth.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about babe” you smirked up at him, before finally taking his length into his mouth, flat tonguing him up and down and having his head fall back in pleasure.

“Shit!” he cursed, moans leaving his mouth as you bobbed up and down on his length, hollowing out your cheeks whenever you sucked him upwards, your hands pumping the rest of his length that you could not fit in your mouth.

You bobbed back down on his dick, scraping your teeth every so softly on his length and using your tongue as you moved back up

“Fuck that feels so good baby!” groans left his mouth at an unstoppable pace. His hands finding a grip on your hair as he pushed you further down to hold more of his length in your mouth, making you gag slightly.

His grip on your hair tightened making you moan down onto him, the pleasure from you humming onto him flourishing through his body adding to his sensations.

You quickened your pace on him, bopping up and down while licking around his shaft, you released him from your mouth, leaving a popping sound as you took your mouth off him. Coating his dick in saliva as your mouth quickly found its way back. You took as much of him in as you could, his base scraping the back of you throat adding to his euphoria. You can hear the sound of Jackson’s breath hitching in his throat and you knew he was getting closer to his end, so you started to move at a quicker pace, the groans coming from his gorgeous lips encouraging you. The pleasure almost starting to take over him as he lifted his hips up and down further into your mouth, before finally stopping himself and pulling you off of him. Sweat dripping down his forehead, his breathing uneven and his eyes tired and you swear its one of his most sexiest looks. You gave him a confused look as to why he stopped you and he read your mind.

“I want to be inside you when I come baby girl” He gave you a soft kiss as you leaned on him, giving himself a second to calm down from almost orgasming before flipping you back over onto the bed, settling himself in between your legs.

He aligned himself with your entrance and you stared at him licking your lips hungrily with lust filling both of your eyes, his face came for yours as he once again kissed you roughly, your tongues clashing together, a lewd moan coming from your mouth as you felt him finally push inside you, gasps emitting from your mouth as you pulled back from the kiss, your mouth opened wide and your eyes clenched shut. You did you hardest to open you eyes and look at your boyfriend, who was biting on his bottom lips, his eyes shut, eyebrows knitted together and the mess you had made of his hair and you swear you almost came right then and there just from looking at him.
Jackson pulled out until all that was left inside you was his tip and then he slammed back into you, repeating this process over and over until you were screaming his name and became a moaning, panting mess, the sounds and actions absolutely beautiful to him as a smug look grew on his face above you.

“Fuck you’re so tight and wet for me, it’s so hot!” his words made you growl in response.

He continued his merciless hard thrusts and your hands gripped into his shoulders to help you hold yourself, you nails digging into your back, which you knew was going to leave marks. Jackson growled at the feeling of your nails in his back, the pleasurable pain rising tension inside him.

“Faster Jackson - please, ah!” he quickened his pace immediately and the waves of pleasure were almost too much for you to handle, you back arched and you screamed, tension building up inside you.

“Keep screaming my name baby, it’s so fucking hot” he didn’t have to ask you twice, just his sex crazed voice made you moan his name once more.

“Fuck Jackson!” you scream as his rough pace and slamming struck euphoria inside you, the feeling building up in your stomach and you both knew you wouldn’t last much longer if he kept up the unbearable pace.

Jackson grabbed your thigh, draping it over his shoulder to go deeper inside you and hit the perfect spot as you screamed in pleasure.

“Shit! Right there Jackson uGH!” He kept hitting the same spot in this new position, and your walls clenched around him, making the man before you spill out his beautiful groans.

“You feel so good y/n!” he moaned, leaning forward to kiss you on the lips as he kept up his pace, biting on your bottom lip. Your mouths clashed together and you moaned into the kiss as he hit that perfect spot every god damn time.

His face moved to the crook of you neck, his breath hot and heavy and you could feel him panting against your skin, both of your chests heaving up and down at an unbelievable pace. He kissed the crook of your neck down to your collarbone, leaving sucking and nibbling at the skin just above your collarbone, marking you his. You moaned at the feeling of him biting down on your skin.

Jackson quickened his pace once again inside you, as fast and as deep as he could possibly go and you hissed at the feeling, your breath uneven at the unrelenting thrusts pushing you back and forth on the bed.

“Im so close–ah!” you screamed at the new feeling Jackson was giving you as he moved one of his hands to rub hard and fast circles against your clit, the feeling overwhelming you.

“Let go for me baby girl” He said softly into you ear.

“Jackson- fuCK!” your body writhed in pleasure underneath him, and the tension flooded into you core as you welcomed your second orgasm into your body, your back arched, you hands digging into Jackson’s back for support, his thrusts not wavering while you flourished through you high, his hand continuing their unbearable pace against your clit. Your body finally relaxing but Jackson did not stop or calm down at all, chasing his own high as the sensitivity overwhelmed you. Your walls clenched around him repeatedly to help him to his high and he continuously growled you name. Your hand grabbed his neck, tangled in his hair as you brought you face back to him, kissing him passionately and biting down at his bottom lip. He brought his face back up, finally letting go to his high, curses falling from his lips and the sight was unimaginably gorgeous. His eyebrows scrunched together, biting his lips so hard with both hands aside your head. His thrusts started to become sloppy and you placed your leg back beside him on the bed as he came down from his high, his weight collapsing onto you.

You placed your hands around his neck as you cradled each other. Attempting to slow your heavy breathing. Jackson looked up at you, his sweet and restless eyes right into yours, his hair drenched in sweat on his forehead and you moved the hair out of the way, the small gesture making him smile. You both managed to relax a little and he pulled out of you and collapsed beside you. You laid on your side and cuddled into his chest, enjoying the heaving of his chest and his arm around you, both of you basking in the afterglow of sex. Jackson turned his head, glancing at the clock on your bedside table, it was now 25 minutes before you had to leave to meet the guys.

“I guess we are going to be a bit more than just fashionably late huh?” you said, smiling up at your boyfriend and he returned the gesture.

“I guess so, but after all, late late isn’t so bad” he winked down at you, kissing you on the forehead and you chuckled, both of you just holding each other for the next few minutes. The lunch catch up would have to wait a few minutes longer…

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Other Jackson: Falling For You

Fire & Flowers - Vampire Harry

Y/N and Harry aren’t fooling anyone when it comes to their realtionship but people underestimate how good they are at keeping secrets.

An elbow jabs into Y/N’s arm, shaking her from her trance. “You know every girl in here is giving you the evil eye?”

Y/n shrugs, “It’s cause I came with Harry. You’d be surprised at how vicious some girls can be.”

Fran laughs and takes a sip of her drink, “I am not surprised. You and Harry have something, what’s going on?”

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rosetintedhell  asked:

How would the face family react to seeing their S/o asleep on the couch from watching a movie

CUTTEEE srry for this bein so late D:

France/Francis Bonnefoy: France had been in another room doing paperwork and things. He left his desk to go get some water and decided to peep into the living room to check on you. “Oh…my..god..!” he gently gasped. His s/o was curled up on the couch, snoozing like a cat. France covered his face; he was overwhelmed. They woke up and saw the Frenchman curled up in a ball making unintelligable noises. “Uhm….Francis???” He hopped up and tightly embraced them, kissing their cheek. “You are the cutest, mon amour~”

America/Alfred F. Jones: “Man that was relaxing!” Alfred exclaimed, leaving the bathroom. He had just took a shower and was wearing some blue pajamas with a towel around his neck. “Hm, it’s getting late, the movie should be over by now……” he said aloud to himself as he poked his head into the living room. His s/o was sprawled out on the couch, drooling. Alfred started grinning really big. “Oh my GOD!!! SO ADORABLE!!!!” he thought to himself. His s/o woke up and saw him standing there. They immediately sat up, embarrassed because they were drooling. Alfred practically ran over and gave them a bear hug. “DON’T WORRY I LOVE IT!!!” he exclaimed then pecked their cheek.

Canada/Matthew Williams: This boy had fallen asleep at his desk while doing paperwork. When he awoke he realized that it had gotten pretty late. “Where is s/o? The movie should have ended a little while ago….” he said to himself. He made his way to the living room and blushed a bright red. His s/o was sitting up, holding Kumojiro, both of them asleep. He smiled really big and quietly entered the room. He cautiously sat next to them and cuddled up with them. When his s/o woke up, Canada was leaning on their shoulder, fast asleep. It was the best sleep he had gotten in a while.

England/Arthur Kirkland: “There, it’s all done!” he happily stated. Britain had been cleaning up around the house. “Wow it’s late. I wonder if s/o is still up…” he wondered. He walked into the living room and froze, his face red. His s/o was cuddling a pillow, fast asleep. He was dying (nOT LITERALLY). “S/o is SO ADORABLE SFOHFSBOIFHOSBIFHOSBFIHSFBOIBSFOI” he thought. Poor boy was short circuiting. His s/o woke up and asked him why he his hand was on his chest and if he was okay. Britain straightened up. “I-I-I’m fine!!!! Just you were sleeping and you looked so cute it caught me off gua-” he slapped his hands over his mouth, practically glowing red. S/o got off the couch and kissed his cheek. Britain fell down. His s/o was frightened for a second; but Britain is okay he just passed out. It was too much. (Help him)

Extra: I headcanon that America has rlly strong and firm, but warm hugs :3

the stranger things cast, according to my grandma:

finn: “he’s gonna be a little heartbreaker when he gets older, he’s so adorable.”

gaten: “i’m adopting that one, he’s precious! look at his little curls and that smile!”

noah: “oh my god, he’s so tiny! can i adopt him, too? he reminds me a little of that big-eyed guy from the wizard ring movies you used to watch all the time.” (it took me almost five minutes to realize she meant lord of the rings and i think she was referring to elijah wood)

caleb: “another future heartbreaker.”

millie: “hey, we have the same name! but she’s much more gorgeous than i was or ever will be. she looks so stylish.”

charlie: “river phoenix.”

joe: “flock of seagulls cover band front man. also looks like that guy who played the spidery man.”

natalia: “gorgeous flower child.”

david: “big burly man who i would be very interested in dating.”

winona: “isn’t she the woman you’re in love with?”

he tells you that his faith has never been in a god
as it has been in his own hands and feet
carrying him on the ice, fae-like and
impossibly beautiful.

you have your own gods, quiet yet
noisy in the whisper of the wind,
the trickle of rain,
the roars of the ocean,

but you can understand why
he would not believe he same.

(you see the god in him;
the sky residing in his eyes,
the ice under his command,
his beauty too much for mortal eyes.)

he tells you, on the
478,081st minute of the year
that he has changed his mind.

“I found my god,”
he whispers in the night, his heat
a blanket curled up around your back.

“Who?” you ask, thinking of the gods
you know from home.

“You,” he says, the simple word
a prayer bestowed upon your head
as he clasps his hand over yours.

you think of him
whispering your name in supplication,
pressing kisses to your feet in worship,
kneeling before you as one would an idol,

and you understand.

“You’re my god too,” you whisper,
a blessing kissed upon your clasped hands
as you bask in his warmth.

he laughs, warm and gentle and loving,
and for all that it would sound unkind
from a being beyond your grasp,
you already know better.

this god in your arms
loves you too.

—  you are the god of his heart (as he is the god of yours) || jG

I’m so tired and stressed out right now, and I could just imagine Percival could be the same, and he’s working late again one night, and he’s just had enough, and he’s drinking scotch at his desk again because he just can’t get warm.

And somehow, Newt just always knows, and he comes knocking on his office door at two in the morning, and he looks as tired as Percival does. Newt shuts the door with a gentle click, and locks it, and Percival looks up and towards the clock and just curses and holds his head in his hands.

Newt clears his throat, and holds his suitcase close to his chest in both hands, and tells Percival that ‘If you can’t come to home, then home could come to you‘. So Newt sets the case down and open on a safe space of Percival’s floor, and reaches out a hand to Percival, and together they descend into the case.

And Percival is expecting Newt’s workshop, but instead, they find themselves in the loft area of a cosy one bedroom cabin. And Percy can see snow gently falling outside the window. It’s warm, the heat from a fireplace burning downstairs, and a gas lamp glowing next to the bed. And there is a large, plush, comfortable looking bed at their feet, and it’s flush on the ground with two piled mattresses, and reminds Percival of a nest.

And his whole body just aches to sink into those plush pillows and thick blankets.

“You can explore in the morning.” Newt slid his palms up his chest and around Percival’s neck, long and strong fingers working at the feeling of tight muscles and knots that he could feel there. “I thought that my little workshop was a bit too… well, unprepared for my new want to spend every night by your side. This is our own enclosure, it’s creature proof, which will most likely work out for the better. But then again, Niffler always seems to find a way. I thought this might be less stress inducing than waking tangled together in a coat with a Mooncalf asleep on your back.”

“You did this for me?” It was the sleep deprivation, it had to be, but Percival’s eyes seemed to glaze over, and he smiled, softly, before bowing his head to rest against Newt’s shoulder, shivering as his love’s fingers scratched therapeutically through the short hairs near the nape of his neck. “You are just so perfect. What did I do to deserve you.”

Newt doesn’t answer, just hummed in response as he gently slipped the blue scarf from around Percival’s neck. The director was already dressed down. He had already discarded his jacket and vest, still sitting on the coat rack in his office. Left was a crisp white shirt, rolled up at the sleeves to show off strong forearms. Suspenders and a wand holster, and dress pants and shoes. Percival was just the perfect package, and as much as Newt admired the aesthetic that a hard-at-work Percival displayed, he was asleep on his feet, and hardly ready for any kind of bed time fun.

“Come to bed, Percy.” Newt’s hands toyed with the buttons around Percival’s collar, slowly undressing his love, and sighing in slight disappointment but utter pleasure as Percy just muttered something against his shoulder, and waved his hand, and they were suddenly down to just their undergarments. Their clothes neatly folded on the dresser.

“Gods, I need sleep. I need you.”

Percival pressed slow and sleepy kisses to Newt’s shoulder, nuzzling his nose into the crook of his neck, and the younger man sighed in pleasure.

“Darling, you’re about to fall asleep on your feet. As much as I love you, this can wait till tomorrow.”


Newt grinned in triumph, before pulling Percival towards the bed, pulling back the covers and playfully pushing the older man down onto the mattress. The effect was instantaneous, and Percival groaned in pleasure as his tired body sunk into the plush of the cushy mattress and the crisp white sheets.

“Ohhh my god. This is heaven.”

Newt fell to his knees and curled up into the bed, leaning over to cast a silent Nox charm on the lamp beside the bed. The room was silent, and in the distance, they could hear the sleepy sounds of Newt’s creatures, and Newt smiled as he went straight into Percival’s arms, drawn into their first slow and sweet and sleepy kiss for the morning.

Still in the kiss, Newt reached down and flipped the covers back over them, and groaned at the feeling of warm skin pressed against his own, and Percival’s long and elegant fingers teasing the waistband of his undergarments, and he very reluctantly pulled his lips away.

“Darling. Sleep.”

And he turned into his side, pressing his back against Percival’s chest, and the Auror got the hint, wrapping his arms around Newt and pulling him flush against his own body. Pressing his face against the back of Newt’s head, burying his nose into the clean scent of Newt’s curls.

“Hmmm, you spoil me, doll.”

Newt smiled at the term of endearment, and wiggled backwards, pressing more into Percival’s arms.

“I love you too, Percy.”

Soft puffs of breath against his neck, and Newt could feel that his love was already asleep. And he happily curled up against Percival’s heat, nuzzled his head into his new plush pillow, and let himself drift off to sleep.


@mockingatticus thank you for sending me lots of pictures of inside Newt’s case <3 @elletromil @karomel-02 @oichealainn @getinthefuckingjaeger Some sweetness for your day <3

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On a pure note, Louis has mentioned many times that he hates being woken up but what if sometimes Harry HAS to wake him so he straddles him and leans down and shakes his head so his curls tickle louis' face and wake him up and when Louis finally wakes up Harry leans completely down and gives him kisses and Louis can't even be mad bc he's so cute -fic anon

Oh my god???? He would just gently brush their noses together and his curls would tickle his neck and Louis would groan all grumpy and sleepy soft and harry’s like “I made you a cuppa?” And just wow wow wow

Let Me Finish

Seth Rollins/OC . For Anon: One where reader is masturbating in the shower with the shower head and Seth accidentally walks in on her (they’re dating btw). Reader invites him to help her out and he sits behind her with the reader in between his legs, her back to his chest and she hands him the shower head to get her off.

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Dan’s Dresses

AU where Dan and Phil are finally meeting for the first time, but Dan has a secret that might ruin everything.

Word count: 3,319 (It was supposed to be a short one-shot sorry)

Mild dysphoria, (really shitty) angst

Sorry I suck at titles and writing in general, but this one goes out to trans-dan for being a babe and rambling about queer!phan headcanons with me xx


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Crashing Part (6/?)

Title: Crashing Part (6/?)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Characters: Bucky Barnes (Mentioned), Steve Rogers(Mentioned), Natasha Romanoff(Mentioned), Darren(mentioned)

Warnings: NSFW, smut, things going wrong😭

A/n: Feedback is appreciated❤. You might still hate me at the end😔

Summary: Bucky Barnes is your boss and best friend. What happens when he needs you to pretend to be his fiance?

Crashing Masterlist

Originally posted by squishedbyseb

Your name: submit What is this?

I glanced at the clock, nearly cursing myself when I realized it was already thirty minutes past lunch. I had an hour left and to be honest I didn’t want to leave my safe haven. I had managed to avoid James for three days now, and God knows how long I can avoid that man. I took a chance, picking up my purse and phone, already feeling the consequences of skipping breakfast this morning. I had managed to feign my flu for three days, magically avoiding Steve’s unending questions about why I left even though I told him I wasn’t feeling well. The door opened and I looked up to see James, he stepped in, closing the door behind him.

“What the hell are you doing here?” I asked, feeling his heated gaze on me, his eyes just raking over my body, I glanced at his hands, even without feeling, I could already imagine him sliding his warm hands all over me. I walked towards the door, only to have him block my path, his fingers sliding up and down my arm. “How wet are you sweetheart?” He whispered, continuing his actions, and I couldn’t pull away. “What?” I asked, swallowing hard when his blue eyes locked with mine. “You look so fucking good doll, good enough to eat” he said softly, smirking as he felt me shiver under his touch.

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No New Messages- Lafayette X Reader

a/n: if you don’t understand the formatting i will explain it at the end.

[The first time I met you was on a street corner.]

I walked faster, my phone ringing and I looked down at it and I crashed into somebody and I fell down, spilling my drink on me. I sweared and I looked at the person who was on the ground as well. He was okay as well and he got up and offered a hand to me. I accepted it and he helped me up.

“If you wanted my attention you could’ve just said hi.” He laughed and I shook my head.

“I’m so sorry.” I mumbled and he laughed.

“No, don’t worry. It is all good, oui?” He asked and he noticed my now wet shirt that was clinging to my skin. “I’m just outside my apartment, would you like to borrow a shirt?” He asked and I smiled.

“That would be appreciated but you don’t have to. I mean I’m the one who ran into you.”

“Nonsense. I was distracted anyways.” He smiled and motioned me to go inside the building and I went in cautiously. He followed me in and led me to the elevator and pressed the button for the twentieth floor.

We got out of the elevator and he led me to his apartment and opened his door.

I went inside and I took a deep breath in as I looked at the view from his apartment. You could see the entire city… it was amazing.

“Here, will this shirt do?” He asked and I turned around and I grabbed the faded black t-shirt that was several sizes too big for me.

“Can you turn around?” I asked awkwardly and his face grew red.

“Of course, my aplogies.” He said sheepishly and he turned around. I took my wet shirt off and slipped the tee on, amazed at how comfortable it felt.

“You’re fine. And yes, it’s great.” I smiled and I started to walk out of the apartment.

“Can I get to know you better?” He asked me and I turned around and looked at him. I nodded.

“When should I return the shirt?”

“Keep it. You wear it better than me.”

“Thanks… what’s your name again?”

“Lafayette. And you are?”


“Can I get your number before you go?”

“Sure.” I smiled and I wrote my number down before we went to the elevator and to our workplaces.

[After that we met often and we became the best of friends.]

“Y/N. I wanted to ask you something.” Lafayette smiled and I raised an eyebrow at him.

“We are both somewhat hungover and I am still in my pajamas.” I joked but I felt my heartbeat accelerate.

“I want you to move in with me.” He asked me and I smiled and I looked at him carefully.

“You’re joking, right? I mean I thought Alex-”

“He’s moving in with Eliza and I just didn’t want to be alone. You practically live here already I mean you have a bunch of your clothes in my drawers and we have sleep overs all the time.”

“True. But moving in?”

“You don’t have to, I just thought-

"You’ll have to help me move my stuff though.” I said and he smiled widely.

He put his cup of coffee down and he slid over the counter and he hugged me and I smiled.

The hug lasted longer than we both knew was normal.

We didn’t mention it the rest of the day.

[And I fell in love with you.]

I was browsing on tumblr and sitting on the couch when I heard the door open and I looked up from my phone and I saw Lafayette stumble in, Hercules helping him. He smiled when he saw me.

“Y/N! My favorite person in the world!”

“How much did Laf have to drink?” I asked Hercules.

“Too much. They really went all out for Alex’s birthday.”

“Thank you for getting him home safely.”

“Anytime.” Hercules smiled and he helped Laf over to the couch and he left our apartment. Laf laid his head on my lap and he looked up at me and smiled before falling asleep.

I felt my lips turn up into a smile and I undid his bun and I ran my fingers through his curls, untangling his hair.

“God you can’t expect me to not fall in love with you.” I whispered and I turned my phone off and I fell asleep.

I woke up with Lafayette still laying on my lap but he was waking up and I started panicking but he opened his eyes and he groaned.

“Ah shit, it’s been quite a long time since I’ve gotten this much of a hangover.”

“I’ll get you some water.”

“I can get it, merci.” He stood up and he got water, taking some medicine as well and he set the glass down, looking at me, amused.

“You undid my bun?”

“You were the one who used me as a pillow”

“You’re a good pillow. I’ll make pancakes?”

“You’re hungover, Laf. I’ll cook.”

“Please don’t burn the apartment down.”


[I think that maybe you did too at one time.]

I turned on the tv and started watching Netflix and he laid next to me and I looked at him.

“You look beautiful.”

“I haven’t showered in like ten days.”

“My point still stands.”


“What are we watching?”

“Is John, Alex and Herc gonna join us as well because we are gonna binge watch Chopped.”

“Or we could… never mind. I’ll call them.”

“What were you going to say?”

“Nothing that concerns you. I’ll text them in the group chat.”

“We could just watch it, you and me. If you would like that.”

“I would like that.”

“So would I.” I smiled and I cuddled up to him and put it on Chopped. I rested my head on his chest and I felt my eyes grow heavy and I started to doze off.

[Words that will cling to our hearts unspoken.]

I heard their laughter from the living room and I peeked out of my room to see Laf and a girl that I didn’t recognize laughing and he looked at her in a way I had only seen him look at me. He brought her closer to him and he kissed her.

I felt tears in my eyes and I took a deep breath and I looked away. It didn’t matter.

“Hey guys. Who is she, Laf?” I said with a fake cheeriness to my voice. They jumped apart and Lafayette looked at me. He had an unrecognizable look on his face.

“She’s my girlfriend.”

“I didn’t realize you had a girlfriend.”

“I’ve only been his girlfriend for a couple days.” She explained and she grabbed his hand and he smiled.

I wanted to tell him.

But I didn’t.

Because if she made him happy, then that was enough.
It would have to be enough.

[I still love you. I’m sorry. I wish you guys the best of luck in your marriage.]





okay so the formatting in case you didn’t really understand how i wrote this,, it’s the reader reflecting on memories of laf. the text in the [] is the words that she’s typing and is planning to send to lafayette. she ends up not sending it and deleting it,, which is what the title is referring to when it says ‘no new messages’

Six Inches

Enzo Amore/OC. For Anon: He’s always smooth with the lines (including something with an innocent comment about how he’s only 6 inches taller than she is, to which he replies how 6 inches is a lot *cough* *wink*) and is a master at kissing, but when he and reader start foreplay he fumbles, gets tongued tied and all nervous because he’s so in love with her and admits it, and just cute fluff that brings on steamy smut.

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"So...what did you dream about?" A Bellamy Blake smut

Requested: “Bellamy with the dream one of inappropriate AU’s” and
“Can you just write some kind of Bellamy smut? lol I have no ideas for prompts”
I combined these requests so it will be sooner that requests will be reopened! I got carried away with this sorry! check out the smut au prompts tag and I’d be happy to fill it when requests are reopened.
Bellamy Blake was a man who did have vivid dreams when he slept. In fact, he could only count on one hand of dreams ever since he grew up that he had thought of fondly. This dream. The dream currently underway was the best one he’s had in a long time.
Bellamy approached the figure on the bed of the dimly lit room. He recognized the room. It was his and (Y/N)’s bedroom.
“Bellamy.” (Y/N) sang in a heavenly voice. His head turned to the bed and his eyes widened at the sight.
His beautiful (Y/N) laid on the bed, sprawled out as she was naked. Giving him a plain view of her drenched, yet beautiful heat. Bellamy moaned at the sheer sight of it as (Y/N) giggled.
“Crete big boy…there’s something I want to try.” She grinned. Bellamy could only nod as he noticed a rope on the bedside table.
“(Y/N)-you’re so hot-”
“Shhh…not talking tonight baby boy.” (Y/N) warned playfully as she moved in front of Bellamy. Bellamy could only gasp as he went to rest a hand on her ass. He slapped it away causing him to gasp. She trailed a hand to his bulge before giving it a harsh grab. He gasped before letting out a feeble moan.
“No touching me.” She warned.
“What?!” He asked with big eyes.
“I’m going to have to tie you down, aren’t I baby?”
“Yes-” she gave him another harsh squeeze.
“Yes what?”
“Mistress.” He begged. She nodded with a grin as she shoved him onto the bed. The dream faded but came back as Bellamy was tied to the bed. It was hazy but instead of him being tied down, she was. And Bellamy was harshly pounding into her as she fought the restraints with little success.
“You like it when I tie you up huh little slut?!” Bellamy snarled slapping her breast as she yelped.
“Yes-Yes master!” She cried and Bellamy flicked her tiny bud in praise.
“That’s my good girl.”
“Yeah that’s right. Say my fucking name you dirty little girl.”
Outside of the land of nod. (Y/N) laid next to Bellamy. She yawned but quickly took notice of something going on behind her. Bellamy grinding into her ass hard. She could feel his hard on moving on her ass before gasping. She let out a slight moan before detaching herself from Bellamy’s arms. He rolled over and thrusted his hips into the mattress as if it were the girl.
“Bell!” She whispered as she traced lines on his bare back.
“Mhm…that’s right…my dirty little girl.” He moaned before turning to face the ceiling. (Y/N) smirked to herself as an awful idea occurred to her.
“Bellamy.” She said as Bellamy jolted awake. With a gasp he realized it was a dream. He sighed as he stared up at (Y/N) who had a Cheshire Cat grin on her face. She shifted slightly before Bellamy moaned as she grinded on his hard on.
“Dammit (Y/N).” He moaned.
“So…tell me about your dream?” She whispers with a small smile. Bellamy fought back a blush before biting his lip as he placed his large hands on her delicate waist.
“You uh…you took charge for a bit…you tied me up…maybe a blowjob…then I was pounding into you mercilessly.” He said tapping her waist. (Y/N) grinned at her helpless boyfriend. She knew how much power she had right now. And she wasn’t about to pass it up.
“Why don’t you go grab some of your ties from work…” She whispered nibbling his ear. He nodded before speeding of to his office in their tiny apartment. (Y/N) took this time to strip before laying on their bed all sprawled out. Her legs open wide.
“I could only find four-” Bellamy’s eyes widened as the sight. Drinking in at her current state.
“Bellamy…you have about three seconds to undress or mistress will be very…upset.” She stated in a seductive tone as she slid off the bed. Bellamy didn’t realize how hard he was till he ripped his boxers off. His sensitive head was now red. He hissed before he walked to the bed. (Y/N) pushed him onto the bed before kissing his Adam’s apple he shivered and suddenly felt silky material around his wrist. He went to grab her boob but she slapped his hand.
“You’ve been naughty. Naughty boys don’t deserve to touch.” She warned. She yanked his hand that was attached to the silky tie before tying him to one side of the bed.
“One.” She murmured as she went to tie his foot.
“Two.” And another one.
“Three.” The other hand was tied.
“Four.” She smiled as he laid tied and completely helpless.
“Now what.”
“You worked some magic with that pretty mouth of yours.” He whimpered.
“Oh…did I do…this?” She asked as she peppered kisses on his hip bones. He bucked his hips but she slapped one of his thighs causing him to whimper.
“No. Moving. Whose in charge here?!” She hissed.
“Y-you are mistress.” He whined.
“Good boy. So did I lick your cock like this?” She licked under the underside of his erect cock. He moaned as he threw his head back.
“Or…like this?” She asked as she licked around the head of his thick and long cock.
“Both!” He shouted.
“Such a needy little boy.” She hummed.
“Please! Please mistress!” He begged tugging on the restraints.
“Hm…maybe…” She returned to her sucking and licking causing Bellamy to be a whimpering mess as she bobbed quickly. His tip hitting the back of her throat repeatedly.
“(Y/N)-FUCK! I’m gonna…I’m gonna-”
“Don’t you dare!” She took him out of her mouth with a pop.
“If you do…you’ll have to watch me get myself off. Understood.” She growled. He could only nod helplessly. She smirked before licking a final stripe up the underside of his cock before standing up. Towering up over him.
“While you’re tied…would you like to make up for your little mistake. Maybe if your good after I’ll let you cum.” She hummed as she bent down. Placing her wet heat on his abdomen before grinding lightly. He moaned.
“Anything mistress-please!” He begged.
“Let me ride your face?” She asked innocently. He couldn’t help the smirk.
“Go ahead. Let me see that pretty little pussy in my mouth.” She involuntarily moaned at the dirty talk. She made her way and leaned her cunt into Bellamy’s mouth. He immediately attacked it with open mouth kisses. She gasped then moaned.
“You taste like fucking heaven mistress. So sweet. What happens if I put my tongue right here? On this little nub.” He licked up to her clit and relished the moan that exploded from her mouth. He smirked.
“Don’t you fucking tease me Bellamy.” She begged.
“Look whose begging now princess.” He murmured. She reached down and weaved her finger through his hair and tugged. He could see her clench before she released all over his face.
“Oh how sweet.” He murmured.
“Now…n-now what?”
“That’s the thing. It faded. But I remember you untied me and I tied you…” He smirked as she gulped with wide eyes. She nodded as she untied his wrists. He got untied and smashed his lips to hers and threw her down. Hurriedly tying her down as she gasped. He peppered kisses down to her heat and as it was still sensitive from previous play. She squirmed as the bonds kept her from moving.
“How ironic. Maybe…maybe I shouldn’t let you cum again.” He smirked.
“No!” She cried.
“Trying to tell me I can’t when I’m in charge now?! You’re not off to a good start…my dirty little girl.” He smacked her sensitive breast as she yelped. He chuckled darkly running his thumb over her nipple.
“Look how red it got…just like how red my poor cock got when you teased me.” He growled the last bit.
“Bellamy! I’m sorry just-please-”
“Whose Bellamy?!” He smirked as he rubbed the palm of his hand over her dripping heat.
“Master! I’m sorry!” She responded.
“Mhm…that’s what I thought. Now get ready because I’m not wasting anymore time. You’ve been quite a little minx.” He glared. He thrusted his cock into her causing her to gasp and arch her back as Bellamy didn’t stop and kept pounding into her. Her vision blurred with pleasure.
“Talk to me kitten.” He grunted.
“FUCK! Bellamy-oh my god! I love your cock!” Bellamy smirked as his curls stuck to his forehead from the sweat.
“That’s my dirty little girl. Begging for my cock like a little whore…” He grunted as he leaned down to suck on her neck.
“Should I let you cum?!” He asked bluntly. She nodded quickly.
“Please master! Please let me cum! I promise I’ll be good!” She cried. Bellamy bit his lip.
“Alright. But if you cum before I tell you too I will leave you here and you can’t touch yourself.” He warned.
“Thank you master!” She smiled as her vision turned white due to him hitting her g-spot repeatedly.
“On three…one….two…three! Cum now you dirty little girl.” He grunted as his thrusts turned sloppy. She felt him twitch inside her before stars filled her vision as she let out a scream. Bellamy tapped her clit and she clenched around him and he moaned loudly before he painted her walls with his cum. She felt herself release as a weird sensation over came her and she heard Bellamy gasp.
“Oh my god…you just…squirted. Holy shit that was fucking hot.” He smirked. She blushed.
“Oh my-”
“Oh! Your wrists.” He chuckled. He untied her. He rubbed her writs softly.
“You have the greatest dreams you know that.” She whispered tiredly.
“You’re amazing.” He smiled pecking her nose. He grabbed a rag from their nightstand and cleaned in between her legs. He heard light snoring as he tossed it into the dirty clothes bin.
“Goodnight…again.” He whispered bringing her close to his body before his eyes shut heavily.