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Ok like I know we're not getting a Blackstairs baby anytime soon but I really want a Blackstairs baby

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Well, since you broke down how absolutely *insane* the Hale House is (aka nothing matches). I now wish you would write a fic where we find out that the architect for (most of) the old BH houses was an anchestor of Finstock. Only a Finstock would be brave/crazy enough to build those houses. Bobby is probably the black sheep, he got into teaching/sport.

Stiles had never been to the art history classroom—or at least he was guessing it was an art history classroom, based on the posters of Starry Night and…some Renaissance looking stuff. Leonardo, Raphael—the ninja turtle gang. He didn’t actually know or care, he was much more preoccupied with not dying a horrible and painful death these days.

It felt wrong being in that room, and the only reason he knew he was in the right place was Scott sitting in his usual third row seat. But as he looked closer at the other desks, he realized the rest of the class was packed with lacrosse players and track team members, no doubt hoping for an easy A.

This should be interesting.

Stiles took the empty seat saved next to Scott and leaned over to whisper, “Dude, why the hell did you want to take this class again?”

It was Stiles’ sixth time asking this question, but Scott came up with a different answer every time, and he wanted to see what it would be today. What possible reason he could have for wanting to take Architecture 101 instead of, say, the super easy guitar class or pilates. Or maybe something more relevant to their lives, like mythology, or hell, cosmetology.

They were going to different colleges next year so they agreed to take an elective together, one last class, but of all the senior electives offered at Beacon Hills High School, the massive list of blow-off classes available, History of Cinema included—an architecture class.

Taught by Coach Finstock.

“Because it’s not Russian lit,” Scott shrugged, and flipped open a new notebook, with Arch 101 written on the cover in sharpie. “I’ve got enough reading to do with AP English.”

That was fair, Stiles allowed, but he was just petty enough to not mention the fact that people wrote entire treatises on architecture. He knew that much about the subject. There was going to be plenty of reading for this class, but Scott could figure that out for himself.

He threw one last look around at the other students, half of whom didn’t even have notebooks, and flipped open his own—not a new one, just the next free page of last semester’s English notebook. He wasn’t expecting to stay in this class for long.

As if to prove his point, Finstock burst in exactly six minutes late, with no supplies aside from his usual #1 Coach mug.

He put his mug on the desk, yanked down the projector screen, and smacked the overhead lights off.

“Architecture,” he started aggressively, and stabbed the remote towards the projector at the back of the room. The word appeared on the screen with nothing else.

“You might be wondering how old Coach is qualified to teach this class.” He chuckled to himself. “How am I not qualified? Seriously, it’s buildings. We spend every day of our lives in them, who couldn’t teach this class?”

He said it with such disdain that Stiles had to glance around the room to look for reaction cues. Everyone seemed to be somewhere between amused and wondering if Coach was having some kind of mid…ish life crisis. A couple people half-smiled, but most pretended to be riveted by that single white text on black Architecture slide.

Coach didn’t care and didn’t wait long before continuing on his spiel.

“But because this school allegedly requires some kind of proof to teach this class, I did my bachelors in architecture, right before I pulled my head out of my ass and got a master’s in economics.” He glared around the room. “Why did I waste my money on a useless architecture degree?” A chuckle. “Well first, college was way cheaper in the eighties—economics. And second, my grandfather designed this school.” He flipped to a slide of the building, taken at a crooked angle with an old camera phone.

“My father designed the post office. My brother put up that god awful highrise downtown.” His lip curled up in a brief snarl like the very thought of it disgusted him.

Stiles had to agree; Derek’s loft at the top of it was a safety inspector’s worst nightmare.

“My entire family is made up of architects. We built this town, as you can see from this list.”

The next slide was, indeed, three columns listing key buildings and addresses all over town, from the Sheriff’s Station to…

“Is that the Hale house?” Stiles asked before he thought better of it, recognizing an address halfway down the third column.

“We don’t talk about the Hale house,” Finstock immediately snapped. “My great great grandfather was a nutjob and 80% blind. He couldn’t design a second empire style house to save his life, and this one didn’t.” Slight pause for effect, staring down the room. “He died of tertiary syphilis two years later.”

A couple people shifted awkwardly, but Finstock continued.

“It’s a stain on both our family history and the entire history of architecture as a discipline. We don’t talk about it.” He glared around the room, daring anyone to continue. “Any questions?”

Dead silence, then Greenberg in the front row slowly raised his hand. Coach rolled his eyes, but nodded towards him.

“Why aren’t you an architect, Coach?”

Finstock looked at him for a long five seconds of unblinking silence before responding:

“Because any contractor with a computer program can throw together a McMansion in ten minutes with as many gables and columns as they can possibly cram in there, and they’re not going to pay an actual architect to tell them they shouldn’t.” He shrugged, in that agitated are you kidding me with this kind of way, and turned to the rest of the class. “Any questions that aren’t totally idiotic?”


“Great.” He clicked to the next slide. “The Parthenon—get ready to hate the British.”

Down For The Count: Seokjin

Prompt: This is the last installment of the series ‘Down For The Count’-Jungkook, Taehyung, Jimin, Namjoon, Hoseok, Yoongi, Seokjin

Pairing: Seokjin x Reader

Word Count: 1k

Warning: Jin eating pussy like his life depend on it, 

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idk if you've heard but joey is going to be on Arrow and they've cast liam hall to play him. your thoughts? do you have high hopes (or any hopes at all) for a live action joey?

it came up on my facebook feed a while back actually! i was pretty surprised; i don’t follow arrow at all but i was sure they’d said joey wasn’t going to be in it. maybe he’s been received well enough in the deathstroke comics lately for the showrunners to change their minds? 

the actor they’ve chosen isn’t to my taste at all (where are joey’s blond curls???), but i think the way the character is portrayed will take precedence over physical appearance - robbie amell is my favourite live-action fred jones, after all. if joey’s just another edgy vigilante with grant or rose’s personality then i won’t be interested, but if he’s truer to his classic self (and perhaps even has his disability?) then this could be a great step forward and i’d love to see where it goes.

i don’t know enough about DC’s TV-universe (is there a better name for that? flash and arrow and supergirl and so forth) to expect good or bad things, so i’m going to push this to the back of my mind until it actually happens. it’s too exhausting to hope, but a pleasant surprise would be very welcome!

Fashionably Late

Word count:
Genre: Fluff, Smutty smut smut
Summary: You have always been the most stubborn morning person, but Jackson has always been a great improvisor.


“Babe! Wake up we’re going to be late!”

Your eyes fluttered open to your boyfriend walking into the room as you laid on your stomach in bed. The only reply you could muster up to Jackson was a baffled groan from being woken up.

“5 more minutes” you say as you hide your face in the pillow of the bed Jackson and you have been sharing for over a year now.
“No!! We have to leave in an hour and I know you take over an hour to get ready y/n”
“Ever heard of being fashionably late?”
“Yeah, fashionably, not late late!”

Your eyes shut as silence once again filled the room, a sigh left your lips, You really couldn’t be bothered getting up, Jackson and you were meeting a few of the boys for a catch up at Marks house and Mark wanted to leave for lunch with you all. As great as it is to see the boys, which you always look forward to, Jackson and you both knew you have never been a morning person.

You hear footsteps re-enter the room, you don’t move an inch as you pretend to be asleep, crossing your fingers with your hands tucked under the pillow in hope not to be told to get up. Instead you get surprised as the weight drops to the bottom side of the bed. Still pretending to be asleep as you feel Jackson climbing up the bed. Not a word filled the room and all you could wonder was what on earth is that boy up to? He usually had to do something to get you out of bed but this is new.

Jackson had crept up beside you on the bed, a gentle hand moved to place on your waist which made you smile into the pillow, which thankfully he couldn’t see.

“You awake babe?” You could feel Jackson’s soft voice right next to your ear, his warm breath sending a shiver down you spine, but you kept up your facade, and didn’t move.
His hand moved further around to your stomach and you couldn’t help but left out a tiny giggle as his hand slightly tickled you - shit you thought, it’s over, he knows, you just had to be ticklish.
A chuckle left Jackson’s mouth and you furrowed you brows into the pillow out of frustration.

“So we are awake then huh?”

“No, definitely not awake, very much asleep *snore*”

A laugh left Jackson’s lips, “Guess I’ll have to try harder to wake you up then” he taunted.

Oh god you thought, please don’t tickle me Jackson you repeat in your head, once again crossing your fingers. Instead of tickles, you get greeted with a gentle kiss at the nape of your neck. A hidden smile made its way to your lips as Jackson kept pampering the back of your neck with small kisses. His tongue made a warm lick from the bottom of the back of your neck to the top and then he continued to kiss, the feelings arousing you but you were not giving in.

“Awake yet?”
You shook your head against the pillow “Not even close”.
“Ill try harder then”

Jackson’s hand moved slowly further up the side of you body, and his kisses moved from the back of your neck to the side as he started biting down and sucking on your skin, leaving marks you know you will have trouble covering for the next few days. You let out a small whimper and Jackson smiles against your neck. No you thought, he isn’t winning, at least not yet. His kisses trailed up and down your neck, alternating between sucking your neck and earlobe or just pampering kisses, each and every one going straight to your core.

“Anything?” he asked, his hot breath creating a cold contrast to the wetness his mouth left on your neck and you let out a small sigh.

“Not doin anything for me baby” you lied, you were already getting wet, Jackson also picked up your lie as he laughed beside you.
“Hmm….What to do next?” he thought aloud and you anticipated his next move.

His weight shifted, his hand grabbed hold of you waist as he flipped you over onto your back and proceeded to move on top of you, his legs at either side. You looked straight into his eyes as he stared right back, full of playful lust.
He leaned toward you as his lips met yours in an overdue kiss, his soft lips and yours molding perfectly together as you kissed him back passionately. His hand grabbed yours out from under the pillows, placing them above your head as he continued to kiss you. His tongue licked along your lips and you gladly opened your mouth for him as your tongues moved together in a steady rhythm, Jackson’s clearly taking the lead, which was sexy as hell.
“How about know?” he asked, heavy breathing evident on the both of you.
“Definitely getting there” you smirked up at him as he continued to kiss you, his one hand still pinning both of yours above your head, the other making its way down your side to the waistband of your shorts, you parted from Jackson’s heavy kiss, your breathing getting heavier as he moves his hand under the material of your shorts and underwear, you gasped as he very gently and slowly rubbed your clit, your arousal evident as you’re soaking by now.
“Ok! Definitely awake now” you moaned
“Good girl, didn’t think you could resist much longer” a smug look set upon Jackson’s face.
“Shut up” Jackson chuckled at your response, but he wasn’t wrong, he knew you couldn’t resist him and he knew just how to get to you, he has barely done anything to you and you’re already very wet.
His hand finally released yours to settle beside your head as his other continued his torturous slow motions where you wanted him most. Moans escaping your lips as he softly rubbed up and down your folds. He removed his hand from you and grabbed the hem of your t-shirt, lifting it up over your head to reveal your bare chest and then he did the same with his, both discarded on the floor, you took this moment just to gaze at his perfect body, his muscles tensing, you moved your hands to his hips, moving upwards ever so slightly on his torso, taking your time to feel him as he smiled down at you, never getting over you always appreciating his body, he loved it. He continued to pull your shorts down your legs and also discard his, leaving you both in just your underwear/boxers. He leaned back down to you, his face next to yours as he placed a small kiss on your mouth before moving to your neck, your collarbone, and down to your chest. His mouth connected with your breast as he licked over your nipple and his mouth enclosed, sucking on it and leaving wet kisses while his left over hand messaged the other, your buds hardening at his touch. Moans escaping your lips at a faster rate taking in all the amazing feelings being received by Jackson. You hand encasing his hair in a tight hold while the other gripped the bed sheets in efforts to keep yourself somewhat composed. He continued sucking on your nipple leaving little nibbles which washed over your body in a pleasurable pain, arching your back toward him, moans leaving your mouth, you could feel the tension build up at your core, which was becoming more wet for him by the second. Jackson lifted his head, staring into your eyes as he moved downwards on your body.

“Keep looking at me baby girl” you kept your eyes on him, propping yourself up on your elbows for a better look at him.

He kissed up your thighs, leaving little marks and nibbles on your inner thigh, pulling the thin material down your legs, before finally moving to your core and licking one long clean strip upwards making throw you your head back in pleasure.

“What did I say?” He looked up at you as you placed your eyes back on him. Jackson turning his attention back on your core leaving little licks and nibbles at you clit.

“You’re so wet for me baby, it’s so fucking hot” a groan filling his throat when it was evident just how much you were needy for him.

“Fuck Jackson!” you moaned his name trying your hardest to keep your eyes on him as he licked up and down your folds and around your entrance. With a few more swipes of his tongue, his eyes were on you as he easily pushed two fingers inside you, pumping then in and out of you sending waves of pleasure through your body.

“Oh my god, fuck!” your body arched in pleasure as he curled his fingers inside you, hitting the right spot that made you scream in pleasure as you tore your eyes away from him, arching your back and rolling your head back as he continued in the same spot, your core tightening on you and you knew you wouldn’t make it too much longer if he kept this up.

His tongue licked and sucked at your clit, leaving little kisses on it in between, making you writhe in pleasure as his fingers kept up their pace inside you, making sure to curl them to send you into overdrive. You breathing heavy and your heart pacing as you attempted to lift your hips of the bed in pleasure but Jackson placing his free arm on you to hold you down.

“Jackson I–”

“I know baby”

Your hands clasped onto Jackson’s hair, gripping tightly as he once again quickened the pace of both his tongue and his fingers, euphoria washed over you body and you screamed Jackson’s name in pleasure as your orgasm washed over your body, your body arching, toes curling, head falling back and hands gripping tighter onto Jackson’s hair as pleasure rushed through you, taking over every part of you body, sending tingles all the way through while Jackson continues for you to carry out your high, finally slowing down his fingers as you started to calm down from your high. He gave a last few licks as he tasted you, finally lifting his head up and smirking back down on you while licking his lips as he cleaned your remnants off his face.

You breathed heavily, left slump on the bed, you energy taken from your high. Jackson leaned toward you, deeply and roughly kissing you on the lips, pushing his tongue through your lips and making you taste yourself. You lifted your hand up placing it on his shoulder and flipping him over as you moved on top of him, not forgetting to pleasure him too. You moved your lips down to Jackson’s neck leaving kisses and nibbling at the skin just under his earlobe, you kissed further down his neck leaving kisses all the way down to his chest, you could hear low groans coming from Jackson’s and god they were fucking sexy. You moved down his body licking from his torso down to the band of his boxers while your hands trailed from his pecs downwards to the same spot, you looked up at him as you placed your hand over his boxers onto his approaching hard on and rubbed softly, palming him through his boxers. You moved your lips towards him and kissed him over the material, soft curses falling from his lips.

“Fuck y/n!” he groaned, his chest rising up and down as his breathing becomes heavier.
Your hands trailed against the waistband of his boxers as you slowly started to pull them down his legs. Throwing them onto the floor as you moved back up to him, his erection finally free.
You look up at Jackson’s face, admiring his beautiful scrunched up features and messy hair as you took his length in your hand pumping up and down at an agonisingly slow pace, wondering how long he can handle your teasing. Your lips moved to his tip as you left tiny kisses and licks on it, wiping away his pre-cum at the same time, staring up at him with innocent eyes as he propped himself up on his elbows to watch you, his jaw clenched and facial features tensed. You licked another small lick around the tip of his shaft while your hand continued to move slowly up and down.

“Stop teasing me” he spoke, moans and curses leaving his mouth.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about babe” you smirked up at him, before finally taking his length into his mouth, flat tonguing him up and down and having his head fall back in pleasure.

“Shit!” he cursed, moans leaving his mouth as you bobbed up and down on his length, hollowing out your cheeks whenever you sucked him upwards, your hands pumping the rest of his length that you could not fit in your mouth.

You bobbed back down on his dick, scraping your teeth every so softly on his length and using your tongue as you moved back up

“Fuck that feels so good baby!” groans left his mouth at an unstoppable pace. His hands finding a grip on your hair as he pushed you further down to hold more of his length in your mouth, making you gag slightly.

His grip on your hair tightened making you moan down onto him, the pleasure from you humming onto him flourishing through his body adding to his sensations.

You quickened your pace on him, bopping up and down while licking around his shaft, you released him from your mouth, leaving a popping sound as you took your mouth off him. Coating his dick in saliva as your mouth quickly found its way back. You took as much of him in as you could, his base scraping the back of you throat adding to his euphoria. You can hear the sound of Jackson’s breath hitching in his throat and you knew he was getting closer to his end, so you started to move at a quicker pace, the groans coming from his gorgeous lips encouraging you. The pleasure almost starting to take over him as he lifted his hips up and down further into your mouth, before finally stopping himself and pulling you off of him. Sweat dripping down his forehead, his breathing uneven and his eyes tired and you swear its one of his most sexiest looks. You gave him a confused look as to why he stopped you and he read your mind.

“I want to be inside you when I come baby girl” He gave you a soft kiss as you leaned on him, giving himself a second to calm down from almost orgasming before flipping you back over onto the bed, settling himself in between your legs.

He aligned himself with your entrance and you stared at him licking your lips hungrily with lust filling both of your eyes, his face came for yours as he once again kissed you roughly, your tongues clashing together, a lewd moan coming from your mouth as you felt him finally push inside you, gasps emitting from your mouth as you pulled back from the kiss, your mouth opened wide and your eyes clenched shut. You did you hardest to open you eyes and look at your boyfriend, who was biting on his bottom lips, his eyes shut, eyebrows knitted together and the mess you had made of his hair and you swear you almost came right then and there just from looking at him.
Jackson pulled out until all that was left inside you was his tip and then he slammed back into you, repeating this process over and over until you were screaming his name and became a moaning, panting mess, the sounds and actions absolutely beautiful to him as a smug look grew on his face above you.

“Fuck you’re so tight and wet for me, it’s so hot!” his words made you growl in response.

He continued his merciless hard thrusts and your hands gripped into his shoulders to help you hold yourself, you nails digging into your back, which you knew was going to leave marks. Jackson growled at the feeling of your nails in his back, the pleasurable pain rising tension inside him.

“Faster Jackson - please, ah!” he quickened his pace immediately and the waves of pleasure were almost too much for you to handle, you back arched and you screamed, tension building up inside you.

“Keep screaming my name baby, it’s so fucking hot” he didn’t have to ask you twice, just his sex crazed voice made you moan his name once more.

“Fuck Jackson!” you scream as his rough pace and slamming struck euphoria inside you, the feeling building up in your stomach and you both knew you wouldn’t last much longer if he kept up the unbearable pace.

Jackson grabbed your thigh, draping it over his shoulder to go deeper inside you and hit the perfect spot as you screamed in pleasure.

“Shit! Right there Jackson uGH!” He kept hitting the same spot in this new position, and your walls clenched around him, making the man before you spill out his beautiful groans.

“You feel so good y/n!” he moaned, leaning forward to kiss you on the lips as he kept up his pace, biting on your bottom lip. Your mouths clashed together and you moaned into the kiss as he hit that perfect spot every god damn time.

His face moved to the crook of you neck, his breath hot and heavy and you could feel him panting against your skin, both of your chests heaving up and down at an unbelievable pace. He kissed the crook of your neck down to your collarbone, leaving sucking and nibbling at the skin just above your collarbone, marking you his. You moaned at the feeling of him biting down on your skin.

Jackson quickened his pace once again inside you, as fast and as deep as he could possibly go and you hissed at the feeling, your breath uneven at the unrelenting thrusts pushing you back and forth on the bed.

“Im so close–ah!” you screamed at the new feeling Jackson was giving you as he moved one of his hands to rub hard and fast circles against your clit, the feeling overwhelming you.

“Let go for me baby girl” He said softly into you ear.

“Jackson- fuCK!” your body writhed in pleasure underneath him, and the tension flooded into you core as you welcomed your second orgasm into your body, your back arched, you hands digging into Jackson’s back for support, his thrusts not wavering while you flourished through you high, his hand continuing their unbearable pace against your clit. Your body finally relaxing but Jackson did not stop or calm down at all, chasing his own high as the sensitivity overwhelmed you. Your walls clenched around him repeatedly to help him to his high and he continuously growled you name. Your hand grabbed his neck, tangled in his hair as you brought you face back to him, kissing him passionately and biting down at his bottom lip. He brought his face back up, finally letting go to his high, curses falling from his lips and the sight was unimaginably gorgeous. His eyebrows scrunched together, biting his lips so hard with both hands aside your head. His thrusts started to become sloppy and you placed your leg back beside him on the bed as he came down from his high, his weight collapsing onto you.

You placed your hands around his neck as you cradled each other. Attempting to slow your heavy breathing. Jackson looked up at you, his sweet and restless eyes right into yours, his hair drenched in sweat on his forehead and you moved the hair out of the way, the small gesture making him smile. You both managed to relax a little and he pulled out of you and collapsed beside you. You laid on your side and cuddled into his chest, enjoying the heaving of his chest and his arm around you, both of you basking in the afterglow of sex. Jackson turned his head, glancing at the clock on your bedside table, it was now 25 minutes before you had to leave to meet the guys.

“I guess we are going to be a bit more than just fashionably late huh?” you said, smiling up at your boyfriend and he returned the gesture.

“I guess so, but after all, late late isn’t so bad” he winked down at you, kissing you on the forehead and you chuckled, both of you just holding each other for the next few minutes. The lunch catch up would have to wait a few minutes longer…

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Other Jackson: Falling For You

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How would the face family react to seeing their S/o asleep on the couch from watching a movie

CUTTEEE srry for this bein so late D:

France/Francis Bonnefoy: France had been in another room doing paperwork and things. He left his desk to go get some water and decided to peep into the living room to check on you. “Oh…my..god..!” he gently gasped. His s/o was curled up on the couch, snoozing like a cat. France covered his face; he was overwhelmed. They woke up and saw the Frenchman curled up in a ball making unintelligable noises. “Uhm….Francis???” He hopped up and tightly embraced them, kissing their cheek. “You are the cutest, mon amour~”

America/Alfred F. Jones: “Man that was relaxing!” Alfred exclaimed, leaving the bathroom. He had just took a shower and was wearing some blue pajamas with a towel around his neck. “Hm, it’s getting late, the movie should be over by now……” he said aloud to himself as he poked his head into the living room. His s/o was sprawled out on the couch, drooling. Alfred started grinning really big. “Oh my GOD!!! SO ADORABLE!!!!” he thought to himself. His s/o woke up and saw him standing there. They immediately sat up, embarrassed because they were drooling. Alfred practically ran over and gave them a bear hug. “DON’T WORRY I LOVE IT!!!” he exclaimed then pecked their cheek.

Canada/Matthew Williams: This boy had fallen asleep at his desk while doing paperwork. When he awoke he realized that it had gotten pretty late. “Where is s/o? The movie should have ended a little while ago….” he said to himself. He made his way to the living room and blushed a bright red. His s/o was sitting up, holding Kumojiro, both of them asleep. He smiled really big and quietly entered the room. He cautiously sat next to them and cuddled up with them. When his s/o woke up, Canada was leaning on their shoulder, fast asleep. It was the best sleep he had gotten in a while.

England/Arthur Kirkland: “There, it’s all done!” he happily stated. Britain had been cleaning up around the house. “Wow it’s late. I wonder if s/o is still up…” he wondered. He walked into the living room and froze, his face red. His s/o was cuddling a pillow, fast asleep. He was dying (nOT LITERALLY). “S/o is SO ADORABLE SFOHFSBOIFHOSBIFHOSBFIHSFBOIBSFOI” he thought. Poor boy was short circuiting. His s/o woke up and asked him why he his hand was on his chest and if he was okay. Britain straightened up. “I-I-I’m fine!!!! Just you were sleeping and you looked so cute it caught me off gua-” he slapped his hands over his mouth, practically glowing red. S/o got off the couch and kissed his cheek. Britain fell down. His s/o was frightened for a second; but Britain is okay he just passed out. It was too much. (Help him)

Extra: I headcanon that America has rlly strong and firm, but warm hugs :3

Do It Again

This one’s for @avasmommy224‘s Birthday Challenge - Happy 30th my love!
Hope you have an AWESOME day, followed by an incredible year. May the writing gods bless you with so many ideas you pray for writers block!
Enjoy, Jenn - this one’s for you!

Prompt: “Today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth”
Word Count: 2139
Warnings: Fluff, Smut - take that as your summary as well!
A/N: Thank you to @wi-deangirl77 for giving this a once over and making sure it made sense! Use the gif to inspire your imagination!

“Ow!” Jensen’s voice was rough with sleep, but he was sure as shit awake now.
“What’s wrong with you?” He asked, swatting me with the pillow he’d pulled from under his head. I flinched back, capturing the pillow and thumping it back down on him.
“I just wanted a piece of that fine ass!” I whispered, resting my head back to the dip in the small of his back, savoring in the warmth of his bare skin.
“No need to bite,” he growled, reaching to slap at my pantie-clad behind, running his hand up my thigh towards my knee that rested near his face, giving it a squeeze.
“And I was having such a nice dream too.” He murmured, lifting himself to rest his lips against my bare leg. I was aware from an eagle-eye view, we probably looked like a ying-yang, perfectly describing us, our differences that made us a whole.

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Yes Sir Part 11

Yes Sir Part 11: New Changes

A new life is on the horizon for Professor Winchester and his girl. She starts to process what those changes mean.

SERIES MASTERLIST Warnings: The usual- NSFW, Mature, Explicit Smut. Fluff. Alcohol. Drunkeness. Cursing. Dirty Talk. Angst. WC: 6328 On AO3

A/N: I’m blown away by how supportive and loving the readers of this series have been. Thank you so much for loving these two with me :) Thanks to my secret squirrel @jml509! And my amazing beta @andromytta

As I stared down at the essay question in front of me the only sounds I could hear were the random shuffling of my classmates’ papers and my watch ticking through the hour. In any other recent scenario I would’ve looked up to see what the professor was doing. But John was leaving me alone. No distractions, no smoldering stares. I knew he was paying attention to something else and I appreciated it.

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~Yes Daddy~: Roman-X-Female Reader

HI~! welcome to my first story! this is going to be smut in here so there’s the first warring and there is some hard cursing as well. 

If you want to be notified on my next story just ask me to tag you in ^^ 

and enjoy the story!!!

P.s sorry if I make some errors of any kind btw ^^’

(l/o/h) length of hair. (c/o/h) color of hair, (y/f/c) your favorite color, (y/n) your name, (y/f/m) your favorite music.

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Jim Halpert smut

i am not sure how to do the “read more” boarder… ps: lowercase is intentional… 

warnings: smut and curse words :)

you sighed, swiveled around to look around at the clock. 12:45 you looked to your left and whispered, 

“psst, babe.”

 Jim looked up and raised an eyebrow at you.

 "so, i was thinking that we could take an early lunch?“ 

“how about, not only an early lunch and go out to that little diner a couple blocks away from here.”

“sounds super great, let me just grab my bag and we will be on our way!”

Jim stood up, put on his coat that was on the back of his jacket and held out his hand for you to take.

you grabbed his hand and smiled up at him and started walking out with him.

when you got in the car Jim turned left instead of right. 

“hey babe, uhhh, i’m pretty sure the diner was the other way..” you said confused.

“i know.”

“so where are we going then, sweetheart?”

“we are going home,” Jim stated.

“but why?” you asked.

“because i think it will be relaxing, or something of that variation…”

“hmm, what do you have in mind?”

“you shall see.“


Jim pulled the car into the driveway and parked the car. he hoped out and jogged around the front of the car to open your for you. 

“why thank you kind, sir”

“you’re welcome, m’lady,”

you walked hand-in-hand to the front door, you took out your keys and unlocked the door and closed the door behind Jim.

“so what plans do you have for us this afternoon?” you asked while you opened up the fridge looking for something to eat for the both of you.

suddenly you felt the warmth of Jim’s large hands on your waist as he spun you around so he could look at you.

you gazed surprised and wide eyed at his chest, the place where your eye sight lands, at the middle of his black tie.

“well,” he started, walking closer to you. his tall and intimidating frame seemed to loom over you as he slowly walked toward you. you slowly walked backward. ”i was thinking, we could do some more… exciting… activities…”

he hooked fingers under your chin and lifted your head up to look in your eyes.

“ah, i see…” you stated.

he raised an eyebrow at you in question. you slowly slid your hands up his chest and grabbed his tie lightly pulled him down to your level and smirked.

“so your saying that you,” you pointed at Jim, “want us… to play Uno.”

Jim hummed an octave higher than his normal tone, “not quite what i was thinking, love, though a great idea, i was thinking something a little more adult..” he leaned down and captured his lips with yours. both your lips becoming wet and your tongues rubbing against each other. Jim dominated the kiss by capturing your lower lip in his mouth and sucking making you whimper a little, submitting to his ministrations.

he smirked down at you, “how about we get things a little more heated in here?” he picked you up and sat you on the counter. he leaned down and started to kiss you neck.

“heated.. Jim if you are cold we could turn on the heater,” you teased, acting oblivious.

you could feel his smirk as he let out a puff of air on your neck. he started to kissed the spot behind your ear, lightly sucked, then soothed the mark with his tongue. as you moaned and whimpered he gently blew on the freshly made mark.

he steadily pressed spongy kisses to your throat, you slowly moved your hands from the nape of his neck to the top of his tie, slowly loosened it and threw it into a heap somewhere on the floor of the kitchen.

he brought his head up from your neck, smirked at you as he started at the top button of your blouse. he kissed the exposed skin at the top of your covered breasts. after what felt like centuries later he had unbuttoned your blouse and, with the patience of a thousand men, he slid the shirt off your shoulders.

he then started unbutton the top of your black work pants.

“Jim just take them both of, stop taking forever,” you moaned.

“your wish is my command.” once he got you out of your remain clothes, save your panties, he stared at your body with a child-like twinkle in his eye. he slowly slid his hand up from your navel up to the underside of your breasts, his fingertips just ghosting underside.

“baby, please do something,” you whimpered, shutting your eyes and throwing your head back.

he smirked up at you, “like play Uno?”

“Jim, you- mmm,” you cut yourself off as he sucked a pebbled nipple in to his wet, soft mouth. he’d barely touched you and you were already writhing above him.

you let our a low hiss as he coaxed you to lay your back on the granite counter top behind you. once he got you situated with your legs dangling off the edge, he settled himself between your legs, still standing and paying plenty attention to your pert breasts.

“Jim, fuck, baby, please do something, i need you.” 

“need what baby? that’s not very specific, there are a lot of things you could need, you could need a new ca-”

“Jim you know what i need,” you cut off his teasing

he shot you a wink, “i know, i wanna hear you say it though.”

you whimpered as he slid his right hand from your breast, down your stomach, to cup your mound over your soaking wet panties.

“say it.” 

“baby, please…”

“hmm, ‘please’ what, (y/n), if you don’t tell me what you want, i can’t give it to you.”

you mewled, but gave in, “i need your fingers inside me.” in all the pleasure you were experiencing you had lost all sense of comprehension and could not fathom how else to put it, all you knew is you wanted those long, delicious fingers ins-

“oh god, Jim!” you shouted, perhaps louder than necessary as he gracefully moved your yellow lace panties, that matched your bra, to the side and expertly slid his fingers inside you and rested his thumb on your clit.

“ahh, is that better? does that feel good, sweetheart?” Jim asked, although very dominant and teasingly.

“yes, yes, oh fuck yes.” you were writing in the kitchen counter unsure of where to move, he started pumping his fingers in and out and a slow, teasing pace.

“oh, baby,” he smirked at you, “your this wet for little ole me? i feel honored.”

you nodded your head frantically, of course you were wet for him- who the fuck else?

“were you this wet at the office? oh, i bet you were, you naughty little girl, making sales calls while thinking about this… so_ naughty_.” he punctuated his last word with a curl of his fingers.

he was leaning above you his left hand beside your head, looking at you in wonder as you were in the midst of your passion and pleasure. you bucked your hips up, desperate for more contact.

“tsk, tsk, tsk,” Jim clicked his tongue in disapproval, “i’m going to need you to keep still, little one.” he splayed his hand out on your stomach to keep you still.

you whimpered, but obeyed as he started fast circles on your clit.

he pumped his fingers in, out, in, out, in, out. you were a mewling and moaning. 

“oh, shit, fuck, oh my god. fuck me! Jim, oh god, Jim!” Jim curled his fingers so they rubbed your most sensitive spot. you arched into him, grabbing onto the hair on the back of his head trying to get him closer to you. your chest brushing against his light blue work shirt. you whimpered at the contact of his shirt on your sensitive nipples.

he kitten licked and sucked at your neck and continued to curl and pump his fingers, loving all the noises you were producing. 

“Jim, i’m gonna-” you moaned, writhing around below and eagerly pushed your hips into his hands.

“cum? is that what are you going to say? hmm? if so, i give you my full permission to go ahead and do so, my love.” he chuckled and smirked at you.

you almost screamed as he started rubbing faster circles around your clit and pumping his fingers at a more punishing pace. overcome with the even more stimulation, you reached down and grabbed his wrist.

he continued to pump his fingers in and out as you road out your orgasm. it seem to last forever, never ending as he rubbed his fingers on your clit.

as you came down from your orgasm, his fingers stilled, but remained lodged inside you, but his thumb was still rubbing light circles on your clit.

you panted, your chest heaving, you let out the last of your whimpers. he smiled down at you, setting his fingers, coated in your slick, at your lips waiting for you to open your mouth. you opened your mouth and sucked his two fingers clean while staring innocently into eyes. he stared back you at you, alway with a slightly goofy look in his eyes, yet as cocky as ever. 

he even had the_ audacity_ to wink at you whilst you panted around his fingers. he was going to be the death of you.

“was that better than an early lunch at the office?” Jim asked as he brushed some hair away from your face and kissed your forehead.

“mm, sure was, i think it’s time i return the favor…”

/// 2:45 you were back in the office after your little lunch escapade with Jim. 

you both came in giggling, you smiling up at Jim, your right arm wrapped around his left arm.

“what took you guys so long? you were supposed to be back like,” he looked at the clock, “15 minutes ago” Michael asked coming out of his office as you passed.

“uhh, sorry, man, we went out to eat and had a bit of car trouble on the way back… but we are back now.” Jim lied.

you giggled, remembering the quick shower you both had after your activities in the kitchen. Jim smiled down at you with a finger at his lips and lightly whispering, “shh, shh, shh.” and winked at you.

you just smiled down at the ground and back up at him shyly.

/// “hmm? what was that?” Jim asked, looking past the camera at the crew that were in the conference room in front of him. 

he smirked and laughed, “no we did not go out to eat, well… not quite.” he winked at the camera.

Let Me Finish

Seth Rollins/OC . For Anon: One where reader is masturbating in the shower with the shower head and Seth accidentally walks in on her (they’re dating btw). Reader invites him to help her out and he sits behind her with the reader in between his legs, her back to his chest and she hands him the shower head to get her off.

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