my god 8x02 was an a ep

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help pls tell me some good destiel or bi!dean eps from s1-s8?? idk what ep to watch!!

Oh god, there are so many, haha! From season 1-8? From your ask I am assuming you haven’t watched Supernatural? If so, you should start with 4x01: Lazarus Rising, where they first meet. Also, here are some episodes that are very Destiel-y:

- Episode 5x03: Free To Be You and Me
- Episode 5x04: The End
- Episode 5x14: My Bloody Valentine
- Episode 6x20: The Man Who Would Be King
- Episode 7x23: Survival of the Fittest
- Episode 8x02: What’s Up, Tiger Mommy
- Episode 8x08: Hunter Heroici
- Episode 8x17: Goodbye Stranger

There are sooo many more that have awesome Destiel moments though, but if you’re looking for Destiel heavy episodes, this is a start. 

I know you didn’t include season 9, but if you have some spare time, 9x06: Heaven Can’t Wait is basically one huge Destiel chickflick. 

As for bi Dean, I highly recommend 5x08: Changing Channels where we get to see his not-so-subtle crush on Dr. Sexy, and 8x13: Everybody Hates Hitler where we see Dean’s ‘gay thing’ Aaron. ;)