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Why does everyone think Shinohara would be proud of Suzuya? I mean yea they worked together and such. But they all make it seem like more then just that. Its not like their family or anythig so he should caer as much as everyone seems to think.

Ohhhh honey. Oh bless your heart. What manga are you fucking reading.

Did you miss the part where Shinohara was the ONLY investigator who stood up for Juuzou? The part where Shinohara was the one who convinced them to even let Juuzou be in the CCG? 

Did you miss how chapter after chapter, Shinohara would patiently and gently explain things to Juuzou, over and over again, because Juuzou didn’t go through the academy?

 Did you miss the fact that Shinohara looked out for Juuzou, taught him, tutored him, stuck up for him, encouraged him, and believed him when no one else wanted to, when literally everyone just thought of him as a problem?Did you miss the fact that he figured out ways to work with Juuzou’s trauma and developmental issues instead of against them?

Or did you miss the way he helped Juuzou study and brought him snacks?

Did you miss how fucking proud he was of Juuzou when Juuzou passed his exams????

Did you miss how he cried when Juuzou lost his leg? How he sobbed and apologized? The pain on his face? How many times does Shinohara fight in TG? How many times does Shinohara sob in TG??

Did you miss the look of absolute relief on his face when, for one shining moment, he thought that the fight was over, that both he and Juuzou had survived?

Did you miss the fact that his own wife said:

Did you miss this entire fucking panel????

Seriously anon, really, what manga did you read??????


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