my goal is

Hi friends!

So basically, I’m probably gonna be… here for the next little bit. Essentially, if I want to do my Advent Calendar, I need to pretty much attempt to work on art as much as possible in my free time. You can still message me and thingies, I’m just gonna be avoiding being online as much as I can, at least until I get a good two weeks or so of drawings queued up! (Basically, I need to draw 26 drawings for every day for Christmas in December, plus for Boxing Day on the 26th. I have a total of…like..four right now lmao. Three actually since one of them isn’t finished…) I’d like to colour some of the drawings as well, so I pretty much need to work my ass off. So yes. I mean obviously I’m still gonna be online I probably just won’t post all that much ‘tis all!

Anyway, that being said, still taking suggestions and the like over at @calicoscolouredpencils !

I guess the “write drunk” advice has something to it after all