my go to getting ready to go out song

Ready to Go (Get Me Out of My Mind) (3D + Arena)
Panic! At the Disco


~To prevent copyright issues, I had to change the speed for this song for about 8%~

As requested by @addictgee
Ready To Go, originally
performed by Panic! At The Disco
from their album, Vices and Virtues (2011)

This is part one of ?? ask memes containing 00′s lyrics.  This post contains mainly popular top 40 pop songs.

‘  a girl like you is impossible to find  ’
‘  ain’t no other man but you  ’
‘  and in the back of your mind i know you should be over me  ’
‘  been fueling up on cocaine  &  whiskey  ’
‘  best thing about tonight is that we’re night fighting  ’
‘  boys just come  &  go like seasons  ’
‘  can’t seem to get you off my mind  ’
‘  come  &  rest your bones with me  ’
‘  did we get hitched last night?  ’
‘  do you see how much i need you right now?  ’
‘  don’t tell me you’re sorry cause you’re not  ’
‘  don’t you ever for a second get to thinking you’re irreplaceable  ’
‘  fairytales don’t always have a happy ending,  do they?  ’
‘  feeling like i’m heading for a breakdown  ’
‘  how do i feel this good sober?  ’
‘  how long will i be waiting to be with you again?  ’
‘  i bet you’re hard to get over  ’
‘  i can have another you in a minute  ’
‘  i can’t look at you while i’m lying next to her  ’
‘  i don’t wanna be anything other than me  ’
‘  i don’t wanna be anything other than what i’ve been trying to be lately  ’
‘  i drove for miles  &  miles  &  wound up at your door  ’
‘  i have the tendency of getting very physical  ’
‘  i haven’t seen the sunshine in three damn days  ’
‘  i hope you know that this has nothing to do,  it’s personal  ’
‘  i hoped you were coming home to stay  ’
‘  i just called to say i love you,  come back home  ’
‘  i just called to say i want you to come back home  ’
‘  i keep her coming every night,  so hard to keep her satisfied  ’
‘  i know i left too much mess  &  destruction to come back again  ’
‘  i know i tend to get so insecure  ’
‘  i know you think that i shouldn’t still love you  ’
‘  i never thought i’d need you there when i cry  ’
‘  i promise i’m not trying to make your life harder  ’
‘  i said see you later boy  ’
‘  i swear i’ll change my ways  ’
‘  i think i’ve already lost you  ’
‘  i think you’re already gone  ’
‘  i wanna take a ride on your disco stick  ’
‘  i want to make you feel beautiful  ’
‘  i was off to drink you away  ’
‘  i wonder if i’ll ever change my ways  ’
‘  i would’ve stayed up with you all night had i known how to save a life  ’
‘  if i just lay here,  would you lie with me  &  just forget the world?  ’
‘  if your heart is always searching, can you ever found a home?  ’
‘  if you’re gone,  maybe it’s time to come home  ’
‘  is there anyone out there cause it’s getting harder  &  harder to breathe  ’
‘  it’s not always rainbows  &  butterflies,  it’s compromise,  it moves us along  ’
‘  it’s personal,  myself  &  i,  we got some straightening up to do  ’
‘  it’s time for me to go home  ’
‘  it’s time to be a big girl now  &  big girls don’t cry  ’
‘  it’s too late to apologize  ’
‘  it’s your fault you didn’t shut the refrigerator,  maybe that’s the reason i’ve been acting so could  ’
‘  i’ll be your best friend  &  you’ll be my valentine  ’
‘  i’ll do what it takes  ’
‘  i’m bringing sexy back  ’
‘  i’m going home to the place where i belong  ’
‘  i’m in love  &  always will be  ’
‘  i’m leaving,  never to come back again  ’
‘  i’m not crazy,  i’m just a little unwell  ’
‘  i’m not going to write you a love song  ’
‘  i’m not ready to make nice  ’
‘  i’m still mad as hell  ’
‘  i’ve had you so many times,  but somehow i want more  ’
‘  let’s get this party started  ’
‘  let’s talk this over,  it’s not like we’re dead  ’
‘  make them boys go loco  ’
‘  my heart is full  &  my door’s always open,  you come anytime you want  ’
‘  please,  just cut it out  ’
‘  she acts like summer  &  walks like rain  ’
‘  she always belonged to someone else  ’
‘  she listens like spring  &  she talks like june  ’
‘  shut up  &  put your money where your mouth is  ’
‘  since you’ve been gone my worlds been dark  &  grey  ’
‘  so much for my happy ending  ’
‘  some things in this world you just can’t change  ’
‘  some things you don’t need until they leave you  ’
‘  spare me your frickin’ dirty looks  ’
‘  steal some covers,  share some skin  ’
‘  tell me,  boy,  now wouldn’t that be sweet?  ’
‘  that’s what you get for waking up in vegas  ’
‘  they say time heals everything,  but i’m still waiting  ’
‘  this is not what i intended,  i always swore to you i’d never fall apart  ’
‘  this love has taken its toll on me  ’
‘  this shit is bananas  ’
‘  times square can’t shine as bright as you  ’
‘  tonight will be the night that i will fall for you over again  ’
‘  welcome to the real world  ’
‘  we’ll be playmates  &  lovers  &  share our secret worlds  ’
‘  when you look me in the eyes  &  tell me that you love me,  everything’s alright  ’
‘  when you’re gone the pieces of my heart are missing you  ’
‘  where did i go wrong,  i lost a friend  ’
‘  wish i had a good girl to miss me  ’
‘  you can hold my hand if you want to cause i wanna hold yours too  ’
‘  you got me twisted  ’
‘  you look so dumb right now  ’
‘  you put on quite a show,  really had me going  ’
‘  you reminded me of brighter days  ’
‘  you should turn yourself around  &  come on home  ’
‘  you’re so ugly when you cry  ’

I'm With you (Namjoon x Reader)

Genre : bit of angsts and fluff Summary : you’re best friends with Kim Namjoon for years and you have a crush on him all this time. The so much times you spend with Jungkook makes him jealous and unexpectedly confesses to you. Warning : a bit of cursing and smut…??? Hey guys. This is my first time posting fanfic in tumblr. Please give some love!! ❤❤ ************************

“Oppa, I’m going to grab some coffee, do you want some?” you asked Namjoon as you entered his studio, a coat and a wallet are ready in your hand.

Namjoon turned to face you on his seat and said, “I think so. You’re going by yourself?” he furrowed his brows.

“Of course. You want the usual?”

“Y/N it’s already 9 pm. Ask someone to go there with you. I want to go with you but I have so many ideas going inside my head and need to write it down to finish this song, if I get out of this room they will poof right away.”

“Poof right away?” you chuckled. “Your choice of words are sometimes interesting. But seriously though, I always go by myself, you just don’t know. I’ll be fine, trust me.”

He thought about it for a few seconds before he said, “Okay, but call me when you get there.”

You rolled your eyes, “Oppa, the coffee shop is literally just a few blocks from here, why–” you stopped talking when you saw him glare at you which meant it wasn’t up for a negotiation. You sighed, “Okay okay.. I’ll buy you the usual, okay? 갈게 (I’m going)”

“잠깐만! (Wait!)” he suddenly said, rushing to the sofa where his coat was placed and took a thick scarf before walking to you. “Here, wear this. It’s really cold outside, I don’t want you to get sick.” he said as he put his scarf around your neck.

You were a bit flushed when he did it, an effect you always get when he was really close to you, also another effect of you liking Namjoon so much, not just as friends.
“아 맞다, 고마워요. 난 진짜 갈게 지금. (Ah right, thank you. I’m really going now.)” You said to him without meeting his eyes because after that Namjoon said, “응 내 동생이 (Yes my little sister).”

That’s right, you’re always gonna be his little sister. You’re always gonne be his bestfriend. Even when you wanted to be more with him.


“Oppa, I really have to go now. 약속 있어요 (I have a promise/appointment).” You said to him a few days later when you were in his studio.

“Oh you have an appointment? You get another composing job?” he asked without getting his eyes off of his computer.

“It’s not like that. I promised someone to go watch a movie together.”

He stopped for a second before facing you. “그래? 누구랑? (Really? With who?)”

You were just about to tell him it was none of his business when the person you have a promise with burst in into the studio.

“형! (Hyung!) I’m sorry to disturb both of your time on writing music but Y/N have promised to go watch a movie together with me weeks before you even get this task. I’m borrowing your bestfriend for the night okay hyung?” Jungkook chuckled.

“It’s Jungkook-ah? You’re going with Jungkook-ah?” Namjoon asked you, ignoring Jungkook who was still waiting by the door.

“So…?” you furrowed your brows.

“So… You didn’t tell me? He said you made the promise weeks ago.”

“Hyung, she’s the same age as me. Don’t worry I’ll take care of her. She doesn’t need your permission first, right Y/N?” Jungkook said to Namjoon in a teasing tone then winked at you.

You blushed bit red. Even though you saw the members every day you still cannot help but blush everytime someone as handsome as Jeon Jungkook winked at you.

Namjoon saw it.

“I’m her… Her… Her bestfriend. And I’m like a big brother to her, she doesn’t need my permission but she could at least tell me.” Namjoon said, suddenly rising his voice as if he was mad.

“Come on, hyung, it’s just me. You know I’ll take care of her.” Jungkook convinced him.

Oh but that was what Namjoon most scared of, that Jungkook would take care of you so well that you would start falling for Jungkook. He couldn’t afford that. He liked you too much. He knew you liked him too but he never showed it because he was scared it would somehow ruin your friendship. Namjoon didn’t want you to stop liking him. He loved the feeling too much. He loved you.

“That’s right, oppa. I have finished my part here anyway, I can go now. You should go too, have some fun.” You said to Namjoon. It killed you to tell him to have some fun but you couldn’t help it.

You were waiting for Namjoon to tell you no, you should not go. If he said you shouldn’t, you would’ve canceled it. But after a few moment of silence Namjoon said, “Fine. 그냥 가. (Just go).”

It irked you so much when he said that. You two have been bestfriends for years. You know what he looked like when he was upset, he looked very upset now. And you couldn’t help but thought that he was upset because he was jealous.

“I know my bestfriend needs a fresh air.” Namjoon said again.

Jealous? As if.


The weeks after that day gone by awkwardly between Namjoon and you. And somehow, Jungkook was always there with you when you were in a bad mood because of Namjoon, and he suddenly asked you to go somewhere with him so much: to buy a new shoes, to grocery shopping, a treat of ice cream down the block, night strolling around the park. You were almost sure that Jungkook had a crush on you IF he didn’t tell you about the girl he had a crush on that lived beside his apartment, he always asked you opinions on how to ask her out and told you updates everytime he met her. He even showed you the photo of them together when he asked her to go out for the first time.

But one day, Namjoon seemed like he was in a very bad mood, even when he was practicing with other members. He scolded them so much that sometimes you saw them giving death glares to Namjoon. That night you have to finish a song with him and Yoongi in his studio. And because Jungkook had been producing such good lyrics, Jungkook was also there. The air inside the studio never felt so tight and intense somehow.

“You know what? I’m not the kind of person to give up but I literally haven’t slept for 5 days straight and my head feels like it’s going to fall of my neck and explode.” Yoongi said when the time strucked midnight.

Jungkook, who was sitting beside you on the sofa said with his fingers playing with your long locks of hair, “Go to sleep, hyung. You really look beat. We’ll take care of it from here.”

Namjoon was eyeing Jungkook’s fingers on your hair from the corner of his eyes but you tried to ignore it because Yoongi just stood up and you were afraid he would actually pass out on the floor.

“I’ll go with you, hyung,” Jungkook said to Yoongi because he had the same concern as you. “I need to get some coffee anyways. You want some, Y/N?”

“Yeah I’ll just go with you–” you were just about to stand up before Namjoon suddenly said, “Y/N, sit down. We have to finish this song.”

“But I’m just going to get coffee from the kitchen–”

“Sit. Down.” Namjoon said again, his voice so low you were actually afraid of it. He never made you scared like this. So you followed his order.

Yoongi and Jungkook got out of the studio and closed the door, leaving you alone with Namjoon. You two were never this awkward, it was actually killing you. You didn’t know what was wrong but you were afraid this was all your fault. You were thinking about it with your head down, looking at the soft carpet on Namjoon’s studio. You were lost in your thought easily because Namjoon was suddenly dead silent too.

You were just about to say what’s wrong with the two of them and raise your head when suddenly a pair of warm lips crashed into yours. You were so shocked before you realized they were Namjoon’s. His big hands were cupping your face, so warm and manly yet so soft on your skin. His eyes were closed tight when yours were wide opened in shock before he tried to make you respond by biting your lips. You let out a tiny yelp but then a soft sigh when he soothed the bite with his tongue. Then you just go with the flow, closing your eyes and bringing your hands to his chest, relishing the feeling of his kiss before you finally realized what the two of you were doing.

You pushed him away so hard he went back to sit on his studio chair in shock.

His eyes were wide, surprised, like he also just realized what he did. He stuttered, “Oh my… Y/N.. Y/N I’m so sorry I didn’t know… I didn’t know what’s gotten into me..” he continued talking but you couldn’t consentrate to his words becausw your eyes kept following his swollen lips that you just kissed.

When you focused on his words again he was saying “…I promised it won’t happen aga–” before he finished it you lunged from the sofa to him and kissed him hard, cupping his face just like what he did to you minutes ago.

He instantly responded your kiss by biting and pulling your lips, one of his hands bringing you closer by the hips and the other on your nape to make your kiss deeper. He stood up from the chair and you were suddenly flying from the floor, he gripped you so tight in his arms and brought you to the sofa with him without breaking the kiss.

His lips was firm on yours, but they were soft at the same time. They tasted like the coffee you always bought for him every morning, your favorite taste. Now your favorite taste can be tasted from his lips, from your favorite person in thw world. He kept teasing you on the kiss, teeth pulling and biting, tounge stroking and licking. He felt hot and cold at the same time. Hot because his kiss was very persistent, you were also very persistent. Cold because the touch he gave you made you shiver in pleasure.

He groaned out loud when you dared to grind on him. “I was so fucking jealous of Jungkook these past few weeks it drives me insane. Why do you have to go out with him?”

He was still kissing you so you talk only when he gave you some air. “So that’s what happened to you? You’re jealous?”

“Fucking A. What did you expect me to do? Giving you a congrats with Jungkook?”

Namjoon started peppering kisses down your throat. “Well, I didn’t expect you to kiss me.”

“I also didn’t expect you to fell out of ‘like’ with me for Jungkook.”

You pushed him off of you a little bit in surprise. “Wait, you know? You know I like you this whole time?”

“Of course I know. You were not very discreet about it. I know you steal glances at me when I’m not seeing. I know you asked the barista to give a little bit more cream in my coffee because that’s how I like it. I know it all.” He smirked. This goddamn cutie dare to smirk.

“And you like me too all this time? Not as friends?”

“Since day one, babe. Since day one.”

Aside from getting a jump on your heart because it was the first time you heard him call you ‘babe’, you were still annoyed, so you hit him in the head. “You bastard! You should’ve told me! It would save us from these weeks full of hell!”

You hit him again but he just laughed. “Hell as in we didn’t talk that much? Do you miss me that much?”

You groaned out loud while kept hitting him on the shoulder and chest, both of you still on the sofa with him on top of you. “Aargghhh I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you.”

He laughed again, dodging your hits. “No, lady. You love me.”

You sighed finally and said, “Yeah, I love you.”

His laugh stopped. “Wait, you love me. You love me?”

“I can’t help it. I like you too much and we’ve been bestfriends for so long.”

He smiled wide. “Oh my God, this might sound cheesy but I love you too.” He gave you tiny kisses on the lips. “I should’ve confessed to you sooner, we must have been a couple from so long and saves us the heartaches.”

“You bet, Kim.” You rolled your eyes but he started kissing you deeply again and you smiled on the kiss.

The door of the studio was suddenly banged open, you too were too surprised to get out of each other embraces, only stopping the kiss and looked at who opened the door.

It was Jungkook.

“Finally!” Jungkook said. “I was so tired of seeing you two longing at each other for years. And now you two finally say your feelings out! I’m glad. I’m also worried for the last few weeks, I thought Namjoon hyung would burn in jealousy and kill me. Thank God you guys decided to tell each other sooner or I would be dead by now.”

Namjoon stared at Jungkook, “You planned this?!”

Jungkook shrugged. “Well, not just me. Other members also planned this. They just think I’m a great bait because I’m the same age as Y/N. Don’t worry, I’m not asking her to go anywhere with me together because I have a crush on her. She’s yours, you know. ‘Since day one’” he mimicked Namjoon.

“You rascal!” Namjoon threw a cushion to him just as he ran out of the studio and closed the door. But the two of you could hear him yelled “At least she’s with you now, hyung!”

Namjoon looked at you when it finally went silent. “Yes, at least you’re with me now.”

You caressed his cheek and peck his lips softly. “I’ve been with you all this time, Namjoon.”

***The End***

Too Late (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader)

Originally posted by mcfucking-lafayette

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Choreographer!Reader

Requested?: ‘hiii! I have a request for a linxreader: Could the reader be the choreographer for Hamilton? So she comes in later in the game when everything has pretty much been written. Lin and she have a connection and get along very well during the staging process. Then on opening night at the Public, the reader brings her boyfriend and Lin acts v weird (cause he’s in love with her). You could decide where to go from there. love your writing! thanks!!!’

Prompt: ^^^^

Words: 2700+

Warnings: Jealous Lin, Sad Lin, angst, :(



Lin didn’t want to admit it. He was in denial and didn’t want to confess it. Nothing would make him talk. Nothing would break him. Nothing would-

“I’ll buy you dinner if you do it.” You state as an ultimatum as you twirled the gel pen between your fingers.

Lin’s determination and shell of resistance cracked and shattered the moment you finished speaking the ultimatum. Lin mumbled a profanity before standing up from the couch. He took a deep breath before doing a cartwheel, or what he believed was a cartwheel. You couldn’t stop laughing at him. How anyone could keep a straight face as they watched a grown man in his thirties attempt a cartwheel and watching him land it by crashing into the couch is beyond you. You felt your stomach hurt and your eyes grow watery. Lin stood and glared weakly at you, mumbling for you to shut up.

“Don’t be like that, Linny.” You said, nudging Lin in the chest as you zipped up your hoodie and retrieved your wallet from the coffee table. “At least you earned yourself some free dinner.” 

Lin rolled his eyes as he stood and grabbed his car keys and wallet. You both walked out of the apartment complex and into the garage. You both entered Lin’s car and pulled out, driving from the building and down the street. The destination was an old stomping ground of yours and Lin’s. A moderately sized family diner only a few blocks away from Lin’s apartment. This was where you and Lin would brainstorm and work on ideas for Hamilton together. A good amount of your friendship was spent at this restaurant. You would work on homework and last minute projects here, take part of Friday night karaoke and work for tips when you were short on funds. This place was, in fact, ran by your family. Mainly your parents, seven other siblings, and six of your cousins. The food served were all (L/N) family recipes and the decor were all hand-me-downs, giving the diner a homey atmosphere.

You and Lin pulled into the parking lot and entered the diner, inhaling the warm scent of country fried steaks and apple pies. Your sister Beth was working the podium so once she saw you and Lin she grinned and immediately grabbed menus and lead you to your favorite spot; a booth directly diagonal from the kitchen door so you could have a clear view of who and what was coming out of the kitchen. Since you were the chosen heiress of the diner, you tried to visit it was as often as your schedule would allow you to. This means a lot of late night dinner with Lin and falling asleep with a cold cup of coffee and being woken up when your parents went home (the diner runs 24 hours). Although your name was soon to be on that deed, you were discussing with your father about how the heir should be some who worked and wanted the restaurant. But, that’s a story for another time.

Your mother walked out of the kitchen and she noticed you and Lin, smiling although she was tired. “(Y/N)! Lin!” She strolled over to you two and gave you side-hugs. “It’s good to see you two! What can I get you?”

You and Lin scanned through the menu you both know by heart. Before Lin could speak you placed your menu down on the table and looked up to your mom. “We’ll have our usuals and two coffees.” 

Your mom scribbled down your order on her pad of paper and winked at you. “I’ll bring out sugar and cream for you, hun.” And with that, she walked back into the kitchen. You took this time to look around the restaurant and noticed how empty it is. You and Lin were the only ones eating, besides a couple of hungover and stoned teenagers sitting at the bar. Normal Saturday night for the (L/N) Family Diner.

Besides having a favorite diner that worked at a meeting place for meals and study dates, you and Lin go way back. You two graduated from the same high school, you graduating two years after Lin, and you guys stopped talking until four years ago after you graduated college. You came across Lin while touring Aaron Burr’s house and you two picked up your friendship where they left off. He told you about this project he was doing called the Hamilton Mixtape. You were a huge American History nerd so you were excited to hear about it. Some time later, Lin started working on a hip-hop musical about the life of Alexander Hamilton, who happened to be your favorite founding father. You had a Bachelor’s degree in Dance so when you heard ‘musical’ you thought of the dancing and ensemble members of Broadway. When Lin decided to make you the Choreographer for Hamilton, you saw stars. You were positive that Hamilton was going to be a Broadway hit so you immediately accepted his offer. So, for a course of the next few years, Lin would run you through the songs he wrote while you demonstrated the dances you put together for each song. You also helped Lin pick out actors and actresses for the cast and you took it upon yourself to choose the ensemble members. It might have been Lin’s musical but he always said it was a team effort.

You and Lin proceeded to talk about ideas and new changes for Hamilton songs and dance numbers. Your food and coffee were served some time later and the conversations did not cease. After the food was eaten, coffee was drunk, and the conversation lasted for about two hours, the bill found itself onto your table and you paid for it, leaving a good tip for your mom before you and Lin got up to leave, hugging your mom and your sister before leaving the restaurant. You and Lin went back to his apartment and you two ended up having a deep one-in-the-morning conversation about life since that’s how your brain functioned when you were an insomniac and still running on those few cups of coffee. At about three am, you decided to leave since the next day was the premiere of Hamilton. You hugged Lin and wished him a good night before leaving. You lived in the same building, but your apartment was three floors above Lin’s.


Night of the Premiere ~

The theater was packed. The show sold out not that long ago and it was heart-racingly exciting to see all these people and Broadway veterans filling the Richard Rogers Theater. Thank god you weren’t in the main cast or else you’d be having a panic attack and insist on leaving. You were not just the Choreographer but you also was an ensemble member that performed in both acts and even had a singing part in The Election of 1800. You also lend a hand in helping cast and ensemble members get in costume and makeup since you took a class for theatrical costume and makeup in college. When you weren’t helping or going over last minute practice with the ensemble, you were loitering in Lin’s dressing room, helping him calm his nerves.

“What if I miss my cues?” Lin asked, mainly to himself as he fiddled with the sleeves of his shirt. “What if I make a complete fool of myself?”

“Lin, calm down,” You said for the hundredth time that night. “You’ll be fine.”

“But what if the spotlights go out?” Lin continued to be nervous. “What if everybody doesn’t like the show? What if-”

“Lin, oh my god, calm down!” 

Lin looked at you with wide eyes. You stood up from the couch and was grasping Lin’s shoulders, looking him dead in the eye. “You, Lin-Manuel Miranda, are a brilliant man. You wrote this musical in seven years and you had to deal with me forcing you to practice dancing during those seven years. You mastered the dances, you’ve mastered the songs, and you can do anything you put your mind to.”

“Yeah, but-”

“No buts, Lin! Now you go out there and do your best! If you get nervous or anxious, look for me. If I’m not on stage, I’ll be in the wings.”

Lin smiled and hugged you. “Thank you, (Y/N).” He said, kissing you on the cheek, making you blush. “I’m not wasting my shot!” 

You laughed as he finished his hair and finished getting ready. You mess with your hair before the five-minute warning comes over the P.A system. You and Lin hug again and you go your separate ways and take positions in the opening song. 

The musical goes on without any problems. When you weren’t performing on stage, you were watching from the wings. Lin would glance at you ever so often but you’d flash him a smile and a thumbs up. During the intermission, you snuck off and Lin didn’t see you until the first song of Act Two. Act Two brought you to tears and you were silently crying when Alexander died. The audience were brought to tears and enjoyed the show very well, calling for an encore during the curtain call. You disappeared from the stage and Lin went searching for you. He had something very important to tell you.

Four months ago, Lin came to the realization that he loved you. It was at a rocky point of his life when he realized this. He had just finalized his divorce with Vanessa after four years of marriage and they decided to share custody of their baby son, Sebastian. Besides working on Hamilton, Lin was a mess and wasn’t getting enough sleep. You’d force him to sleep and make sure he’d eat. You cared so much about him, just like you did in high school. You were loving, witty, funny, beautiful, and very talented and smart. Lin couldn’t help but fall in love. He didn’t think he could after his divorce but he did.

Lin scanned through the group of actors and ensemble members for you but to no avail, you weren’t found. Lin asked all the actors he saw and they all turned up with nothing. Then, Phillipa said she saw you in the lobby. Lin thanked her before racing to the lobby, still in costume. As he made his way to the lobby, he went over what he was going to say to you. He mentally cursed and finally made it to his destination. Lin scanned the crowd and saw you but his heart stopped once he saw him.

You were standing up against an empty part of the lobby wall. You were still in your ensemble costume and the blue and red coat you wore during Yorktown. Your hair was still in its braided updo and your makeup looked to be touched up recently. Your arms were crossed against your chest and your head was tilted every so slightly to the side. The guy you were talking to was about Daveed’s height, with curly blonde hair and he was dressed in a white dress shirt, a navy blue blazer, black slacks, and brown loafers. His neck and cheeks were covered in freckle patches. His hands were making motions as he spoke, making you laugh once and a while. 

You see Lin in the corner of your eye and you smile. “Lin!” You called him over, motioning with your hand. Your ‘friend’ turned around and he had an anxious smile on his face. Lin felt a pit form in his stomach as he walked over to you. His hands became clammy and he expected the worst from this guy he never saw before being all friendly with you.

“There you are, (Y/N),” Lin said, forcing a fake smile on his face. “I’ve been looking for you.”

You smiled sheepishly and rubbed the back of your neck. “Sorry.” You nudged the blonde guy in his side as you stood up straight. “This cutie has been distracting me.” The blonde guy blushed and stepped closer to your side, placing a hand on your hip and you leaning into his touch, leaning your head on his shoulder. Lin’s speculations were confirmed. And it broke his heart.

You had a boyfriend.

Lin tried his best not to look hurt and heartbroken. He wanted to look oblivious and happy. His forced smile looked convincing but he was breaking on the inside. When did you start dating this guy? Why didn’t you tell Lin about him? Does Lin know this guy? He did look kinda familiar. Maybe a guy from your high school? Lin didn’t care. He instantly hated this guy. This guy took you away from him. Lin could make you happy. He could satisfy you. If he was able to, he’d make you a happy person.

“(Y/N), who’s your friend?” Lin asked as he balled his hands into fists. 

You smiled and blushed. “This is Grayson Peters.” You explained, Grayson extending his hand for Lin to shake. “We went to high school with him. He was in the marching band with me.”

Lin firmly gripped Grayson’s hand and shook it briefly before letting go. Grayson’s hand was clammy and cold and Lin wiped his hand on his pants before stuffing it in his pocket. Grayson looked like one of those guys you’d see on Glee or The Office but also has that anxious glee like one of Lin’s fangirls. His eyes were brown like Lin’s and his face is clean, no shadow of facial hair. Maybe you liked men with brown eyes? Clean shaven guys? Musical guys? Lin fit two of those three traits so he had a good chance with you. Besides, Lin knows you better. He could make you so happy.

“How long have you two been seeing each other?” Lin asked, a lump in his throat forming.

“Four months.” You explain. “We’ve been seeing each other online since he worked overseas. But now he’s living in the city!” Grayson planted a kiss on your head and you blushed, making Lin’s heart break even more.

‘So that’s why she’s been online so often.’ Lin thought as he felt his eyes water and the lump in his throat growing. He wanted to pull you away from Grayson and tell him to get lost. He wanted to kiss you and hold you and make you feel special. It took him four months for him to realize how much he needs you and you went off and got yourself a boyfriend. Lin was so disappointed with himself that he took so long. He loves you. He wants you. He needs you. But he was too late.

Lin turned around and walked away, not being stopped or noticed by you or Grayson. He walked all the way to his dressing room, ignoring everyone who tried to talk to him. He locked the door behind him and took a seat in front of the mirror. He stared at his reflection and then looked at the picture he taped to the corner. It was a selfie polaroid you took of you and Lin on your thirty-third birthday, which was six months ago. You both had on those stupid plastic birthday hats and you both held full wine glasses as you toasted to ‘one more year closer to death’, as you put it. You both were smiling, which what made Lin’s heart ache more. He wanted that smile. He needed that smile. But it now belonged to someone else.

And he cried.

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NCT DREAM react to their s/o collapsing from overworking themselves.

Requests are open!

-Main Admin, M

Mark: He knew you were working hard for this comeback, yet you always cared for his health since he is a member of three NCT units.  So when he saw you falling to the floor on one of your stages, he felt guilty for not taking care of you the way you took care of him, and he would go and carry you off of the stage, even bringing you to the hospital. He wouldn’t leave your side until you wake up.

¨I’m sorry that I didn’t take better care of you.¨

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Haechan: He is always happy and smiling but he would always hype about you every time a song of your group came on, or whenever you won an award. He was always there supporting you, but something that didn’t cross his mind was that you weren’t taking care of yourself. When you collapsed at an event, his smile erased from his face and now he was almost crying because he couldn’t reach where you were, as he was backstage preparing for his stage. Even if he tried to go see you, there was always someone that didn’t let him go because he had to get ready. He was freaking out. 

“I need to see if she is okay, hyung.”

Renjun:  When you collapsed Renjun was doing his stage (My First and Last), and he knew he couldn’t stop the song to go see you. Instead, he just started crying while singing because he didn’t know whether you were okay or not.

Jeno:  He didn’t know what to do since that never happened to him or anyone he knew, but when you collapsed at the awards show, he stood up from his seat and went back stage as fast as he could to go and see you. He was really worried.

¨Y/N, from now on I’m going to take better care of you.¨

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Jaemin:  Jaemin had a problem with his health, so he wasn’t doing promotions with NCT Dream, and you were always taking care of him so he could get better. So he felt really bad and guilty because he couldn’t take better care of you, and you ended up overworking yourself since you wanted to take care of him.

¨I’m sorry, this is my fault.” 

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Chenle: Even if he was one of the youngest of his group, you were always taking care of him as you were one year older than him. He wanted to take care of you too, so when he saw that you weren’t waking up immediately, he got extremely scared.

“I will take better care of you noona, so for now just rest.”

Jisung: He was really worried about you, watching you perform from the dorm since his group wasn’t invited to the awards. So when he saw that you collapse, he would get really sad and probably start crying since he couldn’t be there.

¨Jisung don’t worry, she is going to be fine,”  Renjun would tell him and give him a hug.

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Meeting you. (Jaebumxreader fanfic) pt.1

summary: you, Yugyeom and BamBam are best friends. One day Yugyeom and BamBam bring you to their dorm to hang out. And Jaebum finally meets you. 

genre: fluff/romance

REQUESTS OPEN please I am so bored send in requests :)  I don’t know if this is good but I’ll continue it if you guys like where it is going 


Yugyeom and Bambam had finally gotten back from a tour and the three of us were planning to head out tonight. I was just about to leave when I got a call. 

“Hello?” you say “[Y/N] hey it’s Bambam, can you come by the dorm? we are both still tired from touring, but we still want to see you. We can get coffee nearby later. Yugyeom is paying.”I could hear Yugyeom protesting in the background.

“Sure I’ll be there in 15 minutes, it’s closer than the chicken place anyways.” It was unfortunate I got all cute for no real reason though. I got there a little late and thought “I’ve never been in their dorm before…” and  “are the other members home? they’ll be tired too…I hope I’m not -” before I can finish Yugyeom and Bambam are outside greeting me. 

Ya! [Y/N] you said you would be 15 minutes it was more like 20″ Bambam laughs. “Let’s go in for a bit, we are in the middle of a game. One round more and then coffee.” The three of us went up and played more than a few rounds of Mariokart, things start getting heated since each of us was tied. As we were fighting over the better position in front of the T.V, an annoyed voice from behind speaks out

Ya could you keep it down?” I turned and it was JB, “my god he is hotter than in the pictures.” Jaebum was the only member I had never met before; now that I thought about it. 


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Part 10

Player: Tyler Seguin – Dallas Stars

Prompt:  Part 10 of the Give Us a Chance story with Tyler Seguin. I was going to end it here but I couldn’t let go. So the story will continue! We are going to follow the reader and Tyler through their lives of being newlyweds. You already know it won’t come easy.

Mentions: None.

Warnings: Angst & SMUT. (smut is signaled by ***) 

Preview: You sat on the balcony sipping the hot coffee and watching view on the lake. It was a beautiful September morning. You and Tyler decided to have the wedding right before the regular season began, that way you could move to Dallas right after

Characters:. 1445 words.

Find the rest of the story on the masterlist here. 

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1 year later…

You couldn’t believe it was here. You sat looking in the mirror. It was six am, all your bridesmaids still asleep. It had been a long road but you and Tyler rode it together. Between Physical Therapy, Tyler going back to Dallas and Wedding planning, the year had been exhausting.

But it all was about to pay off.

You smiled as you ordered breakfast, tying your white satin robe around your body.

The smell of breakfast arriving helped awaken the sleeping beauties sprawled all over the hotel room.

You sat on the balcony sipping the hot coffee and watching view on the lake. It was a beautiful September morning. You and Tyler decided to have the wedding right before the regular season began, that way you could move to Dallas right after.

Candace walked onto the balcony holding a plate of toast and her own cup of coffee.  

“You ready?” She smiled taking a bite from her toast.

“More than ever.”

“No cold feet right? I know I’m your bridesmaid but he is my brother.” She chuckled.

“My feet are very warm. Plus, I can’t run very fast anymore anyway.” You giggled glancing at your bare leg, running you fingers across your scar.

“You guys have come a long way.” She noted

“That we have.” You took another sip from your coffee, a smile spreading as the warm liquid hit your lips.

“Let’s get you ready and you married already!”

The peaceful morning turned on you quickly. The flowers were late, the cake had been dropped, and it had begun to rain. You were trying your hardest not to panic but every time someone walked into the room your heart dropped into your stomach.

Everyone was rushing around the room trying to get things done. You could feel the anxiety rushing through you. You walked calmly into the bathroom and locked the door. You slid down the door already in your dress. You didn’t care that you were in your dress, hair, and makeup done sitting on the floor of a hotel bathroom, you needed a moment.

You didn’t realize that your moment turned into quite a few moments until someone knocked on the bathroom door.

“Y/N? You okay?” You heard Jackie try.

“I’m okay.” You tried your voice cracking. You didn’t even know when you started crying.

“You want to come out love?”

“Not yet, I’m not ready.” You choked out. You heard footsteps and the hotel room door close. You sighed leaning your head against the door again.

“HoneyBee.” The familiar voice pulled you from your thoughts.

“Tyler…” you scrambled to your feet.

“You’re not changing your mind on me, are you? All your boxes are in Dallas already love. I won’t send you your stuff back.” He tried.

You rolled your eyes. “It’s not you…”

“I can hear you rolling your eyes. What’s wrong?”

“Everything.” You chuckle sarcastically. “The cake, The flowers, It’s raining, and who knows what else has happened between the time I’ve been in here.”

“Babe, I am sure it’s all going to be fine. Just open the door honeybee.” He pleaded jiggling the door handle.

“I can’t! I’m already ready, you can’t see me! We don’t need any worse omens!”

“Will you shut it about the bad omens. Just crack the door and stick your hand out you little psychopath.”

You unlocked the door and stuck your hand out. You felt Tyler gently wrap his fingers around yours.

“Y/N, I love you and no matter what happens today, I could careless as long as you become Mrs. Seguin by the end of the day. I want you to be my wife even if you are a little psychopath. Make my days less dull I guess.”

You giggled. “You love my psychopathic tendencies.”

“It’s one of the main reasons I’m marrying you. You feel better? Can we get married now?”

“I guess…” you giggled.

“You sound so excited you know.”

“Will you get out so I can finish getting ready?”

“That’s my girl.”

It’s almost midnight, the reception had been empty for about a half hour but You and Tyler are still in the middle of the dance floor swaying to whatever song Tyler has begun humming.

“They are going to kick us out of our own wedding pretty soon.”

“I guess we should go upstairs then Mr. Seguin.”

Tyler nodded taking your hand and leading you to the doorway. You are officially Mrs. Seguin and it just doesn’t feel real. After everything that has happened, you can’t believe you actually have reached this point.

You reach the room and Tyler pulls the key card from his jacket. He opens the door and glances at you with a smirk.

“What?” you question but before you could walk into the room Tyler had scooped you up and placed you over his shoulder.

“We said no wedding clichés!” you shouted hitting Tyler’s back softly as he walked into the room.

“This isn’t a cliché. I did it my own way” Tyler chuckled and threw you on the bed.

“Couldn’t wait could you?” you chirp with a smirk.

“I have the rest of my life with you really”

“This is quite true.”

He nods slipping from his jacket as you shake off your heels.

“Are you as hungry as I am?” he asks suddenly.

“Thank goodness you said that.”

“All that money for food and we didn’t even get to enjoy it.”

You laugh looking through the room service menu. “Burgers Mr. Seguin?

“Burgers Mrs. Seguin.” He states placing a kiss to your lips before turning to untie his dress shoes.

You order you both burgers placing the phone down once you are finished. They say it will be over an hour.

“That’s more than enough time you know” he quips wiggling his eyebrows.

He presses into you sweeping your falling hair to the side. He kisses along your neck and shoulder.


“Unbutton my dress please?” you ask.

Tyler nods starting to unbutton the buttons that run down the small of your back all the way down to below your butt. He takes his time, his hot breath hitting the back of your neck driving you crazy.

He finally finishes and you allow the dress to slip to the floor.

“Damn Y/n, You’re so beautiful.”

“If I had a quarter for everything you said that tonight I would be quite rich right about now.”

Tyler rolled his eyes helping you step from your dress. He once again picks you up and throws you onto your bed. He grabs your waist and you giggle as he crawls over you, placing kisses down your stomach.

He has your back arching off the mattress in mere moments. You have your hands tangled in his hair as he uses his tongue and fingers to drive you mental. He drives you over and over the edge until it seems like you lose your voice.

You take a few deep breaths to Tyler’s amusement. You push him towards the bed, straddling him to give him a turn.

It doesn’t take you long to get your hands into his pants and you soon have your fingers wrapped around his member. You start pumping him long and slow as you pepper kisses to his neck. You bring him to the edge and then slowly press into him, placing your hands on his chest as you ride him.


You both are still tangled together when there is a knock on the door. You slip into Tyler’s dress shirt and button most of the buttons. Tyler slips on his dress pants and gets your food.

You both sit in bed enjoying the greasy food.

“So how does it feel to be married to me?” He asks taking a bite from his burger.

“The same as it felt to be dating and engaged to you?” You giggle taking a French fry.

“Now you’re just a pain in the ass with my last name huh?” he chuckles

“Y/N Seguin…”

“I had the best day,” he sighs after a moment. “It was perfect.”

“It was. I mean, except—”

“Don’t ruin this with an except you little psychopath.”


“No, buts,” he says putting a French fry in your mouth.

You spend the rest of the night kissing lazily and enjoying your time as Mr. & Mrs. Seguin

thehobbem  asked:

Winter Song was supposed to have only 2 chapters?? THAT'S NOT ENOUGH!! I guarantee you that the only person crying over TWS length is you, we all feel really blessed with how long it turned out to be! ^^

Yes, it was! When I wrote that first chapter, that was me thinking I was having a brief love affair with a new fandom. I figured I’d get the whole “Victuuri thing” out of my system by having Yuuri straddle Victor and do naughty things to his necktie. That’s it. That was going to be my story.

And then every. damn. new. episode kept sucking me in deeper and deeper. This anime has ruined me. I am complete YOI trash and couldn’t be happier about it.

Victor and Yuuri make me so happy. 80k+ words of Winter Song haven’t even allowed me to properly explain all the happiness. So get ready for more. WS will easily go over 100k words.

cherry kisses & sequined dresses

day 15 of @snowbaz-feda!!

length: 1.1k

genre(s): fluff

triggers/warnings: none

trixie and keris get ready for the leavers ball

a/n: katie wrote femslash?? whaaaat??? also massive thank you to @snowbazilu for the last minute beta :D (i also forgot that @pennybunceforyourthoughts prompted some femslash aaaages ago so this counts i hope ahaha)


Keris looks gorgeous, like a freaking mermaid! I’m so proud of how our dresses turned out. I told her everything would go perfectly, and of course I was right. She’d made a face at the shop when I’d held up the sequined fabric, but come on, even she has to admit we look amazing. Her skirt is flowing just like I envisioned it would, and I’m so in love with my own dress I don’t think I ever want to take it off.

I can feel Keris watching me as a I struggle with the strap on my shoe. She’s waiting for me to ask her for help, but I’m not going to. I can do it on my own, I can–oh, fuck it. “Can you give me a hand?”

She pretends like she hasn’t heard me, staring down at her nails (I finally convinced her to try acrylics and they look amazing).

Keris,” I groan, “I need help with my shoe.” The corner of her mouth twitches, a sign she’s about to stop fucking with me and actually help, but I get desperate. “You can wear my new earrings if you get off your perfect arse and–” I stop talking when she stands, smirking as she walks over and drops down to her knees, her mischievous eyes letting me know she’s perfectly aware of what she’s doing.  

When she finally leans down to tackle the buckle, a lock of her wavy brown hair falls forward. I reach out and brush it back from her face, and catch her chin with my fingers.

“Trixie, your shoe…” As if she actually cares about that now.

“Fuck my shoe,” I say, “kiss me.” Keris rolls her eyes, but lets me guide her head up and press my lips to hers. She kisses me back and I can taste her cherry lip gloss, the one that always reminds me of our first kiss (I think she wears it on purpose). I slip my tongue in her mouth and try to deepen the kiss, but she grabs my by the shoulders and moves away.

“Trixie-,” she admonishes, “we have to get ready! You’re the one who wanted to go to this thing, remember?”

“Don’t act like you don’t want to go.”

“I don’t.” She stands and holds out her hand. I take it, allowing her to pull me up.

I make like I’m about to kiss her, leaning in close and sing-song, “yes you doooo.”

She pokes me in the side. Hard. “What the hell, Keris?” I whine, and she just shrugs and bats her eyes innocently. I want to smack her. And kiss her again. Maybe more of the kissing and less of the smacking, actually. Or maybe just…

She yelps when I poke her back, and narrows her eyes. “Are we doing this?”

I nod, and she smiles evilly as we start to circle each other. She feints to the right, and I brace myself for an assault, completely unprepared when she pounces on me from the other side and tackles me onto the bed.


Trixie’s struggling underneath me as I move up her body until I’m straddling her hips.
“Isn’t this what you wanted?” I ask, my voice dripping with mock innocence, and she sticks her tongue out childishly. I make myself comfortable on top of her, and she tries to buck me off. I lean down to tickle her and she manages to unseat me. I fall on the floor and Trixie’s up in a flash.

“Oh, shit, Keris! Are you alright?”

I’m laughing to hard to answer at first, and once she seems satisfied that I’m okay, Trixie joins in.

“We’re going to ruin our dresses,” she giggles.

I look down at my own. Two days ago I might have wanted to burn the thing, but it’s grown on me. When Trixie had suggested we make our own dresses, I’d been more than a little skeptical. Some of her ideas are a little…out there. “Let’s not do that,” I say.

This time it’s her turn to help me up, and I let her, squeezing her hand along the way. When she pulls me close to her, I notice her eyeliner is a bit crooked.

“I think you need to fix your wings, love,” I say, and for some fucking reason she looks behind her, as if she’s got actual bloody wings back there. (When we met in first year I was convinced she had them and just spelled them invisible.) (How ridiculous is that?)

I can tell by her face when she realizes what I mean, and she starts to rustle through my make-up bag. I sit back down on her bed and reach for my mobile, scrolling through my new messages when I remember what I was going to say earlier.

“Dev told me Basil and Simon are together now,” I say, and wince when I hear what sounds like Trixie dropping my compact.

“They’re what?”

“Together, dating, in love, whatever.” I can’t say I’m surprised, they’ve always been obsessed with each other. I guess I’m just better at spotting that stuff than other people. Like Trixie.

“You’re joking,” She says incredulously, and I smirk.

“Completely serious. I swear on Mr. Pickles.” (My cat.) (This is how she knows I’m serious.)

“Tell me everything!” She squeals.

“I just did,” I say.

“We can find out more tonight at the dance, then!” She says excitedly.

I roll my eyes. Only Trixie would get that invested in someone else’s love life. (Except I’ll admit I’m a little curious myself.)

Apparently deciding to abandon my compact, Trixie skips over to the full-length mirror on the back of her closet door.

I slink up behind her, wrapping my arms around her waist and resting my chin on her shoulder–something I can only do when wearing heels. “I’ll tell you what our future will be like, Trixie the Pixie.”–she snorts at that–”You’re going to cut the hair of the rich and famous, and I’m going to mold young minds and we’re going to be so fucking happy everyone will be jealous of us always.”


Always.” I say firmly. This seems to placate her, and I can feel her shoulders relax under my chin.

I press a quick kiss to her neck before stepping back to zip her dress. It’s backless, and she’s not wearing a bra. The urge to slip my hands through the sides and make her forget about this bloody ball is strong, but I resist. Somehow. Trixie really does have excellent tits.


“Right, sorry, just spaced out.”

She considers our reflections in the mirror and nods approvingly. “I ship us.”

I laugh. “I bloody well hope so, considering all the dating we’ve been doing.”

She laughs along with me, and then asks, “Are you ready?”

I search around for my clutch, and then grab it and nod. I catch Trixie winking at her reflection before she grabs my hand and drags me out the door for the last time.

The Signs as ‘Vices & Virtues’ Songs

Aries: Let’s Kill Tonight

Taurus: The Ballad of Mona Lisa

Gemini: Turn Off the Lights

Cancer: Memories

Leo: Hurricane

Virgo: Ready to Go (Get Me Out of My Mind)

Libra: Always

Scorpio: Nearly Witches (Ever Since We Met…)

Sagittarius: The Calendar

Capricorn: Kaleidoscope Eyes

Aquarius: Sarah Smiles

Pisces: Trade Mistakes

Midnight Coffee

Jasmine Cephas Jones x Fem!Reader
Words: 1760

well hello there. surprised to see me writing again? so am i honestly.

i got a keyboard the other day and all i’ve been doing is playing it and crying when the pedal misbehaves (the keyboard ends up sustaining by itself and the pedal stops the sustain which is the wrong way around)

but anyway. i’ve had a bit of writers block and i’ve had a lot going on in my life. i’m horrible at all of my subjects, i feel pretty isolated at school and on here and i kinda just gave up for a little while.

tonight, i just started writing. this was going to be an anthony x reader or a daveed x reader but i never have written a jasmine x reader. i suppose this could be day 6 of the hamwriters challenge (that i never did finish oops)

i’ll finish my speech now because i really wanna watch this episode of legion and then maybe (probably not) get some sleep. i hope you all enjoy this!

requests are open or if you wanna chat or something, you can message me. I love you all

ps. i really love dan stevens wow what a man 


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It was late one Sunday night when you first met Jasmine.

You were sitting in your tiny apartment with its paper thin walls and it’s horrible acoustics as you tried to finish a song. You knew the song needed to be finished by midnight at the latest for it to be counted towards your grade, but you also knew that your current writer’s block may have been the worst ever.

The task was simple and one you had completed many times before, but when you sat down at your keyboard, you felt nothing. There wasn’t a melody in your head besides “Careless Whisper”, the song your ex had played a cover of in class today.

He had dedicated it to you, which made you roll your eyes once again. He really hadn’t clicked on to the fact that you weren’t interested in him, nor any other guy on the planet. Alas, your parents seemed to have a hatred for people in the LGBTQ+ community that you just couldn’t explain. You weren’t sure what it was, but whenever they saw a same sex couple in public, they would turn their noses.

You knew you weren’t coming out anytime soon. You still hadn’t found the right person, so what was the point anyway?

You sighed when you realised your mind had drifted again, turning your attention back to the blank page on your music stand. It looked like someone had taken a scan of your brain and printed it out onto paper… you had nothing, the page had nothing, it was a match made in heaven.

A three minute song couldn’t be that hard to write, right? You usually smashed out five minute songs in about an hour when you didn’t need to. But now that there was criteria, that people were judging you… you simply didn’t know what to do.

About another hour passed of changing the direction of your stare from the tree outside your window and back to the sheet music when you decided you had finally had enough. “For fuck’s sake! I’m never getting this done!” You exclaimed, picking up your music stand and throwing it at the wall out of frustration.

A cloud of dirt filled the air as the music stand went through the wall you shared with your neighbour. You gasped, staring at the hole in shock. You hadn’t thrown it that hard, had you? Maybe you had… how the hell were you supposed to cover this up? Or pay for the damage you had caused?

You pulled the music stand out of the wall, glancing through the wall at the nicely decorated apartment. You had never met your neighbours, but from the loud rap music you often heard some nights, you had assumed they were thugs.

The door in the apartment swung open to reveal a young girl with short hair. You gasped, looking around anxiously before bolting and sitting down at your keyboard. You acted natural, biting down hard on your lip as the girl stepped forward and inspected the wall.

“Still haven’t gotten that song done?”

Your eyes widened. You looked up from where you were pretending to play, a red blush coating your cheeks. “U-Uh what?” You replied, resting your elbow on one of the keys and jumping when a low note was played. You fell backwards off the chair, groaning and closing your eyes in embarrassment.

The girl in the opposite apartment giggled. “Is your door open? I’ve heard the other originals you’ve written and I think I could help create something similar. Your assignment’s due tomorrow, right?” She asked.

You looked at her in confusion, having no words for the extraordinary girl. You had never seen anyone like her before… she was beautiful, kind and she didn’t seem angry about the wall. In fact, she hadn’t even mentioned it yet. That had to be something good, right?

Letting out a long sigh, you laid on the floor and watched as the girl disappeared, your head snapping to your door as she walked into your apartment.

“I’m Jasmine by the way, and you might want to consider locking your door. There are some weird people around here,” she stated, holding out her finely manicured hand and helping you up from where you laid on the ground.

“(Y/N). I’m (Y/N),” you said, sitting back down on your chair. “Now, would you mind telling me how you know so much about my assignment? And so much about me?”

Jasmine’s eyes widened. She blushed slightly, pulling a seat over to the piano and sitting next to you. “Well, my ex-boyfriend / best friend is always off in the studio making music. I’m home a lot, and I’m often curious when I hear you playing. Well, I’ve always been curious. You always play sad songs, even if they’re not your originals. I was wondering what kind of person was waiting behind the wall,” She started, playing with the hem of her sleeve as she continued on.

“As you know, the walls are pretty thin. I’m sure you’ve heard Anthony and I arguing over stupid things before… but whenever their was silence on my side of the wall, there was always yelling or conversations on yours. It made me feel kinda safe to know there was someone else living here… as you may have noticed, most of the neighbours are totally insane. I hope that answers your question.”

You looked up from the keyboard keys to her, your eyes glancing over her as you tried to find the words to fill the silence. “S-So you’re not mad about the wall?” You asked, freezing as she looked up from her hands. She truly was one of the most beautiful women you had ever seen.

“I was a bit shocked at first, but I like to take everything as an opportunity. I was thinking maybe we could go and get coffee and then get started on some chord progressions and lyrics? I’d love to help you out. You do seem rather stressed,” Jasmine suggested, a small smile appearing on her face.

“Wait, really? You’re not worried at all… I’m afraid I don’t even have the funds to pay for it, and I wish I did because I feel so horrible that I-“

“Hey, don’t worry. Tonight is about getting things done and new opportunities. So what do you say? Do you want to join me on this adventure?” Jasmine interrupted, standing up and holding out her hand.

You smiled and nodded, taking her hand and standing up. The two of you exited your apartment (after you made sure the door was locked) and made your way down the street.

“Is anywhere going to be open? It is quite late… god, I should’ve never left my apartment. I should’ve tried to finish that stupid song,” You said, sighing.

Jasmine smirked as the two of you came to a retro like diner with a flashing open sign above it. “Have I mentioned I like to take chances?” She asked, opening the door and holding it for you as you entered.

The diner looked like something straight of a 50’s movie. You looked around, taking in the plastic, flashing neon lights and the many, many posters of Elvis and Marilyn Munroe. You scoffed slightly, looking at Jasmine. “You sure this is a good idea?”

“We’ve both done a lot of questionable things tonight. This can just add to the list,” She replied, walking up to the counter and ordering a coffee for herself before letting you order one as well.

“What kind of questionable things would you be talking about?” You asked, taking a seat in one of the uncomfortable booths as the two of you waited for your coffees.

“Well, smashing a music stand against the wall was definitely your first questionable decision. What else would go on the list? Letting a stranger into your house, I could be a serial killer for all you know. Or even worse, I could be one of those annoying neighbours that’s always smiling and talkative,” Jasmine stated, shuddering.

“You mean like that old man across the hall? He’s sweet as anything, but I do have to agree. He is a bit annoying sometimes. I guess I’ve just grown to tolerate him,” You said, shrugging and smiling as your drinks were placed down in front of you.

It felt like time stood still as the two of you sat in that diner, chatting and laughing. You never had met anyone quite like her. You were shocked you hadn’t spoken to her before, you could’ve gotten along so well if you had met earlier.

A loud beeping sound coming from your phone interrupted the flow of the conversation and sent you back to reality. As you pulled out your phone to turn off the alarm, you gasped as you saw it was nearly midnight. The song hadn’t even begun… you were majorly screwed.

“Look Jasmine, this has been incredible but I think I have to go. If I don’t get this song in to my professor in the next fifteen minutes, it’ll go ungraded and that’ll bring all my grades down… it’ll pretty much be a disaster and I’ll never forgive myself. This was so lovely though…” You said, quickly standing and getting ready to run home.

Jasmine grabbed your hand before you could go, holding onto it tightly. “I think you worry about the future too much,” she stated, pulling you back into your seat. You raised your eyebrow, slipping your phone back into your pocket.

“You think so?” You asked quietly, your worries about the song disappearing as you looked into her eyes.

“I think that for tonight, you should just stay. Don’t worry about the future, don’t worry about the song! I think we’ve really got something special happening, and I don’t want to let it go yet. So please for tonight… stay?”

The millions of thoughts that flew through your head whenever you were doing anything seemed to stop when she began to talk. You admired the way her smile could light up a room, and how her voice seemed to flow like a never ending melody.

You never did hand in that song. That night and many more were spent in that diner, talking about your worlds and everything in them. You found yourself falling in love with Jasmine more and more every night.

Eventually, you handed in Midnight Coffee to your professor. A song about love, friendship, and an old diner that you couldn’t seem to leave.

Imagine Dean taking you out for your 21st birthday and getting you the gift you always wanted....

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Sam had left, 

his father wasn’t talking to him, 

and he felt like he was losing his mind. 

The only thing stable in his life right now was you, [Y/N] Singer, who was his best friend and as of today, the legal drinking age. 

 You and Dean had been drunk plenty of times before, but tonight was special. Tonight was the first bight he could take you into a bar, and buy you a drink, and not get told that you are too young, or get kicked out for trying to buy a minor a beer. So he was defiantly excited when he turned up to your house in his father’s car and beeped the horn signaling that he was there to pick you up. 

It only took a couple seconds for you to become exposed to the outside world, your [H/C] hair slightly picked up by the breeze as you locked the door behind you. Turning around Dean saw everything you had to offer the world wardrobe wise. Your tan frame was covered by a leather jacket, your red plaid scarf poking up over the collar. Your legs bore black, ripped skinny jeans, and your black leggings could be seen underneath the self made tears, your feet covered by your black combat boots. Dean bit his lip slightly at the sight of you as you quickly walked to the passenger side of the impala. 

“Hey.” You cheerily said, as Dean caught a whiff of your melon scented conditioner. Your cheeks slightly reddened by the cold winter breeze.

“Hey.” He breathed out as he looked into your [E/C] eyes and tried so hard not to take you off guard with a kiss.

“So where do ya wanna go first Handsome?” You asked, your smile lighting up the whole atmosphere in the impala.

“Well I figured we could start at Minervas, and then…”

“Minervas? “ You questioned with a slight chuckle, as Dean’s heart stopped, “Do I look like I am dressed to go eat at a fine dining establishment? Besides I am not letting you spend that much money on me.”

“Well what if I wanted to?” 

“How about this, we go to the bar, and I will let you buy me a fancy drink, and we can eat some burgers and you can have a few fancy toppings on it.”

“Damn I forgot how easy you were to please.” Dean joked as you slowly buckled into the front seat.

“Well now you know.” You smiled as he slowly put the car in reverse and towards the road.

You both sat in dark space, the lighting was slightly colored and on the lowest setting. A karaoke station was set up on the stage in the corner and a terrible singer was constantly standing on the stage, filling the small, dim space with the sounds of their horrible singing. In front of you sat two plates filled with burgers and fries, and before you both was whiskey straight, and a glass of Sex on the Beach, which Dean insisted you try.

“So is there any reason you didn’t want one of these?” You gestured toward the glass in front of you as he smiled at the burger.

“Cause it is super girly, besides you have always been the one who liked peaches.” He watched as you took your straw and sipped out of the glass, your eyes never leaving Dean’s.

“Well, it is definitely girly.” you said over the lady singing Britney Spear off key.

As the night continued the burgers disappeared and were replaced by more and more shots, and one sex on the beach turned into two which doubled to four, and by three in the morning, you were the last two in the bar, belting out Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones as Dean smiled at you, he had stopped drinking far before then, seeing that the chances of you remembering this night was declining rapidly. 

As the song ended the bartender, who was tired and grumpy, kicked you both out as you stumbled off the stage and knocked into a few tables trying to get back to Dean, who stood ready to cover your scoop neck sweater back up with your jacket. You giggled as you turned to put on your coat and giggled, “I think that should be my mixtape, we should send it to Congress so that I can be famous and meet Cher.”

“Sweetheart, I don’t think…”

“Lets go Handsome, I want to go see the stars and drink whiskey in the snow.” You cheered loudly as you turned to Dean, and grabbed his hand. He couldn’t help but smile at your drunken state.

“I think it might be too cold for that Sweetheart.” 

“Well then, let’s go fuck by my mantle and then drink till we sleep for days.” you dragged him out of the bar, as he blushed like mad.

He successfully got you into the impala and once he was in the driver seat you leaned your head on his shoulder, and closed your eyes slowly as he started towards your house.

“I love you, you know that right?” You whispered about half way to your house, which catches Dean off guard, who thought you were asleep and decided to take the long way round just so he could enjoy the feeling of her head on his shoulder for just a little bit longer.

“What are you talking about?” 

“God, I have loved you since I was 16. You never have seen it, but I have loved you forever it feels like now. I never thought you would ever love me back though, so I figured it would be better to just never tell you this.”

“It is just the alcohol talking.” Dean stated as she chuckled.

“Dean, you and I have been drunker then this before, have I ever told you I loved you before?” She smiled as he knew she was right. She had never before muttered the three words he wanted to hear from her so badly, and even though he had finally heard them from her, he didn’t know if he could trust it.

“Yeah.” Was all he could whisper as you placed a hand on his thigh and gave it a small pat as you fell silent again, his heart rate slowly rising as they got closer to the house.

When he pulled it and shut the car off he noticed that you had finally fallen asleep, your mouth slightly opened as you inhaled and exhaled softly, you hair slightly falling over your face as he gently pushed it away with his callused hand. He then slowly moved out of his own seat and around to your side of the car, where he gently took you into his arms bridal style. He carefully carried you up the porch stairs and into your oddly silent house, where he continued up the squeaky stairs which lead to your room. A smile forming on his face when he saw you had put the roses he gotten you 13 days before in an old jack bottle in your room. He softly set you onto the sheets of the bed, removing your shoes before covering you in the quilt your mother had made before her death, you slowly curled up under it as Dean slowly started to back away, however the sound of your voice stopped him, “Stay.”

“Sweetheart I can’t, if your dad comes home and…”

“He said he and your dad weren’t comin’ back till tomorrow, and I just turned 21.”

“And that means…”

“That I want you to stay please.” You Whispered as he smiled and slowly sat on your bed and took his own shoes off, as you slowly took your jacket off, along with a majority of your other clothes.

“What are you doing?” You asked sleepily as Dean tried to climb into bed with you, fully clothed still.

“You asked me to stay with you?” He asked confused as you looked him up and down.

“And you are going to sleep in jeans, and a flannel?” 


“Take them off please?” You pouted as he nervously took everything but his boxers off, and then slipped under the quilt, where you rolled over and placed your head on his chest, as he wrapped an arm around you.

“I wasn’t kidding when I said I loved you earlier.” You whispered, sleep once again heavy in your voice as he shut his eyes.

“We’ll see later sweetheart.” He whispered as you raised your hand and placed it at the side of his face and drew his attention to your face, before you pushed up slightly and kissed him. In his head the fireworks were exploding as you pulled away, for the innocent part of Dean’s fantasy had finally come true, however he could taste the alcohol on your lips still, which reminded him that this all might be a lie. And as he argued with his thoughts in his head, you settled back down onto his muscular chest and slowly drifted to sleep.

Boyfriend Moonbin
  • teaching you how to dance
  • waking up next him to find him awake and looking at you
  • “moonbin-ah.. why are you staring at me..”
  • “because you’re beautiful” >> LIKE, THIS CHEESY SHIT..<<
  • finding yourself belting out songs together and harmonizing perfectly
  • telling you how when he first saw you, he knew he instantly wanted to date you
  • dongmin forcing him to go and ask you out but halfway to you he turns around to dongmin and runs back
  • “why can’t you go ask her out?!”
  • “what if she rejects me?!”
  • “AISH”
  • moonbin watching you get ready and just smiling
  • him getting all bashful when you compliment him
  • “you look handsome today”
  • *his face instantly gets red*
  • cooking by moonbin is either real good or real bad there is no inbetween
  • “what is this”
  • “ramyun”
  • “… why is it like a board”
  • sneaks pictures of you and sends them to your parents like “she’s here with me safe & warm”
  • holds your hand under the table while introducing his parents to you
  • teaching you how to body roll properly
  • tries to get you up to dance
  • ends up picking you up and forcing you to dance
  • you could be like washing dishes or doing laundry aND HE’LL RANDOMLY COME UP BEHIND YOU AND THROW HIS ARMS AROUND YOUR WAIST LIKE MOONBIN
  • literally the flirtiest member out of the group hands down
  • has like 20 emojis next to your name consisting of inside jokes you two have and some hearts
  • waking up to a cup of coffee and a cute note
  • watching him dance and finding it the most entertaining thing in the world
  • trying to make out every time you two go to a movie theATER WHICH IS PARTIALLY WHY HE ALWAYS PREFERS THEATRES ON YOUR DATES
  • not letting any of the other members sit by you because he always wants to sit beside you
  • resting his hand on your thigh while driving or just sitting in general
  • moonbin always finding his way into your selfies
  • inviting you to take bubble baths together
  • thinking about how he wants to marry you 24/7 and getting so frustrated because he can’t tell anyone how much he loves you without sounding weird
  • moonbin then adjusting your hair bc it got real messed up in the process
  • watching you from a distance and just observing
  • when he finally does end up proposing, he’ll do it in a public place so he can finally confess how much he loves you
This Secret I Keep// Sherlock Holmes

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Me? Fifth most popular Tumblr for Sherlock imagines? Seriously? I really never did expect that to happen, let alone have nearly 700 followers. You guys keep it up, by my birthday I’ll be at 1K. Unbelievable. 

Here’s Sherlock oneshot 1 out of 3 for the night!

Requested by Anon: There aren’t many people that Sherlock Holmes finds himself extremely protective of, let alone drawn to. When you leave 221B for a date, he can’t help himself to plant a bug on you. We all know that never goes well. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

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The next Beyonce - Jughead x Reader

Request: The reader is a really good singer and no one knows but Jughead finds out

Word count: 641 (Sorry about the shortness)

Warnings: None :)

Singing, it was your escape from the real world, when you sang, you were in your own world, a world that just consisted of you and the music, even though you loved to sing, you hid it very well, you didn’t want anyone judging you and you didn’t like the idea of being told that you actually couldn’t sing. So to keep your wee hidden talent, well, hidden, you had some rules you followed religiously, no singing at school, no singing when people were supposed to come over and no singing in the shower if someone was coming over in case they came early because you wouldn’t know.

You followed these rules to a T, you had been in Riverdale for a while now and no one knew you could sing, you felt like you were living a secret life, like Hannah Montana but not as dramatic. One day you messed up, you had a long day at school and completely forgot Jughead was coming over to pick you up for some Blue and Gold investigating, you decided a nice warm shower would help wash the stress of the day off. You turned on the water and played Drunk by Ed Sheeran, and hopped in the shower, as you were singing you entered your own world and didn’t hear the door to your house open, or Jughead calling your name, you were so caught up in your singing everything other than that wasn’t important.

You wrapped yourself in a towel and went to your bedroom to go get changed, you walked in and saw your  raven-haired boyfriend sitting on your bed, you screamed and jumped and the top half of your towel slipped, you quickly regained yourself and looked up at a very tomato faced Jughead, “Oh my god, Jughead, what are you doing here??” You asked, “Don’t you remember? We’re going investigating tonight, Y/N, we talked about it at school.” he answered, suddenly it all came back to you, Archie had given Jughead his car for the night so Jughead could go investigate Sweetwater river with you. You covered your face in embarrassment, “That’s right, we’re doing that aren’t we, okay, well, I’m just going to go get changed in the bathroom and I’ll be ready to rumble, Juggie” you joke as you pick out clothes and walk back into the bathroom.

You were so caught up in wondering how you forgot about the investigation tonight with your boyfriend, that you didn’t think about him hearing you sing, it wasn’t until you were in the car with him and you turned on the radio and Drunk was playing did your eyes widen in shock, oh my god, you thought, Jughead would’ve heard me sing, “You seem to like this song, Y/N” Jug said, a smirk slowly growing up his face, “Look, Juggie, I don’t need you to make fun of me or my singing voice okay” you said, looking at the floor of Archie’s car. “God no, babe, I’m not making fun, you’re a really good singer, Y/N I couldn’t help but listen to you, your voice, well, all I can say is wow” you looked up at him, a smile slowly formed on your face, “You really think so, Jug?” you asked, he placed his hand on your thigh, and said “Of course, Y/N, how come you never told me you could sing like that?” he asked, “I never knew if I was good enough or not, no one knows to be honest” you furrowed your brows at your answer. “Are you kidding me, Y/N?! You could be the next Beyonce” he announced, smile as wide as ever, you laughed at your boyfriend, “That’s a bit outrageous babe” You said as he pulled up to Sweetwater river, you both got out and started investigating.

Barba’s Fingers at the Gala

That almost rhymes lol what a shame :(

Anyway guys, the reason we are here is because I saw this post when I was in a lecture and literally could not pay any attention to my lecturer afterwards. So I decided to scribble down some smut instead of taking notes.
Below is the 2000 word result lol

Thanks to @carisiismyhomeboy@barbabangme for inspiring it and to @lunadegitana & @thatgirlwhosalwayssinging for encouraging it

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Just A Bet

Chapter 3

“We were once friends remember”

Savannahs Pov

“So what does Luke like?” Tiffany asked as we sat at the table well it wasn’t my choice they made me sit here while “we” come up with a plan.

“Vaginas” I said then I took a sip of my drink

They both laughed but I meant what I said.

“Okay we need to actually think” Lee said with her pen in hand ready

Ugh why do we need to think and write things down.. I’m sure I could do this on my own without all this.

“Fine..” I groaned and I took the pen from her and paper

If it was going to get done I might as well do it.

“He likes music and he can play the guitar” I said as I wrote it down on the paper

I looked up to see Lee and Tiffany staring at me

“How do you know that?” Tiffany asked

I rolled my eyes and spoke “ we were once friends remember”

They still didn’t look convinced but I don’t care, it was the truth.

When me and Luke were friends when we were 12 he got his first guitar, I remember that because my mum helped me buy it for him and I remember how much he loved it and he started to teach himself how to play it.

They don’t need to know that I bought him a guitar because they will use that and there is no way I’m doing that.

“Okay what else?” Tiffany said

Luke’s Pov

I was so tired.

I opened the door to my trailer and just threw my bag somewhere, I don’t care where it went right now.

Detention lasted so long.

It was so boring, it was only me and Savannah and obviously we didn’t speak, she basically slept the whole long ass hour, at first I started throwing paper at her but that got boring and she didn’t even know I was doing it.

Cal asked if I wanted to go back to his after but I said no, I just want to lay my head down even if it is in this shit hole I call a home.

I would go home to my own home I grew up in but there is nothing left for me there.

Not since my mum left and my dad became an ass.

Only the boys know about it and they always offer me to come back for a proper bed and food but I don’t need there pitty.

I layed my head down on my shitty sofa bed that doesn’t look comfortable but it is, it suits me just fine.

I never have anyone back here, no one needs to know where I live that’s my business and I bet everyone would love to hear about.

I’ll never hear the end of it!

Luke Hemmings is homeless!

Savannah will love that! I know she left her house but she has blackmailed her mum into paying for her apartment at least I found this place on my own and I don’t need to pay any rent because who the fuck would want this.

I’ve to made it as good as I can, there isn’t much too it.

I managed to get my guitar hung on the wall that was free.. I didn’t want to just set my only guitar somewhere it can get damaged.

I’ve had jobs here and there but I can never keep them so I always get fired, I’ve given up on looking for another job from the last one I had.

At least I managed to save up for a car with the last couple of jobs I had, it’s nothing big and it isn’t a good model but it does the job.

I don’t normally drive it to school but if I’m too tired in the morning I will or I’ll walk.

I don’t live far from the school which is good so If I’m not hungover I usually walk.

Cal has a motorbike but I would never trust myself with him driving so I just walk.

One day I will make money with my music.

One day I will get out of this place.

I sat up from my bed and grabbed my guitar and notebook, I have so many thoughts and ideas floating around my head, I like to write them down and try to make a song out of them.

I got to start somewhere.  

Savannahs Pov

I was ready for this, well I was trying to tell myself that.

Lee and Tiffany have gave me a week to get this to happen and I’m not sure how this is going to go.

I mean making Luke think I like him and get him to like me is going to be so hard, I hate him so much and I know he hates me.

I looked in my wardrobe trying to find something that I don’t normally wear but all I own is black jeans and black/grey t-shirts.

“You can borrow my dress..” Lee said from the door way

I turned to look at her with wide eyes.. A dress.

I haven’t wore a dress since I was about 6 years old.

I started to laugh but stopped when she just stared at me

“have you ever seen me wear a dress? You must be joking” I said laughing then turned back to look in my wardrobe

She walked more into my room and then said “I know but if you want this to work you can’t just wear jeans you want him to want you and for that you want to be able to have easy access..”

Ugh! I know she’s right but a dress??

I rolled my eyes and turned to her “ Fine let me see the dress”

She grinned and walked out of my room to hers.

Seconds later she comes walking in with this bright pink dress.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!? IS THAT???” I shouted looking at this awful dress in her hands

I have never wore pink in my life and I won’t start now

“This is the dress I was talking about, Luke will defiantly show you attention if you wear this” she said

I looked between her and the dress and spoke

“The only attention I will be getting from him or anyone is laughter! I am not wearing that” I said to her

She groaned and walked out of my room annoyed

“TIFFANY!!” I shouted and she came walking into my room and said “What?”

“Please tell me you have a decent enough dress for me to wear? Or something” I said to her

She nodded her head and walked out to her room

I hope it isn’t another pink dress.

I closed my wardrobe and layed down on my bed groaning..

Why did I agree with this!!! I shouldn’t have this is such a bad idea!!!

Tiffany walks in with a black dress that looks decent enough.. She holds it out and for once she has something nice in her wardrobe.

“Well?” She asked

I sat up and said “I like”

Lee walks in and starts.. “ Oh yeah he is going to notice you in that…NOT! You need to stand out, how about this dress”

She walks back out of my room but I’m not bothered by what she says because it is another pink dress she can shove it!

She walks in with a smile on her face holding a red dress which doesn’t look too bad.

She held it out and said “you should wear this, you want them to notice you!!”

Ugh fine she is right this time.

“Okay I’ll wear it” I said

Tiffany smirked and so did Lee and then Tiffany spoke “Now it’s time for your makeup”

My eyes widened at her words.. Oh no.

I don’t wear makeup, well not a lot and by the look on her face I know she wants to cover me in it.

Ugh this better work


As they were painting my face I started getting cold,this dress may be a bad idea.

It shows off my leg tattoos that I love, not many people have seen them so I bet the teachers will love this.

But I’m not the only one with tattoos that are visible

The one I love is my skull tattoo.. It starts off shaded in grey and then it blends into a dark red, it’s pretty cool. It took 3 hours within 2 days to get it done and it hurt like a bitch because its at the bottom of my leg.

But I love it.

I plan to get more soon.

“Lift your head up” Lee said gripping my chin and pulling my face up

Ohh that fucking hurt.

“Careful” I warned her and she laughed.

I can’t wait to get this over with.

“You look so different” Lee and Tiffany said as they were finished.

I hope not too different, I don’t want to look like a clown I hope they done a good job.

“Can I see?” I asked

They grinned and got the small mirror they gave been hiding from me since they started painting my face.

Lee held the mirror up and I finally got to see what they done.

They didn’t do a bad job, I look like I’m going out clubbing but they done well.

“Well?” Tiffany asked

I looked away from the mirror and stood up and spoke “ I like it”

They both clapped and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Shit it’s time we go” Lee said, she was right I looked at my phone and it was 8:45.

We all grabbed out shit and walked out making our way to school.

Luke’s Pov

That party was mad!

My head is busting!

I stayed at Cals last night, when I woke up I had forgotten about that so when I walked into the kitchen I got a nice view of a naked Calum.

“How mad was last night, I can’t remember how we got home” he said as he made us coffee

I groaned as my head started to hurt again and I said “ Neither do I”

After we drank our coffee we both took turns getting a shower because we have to go to school.

I was glad Cal felt up to driving because I didn’t fancy walking to school, Cal doesn’t live as close as I do.

When we got to school Mikey and the girls were already there.

“Another party really?” Hailey said as we neared them

“Oh shut up, you’re just jealous you weren’t invited” I said to her

She laughed and said “Please.. As if I would be jealous of a party that you went to that you probably don’t remember”

I didn’t bother speaking to her even if she had a point

She grinned at me knowing she was right and I turned my head

“It can’t be” Brittney said we all didn’t know what she meant until she pointed at it.

We all turned around and Cal spoke “ Is that Savannah?”

I couldn’t speak I didn’t know what to say.. Why the fuck is she dressed like that?

The closer they got the more looks she was getting and she was loving it..

What the hell is going on?

“the fuck happened to her?” Cal said staring at her

She smiled at me like a genuine smile.

I felt sick to my stomach.

What is she playing at??

Savannah’s Pov  

I felt sick to my stomach having to smile at him!

Although the look on his face, on everyone’s face was priceless!

i really got him!

“Did you see his face!"Lee said as we stopped at our lockers

I was glad we all had lockers near each other.

"it was priceless” Tiffany said

I was about to speak and then I smelt them before they spoke

Okay.. I need to some how flirt with Luke..

This shall be good.

I turned around with a smile on my face even though I wasn’t smiling inside.

They all looked shocked.

It was just Luke, Calum and Mikey.. The two bimbos must not have followed them.

“What the fuck happened to you?” Calum asked making me almost laugh

Ugh I hate having to go through with this.

Mikey walked over to his sister to talk to her.. I hope she doesn’t spoil our plan

So now it was just me, Luke, Calum and Tiffany standing together

“What do you mean?” I said nicely to them

This is hurting my inside being nice to them!

They looked at me as if I was stupid and then Luke spoke “Your joking right? Since when do you wear dresses?”

I moved a little closer to him making me look at me even more confused and then I spoke

“it’s cute that you care about what I wear Luke” I said sweetly

He backed up and screwed his face up and spoke “okay whatever is going on don’t make me apart of it”

He walked away along with Calum who gave me a weird look and I couldn’t help but almost laugh

I bet I really fucked his head up there.

This could be fun.

“The look on his face when you spoke so nicely was amazing, I wish I filmed it” Tiffany said

Lee walked back over to us and spoke “ Well you defiantly got their attention, Mikey tried to grill with asking what you were up to but of course I wasn’t telling him”

“this is going to be so much fun fucking with him” I said and then we heard the bell.

Ughh! I hate school.

I wish I never came today.

I have another detention today, which means I’m going to have to flirt with Luke.. Great.

By break time I wanted to go home.

So far I have been shouted at and told to get out of one class, I hate teachers. If they can’t teach properly they shouldn’t teach at all! It’s not my fault I’m the only one who will tell them.

I groaned as I sat down on my seat in the canteen, I was so hungry.

“So what is your plan to fuck with Luke now, he’s seen you look like that.. Now what?” Lee asked as we sat eating.

I shrugged my shoulders and then turned to look for him but he wasn’t in the canteen.

I knew just where he was.

Making out with some girl not in our year probably in the bathroom.. Then I got an idea.

I know just how to fuck him up.

“I know just what to do” I said to Lee and Tiffany then I got up and they asked where I was going but I didn’t answer.

I walked out of the canteen and to the bathroom.

Of course when I opened the door the to girls toilets there was Luke pushing a girl up against the wall, if I’m not mistaken I think it’s the same girl from yesterday.

They turned to look who it was but Luke rolled his eyes when he saw it was just me, he let down the girl from the wall, seriously I don’t know why that wasn’t uncomfortable.

The girl rolled her eyes and then just walked away from Luke and out of the bathroom just like she did yesterday but she was fixing her shirt.. God if only I had came in a couple of minutes later I would have seen them having sex.

Not something I haven’t seen nor want to see again.

“Seriously you need to stop cock blocking me Hamilton” Luke said fixing himself and then he went to walk out but I stopped him

“So were on last names now Hemmings?” I said

He looked down at my hand that was on his chest and then back up to my eyes, I swear he glanced at my lips but it was for a second.

I felt sick to my stomach although I would have already won if he did kiss me, then this would be over with

“What is going on with you lately? Are you stalking me or something?” Luke said who looked back down at my hand on his chest then he slapped it away

Which I didn’t like, I wanted to put it back on his chest just because he slapped it away.

“I’m not stalking you, last time I checked this was the girls bathroom but I did want to talk to you” I said to him

His eyes widened at my words and he stepped back and suddenly Cocky Luke was back.

“Oh what does Miss Savannah Hamilton want with me?” He said as he leaned against the sinks looking at me smugly..

Ugh someone remind me why I’m doing this again??

I really do hate how he says my name.

But I have to do this.. A bet is a bet.

I took a breathe and then I walked closer to him until I was just at his feet, suddenly the smug look was gone.

I could almost feel his breathe on my face..the joys of being nearly the same height as him..

Suddenly the air in the bathroom changed and I looked into Luke’s eyes and he looked in mine

This is weird.

“I wanted to know if you wanted to hang out after school..together..alone” I said sweetly moving a little closer to him.

Kill me now.

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