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books read in 2017: the hobbit ( j.r.r. tolkien )

“In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a hobbit-hole, and that means comfort.”

Me? Obsessed with books?

What do you mean I’m obsessed with books? No, not at all. I just love books, practically read every day, have a giant bookshelf which is the size of my entire bedroom wall, take AT LEAST five books whenever I go somewhere, buy multiple versions of the same book (because i wanna read the story through different point of view, duh), count down the days before a book release, spend more time in a bookstore than in my own house, made a Christmas list entirely composed with books, read till five in the morning way too often, enjoy re-organizing my bookshelf, sometimes re-read passages of my old books and cry, keep a blog about books on tumblr, very often cry over fictional death character, and finally dream of living in a land where books would be the only thing I need to stay alive…

But I’m not “obsessed”. Please. 

What? I don’t have a problem, YOU have a problem! 


Leo: What is it, now…?


one of the most important assets to school, in all levels, is the school bag. of course, there are many kinds! this post is more or less a review, but still… i do think that your school bag can affect the way you work, especially in a physical perspective. 

kanken classic. probably one of the most popular bags on tumblr, this is the current bag i am using (in the colour sand). the one i own has the laptop sleeve, and although the regular one has a sleeve on the inside, i prefer the added pocket because i feel that it supports my laptop much better than the regular one. i carry A LOT of textbooks to and from the college, so it helps my back a little. i highly recommend this bag! it feels like it never fills up, seeing that i can fit three textbooks, my notebook, pencil case, my laptop, a lunch and a water bottle in it without the bag looking horrendously full. plus its cute and waterproof (which i am VERY thankful for). 

tote bag. i see a lot of my colleagues use this, and last semester i used one too before switching to my current bag. they’re really spacious, and very cute. i recommend this bag if your textbooks aren’t heavy (or you don’t need to bring them to school very often). i used to transport my laptop in the tote as well, but i found that as my load was getting heavier, it was beginning to hurt my shoulder. the tote bag i used was the longchamp pliage, since i could fit my lunch in there as well as my laptop and books. i always go back to it whenever i have an easy week of classes, and when i don’t need my laptop.

messenger bag. again, this is another bag i see my friends use. the length of the strap does make a difference, since the weight is shifted, but its still like the tote, your shoulder does pay a price. i like these for its laptop sleeves, and to be honest, the leather ones are absolutely gorgeous. you look sharp all the time, and depending on the bag, the amount of things you can put in it varies. not very good if you pack a lunch everyday, since it is meant to be slim. my brother has a very nice leather one, and brings his laptop in it all the time. if you’re the type that brings only what they need (and buy your food) then this is the perfect choice. 

duffle bag. these bags are golden, especially if you’re like me and play on a team sport. they fit EVERYTHING. i’m on the rugby team, so i have to bring my clothes for that, plus cleats, plus everything i need for the school day, since i live too far to go back and forth from my house to practice. honestly, the size depends, and your locker determines whether or not this is a good choice. but if you bring a lot of things, this is very very good. highly recommend if you are on a sport team. 

herschel. the classic school bag. it never fails you and you can buy so many kinds. really, this is also for any other brand of bag that exists. the classic school bag is always a great choice because it supports your back, and you can choose the size that you think will suit best. 

in all honesty, i believe that your well being should come first before the look of the bag. i know that not everyone can afford a kanken or some fancy leather messenger bag. as long as your bag is comfortable, fits, and effectively brings your things to and from school, then its always the perfect bag. what is most important is that you don’t hurt your shoulder or back because of the load. if its too heavy because of your textbooks, then hold one of them because it makes a huge difference. having a sore back or shoulder at the end of the day affects your study time. so having a bag you’re comfortable with is always important. 

stay humble, study hard. 


If life was a game, you would never play nice,
If love was a beam, you’d be blind in both eyes,
Put your sunglasses on, ‘cause you’re a Deer in the Headlights.

I'm Sorry. (Harry Styles) #1

“Henley, can you pass me the ketchup?” I heard Louis ask, but somehow the voice sounded distant, when he was sitting right across from me.

But I didn’t reply. I was too distracted. Distracted by him. “Henley!,” Louis called once more. “Hey Henley, you there? HEENNLEEYY!!”

I slightly jumped on my seat, turning to look at Louis who was now glaring at me. “You called?” I said.

“Uh, yeah!,” He said. “Can you please pass me the damn ketchup?”

Grabbing the red bottle, I quickly handed it to him. “Thank you!,” He said, rolling his eyes. “Jeez!”

“Oh no,” Liam said, looking from me to him. “You’re staring at him again, aren’t you?”

I snapped out of my daily daze, just to shake my head and pretend that I was interested in my food. “No, I wasn’t”

“You so were,” my best friend, Emily, said. “Liar!”

“Henley, It’s been a year!,” Niall said, looking a bit worried. “You need to let it go!”

I looked down. “You’re right. I’m sorry”

Looking up again, my eyes landed on Harry for the last time.

He was perfect. Curly brown hair, hipnotyzing green eyes, the cutest dimples, a beautiful smile, everything a girl can ask for in a guy. Believe it or not, that boy and I used to be best friends. Yeah, used to, past participle. You see, ever since Harry and I came to this school, we were some of the less popular kids. So we started hanging out with this group constructed by Liam, Louis, Niall, Emily, Ray, Joseph, Amy, and Valerie. They’re less popular here, but they’re some of the nicest, funniest, and coolest kids you’ll ever meet. Though, other people don’t see that. But I’m glad they accepted us in their small social circle. Anyway, last year, Harry and I got much more closer if possible, like we would flirt every now and then. But then, when it was starting to look like the best school years of my life, he made it to the football team, and he was so good that the popular boys invited him to a party. After that party was when everything changed. Harry got more distant from us, he would spend little time with us, maybe only say “Hi” when we passed by, but nothing else. Since he started hanging out with the football players, this meant more girl attention. So Harry started dating this annoying girl called Amanda, who’s probably the sluttiest chick you’ll ever meet. I don’t even know if they’re still dating, but I don’t really care. The point is that Harry eventually stopped talking to us for good. Maybe he thought that we weren’t good enough. Maybe he just forgot about us. About me. Just like everyone else.

While the others got into a conversation, I tried to listen, but I couldn’t. I tried to keep my eyes off of Harry, but I couldn’t. It’s like they’re already used to watching him like a stalker. I should hate him, but he was my very first friend. I mean, our moms are very close friends, so Harry and I practically grew up together. He may have already forgotten about me, but I haven’t forgotten about him. That’ll be impossible.

I watched as he laughed with all of his friends, doing silly faces every now and then. Luckily, there were no girls around him this time. Girls would always throw themselves at him, and even though he’s always been cheeky and flirty, he never cared much about the girl attention he constantly receives. I, well, I never got too much male attention. I mean, I’m not ugly, but I don’t really consider myself beautiful. Harry’s far more than beautiful, he’s-

My thoughts were interrupted when Amanda walked by Harry and sat on another boy’s lap, wrapping her arms around his neck and smiling at him. The guy seemed shocked and uncomfortable, giving Harry a weird look. A ‘What-the-hell-is-wrong-with-this-bitch’ look, to be more exact. Then she glanced at Harry as she smirked at him before turning back to the other boy. Harry ignored her, pretending that she wasn’t there. Does that mean that…

“They broke up two days ago” Valerie whispered in my ear, reading my thoughts. I guess she didn’t have a problem with me staring at Harry. She knew how much he means to me.

“What?” I looked at her.

“Yeah, Amanda cheated on him with a college guy,” she replied. “Apperantly a friend of her brother’s”

“And now she’s flirting with one of Harry’s friends to make him jealous so he can take her back” Amy added.

I shook my head. “Harry’s not that stupid”

“Yeah, you’re right,” Amy said, nodding. “Besides, he should’ve known it was coming”

“Mhm” Valerie agreed.

My blood boiled as I watched Amanda being sutty, like always. How could she do that to Harry? How can you even cheat on him? Why didn’t he at least date another girl? No, he just had to go to her. He should’ve known better.

I stood up, grabbing my book as I did. “I’m gonna go read on our hanging out spot,” I said. “I’ll wait for you guys there”

They looked at me for a moment before finally nodding. Still, they had that look that they knew something was going on, but knowing me well enough to figure out that I didn’t wanna talk about it, they let me go. I walked through the halls, reading the book in my hands. Whenever I read, I go into another world, where I don’t have to worry about real life, about anything that happens. I can actually relax. I used to read to Harry lots of times whenever he came to my house or viceversa, even though he wasn’t too fond of reading… no, I need to stop thinking about him. It’s no good. He won’t come back. He’s not my best friend anymore. He’s just another stranger to me.

I snapped out of my daze when I bumped into someone, my book falling to the ground. “Sorry, I wasn’t looking” I quickly, the person kneeling down to pick my book.

The person chuckled. “No worries. I wasn’t looking either”

As he handed me the book, I recognized him quickly. Luke Hemmings. One of Harry’s closest friends. I know him because he’s one of the best singers in this school… and because he’s Australian. He, without a doubt, is also one of the hottest guys in here. And he’s one of the few popular boys that are actually nice and don’t really care about popularity. I smiled at him as I muttered a small, “Thanks”

He nodded. “You like The Fault In Our Stars?”

I looked down at my book before nodding. “Yeah, I’ve only read it for like a hundred times”

He chuckled, again. “It’s a great book. Sad as well”

“Very” I said nodding.

“You’re… Henley Mathews, right?” he asked.

I nodded once more. “That’s me”

“You’re that girl who likes to take pictures,” he added, smiling at me. “And you’re also the one who plays the piano at the music classroom, right?”

My eyes widened in shock. “How do you know about that?!”

He laughed at my expression before answering. “Harry used to watch you all the time. Seemed pretty smitten with you. He would talk about you all the time”

Harry would talk about… me? “You’re kidding, right?” I said, not really believing that Harry even remembered my name.

“Oh no,” he replied, his eyes widening as he shook his head. “I’m not kidding at all. Harry always seemed really attracted to you. We told him to ask you out, but he would always bring out an excuse. He got pretty nervous everytime we told him that. Anyway, after a while he said he got over you… but between you and me, I think he still likes you”

“Oh” was all I managed to say, feeling my stomach turn into knots.

“Yup,” he said. “Though I don’t know how you can fall in love with someone you haven’t even talked to. He barely knows you”

My heart shattered at his last words. The small, but gleeful, smile was replaced by a frown. If he thinks that Harry and I don’t know each other… It’s because he never told them about us. Did our friendship really mean that little to him? Did my support whenever his heart got broken by a girl mean nothing to him? Did he forget about all of those amazing times we had whenever we got together? I guess he isn’t the guy I thought he was…

“Yeah,” was all I could manage. “I guess”

“But It’s okay,” he said. Then he smirked. “At least you have admirers”

I rolled my eyes. “Yeah, right”

He gave me a big grin. His lip ring was hot. “Well, I gotta go now. The lads are waiting for me,” he said, extending his hand for me to shake. I did. “It was nice having this small conversation with you, Miss Henley. I guess I’ll see you around”

“Same goes to you, Mr. Luke,” I said, chuckling. “Bye then”

“Take care” he said, walking away.

As I stared at his back, my smile vanished slowly. I could still hear his words in my head…

‘He barely knows you’

Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie is my crime queen - there’s a special place in my heart for Poirot - and this book, I think, was one of the first I read (I think I first picked it up because of its gorgeous cover :D).  

Her books are my go to books whenever i don’t know what to read or if I don’t want to go through the hassle of choosing a book. It’s sort of like, you know what you’re signing yourself up for,  there’s a certainty about the books - a crime will be solved - that makes for easy ‘what shall i read’ decisions and yet you still manage to get utterly absorbed into the plot - WHO DID IT???? - and there’s a satisfaction about reaching the ending and gah, I just love her books. You get through them so easily, it’s just a case of finding them all :) (here’s where the library comes in handy)


I was lucky enough (thanks to my wonderful cousin sisterspooky) to attend the Ruin and Rising event in London today.

I haven’t been to a book signing for years and it was so nice to get to listen to lbardugo, who is both so funny and lovely, talk about why she writes YA and fantasy and then answer questions about The Grisha trilogy (thankfully spoiler free for us slower readers) and her other writing projects. 

I was also really excited/nervous be able to give Leigh a few Grisha inspired bookmarks I had made for her and show her some of my artwork, which she really seemed to love and even recognised which was just beyond cool! As well as getting my copy of ’Shadow and Bone’ autographed, she signed a lovely message in the front of my sketch book which is defiantly going to be a great inspiration whenever I have a ‘bad art day’.

So yeah, an incredibly fun evening and one that meant a lot to me as an artist. Cannot thank Leigh enough, firstly for the kind words and most importantly for creating the world of Grisha, which I shall be off to read now!

(Also my hands were shaking so much that they actually turned out blurry in the photos.)