my gloves finally came


After discovering Bebinator yesterday and having a ton of fun with it, thought I might try my hand at making the Scions of Seventh Dawn with this

(And holy crap, I’m shocked how well some of these came out ._. )


Levi Ackerman. Petra Ral. Modern AU. 

An old man, a young woman, and a dog named Herschel all walk into a graveyard. 

2601 Words.


Levi Ackerman did not hate his job, but he could not see himself ever loving it in the future.

When he was younger, he often wondered what he would end up doing in the next few decades. Mowing grass between tombstones and digging holes for burials was not a possibility that ever slipped into his mind.

But somehow, Levi found himself on an early bus every morning, all so he could get to the cemetery on the edge of the town by 8AM.

His profession was nothing near glamourous, considering that his jeans were always covered in dirt and his shirts were never the shade he bought them in.

Whenever people asked him what he did for a living, Levi would try to find a reason to avoid the question and change the topic.

Also, because every single time he actually did answer the question, Levi responded with phrases like ‘cleaning shit off gravestones’ or ‘stopping brats from grave rubbing.’

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