my glee gifs


“Don’t push me Karofsky! You forced my boy Kurt out of here and juvie or no, you’re already number one on my list to go all death star on.”

My Glee: Moments I (still) like (1/?)

Because I got asked: do you still like anything about glee, or do you just hate the show?

And I said that I like Kurt and then I was thinking about what else I like so I started a new series because I actually like many things about glee. (And yes, I can make gifs, I’m just a lazy person)

It’s been 4 years without you.. I miss you every day. You are always on my mind. It still hurts like the first day. You were the greatest man alive. Yeah I know I didn’t know you in person but I always felt like you’ve known me. It’s not fair that you had to go so soon. When I feel alone I just look up at the sky and smile because I know you are looking down on us. Thank you for everything, thank you for changing my life . I will always remember you. You are my angel Cory. I love you so much my one & only idol. I wish you were here..🙏