my glasses are super cool tho

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whats your favorite 90s cartoon?

Beavis and Butt-head. Been watching it since I was an infant. Been my favorite for YEARS. Daria is another huge one for me. I’ve always really identified with her a lot. I feel like she’s a lot like me in many ways. What’s funny is I remember my parents watching her and I would think, “Wow, she’s so cool I want to be like her when I grow up.” yeah, that came true. lol Down to the glasses & auburn hair to the fucking personality. lol

Now favorite kids cartoons tho would be Pokemon or Ed, Edd, n Eddy if u even consider Ed, Edd, n Eddy a 90′s cartoon. came out in Jan of 99′ but still. lol Recess was a top one when I was little. Saturday morning cartoons man. Id wake up super early just to watch Recess. Catdog, So many great shows back then. Once again. thanks for the asks! Love doing them. :3

tonight was my first Real Night as a waitress…. i emptied my mind of everything except fine dinning and breathing! 

anyway but ya, the restaurant i work at had an Event tonight, so they had a costume person come in and fit the whole wait staff in costumes, and then there was like a band playing & belly dancers & performers and it was super cool! I only messed up 2 times: once bc i put water in the wine glass, and once bc i bussed the wrong tables. I didnt drop anything tho, which was my biggest fear!!! my arms are THROBBING and my legs are THROBBING and my feet hurt so bad that i can only wobble around, but im SO PROUD OF MYSELF! my first real big girl waitressing job! I talked to ppl about wine and I poured wine and I smiled and asked how their meal was and i think i did a good job!

my coworkers are all really really nice and went out of their way all night to help me & ask how i was doing! tbh it’s probably the most welcome/supported ive ever felt when entering a new job! and we all got to sit in the girl’s bathroom and do each other’s makeup & it was honestly so fun and sweet and kinda funny

my life has been full of so many odd jobs and strange experiences… i usually don’t stay at a job for more than 6 months, as is life, but im glad to know that at least for this summer i have a job with nice ppl that i feel good about where ill probably make decent money

plus at the end of the night i got to take a whole dinner home & a slice of vegan chocolate cake which is funny bc the restaurant is a Nice Place so all the food costs more than i could ever spend on food and i was gonna go home and eat a $0.98 cup of ramen but instead i got Real Food that’s so cool!!!

me: happy as a clam, but so, so, so, so, SO exhausted. i am surprised by how out of shape i am. my poor tiny body is in… so much pain. no one told me this 1 fact about waiting tables: it replaces any need to ever go to the gym

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Do you think we will ever see Robert wearing the engagement ring? I have yet to see it on his hand, but we never see that hand. He's always using his right hand for everything. We see it on Aaron all the time, but never Robert. I was just wondering if it will be seen, or if I've been blind and just haven't seen it?

Yeah I noticed that too, we hardly get to see Robert and his ring, like theres always something in the way, a glass, a fruit boule or he uses his other hand (not cool ED!) there were couple of times we saw it tho, but mostly its just glimpses and little moments (why ED?!?!)

As for Aaron we can ALWAYS see his ring and I love this sosososo much its like he loves to show it to everyone “bling bling look at my engagement ring” haha but seriously it looks super shiny and pretty on him I LOVE IT. Also I love the “Aaron always playing with his ring” thing, I think he does it because he needs to feel and see that this is real, that he really is gonna get married to Robert, that really someone puts him first, that he really is the first choice for someone and that no one else comes close to him, I feel like Aaron sometimes don’t want or can’t believe it and I know how hard it is to accept and understand that there are people that love you more than their own life, and with Aarons background story I can totally understand how hes feeling. I really wish he can fully understand how much Robert loves him and that this is real. God I am so excited for that wedding I think I am gonna explode when it’s actually on ;))))

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