my glasses are so damn crooked

The Common Cold and The Crooked Bow Tie

A/N: This just sort of… happened. I’m still not sure how. Or why. This is based on an established couple that currently only exist in my head and were SUPPOSED TO BE fourth in line for getting an actual story. So much for that…

Obviously this is a stand alone, but they WILL get their entire tale told… eventually. This takes place quite a ways into their relationship as well, but as I said, it can be read as a stand alone piece.

This is the first time I’ve ever posted any of my writing, so feedback is appreciated, but please be gentle.

A Henry&Tessa One Shot - February 8, 2015

Inspired by Henry’s crooked BAFTA bow tie. 

There was a hubbub of activity taking place on both sides of the curtain, but even above the roaring laughter, clinking champagne glasses, and buzzing conversation, the sound of Maroon 5’s “Sugar” was unmistakable. Henry pulled his cell phone out of his inner jacket pocket and walked over to a corner of the backstage area to take the call.

“Hey baby, how are you feeli-”

“Fix your damn bow tie.”

“…… What?”

“Fix. Your. Damn. Bow. Tie.”

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