my glasses are crooked because i fall asleep with them still on my face

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Do you have any NurseyDex headcannons?


· Honestly like… they’re both romantic af. I always see so much “oh Nursey is the romantic and Dex couldn’t care less,” but….

· Dex is the textbook definition of the acts of service love language. He’s also super perceptive, if he’s quiet he’s probably making the active decision to LISTEN to whoever is talking and not just hear what they’re saying. The man would build his partner a front porch as soon as he had the time, energy, and funds because a few months ago they mentioned how nice it would be to sit on the front porch with him with a glass of lemonade on a late spring day (and he does do this for Nursey eventually and also probably builds a reading/writing nook for him when they own a house).

· Nursey has a decent hodgepodge of several love languages, mainly words of affirmation/quality time/occasionally gifts. He’s the type to write down quotes that made him think of his partner and post them around the house, and if he sees something in a store that makes him think of his partner/sees something he knows his partner wants/would like he’ll get it for them. He’s also a big listener, and he likes spending time with the people he loves even if they’re not really doing anything? Just hanging out and doing their own thing in the same room is enough for him a lot of the time

· Both are perceptive and this means that both of them notice typing patterns and how they correlate to the other’s mood. Nursey says “chill!!!!” – a good day. “yo chill” – average day. “Chill.” – pissed the fuck off, maybe crying he’s so angry? Days like this, Dex will go out of his way to Annie’s and get Nursey’s feel-good drink (chai rose latte with soy milk because regular milk makes it too sweet). If Dex ever actually sends ellipses in a message, that means he’s bottling up so much he’ll explode later if he doesn’t convey what he’s feeling properly so Nursey will throw a soft blanket in the dryer so that he’ll have something warm to cuddle into when he gets home, and Dex will lean against Nursey with the blanket on his shoulders until he’s ready to talk.

· They’ll also do that sickeningly sweet thing where in the dead of winter when the other is in the shower they’ll put a towel in the dryer so that it’s warm when they get out.


· The man is a fucking koala.

· Seriously, if he’s sleeping alone he’s got his entire body wrapped around a pillow, even if it’s not person sized. Arms and legs wrapped completely around like it’s a tree trunk. He’s spring loaded and tense even when sleeping so he’s just, wrapped around this pillow like he’ll fall 30 feet if he lets go and the habit continues when he starts sharing a bed with Nursey.

· The first time they shared a bed Nursey woke up with both arms and both legs asleep and completely numb from how tight Dex was holding him and he just didn’t want to wake him up because even though his body is tense his face looks so peaceful? Also like, he can’t feel his limbs so, it’s a bit hard to move.

· It was like ten minutes before he even tried to move, and then he’s still in physical pain because like…. Sleeping limbs, y’all, if you don’t move them for long enough it’s like “I need to go to the ER levels of pain.” You thought Nursey was clumsy? Imagine the man when he cannot physically feel his legs. This was a learning experience for both of them.

· They spend the next few nights figuring out good sleeping positions that don’t cut off air or blood flow.

· The winners: Dex as little spoon, wrapped around a pillow the same way he would be if he was alone but with Nursey in a similar position holding Dex; Nursey flat on his back, Dex on his stomach slightly to the side with one leg thrown over Nursey and his arms kind of circling his head like a halo, head buried into the crook of Nursey’s neck.

· They both have a love of crime shows, especially Law and Order, and ESPECIALLY Special Victims Unit.

· They can only watch it when they’re both in average everyday moods though, because if they’re in super good moods it will bring them down and with bad moods… SVU is not the best Law and Order series for bad mood days (the author speaks from experience). They learn to spot each other’s mannerisms and know when it is Not an SVU Day.

· They can never watch just one episode, it’s a problem. Like one’ll sit down and be like “Hey you wanna watch just like, one episode to wind down?” and the other will agree and then one episode turns into MINIMUM four and they’re both ready to die for Olivia Benson.

· This happens EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. And they NEVER learn.

· They’re also the people that quote along with the opening monologue word for word and will do stupid ass dance moves to the theme song. The first time Dex danced to it, Nursey laughed so hard beer came out of his nose.

I love these dorks.

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What would the chocobros do if their crush called them in the middle of the night saying that they were missing them and just wanted to hear their voice? (needing fluff in my life :3)

So cute! I can definitely relate nonnie, we all need a bit of fluffiness! I hope this suits your fluffy needs ☺


- This boy as we all know, is one hell of a heavy sleeper.
- His s/o would have to ring more than once. Or twice. Maybe even three times.
- Finally Noctis rouses from his sleep in the middle of the night, his hair an absolute mess and his eyes still pretty much shut.
- His hands would be groping all over his bed and nightstand trying to find his phone. Where did he put it?
- And who the heck would call him at this ungodly hour?
- At last his hands close around his phone and he answers it, groggy as fuck.
- “Uh…what?”
- His eyes suddenly snap open as he hears who it is on the other side of the phone!
- He would sit up in bed properly, suddenly really eager to hear what they have to say.
- “Hey.”
- For some reason he would whisper back to his s/o like they were whispering to him, despite the fact that no one would actually be able to hear him.
- It makes it feel more secret and intimate.
- “Are you okay?” worry wart.
- “Yeah I just… I’m missing you right now.”
- His grip would tighten on the phone and his heart would pick up in speed at the hushed voice on the other end of the phone.
- How can they sound so cute through a god damn phone?
- “You are?” Heart rate is actually getting faster.
- This boy is wide awake now!
- “Yeah, I wanted to hear your voice.”
- Que his stomach turning somersaults. He is usually terrible at phone calls, but his lover’s voice was just so sweet, quietly telling him how much they missed him that he just had to say something.
- C’mon Noctis.
- “Is… is this working for you?” Gulp.
- “Absolutely, your voice is so calming Noct.”
- His heart is hammering now. Just say something romantic damn it!
- Blurts it out in a huge hurry.
- “I love you!”
- Instantly hangs up. He can’t believe he just blurted that out!
- PANIC. What the fuck that’s not what I meant by romantic! What if it’s too soon?
- Yep, he was still terrible at phone calls.
- His phone buzzes with a text; ‘I love you too.’
- Instant relief, followed by a rush. They had said it back. He can’t help but smile at his phone.
- Falls asleep with it in his hand, clutched to his chest.


- Prompto picks up almost straight away, he was actually just on his phone at that time playing some King’s Knight.
- He sees the caller ID and is instantly happy.
- “Hey!” Even in the middle of the night this boy is so happy to talk to his s/o he’s all energetic.
- “Hey Prom, are you okay to chat?”
- “Of course, I always am for you.”
- He listens as his s/o tells him how they woke up from a nightmare, and they wanted to call because they were really missing having him around. When they spent the night together he would always pull them in a tight hug if they had nightmares.
- Prompto would feel bad, wishing so hard that he could be there with his lover right then and there. He’d want nothing more to make them feel better.
- He would tell his s/o what he would be doing if he could, picturing it in his own head.
- “If I was there, I would wrap you in my arms and hold you so tight. I’d run my fingers through your hair in that way that you like, trace patterns on your back with my fingertips, kiss your forehead…”
- He would do his best to calm his s/o, and would go over everything he usually does for them before they go to sleep.
- He wouldn’t put the phone down until he knew that they were going to go back to sleep, and would stay talking to his lover for hours.
- Half way through their chat his s/o would stop talking and ask “Prom, what are you doing?”
- “Huh? What do you mean?”
- “I heard a noise…”
- “It’s nothing!” And he would launch straight back into describing what he would do with as much detail as he could.
- His s/o would forget about the noise after a while, and return to the conversation until-
- There’s a knock on their front door.
- “Uh… Prom, is that-”
- “Hurry up and open the door, it’s freezing out here!”
- They’d open the door and there he would be, smiling his cute smile, looking slightly red in the face from his speed walking.
-“So that noise…”
- “Yep, it was me walking, though I really tried to be quiet! Surprise! …. Now let me in it’s cold.”
- He would then proceed to do exactly as he had described only ten minutes earlier, starting with the biggest hug where he would bury his face into the crook of their neck.


- Gladio would roll over at the sound of his phone ringing, probably not fully asleep himself yet.
- Like Prompto he would be able to see who is calling and answer in his deep but happy voice to his lover.
- “Hey, what are you still doing up?” Already he would have the biggest cheeky smile on his face, one arm behind his head while the other pressed his phone to his ear.
- “I woke up a bit early.”
- “I’ll say.”
- “And I wanted to call because… because I’ve been missing you a lot lately.”
- There’d be a quiet intake of breath as he listened to their words, knowing that he felt the same.
- He would also feel quite bad, knowing how demanding of his time his job was as shield to the prince. The quiet sound of his s/o’s words would make him feel worse.
- “I’m sorry baby, I’m missing you too.”
- He would use his pet names for them a lot, as he usually does when he feels guilty.
- “But you can have me for as long as you’d like right now.”
- He’d settle himself out on the bed comfortably, closing his eyes and relaxing, listening to everything his partner wanted to say.
- His deep voice would be so comforting to his s/o, after not hearing it in person for a while it would sound so delicious pouring into their ear.
- The call would be such a huge comfort to him as well, after the weeks of rushing around fighting and protecting Noct, he relished this time with his s/o and how the night seemed to make it more relaxed, as if time was at a stand still.
- Hearing them talk would just fill his heart, and he resolved to find sometime very soon to set aside a day where he could just devote himself to his s/o.
- He told them this, as if speaking it aloud made it all the more binding. He’d love hearing how happy his s/o would sound at the prospect.
- Gladio would go on to describe what they would do for their date, and how he would hold their hand all the time unless they had to let go of each other, and how he’d do as many things as they possibly could to make up for all the time spent apart from each other. Who said the big guy can’t be cutesy!
- They would both spend the next few hours talking about their date and what to do on it, feeling like there wasn’t any space between them at all at that particular moment.
- Neither would realise how long they had spent talking, or that the sun was actually beginning to rise.
- But neither would care, they both just needed to spend that time together. Gladio would face the day feeling a lot happier than usual!


- Ignis is only a light sleeper, so he would wake up instantly at hearing his phone vibrate on his bedside table.
- Without his glasses (and after just waking up) he wouldn’t be able to see the caller ID with him being far sighted.*
- Sighing, he’d answer it assuming it was Noctis needing something.
- He would be very pleasantly surprised to hear the voice of his lover on the other end, and his heart would give an excited flutter.
- Of course he would worry straight away that something was wrong.
- “Are you alright my love?”
- “I’m fine, I just can’t really sleep.”
- Like Noct, he’d sit up and put his glasses on so his s/o could have his full attention.
- “I’ll stay up with you then.” And he’d do just that.
- His voice would be so soft and smooth and silky down the receiver.
- His s/o would tell him this, and he’d pause with a pleasant shock.
- “Thank you, I’ll talk with you for as long as you want me to.”
- He may sound suave down the phone, but his s/o can’t see the tinge of red showing in his cheeks at their compliment, or the way he runs his fingers through his hair in a cute embarrassment. And they definitely can’t see the sweet little grin he’s hiding in the receiver.  
- Just listening to his lover talk makes him wish they were there with him.
- “I miss you.”
- His heart stutters at their words, loving that they were both feeling the same way.
- “I miss you too, kitten.” And this time he can’t hide his voice that’s thick with emotion.
- Damn it we’re in a proper relationship, we shouldn’t be apart for so long like this. Iggy with his traditional, devoted views would love to spend more time staying over together.
- He instantly makes a resolve to go over the following morning, with some ebony coffee of course.
- “For now though, we should sleep.”
- He would offer to read some of the book he currently had on his nightstand to his s/o to help, and with his soothing voice they would drop off in no time.
- He would read until he heard their soft, sleeping breaths from the other side, and then finally put the phone down smiling fondly.
- He’d be really looking forward to the morning and seeing his lover.

[*This is coming from in the game when he says without his glasses he wouldn’t be able to see Noct’s face, but earlier they said that he doesn’t really need them that much, only to clarify his vision properly. So I reached the conclusion that he must be far sighted, and that when things are close that’s when they blur. I suppose that’s my own headcanon though! :’)]

i could teach you - taeyong scenario - part two

Lee Taeyong - NCT

words - 1855

genre - man idk really is jus taeyong doing his ting my guy

warnings - vulgar language?? mentions of sex

dedicated to @yongsexual  ♥ ♥ ♥

part - one / two / three / four / five

Originally posted by t-yong

You shoved your head further back into soft plush pillows beneath you and grumbled. Even through your eyes were shut the light was too brilliant in this room and someone somewhere was playing heavy metal at what felt like fucking dawn to you. Hissing, you jerked the covers over your hammering head, hoping the darkness would act as barrier against everything that was disturbing you. Unfortunately that didn’t work and you didn’t want to particularly move any of your dead muscles - maybe if you yelled something the owner of that horrendous music would at least turn it off.

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Bad Movie Night (a little touch-starved, pining boyf riends one-shot)

For those of you that wanted it (looking at you guys, @be-more-boyf-riends @girlwithacardigan @ijustgotintobemorechillsoyeah @ramidmalek !!!), HERE is the little fic!! (Putting most of it under a readmore because it’s sorta long!)


“I’m cold.”

“Dude, it’s the middle of May and my air conditioning is shit.”

“And…your point?

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The Fox and The Hound (Part 1/5) (Sirius Black Series)

************************************** Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader

Request: Not requested! I actually thought of this on my own! “The Fox and The Hound” is one of my all-time favourite Disney movies! Also just to be clear I don’t own the title!
Warnings: Swearing maybe?
A/N: I’m bored and thought of this. Also! This part is kinda just the beginning so let me know if you’d like a second part! Summary: Y/n is the fifth marauder and is best friends with Sirius Black and James Potter. What happens when friendship turns to more? (I suck at summaries lmao)
************************************** ~First Year~ Y/n Y/l/n dragged her oversized bag onto the Hogwarts Express. She quickly sat in the empty compartment closest to where her parents were standing on Platform 9 ¾. She sighed, suddenly realising that she wouldn’t be seeing her parents until late December. She glumly waved at them. Her parents, both purebloods, waved back. Her parents had always been extremely strict over who she could and could not hang out with. Which, of course, meant that she couldn’t hang out with any Muggles or Muggleborns. Y/n, however, was always interested in Muggles. She was broken from her thoughts when someone cleared their throats behind her. She quickly turned her head to see a raven haired boy with round glasses and a quite attractive boy with long brown hair and grey eyes. She smiled. “Hello! I’m James and this is my best mate, Sirius. We were wondering if we could sit with you? This is the only partially empty cabin.” The raven haired boy, James, smiled brightly at her. Sirius gave her a small smirk and waved. “Oh! Of course!” She agreed happily, hoping to make some friends on her first day. “I’m Y/n, by the way!” She smiled at the boys. “Is this your first year?” Sirius spoke up for the first time. “Yeah. Is it yours?” She asked, grinning from ear to ear. “Yup!” Both the boys nodded happily. Suddenly, the compartment door opened, and a boy with sandy blonde hair and scars on his face stood sheepishly smiling in the doorway. “Hi! Um. M-my n-name is Remus Lupin! Can I s-sit w-with you?” He asked shyly. Y/n smiled, patting the seat next to her. “Of course! I’m Y/n, and this is James and Sirius.” She pointed towards the two boys, who greeted him politely. And so began a long and amazing friendship between the three boys and Y/n. ~Fifth Year~ Y/n groaned, awoken by yells. “Y/n! Wakey wakey!” Her roommate, Marlene, yelled. “Fuck off, Marlene!” Y/n groaned, burying her head into her pillow. “Come on, Y/n. It’s almost time for breakfast.” Lily, her other roommate, spoke softly. “Thank you, Lils.” She smiled sleepily. “Yeah Y/n! Gotta get up and go see your man.” Marlene smirked. “Who is that, again?” Y/n’s eyebrows rose. “Sirius, dummy!” She said, exasperated. Y/n rolled her eyes. “We’re just friends, Mar!” Y/n said, making her way to the washroom. After showing and cleaning up a bit, Y/n walked back out to the room she shared with the girls. She quickly dug through her wardrobe to find something to wear. She was going to hang out with the boys today, since she didn’t have classes. She settled for a grey jumper, some black muggle jeans, and a pair of boots. She quickly said her goodbyes to her roommates and ran off to the boys room. She smiled at the portrait on the wall and quickly gave the password. She stepped into the messy Marauders dorm room to find James, Sirius, and Peter still asleep and Remus sitting on his bed reading a book. “Hello Mooney!” She greeted. He smiled at her. “Hello Red!” He greeted, using her nickname. The Marauders all had given each other nicknames after they became animigas. Sirius was a dog, his nickname was Padfoot. James was a Stag, so his was Prongs. Peter was a rat, so his was Wormtail. Remus was a werewolf, so they all agreed to call him Mooney. And finally, Y/n was a fox, so her nickname was Red. Y/n looked over to the boys still asleep in their beds. Sirius was cuddled up to his pillow whilst James was drooling all over his. She smiled and walked over to James. She pulled all of the blankets off of him and grinned when his eyes shot open. “Red.” He whined. “Come on, Jamsie! We have things to do! We’re going to Hogsmeade today! Get up!” She smiled and walked over to Sirius. She gently pulled the pillow from his arms and started roughly hitting him with it. She developed a crush on the infamous Sirius Black in third year when he hexed Lucius Malfoy for bulling her. If it wasn’t his looks that made her fall in love with him, it was his personality and how strong he held himself, even with all his family issues he was able to smile and laugh along with everyone else. Which was something Y/n admired. Y/n laughed as Sirius sleepily grabbed the pillow from her and through it to the ground. He grabbed Y/n’s arm and pulled her down onto the bed with him. She giggled. “Sirius. It’s morning! We need to wake up!” She gently pushed the hair out of his eyes and smiled. “No.” He whined, snuggling his face into the crook of he neck. Her fingers found his soft hair and began running through it. Her eyes became droopy until she finally fell into a deep sleep. “Aw! Look! They’re adorable!” “Remind me again why they aren’t dating?” “Because they are both so oblivious.” Y/n was awoken yet again by voices. “Go away.” Her voice was muffled by Sirius’ chest. Their sleeping position had changed completely. Now, Y/n’s face was smushed into Sirius’ chest as his arms were wrapped tightly around her waist. “Good morning, love.” Sirius’ eyes opened slightly and looked down to his best friend. She smiled. Her feelings for Sirius Black were growing stronger an despite what she thought, he loved her too. The end! Let me know if you guys want a part two! Maybe their trip to Hogsmeade? This was only the first part and I have a lot of ideas for further parts if you guys would like! Update: Part 2 is up now!
A Day in the Life of Dan, Phil, and Emily // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: family fluff, domestic fluff. Parent!phan

Words: 3.2k

Relationship status: married

Warnings: slight swearing

Summary: YouTube Notification: AmazingPhil just uploaded a video: “A Day in the Life of Dan, Phil, and Emily!”

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BIG BANG, BTS and iKON REACT: To you having a nightmare (trigger warning)

Anonymous said to kpopgroupsreact:
hello can I get a Hanbin (ikon), jinhwan (ikon), seungri (bigbang), gdragon & jimin (bts) reaction when their gf wakes up in the middle of the night because she had a nightmare? It just happened to me right now and I was so scared ):

Awww, I’m so sorry nightmares give an awful after-feeling. I hope this comforts you if even a little bit :)

G-Dragon: You lay still, face turned towards the ceiling. Everything was fine. Your expression calm. Your right hand was enclosed in Jiyong’s left, his right hand holding his cellphone, the light illuminating his face in the dim room. The room was calm, the only movement was the rise and fall of your chest and the soft waves of the curtains as the moonlight filtered through the sheer material. Your eyes were shut, still with occasional shifting. Just as everything outside your mind was calm, everything inside was calm. Calm.

You were strolling down a grassy path, sunlight filtering through the rows of trees surrounding you, a gentle breeze blowing past. As you walked along further, the light began to fade. Your warm surroundings began to darken and the cold crept quickly up as the wind grew stronger. The ground began to spin as you raced through the forest. You couldn’t understand what was going on but you knew something was coming for you. You screamed out as cold, bony hands grabbed your shoulders and you awoke with a jolt.

Your shaky breaths and the dark room made the uneasy feeling grow and you sat up quickly.

“Y/N?” Jiyong’s voice broke the trance and you realised you had been squeezing his hand so tightly that his hand began to redden. “A bad dream?” his soft tone made you relax and you nodded. Jiyong closed his phone and placed it on the nightstand before pulling you in a tight embrace. Although your heartbeat was still racing you felt safe in his arms. A few moments later you could hear a soft hum, and you smiled as his gentle notes lulled you back into slumber. The uneasiness ebbing away.

Seungri: The home was quiet. The room was quiet. The only noise was coming from the office in which Seungri sat, typing away on the computer. Spread on the desk were files filled with business paperwork. The office was adjacent to the room you two shared, and the warm light slipped past the doors and bathed your open door. Seungri stood up and walked into the door frame, blocking the light from the hallway. Just a slither escaped from behind his form and lit your face.

You were sound asleep, resting your head on you arm, face tucked into the little nook your elbow made. The duvet rose and fell with each breath. Smiling, Seungri stepped out of the doorway and returned to his work. Just a few more signatures before he could join you. It was past eleven and he had to wake up early to join the other members in the studio to record. You had made him some tea to help him relax before going to bed. He took a sip and scanned over the document in his hand.

You were in a deep slumber. Both in reality and in your dreams. Almost at once a suffocating sensation overcame you. Something was holding you firmly in its grasp and you struggled. You flailed. The duvet flew off of you and you screamed out.

Your scream made Seungri jump, the tea spilling on his hand and onto the ground and a few papers. He ran out of the office and into the bedroom, finding you sitting, shaking, gasping for air. “Y/N! What’s wrong, what happened?” Seungri rushed to your side, kneeling by the bedside, panicked.

“I don’t know…I couldn’t breathe, and it wouldn’t let me go…I thought I was going to die.” you felt his warm hands hold onto your shaking ones. You tried to breathe evenly. One of his hands felt far warmer than the other and you looked down to see his reddened skin. “Why is your hand red?”

“What?” he looked down at the hand that the tea had spilled on. He had been so worried the pain of the hot beverage hadn’t really registered. “The tea must have spilled on my hand.” he sighed, wincing slightly as you brushed the tender skin.

“Did you not notice?” you found your smile, and he returned it. “You better put that under some luke-warm water.” You placed your hands on his shoulder as he stood up, and pushed him towards the bathroom. Now that he had finally realised the injury he was not going to let it go so easily. His childish squirming and whining at the pain made you laugh, and the uneasy feeling the nightmare had enveloped you in had faded away.

Jimin: You felt soft lips pressing against your cheek and a face nuzzling the crook of your neck. The skin to skin contact made your chest feel fuzzy and your stomach full of that warm, tingling sensation. Jimin was home. You weren’t in a deep slumber. You could never fully fall asleep before Jimin was beside you. His presence allowed you to let your mind escape into the dream world.

However, lately you had been having strange dreams. Not entirely frightening, but they always left you with a bad feeling when you awoke. You were nervous to find out what it would be this time, as you slipped into your subconscious.

You were in your home. Jimin was saying something. But you couldn’t hear him. You couldn’t speak when you tried. Panicking you tried reaching out for his hand, only to find the closer you tried to get the further he moved away. He looked angry. He looked sad. You couldn’t tell what was happening. He was just moving further and further away. The shadows in the corners of your eyes began to grow, enveloping you.

You gasped awake. Jimin sitting upright, looking over you with an anxious expression. His eyes scanned your face, “What’s been going on? You haven’t been sleeping like you used to.” His hands brushed away the strands of hair sticking to your face, his voice was soft and soothing.

“I don’t know…I’ve just been having these weird dreams. This one was the worst.” you took the glass of water he passed towards you, sipping at the cool liquid, calming your nerves. “I couldn’t hear you, or speak, or touch you. You looked upset with me, it made me so distraught…” You explained the details of your dream, and the ones before. Jimin listened silently, holding your hands in his and keeping them close to his face, lips gently grazing your fingertips.

“There’s nothing to worry about Y/N, just forget everything.” he pulled you into a soft embrace, rubbing your back.

Hanbin: Your subconscious was in control as your dreamed. You were in a field; open, with tall grasses, sparse trees, and a dark, clouded sky above. You didn’t know why you were running, but you just knew that if you stopped something terrible would happen.

“Y/N?” Who was that? That voice!

“Hanbin! Hanbin!” you called out, arms blindly tearing through the tall grass, trying to find him. “Hanbin-ah!” you were panicked, lost and afraid. Why couldn’t you find him? Where was he? You turned around as a hand grabbed hold of your arm and Hanbin stood behind you. “Where were you?” you clung to him, shaking. But he didn’t respond. When you looked up you found that it wasn’t Hanbin that you were holding onto anymore. It was a masked figure, with cold eyes that glinted in the dim light and a sinister grin slashed across his mouth. You screamed.

“Y/N-ah!” your eyes flew open and you found yourself trying to pull away from Hanbin’s embrace. You were trembling with fear, and you tried not to look at his face. “What’s wrong? Look at me.” you felt his firm hands cup your face and pull your gaze to meet his. It was Hanbin. It was really him. It was just a nightmare. You let out a long sigh as relief flooded you.

“I thought you were someone from my nightmare. He had your voice and your face, but then suddenly he changed. He was so scary, I thought I was going to die.” you explained, wiping the sweat that had formed at your temples.

“You grabbed onto my shirt so tightly I thought I was going to suffocate.” he sighed, pinching your nose before plopping his head back down on the pillow.

“Yah! I was really scared!” you smacked his arm, he extended it and pulled you down beside him, burying your head into his chest.

“Shhh, you’re too noisy.” he murmured sleepily.

Jinhwan: Your eyes flew open and beads of sweat poured down your forehead. It was that same dream again. You were trapped in maze-like building. Running to find the exit out but never coming across it. It harvested such anxiety from you that it was hard to fall asleep and for the past few days you could barely manage more than a few hours of rest. Your eyes traveled to the clock on the wall, it was twenty past eleven. Jinhwan lay facing the ceiling, his head turned towards you, still sound asleep. You slipped out of the blanket from your side and wobbled over to his side of the bed and slowly raised the cover before sliding in. You wrapped your arms around his arm, burying your face into his shoulder. A few moments later you felt him move, turning on his side and taking your arms away from his waist and up onto his shoulders.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?” he murmured sleepily into your hair. You pressed your cheek against his now exposed chest, his arms wrapped around you tightly. “You’ve been waking up like this a lot lately. Do you get any sleep?” albeit sleepy, his tone was worried, he rested his chin atop your head.

“I’ve been having the same dream over and over again,” you admitted after a silent pause, “I can’t ever seem to escape.” The truth was, you knew what was bothering you. It was your hectic schedule, the lack of food and rest, and the stress and anxiety that came with your work. You felt trapped in your life, and your nightmare reflected that. But you didn’t want to worry and stress Jinhwan anymore than he already was. It wasn’t fair. But you also wanted to talk to him. You wanted to tell him everything that was bothering you, and you wanted him to kiss you and tell you it would all be okay and that he was here for you.

And bless the angel you were so incredibly lucky to have because that is exactly what he did, minus you having to burden him. “Y/N, I’m here for you. It’ll all be okay.” he kissed the top of your head, melting away the tenseness.

Truth or Dare- Poe Dameron

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Pairing: Poe Dameron/OC

Request: A Poe request for you: on the odd quiet night, in the wee hours, drinking games are played among pilots and mechanics. Someone starts handing out “truth or dare” styled challenges (whether that’s a game that exists for them or not is up to you). Tipsy and overly-honest first kisses ensue.

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: Ugh I loved this. I would love to write more Poe <3

I opened the hatch of the X-Wing and sucked in a deep breath of fresh air, expelling the stale cockpit air from my lungs. Despite having landed more than a full five minutes ago, my nerves were still tingling, a childish grin plastered on my face. It was always amazing to me how that feeling never changed…I must have flown a thousand flights since I’d first started flying, over a decade ago, and that feeling of adrenaline never grew old. I hoped it never would.

I carefully climbed over the side of the cockpit and dropped to the ground, landing on my feet. I could feel my hair sticking beneath my helmet and pulled it off, running a hand through my tangled locks.

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The shooting stars in your black hair
in bright formation
are flocking where,
so straight, so soon?
— Come, let me wash it in this big tin basin,
battered and shiny like the moon. 

 - The Shampoo, Elizabeth Bishop

There’s a certain look Shaw gets when she’s tending your wounds. She looks over your injuries the way a master player looks at a chessboard: intent, clinical, expert.

“You’re terrible at taking care of yourself,” she says, dabbing the healing flesh of your shoulder with a prep pad. Blots of dull blood blossom onto the pad—a painting in reverse—and the alcohol stings where it seeps into the wound.

“Lucky I have you then.”

She shoots you her stony look. Then her brow twitches, and she leans in close to you, taking a long, deep sniff.

“Root, you stink. And your hair is filthy.”

“I love it when you talk dirty to me.”

“I’m serious. When’s the last time you washed yourself?”

“A few days ago. Kind of hard when you can’t lift your arms over your head.” You look meaningfully over at the sling hanging from the doorknob.

Shaw rolls her eyes and takes a deep breath.

“Come on, then,” she says, tossing the pad into the wastebasket and grabbing you by the hand. “Let’s get you clean.”

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Rome’s in Ruin

Pairing: Leonard McCoy x Reader

Word Count: 1725

Warnings: death mention, so much angst 

A/N: Written for the lovely @outside-the-government​‘s birthday challenge  with the prompt “I didn’t mean to hurt you.” I can’t believe I actually got it done early. Also sorry it’s so angsty!!! I’m in an angsty mood tonight. Hopefully you like it anyway my dear <3

It had been days since you’d last seen Leonard. You messaged him a few times, but you knew he was swamped in Medbay after a chemical spill in the science labs led to an explosion which cracked the hull. Luckily, the crew managed to evacuated the deck before any massive damage occurred, and you and Scotty were already working tirelessly to fix it. You were sure Leonard was working just as hard in Medbay, but that didn’t mean you didn’t miss him beside you in bed at night.

Four days post-explosion and all the damage that could be repaired in the air had been fixed. Jim had already redirected the ship to Risa, the closest Federation planet, for repairs. You knew you wouldn’t be planet side for more than a few days, but a few days on the beach with Leonard McCoy in your arms sounded like heaven right now. You were on your way to tell him when you heard his voice echoing down the hall.

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Glad You Found It

“I just can’t believe you won,” Alfie says softly, shaking his head as he exports the footage from his SD card onto his laptop, glancing over at Joe. “You two haven’t been together that long!”

“How long we’ve been together doesn’t matter, mate,” Joe smiles, his fingers working through Jack’s hair gently. The younger man mumbles something in his sleep, shifting in his position, pressing his face further into the crook of Joe’s neck, his arm tightening around Joe’s waist.

“I will win one of these challenges with Zoe one day,” Alfie laughs, returning his focus onto the computer, “Just you wait.”

“That’ll be the day,” Joe snorts, looking down at the slumbering man trapping him on the couch. His own eyes feel heavy, and he can tell he’s getting close to drifting off, not unlike Jack, who had fallen asleep shortly after they had filmed a video with Zoe and Alfie.

There wasn’t anything planned for their visit to Brighton, except to film the couple versus couple video, and now that it was done, everyone was relaxing. Or in Jack’s case, falling asleep against Joe, and keeping his boyfriend trapped.

Not that he was really complaining, because Joe loved moments like this with Jack, where they got to do absolutely nothing and simply cuddle together on the couch.

Blinking tiredly over at Alfie, Joe watched his sisters boyfriend grab the pair of headphones resting on the table, sliding them over his head before plugging them into the computer.

“Don’t want to wake up sleeping beauty,” Alfie whispers, “Or keep you up.”

“Keep me up?” Joe mumbles, his eyes dragging closed again. Jack’s body was warm against his, and the couch was really quite comfy.

“Have a good nap, Joe.” Alfie chuckles quietly as Joe lets himself drift off to sleep, the hand in his boyfriend’s hair stilling.

“Oh my gosh,” Zoe coos when she walks into the room a few minutes later, and her own boyfriend glances up from his computer, pausing the video he’s editing as he moves one of the headphones off of his ear.

“Are you really taking pictures?” Alfie asks her, keeping his voice low as Zoe creeps over to the sleeping couple.

“Shush, it’s my brother. Of course I am!” She waves a hand towards him, pulling up the camera on her phone, smiling as she takes a few pictures. “He looks happy, doesn’t he?” Zoe thinks aloud, smiling down at her brother.

“You should see the video,” Alfie comments, and she moves to curl up at his side, looking at the computer screen, where the video they had filmed earlier is sitting. “These two are disgustingly adorable.” He rewinds a part of the video, offering the headphones to his girlfriend before hitting play, watching her face for her reaction.

A gentle smile grows across Zoe’s lips as she watches her brother on the screen interact with Jack, the two clearly infatuated with each other.

“I think,” She says, pulling the headphones off, “That Joe has found his person.”

“I think so too.” Alfie agrees, kissing her on the temple gently.

A couple hours later, Joe walks into the kitchen, nodding over at his sister as he grabs a glass of water. Jack and Alfie can be heard talking in the next room over, so Zoe takes it as her opportunity to finally have a moment with her brother.

When Joe turns around, he jumps back, his sister suddenly in front of him.

“Jeez, Zo. Wear a bloody bell!”

“Do you love Jack?”

“Wh-what?” Joe blushes, his eyes darting over to the doorway, where the laughter of their significant others is carrying through.

“I’m just wondering, because Alf showed me part of the video we filmed today, and you two are just so happy together. And then when you were sleeping earlier, you both looked so peaceful.” To prove her point, Zoe quickly pulls up the photo she took earlier, handing it over to Joe.

Placing the glass on the counter behind him, Joe takes the phone from her hand, and he doesn’t even notice the fond smile that stretches across his lips as he looks at the photo of him and Jack wrapped around each other on the couch, both fast asleep.

“You do love him,” Zoe says softly, “Don’t you?”

“Maybe,” Joe mumbles, handing the phone back over, his cheeks burning red still. “He makes me happy,” He shrugs, tugging the ends of his sleeves over his hands, “And calm. And he makes me laugh. And like I can be completely myself with him.”

“Oh, Joseph,” She sighs contently, “You have no idea how happy it makes me to hear you say that.”

“What? Why?” His blue eyes flit between hers, the ones so similar to his own.

“Because you deserve to have love and happiness like what you have with Jack,” Zoe answers, “And all I want in life for you is to have that. I’m glad you found it.”

Wrapping her arms around him, she gives him a quick hug, pulling back before Joe can even react.

Spinning around on her heel, she heads out of the room, smiling at Jack as she passes him on the way out.

Jack takes in the confused look on his boyfriends face, then glances at the doorway where Zoe has just walked out, before back to Joe, “You okay?”

“You know what?” Joe’s confused expression changes to one of pure happiness as he walks over to Jack, their arms winding around each other, “I am.”

He leans in, kissing Jack quickly, “With you, I am.”

“You Suggs are an odd bunch.” The younger man laughs, not bothering to question the happiness on his boyfriends face, because it’s probably mirrored on his own face.

“Yes, yes we are. Get used to it, babe.”

Good Luck Charm // Park Jinwoo


the prompt: do you think you could write something along the lines of a jinjin baseball player au scenario with a friends to lovers sort of plot when you get a chance?

words: 2193

category: fluff

author note:Thank you for requesting! I tried my best and had a lot of fun writing this! Hope you like it.

– destinee

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2-D coming back home in​ tunder storm to find his so, cuddling to Murdoc, terrified by storm :)))))))))

(I didn’t know quite how to read this so I just did what I thought was coolio, so I really hope I got it right. dunno if this is being unfaithful but i kinda wanna punch someone. Enjoy this pls, I tried my very very best I promise)

You whimpered as you walked down the stairs in the Spirit House, nearly jumping as another rumble came from outside. It had been a clear and sunny day but over the evening, clouds had covered the sky and turned more and more grey till the point where they were nearly black.

Walking to the kitchen, which had been very nicely renewed and rebuild since moving in, you stood by the window and looked out. It was a bad decision, you knew, because soon the next lightning bolt would light up the sky and you’d yelp at the shock. 2D wasn’t even home, and he’d promised to be home by now. He knew how scared you were of thunderstorm, and he’d most certainly be in bed with you if he was here.

“Can’t sleep, huh?” Murdoc’s voice frightened you and it resulted in him laughing at you, “C'mon now, scared of a little thunder, are you?”

You turned to face him, just about to answer when you jumped at another sound, “Terrified!”

“A drink? To calm the nerves?” He held out a glass, most likely his own and you pondered for a moment whether you should take it.

“I’ll get my own, but yeah just a single drink,” you replied, walking to the kitchen and getting a cup, they were out of glasses, for yourself. You held it out to him, gripping it too tightly as you were scared of dropping it.

Murdoc smiled and poured a good amount into the cup, “There we are, this’ll cheer you up, cheers.”

You clinked glasses and when you had had your first sip, you grimaced, “How strong is this?”

“Only strong if you’re a lightweight.”


The worst part was that Murdoc was actually quite sweet despite all the horror stories 2D had told you about him, and before you knew it, you were quite drunk and giggling like a school-girl on the sofa next to him. You had pulled your legs up and rested your head on the back of the sofa, looking at him as he continued talking excitedly about what he had experienced over the last decades as a rock star, and even though you were certain that several of the stories were made up or exaggerated, you still showed interest in them. It seemed to boost his ego a lot, and when the loud sound of thunder was able to be heard and you practically jumped into his arms, it boosted it even further. In the end, you didn’t even bother pulling away again, and you ended up falling asleep with your head in the crook of his neck.


2D came home an hour later, absolutely drenched from the rain. He shook off his clinging jacket and made an annoyed sound, hanging it on the coat hanger and then walking upstairs to his room. He was surprised not to find you and furrowed his brow, checking the messages you had sent him. They all implied that you were here, waiting for him but you were nowhere to be seen.

He walked downstairs, entering the living room, ”Muds, have you see-” He trailed off, raising a brow at the sight before him. Murdoc just smiled, and it only made 2D fume even more. Sure, it had been several years since Paula Cracker but it still left that feeling of betrayal in him.

“There you are, your bird’s been asking for you,” Murdoc said with a smirk, crossing his leg over the other in a way that showed way too much attitude for 2D’s liking.  

“What are you doing?” 2D’s voice was quiet and cold, and he narrowed his eyes.

“Oh, come on, relax and stop being so uptight,” Murdoc continued smirking up at him, patting you on the back and making 2D’s eye twitch in irritation. You were still asleep, the alcohol making it impossible for you to register anything around you.

“Get the fuck up from that sofa,” 2D snarled, looking down at Murdoc with a scoff. He crossed his arms over his chest, tapping his foot impatiently. Murdoc eventually held up his arms in defeat and carefully got up, making sure you didn’t hit your head as he got up.

“Have it your way, Dents,” Murdoc grumbled, walking past him and grabbing the bottle on his way.

2D knelt down and ran a hand over your hair. You slowly blinked awake, he smiled sweetly down at you, “Hey baby, I’m home. Looks like you fell asleep on the sofa, huh?”

“My head hurts,” you complained, crinkling your nose as you remembered the alcohol. You needed water.

“No wonder, you had some pretty strong stuff, want me to get you a glass of water?”

It was like he had read your mind. You nodded with a tiny smile, “Yes please, but can we go to bed first?”

“Obviously, I think that would be best for you,” he scooped you up without warning and you gasped as well as giggled. He carried you up the stairs and you held him close, a little scared that he would drop you.

“Were you scared of the thundering? Relax, I’m not going to drop you,” there it was again, how he could read your mind. You nodded, pouting and letting out a tiny ‘Mhm’.

“No worries, I’m here now.”

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Therapist or doctor Phil having sex with his patient Dan?

Warning!! Smut: rough sex, office sex, Dans a whore tbh, I love him, therapist! Phil, sex addict! Dan, hair pulling, etc.

I didn’t quite know what was wrong, it never occurred to me that I was possibly addicted to sex. I mean, in my defense, it feels good. I guess it isn’t the best thing in the world, but I do enjoy it. Probably too much, in all honesty. Which is how I got landed here, in a therapist office for sex addiction. So here I’m sat, my head rested against the wall and my leg across my knee, waiting to be called in for the appointment. I’m not particularly nervous, more like embarrassed. Because let’s be honest right now, going in and telling this guy or whatever ‘hey, I orgasm at least 5 times a day and have sex twice because hey, I’m addicted to the feeling I get when I fucking cum.’ is a little embarrassing, don’t ya think? I think.

But it doesn’t matter, I’ve given up on caring about being seen as a dirty pervert, because let’s face it, that’s exactly what I am. I spend half my day with my dick in my hand and the other with a dick inside of me, and no I’m not at all ashamed to admit it. It’s been like this since I was a teenager, maybe 13 or 14, and I do not give a fuck anymore. I am also currently lying to you. I’m mortified whenever the subject comes up, I am ashamed. Well, maybe. I guess it depends who i’m talking to. Yeah. Thats a good way to narrow down my feelings on the subject. I guess. We’ll go with that for now.

Finally I hear my name being called, honestly could that have taken any longer? It feels like I’ve been here for hours on end. Well, okay, 45 minutes. Don’t judge me and my bad judgement of time. I’m basically hard, because I haven’t gotten off all day, which never, never happens for me. I made an exception to make sure this appointment would be worthwhile, so I could explain to the guy better what exactly was wrong.

I walked into the back of the offices, going to the one whose appointment I was set up with. Dr. Lester it said. Sounded boring. I walk in, sit down and look at the guy. Damn. Certainly isn’t helping my issue currently now is it. I chuckle to myself out loud, amused by my own humor before realizing I had verbally laughed, and now I’m trying to cover it with a cough. Smooth. He smiles at me, this adorable crooked smile that really is not helping me right now, and I smile back to be polite. Why is a smile turning me on? Whatever, I don’t care. I can do this. I can control myself. No I can’t.

“So, Dan Howell.” Dr. lester started. That sounds hot. Fuck. “What are you in here for exactly? I hear from the secretary that you have an addiction, of sorts. But she didn’t specify.” he said and I blinked, my head blank.

“Uh.” I replied. Great move Dan, way to hit it off. “I’m here because i’m addicted to uh…orgasms. I guess.” I coughed awkwardly, avoiding eye contact as I was embarrassed still.

“Well.” he smiled brightly, his expression almost pleased with my answer. “I can help. What exactly are some of your uh..symptoms, we’ll call them?” he asked.

“I get off, quite a bit in a day.” I chuckled awkwardly. “But mostly by myself, most sexual partners don’t have the stamina to help me out.”

“So I’m guessing your girlfriend doesn’t exactly have any interest in helping you out with this issue?” He questioned, like he was trying to learn my sexuality. Was he hitting on me? No. I’m just horny.

“No girlfriend. I’m gayer then Elton John.” I reply casually, trying to seem more calm than I really was. “But no, I don’t have a partner. I have a friends with benefits, but his stamina, like I said, doesn’t match up with mine. I can go two three four seven rounds, after one he falls asleep. It’s annoying.” I tell him, starting to feel more comfortable with the subject.

“Does sound slightly frustrating.” He agreed, nodding solemnly. “You just need to find a partner to satisfy these needs.”

“Don’t you think I’ve tried?” i chuckle, looking at him. “No one can fuck me hard enough where I’m not ready for another round right after. Everyone is so vanilla and soft, maybe that’s my issue.” I said, shrugging, not really having thought of that before.

“Well, maybe look into more kinky things. Like public sex, or rough sex, gags, leashes, I don’t know what you’re into but find someone to fuck the hormones out of you.” He suggested.

“I don’t know any guy who would possibly have the stamina and energy or capability in general to do that to me.” I sigh, wishing I did in all honesty.

“Guess you haven’t met me, huh?” He chuckled, and I raise an eyebrow at him.

“Isn’t it inappropriate to hit on your patients?” I ask, tsking at him with a small smirk. “Although, I’m not exactly complaining. I just don’t think you could handle me. You talk a big game, but are you really able to fuck as much as six times a day just to keep me satisfied?”

“Oh please.” he chuckled, taking off his glasses and smirking. “You wouldn’t be able to do it six times with me.”

“Cocky, aren’t we?” I tease, chuckling deeply and licking my lips. “Think you could really fuck me /that/ well?” I challenge.

“I don’t think it’s wise to taunt me like that, Dan.” He hums and sits back. “Do you have lube on you?” He asks me and I instantly turn red. I always did. It’s my thing. The guy with lube. Okay, not really but yes I always had lube.

“I always do..” I reply and his smirk seems to grow if at all possible.

“Of course you would, a dirty slut like yourself would huh?” he chuckled, putting his hands behind his head and looking at me. “Go lock the door would ya?” he asks and I nod bashfully, standing up and locking the door quickly. “This room is soundproof. It’s a feature.” He shrugged.
“Any reason why?” I decide would be a good question.

“I masturbate a lot.” He said, shrugging as if that was the most casual answer.

“Makes sense honestly.” I respond, smiling at him and sitting up on the desk. He stands up, looking at me and humming. I feel his hands rest on my thighs, his hands are large too, warm and big. He leans in close, like he’s going to kiss me. I feel his lips ghost over mine, making me shiver slightly as he squeezes my thighs. I let out a soft moan, his barely sexual actions already making me physically aroused. I tilt my head, my breathing already starting to strain as I close my eyes. His lips press against my neck, nipping at the smooth skin slightly and grazing his teeth over the side of my neck. One of his hands start to move up my thighs, going over my crotch, putting pressure on my semi erection and swiftly shoving up my shirt, his nails roughly dragging down my side. I shiver again, letting out a rather loud moan for such a non-sexual action.

I feel his lips latch onto my neck, starting to suck and bite roughly. His teeth sink into my skin, an action i thought would hurt but made my toes curl. I let out a loud moan, louder than I should since he wasn’t even touching me. Maybe he was right about the rough sex. He pulls away, and I find myself wanting more. I’m a horn dog but /fuck/. His hand squeezes my hips before snaking around my waist, pulling me closer to him, and my legs instinctively wrap around him tightly. He starts to grind into my, his hips making slow rolling movements against mine, like he knew what would get me going most. His lips touch mine, kissing me and nipping my bottom lip. My arm slinks around his neck, pulling him closer as his tongue slipped passed my lips. His hands both move to under me, squeezing my ass so hard I feel like it’ll bruise, and for some reason the thought turns me on even more.

His tongue works over mine, skilled, even more so then I would have thought. His hands go up, slipping under my jeans and squeezing me through my boxers now. After a few moments of heavy petting, he pulls me to my feet. His hand goes under my thigh, pulling it up around his hip, kissing me more heatedly, it seemed like he was timing when he did what. I pull back, tugging off my shirt and discarding it to the ground, smirking a little as I leaned back in, kissing him roughly. I jump up, my legs both around him now. He turns pressing my back against the wall as we kissed. One of his hands are firmly planted on my ass, squeezing the soft skin and his other arm is wrapped around my waist to hold me up. His hips gyrate into me, I feel his hard on pressed against me. I moan into his mouth, reaching down between us with one hand and unbuttoning his jeans, with quite some effort. I moan loudly, looking at him and he sets me down.

“Strip.” he instructs and I nod, quickly stripping down the rest of my clothing and watching as his eyes went up and down my body, biting his lip and smiling, pleased with what i had to offer. He walked over to me, my hands starting to unbutton his shirt before he shook his head, smirking still and turning me around, pushing me over the desk. HIs hands run down over my bare ass, his finger tips light and feathery, making me shiver with anticipation of what he’s going to do to me. “Where’s your lube?” he asks and i tell him, pointing to my belt. He quickly grabs one of the packs I hide under my belt buckle, smiling softly and ripping it open with his teeth, pouring them onto his fingers. “When’d you stretch last?”

“This morning. I didn’t cum though.” I reply, chewing my lip as I waited.

“Good. More fun not to stretch you anyways. A little pain never hurt anyone.” he smirks and I hope to god he’s being ironic with his wording. I feel his tip, I assumed he’s already lubed up. He rubs against my hole, gently pressing in and making me moan before cruelly pulling out, knowing it would drive me wild. He presses in a bit more the next time, pulling out again. The stretch was big, he wasn’t a size I was used to, that’s for sure. He keeps teasing for a few minutes, eventually pushing in all the way, hard fast and all at once. I cry out, he was purposely avoiding my prostate so far as i could tell as he began thrusting. He wasted no time, gaining pace quickly, his hands firmly on my hips and squeezing tightly. His hips snapped back and forth, pushing in and out of me, shifting in order to hit my spot. He relentlessly fucked into the same spot, deliberately hitting dead on knowing it would make me scream. His hand moved away from my hip, his other one tightening in grip. His now free hand makes it’s way to my hair, lacing through my dark locks and starting to pull roughly.

He yanks my head back by my hair, leaning down and kissing me from the side. His hips roll in and out of my expertly fucking me in a way i had never had before, his hand tightly gripping my hair, his tongue roughly and messily running over mine as he fucked me harder than I think i’ve ever been fucked. I move my hand between my legs, starting to stroke my cock as his length worked me. I moan loudly, my voice echoing through the soundproof room. I can’t stop moaning, my noises getting progressively louder and louder as I near my climax.

I run my thumb over my tip, my nail swiping through my slit and causing me to release, spraying cum on the side of the desk, screaming out loudly as I did. He noticed I came, chuckling and not relenting as he fucked into me /harder/ which I had not thought possible, abusing my prostate and making me cry out loud. His hips stopped, yanking my hair back and kissing me still as he started to cum, thrusting slowly and hard in and out as he rode out his orasgm inside me.

I whimpered at the feeling, collapsing on the desk, my arms under my head as I tried to catch my breath. He wasn’t just being cocky. He actually made me not want to go another round. I just want to sleep right now. /Fucking hell/. He pulled out, chuckling as he moved behind the desk and fell into his chair.

“Good?” He asks me, his arms behind his head again as he smiled, the after sex glow apparent on his face.

“I think the real question is.” I panted, looking up at him from my arms. “Is when’s my next appointment?” I chuckled breathlessly.

A/N: Preston kept texting me while I wrote and I told my datemate I was in love with them.
Sleepy Stilinski


Request-Being Stiles girlfriend and calling him when you cant sleep so he comes over and lots of cuddling? Also, good luck on your blog!


“How much do you love me?” I asked as Stiles answered his phone. It was almost two in the morning and I couldn’t sleep, so naturally I thought to call over the one person who can fall asleep in seconds and who also happens to be my boyfriend.
“A lot. Why?” he said, his voice muffled a bit by his face in his pillows. I knew his phone was on speaker and he was half asleep but I had tried everything to go to sleep and nothing was working.
“I can’t sleep, nothing I’ve tried is working and I was hoping that maybe you would get in that Jeep that you love so much and come over.” I answered, almost wincing as I said the last part. Everyone who knows Stiles knows that he loves his sleep, hell he needs his sleep or he becomes a drama queen, but I need my boyfriend. It was silent for a second, silent in my room, silent on the other line, just for a second before I heard movement on Stiles’ end of the call.
“You are lucky that you’re cute. I’ll see you in five.” He yawned out, hanging up and making me smile widely. I got out of bed, grabbing an extra pillow and blanket from my closet know that he would need his own or else I would be cold all night and he would be wrapped up in my blankets. Luckily, I have a full-size bed so there was enough room for two of us, but even with the bed being a good size, we always ended up as close as humanly possible. I’m sure that my hair looked like an utter mess, but I didn’t care and I know Stiles didn’t either. He was coming here to sleep, I could look like a zombie and he wouldn’t care or probably even notice. I put the pillow and blanket on my bed and then walked down stairs and into the kitchen to get some water. I always sleep better when I’m not thirsty and at this point I was just waiting for Stiles. When I heard, his Jeep pull into my drive way, I put the glass of water down and jogged over to the front door, opening it quietly and looking at a sleepy Stiles walk towards me. When he got close, his face illuminated by the porch light, me he gave me a sleepy smile and looked at what I was wearing, his 2nd lacrosse jersey, the one he uses for away games.
“Nice shirt, where did you get it?” He asked causing me to roll my eyes and pull him inside. My parents never cared if Stiles stayed the night because they knew we would never do anything rated R with them in the house but they did care if we woke them up. So, I just took Stiles’ hand and led him upstairs back to my room. Once I shut the door, I looked back at him and kissed his lips ever so softly.
“Thanks for coming over.” I whispered and he just nodded sleepily and looked around my room. My blue lights were on, something I can’t sleep without because the blue light calms me. I was wearing the most comfortable piece of clothing I own, well stole. My hair was still a little wet from the shower I had taken to try to relax. There was only one thing left to do, cuddle with my boyfriend until I fell asleep.
“Okay, sleep.” He said pointing to the bed, I grabbed his hand and pulled him over to it, laying down, with him doing the same. It took us both a second to get under the blankets, now it was just time to try to find a comfortable position. Stiles was laying in the middle of the bed, on his stomach with his arms above his head. I lifted his one arm and snuggled underneath it so my forehead was resting in the crook of his neck. It was a little bit of a weird position for us but I could already feel myself getting sleepy.
“(Y/N)?” He whispered as I snuggled as close to him as I could possible get, feeling my eyelids begin to get heavy. I just let out a small “mmhmm” wanting him to continue but not wanting to for a real word.
“I missed you. I’m glad you called. Get some rest baby, I love you.” He whispered, kissing my temple before laying back down in our new fount comfortable position.
“Love you too” I mumbled out before I let the sleep take over me. Ever since that night, whenever we sleep together we always end up back in that positon.

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Hey~! Could I have 26 and Baekhyun please? Thank youu ( ´ ∀ `)ノ~ ♡ Hope you have a nice day!

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I hope you have a nice day as well! Thank you for requesting!

drabble list!

Byun Baekhyun: “I stole your sweater, yes, but in my defense, it smelled like you.”

If there was a comforting place on earth that resembled much what heaven must feel like, warm, comfortable and soft, it was Baekhyun’s embrace. The man could be a little bit teasing, even sometimes too loud, but when it came to hugging, he was the best person she had ever hugged –and she doesn’t say that just because he’s her boyfriend. What was difficult in this situation was the amount of hours the two of them worked, only getting to see each other at late hours of the night and at that point, they’re far too tired to even talk for more than twenty minutes, even though they try to stay awake as much as possible. It’s then that when she got a few hours earlier from work than Baekhyun that she picked up her favorite sweater of his and put it on her.

And it was a good way of replacing his comfort, even when it wasn’t enough, but the cologne that was around the fabric made her feel a little bit better.

Meanwhile, she’s sitting on the couch while munching on a piece of candy, keeping up with her favorite show when she hears the sound of the door opening, shoes thrown on the ground quickly as Baekhyun rushed inside and she looks up from the TV when she hears his movements stop. His hair was sleeked back, probably from some photo shoot he had to do, he wore a simple white t-shirt and skinny jeans, his eyes covered by rounded glasses and she would’ve said something like ‘hello, baby’ or ‘how was your day?’ but he interrupted her once she opened her mouth.

“Is that my sweater?” He asks, rushing towards where she was and she takes the material in between his fingers, touching it before nodding his head, as if he was inspecting if it was the same fabric as his sweater. Then, he looks up, their faces close enough to feel his breath over her lips, but they were already too far into the relationship to ever get embarrassed about it anymore, but she still felt those ticklish feelings inside her stomach when she looked into his eyes. “You stole my sweater?” Baekhyun has that smile of his that crooks to the side, as if he was thinking a million things that she might never know. Just then, she lifts up her hand, running it through his hair to get it to his real messy state before sighing.

“I stole your sweater, yes,” Just then, his smile gets bigger and she can’t help but smile a little bit. After all, Baekhyun’s smiles were always contagious. “But in my defense, it smelled like you.” It doesn’t take him long to have his lips over hers, giving a few pecks over and over again as he smiled so brightly. How was he always so…cheery? She knew that there were days that were fatal to him, but he always managed to make her smile, even smiling a little bit himself.

“You just made my night!” Baekhyun says before making her lean back on the couch, her legs wrapped around his waist as he continued to press sweet pecks over her face. “However, the fact that you look cute still doesn’t make it right to be thief.” His joking manners have her laughing as her hands settle on his waist, pleased with the way his hair fell in bangs over his forehead before scoffing.

“I’ll do what I want.” She tells him and Baekhyun lifts his eyebrows, supporting his weight with his elbows so he didn’t fall over her.

“Then I’ll steal your sweaters as well.” The sound of his voice makes her feel a little bit more lightweight and as she gets closer to him, she gives him a kiss full of love, moving slowly against his lips as if she wanted the moment to last forever, as if she missed him even when he was there all along. “Mhm…” He hums as he pulls away before hiding his face on her neck, breathing in her scent that mixed with his.”I love you so much.“

“I love you too…” She breathes out before chuckling. “Don’t fall asleep on me, you haven’t eaten yet.” In the mere time of seconds, Baekhyun pulls away from her neck to look at her with the biggest pout.

You’re no fun!

Baekhyun always made her heart feel cozy, as if the most beautiful day of autumn couldn’t compare to him.

lather & rinse

((wowzers!!! there are now 1k+ followers on the reverse AU blog and I am totally floored. :O as something of a celebration, here’s a short piece that takes place in the season where yuuri comes back to competition. enjoy, everyone!! ♥♥♥))

summary: As a couple in constant competition with each other, they have only one rule to keep the romance alive and well.

Today, it’s Yuuri’s turn to wash Victor’s hair, and he starts off a little miffed, but by the time the shampoo is in his hands, the older man is already beginning to relax.

word count: 1.3k
rating: t
✮read on ao3✮reverse fics✮reverse art
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I Thought You Loved Storms?| T.O

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The light that filtered into the room was a grim gray, not the usual bright golden streams that I was used to in the New York summers. The steady patter of rain echoed outside the tower, hitting the windowpane in a steady beat. The warm cup of tea I held in my hands steamed, creating a red pallet to my cold cheeks. I found comfort in the dreariness of the day, the rain steadying. Thor’s gentle snores caressed my ears and a subtle smile touching my lips. The god had been, what I assumed, hammered last night-no pun intended of course.

He had stumbled up to my room, knocking loudly. "Lady Y/N!“ he had called through the thick wood that blocked us. 

I had been on my laptop at the time, simply relaxing. The rest of the Avengers had decided to have a gathering. By gathering, in Tony’s standards, it was a party with only the 7 of us-excluding Mary. I was never one for drinking, and the thought of getting absolutely shit-faced and waking up with a killer hangover wasn’t very inviting. So I had retired early, after only one beer, and curled up in my soft pajama’s, making small conversation with JARVIS.

Thor had requested to stay in my room that night, claiming he barley made it here without throwing up the contents of his stomach. Reluctantly, I agreed. Immediately, Thor had fallen asleep, spread across my bed. I was in no mood to wake him, seeming as he needed sleep more than I did. So I had settled on the floor. I never usually slept long, always haunted by the dreams of past missions. However, curiously enough I had woken up this morning on my bed in Thor’s arms. It was still a mystery how I had gotten there. I had I sleep walked? Did Thor bring me into the bed? Whatever it was, it set my heart on edge.

I had been crushing on Thor for a while, perhaps since I had first laid eyes on him. I admired his bravery and willingness to go into battle, though his excitement didn’t blind him. He was sweet, always putting others before him. It wasn’t his personality that had only caught my attention, though. His tall stature had enticed me, the mystery that was purely him. But I couldn’t dwell on him forever. I had better things to focus on. Missions, school, social life, I couldn’t let my crush get the best of me, though it was probably too late.

"Lady Y/N?”

 I started, the drink in my mug sloshing. "O-Oh, good-morning T-Thor, you startled me.“ I stumbled, turning in my seat at the window ledge.

 Thor’s form was breathtaking, even in the early morning and moments of hazy hangovers. His long hair was ruffled, though still framed his face perfectly. His blue eyes were hazy, inspecting the room, then going back to me. He was shirtless, I noticed. He hugged a pillow to his chest, pressing his nose into the soft cloth, and with a skipping heart, I realized it was my pillow.

"Good-morning Lady Y/N. Thank you for your hospitality in letting me stay here. It was very kind of you after my…em, embarrassing behavior last night.”

 I smiled gently, setting my mug on a table. “It’s ok Thor. I understand.” I slipped from my seat, gathering the glass of water and advil I had collected only moments before. 

“Here. I brought something for your…headache.” Thor winced from the reminder. "Ah, yes. I am only fortunate for your kindness and this dim light.“ A blush lit my cheeks. 

"Yeah. I always loved rainy days.” I looked out the window once more, watching an arc of lightning race across the sky, followed by the clap of thunder.

Thor’s bellowing laugh echoed through my room. “Lady Y/N, you seem quite fond of the weather. Interested, perhaps. Why is this?” It took a moment for me to pull away from the window and look to Thor, considering his question.

 Why did I like stormy days so much? I bit my lip. Because the the bright forks of lightning that ripped open the sky reminded me of Thor when he fought with his hammer, the power that raced through his body. The thunder reminded me of his booming laugh when I told him a corny joke, whether he understood it or not. Because the splatter of rain across the earth was the same stormy grey of his eyes that sparkled when something caught his fancy.

But I could never tell him this. “Because the I love being able to cuddle up inside, where it is warm and dry, and relax.” I told him, my eyes falling to the carpet beneath my toes.

 Also grey. In my line of vision, I could see Thor’s head cock to the side. “You are lying m'lady.” Thor mused, leaning back into the pillows.

 My head snapped to attention. 

“W-what?” I stuttered, crossing my arms defensively. 

“I am not.”

 "Yes you are.“

 Thor clapped his hands like an amused child.

 "It would be wonderful to hear the truth, Lady Y/N. If you are ok to speak it.” I hesitated. 

“I-I’m not.” I sighed, turning away from the large man before me. Thor deflated.

Guilt tugged at my chest. Did Thor think I didn’t trust him now? Did he think I didn’t want to be his friend because of my hostile attitude? I found myself overthinking the whole situation, then suddenly blurting out the truth.

 "The truth is, Thor, that I like rainy days because they remind me of you. They are powerful and bittersweet, just like you. They can bring you a sense of danger, though also security, just like you. And I love them. Just like…“ 


Thor finished quietly. My hands reached up, covering my mouth in horror. What had I done? I had just revealed the biggest secret of my lifetime, revealed my first love to, well, my first love!

"I-I’m so sorry!” I squeaked, pressing myself against the crook of the wall.

 My eyes were wide with unmasked fear. I was more afraid than I had ever been on any mission. During missions, there was always a plan. A back up plan. A plan for capture, a plan for escape. But on this, I was on my own. Making my own decisions. There was no back up plan. No escape plan. Just a now plan, that I made up as I went along. 

“I’m sorry Thor, I-I didn’t mean too! I just…f-felt b-bad b-because…” I trailed off as Thor rose from my bed. 

His expression was thoughtful, eyebrows furrowed as he gazed at me. “Lady Y/N, have you proclaimed your love for me?” He questioned mildly.

My I covered my face with my hands, though nodded slowly. I didn’t dare speak, afraid I would only ruin everything further. Then, Thor laughed. I felt my heart shatter. This was joke. All a joke. Of course he didn’t care that I loved him. He didn’t love me. I was just some young, stupid girl to him, who couldn’t even- Large hands encased my own, gently unmasking my face. I kept my eyes tightly shut, afraid to face the still-chuckling Thor. 

“Lady Y/N?” Thor asked kindly. I shook my head. 

“Lady Y/N, I am not angry.” I still refused to face the god. Thor sighed and his hands left my own. I instantly missed the loss of warmth that had encased me.

Then, his touch was back. His thumb gently traced up my cheek, outlining my cheekbone, then my jaw, then my lips.

 "Lady Y/N.“ His voice was deeper, seductive. I finally looked up. Thor’s plump lips were drawn between his teeth, eyes masked with what I could only identify as lust. 

"I am not angry.” he repeated, bringing his face closer. His hands cupped my cheeks and my eyes fluttered, almost closed. 


Where could I have started? Then, he pressed his mouth to my own. The kiss was so sudden I gasped into the mans mouth, hands flying up to cup his own. Thor’s lips moved mine in a steady dance, to which I found myself moving alone.

My eyes finally closed. My body slumped against Thor’s, who easily caught me in his strong arms. I pulled our interlocked fingers away, trailing them up Thor’s toned chest, feeling the rough skin beneath the pads. I traced every crevice of muscle I found until I grasped his broad shoulders. I could feel the muscle shifting beneath my palms, causing my stomach to flutter. The crack of lightning startled me and I pulled from Thor, drawing myself close to him. Thor’s chest rose and fell quickly with light chuckles as he encased me in safety. 

"Lady Y/N, I though you loved storms?” he teased. I hummed, my nose brushing against his warm skin. 

“No, I love you.”

Pink Marshmallows Only

A/N: This is a quick filler fic before I post my bigger fic tomorrow. Basically, I felt bad that I wasn’t posting my bigger fic today andso I wrote this fluffy piece of feelings. You might love this just a bit.

Title: Pink Marshmallows Only

Genre: Pure fluff

Description: Because when you’ve had a bad day,sometimes all you want is a blanket, a cuddle, and a hot chocolate with the person you love the most.

Word Count: 1200


The front door flings open and the sound of teeth-chattering travels up the stairs. It’s 11pm and Phil can’t believe he’s only just gotten home.

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would yall believe that I made a new email account so that my friends can’t find me??

here’s some oitsuki for the soul, dedicated to the exactly two oitsuki asks on this blog because this is so fucking rare

oikawa runs out of contacts lenses, he probably should’ve noticed before but it was finals week and hes been wearing his glasses more often to reduce the strain on his eyes from studying all the time.  it isn’t really a problem because another order of them would come in within a few weeks, but then oikawa had to fall asleep to volley videos and then fall out of his chair, right on his face.  his glasses go cRuNCH as an arm breaks and the nose thing gets crooked.

coincidentally, hinata and kageyama were trying to make their freak quick stronger and even faster.  they got faster and stronger all right, but aim?  aim was very off.  aim decided to smack right into tsukki’s face.  note to aim: do not break tsukishima’s glasses, hinata and kageyama still Regret so much

and so that is how tsukishima kei walks right into oikawa tooru, glasses shopping.

it’s a bit awkward at first, because exhibit a: giant asshole that lost but cheered karasuno on just because he resented ushijima more, exhibit b: a giant asshole that knows either nothing or very little of this.  what the default reaction to this?  how does one react?

then oikawa spots the glasses in tsukishima’s hands and just about dies laughing.  they’re this nice green, cool looking, but all he’s seeing is that paired with the karasuno jersey and.  oh my god, its like a fashion disaster.  it’s a total disaster, and the fact that oikawa of all people can spot this makes it even better.

but then his teasing is met with the roast of the century, and oh god, what is this?  this asshole dares??  so oikawa shoves back, and it’s like that unstoppable forces verses unmovable object except that they’re both sides, pushing and goading and refusing to get off balance.  somehow from snarking at each other, though, they start shopping together, criticizing each new pair with a scale of snark.  when oikawa’s pick gets a soft “i suppose you don’t look as dumb as you usually do”, he paying for it in less than five seconds.

(tsukishima picks out a pair and hears “well, it looks like you might even be as pretty as me one day~” and immediately refuses to buy it.  afterwards, without oikawa there to tease him, he grudgingly purchases it.)

it’s not like it’s a thing.  they don’t break their glasses every other week in order to run into each other or something, that’s just dumb.  but oikawa slips a paper with his number on it into tsukishima’s pocket, because its been a while since he could snark with someone freely without having to worry about getting wrecked (*cough cough the matsuhana duo have too much ammo cough cough*), and tsukki puts it into his phone for no other reason than to show yamaguchi and rub into kageyama’s face.

(“oikawa must like you,” kageyama tells him, nose scrunched in distaste and uncomfortable awe.  “that’s his personal number, not the one for his fans.”

“how do you know that?” hinata asks, and they’re treated with the sight of a horribly blushing kageyama.)

when its finally graduation day, and the third years are leaving for a new beginning, back at the last moment for a wet hug and whispered advice, tsukishima lies in his bed, staring at his phone.  he’s not a first year anymore.  he doesn’t have a way to get chopped by suga anymore, a way to quietly poke at daichi, a way to low-key mess with asahi.  the gym would be just as loud, with the oncoming first years, but it wouldn’t be the same.

“of course it wouldn’t be the same, sillyshima,” oikawa says, tinny over kilometers of connection.  he’s as quiet as tsukishima feels.  “isn’t that the joy of it, though?  you’ll make new connections, play new games.  and in a few years, maybe we’ll be playing against each other again.”

the phone call was by accident, and tsukki didn’t mean to spill his feelings, but there’s something warm and settled in his chest as oikawa talks.  oikawa probably didn’t expect to be greeted by a shuddering exhale and muffled shifting when he picked up a call from Unknown, but he didn’t hesitate to quip “a butt dial, tsuki-chan? or is this a booty call?” before getting down to Comforting Business.

its a new era, a new friendship, a new number saved in oikawa’s phone.  they meet over the summer for ice cream, movies, the whole shebang, and sometimes during the school year oikawa drops in (much to kageyama’s dismay) to give pointers.

(they date somewhere in tsukki’s third year probably)

(there’s like a 94% chance that oikawa thought they were already dating bc of how many outings they went on during holidays)