my favorite soft clexa things:

  • baths. washing each other’s hair, kissing each other’s shoulders and necks, playing with bubbles, helping each other dry and get dressed (sometimes one touch leads to another and getting dressed doesn’t get done)
  • sweet sex. taking off each other’s clothes, slow and gentle, content smiles, giggles, foreheads bumping. they’ve got all the time in the world
  • sleeping naked. soft, sleepy kisses, lexa’s head on clarke’s chest, tangled limbs. in the morning, clarke waking lexa up with little kisses all over her face and back
  • half-dressed cuddling and napping. both in their underwear, tired after a long day. lexa has her eyes closed and clarke wraps an arm over her waist protectively
  • hugs. long, heads buried in shoulders, hands on each other’s hair, smelling each other and being so glad they’re here, together
  • cheek kisses. clarke getting on her tiptoes so she can kiss lexa’s cheek. when she wants to be silly, sloppy kisses. lexa pretending to be disgusted by them, but laughing anyway
  • forehead kisses. lexa, being taller, holding clarke and kissing her forehead when clarke needs comfort
  • nose kisses. short and playful, when the other is being too cute and they can’t resist
  • casual intimacy. quick kisses, watching the other get ready for bed. lexa reading and playing with clarke’s hair while clarke is lying down with her head on lexa’s lap. clarke drawing while lexa naps beside her. lexa sitting between clarke’s legs
  • dancing. slow dancing in grounder ceremonies, eyes closed, wearing pretty dresses and feeling the other’s heartbeat against their own. carefree dancing in the privacy of their room late at night, because clarke is bored and lexa needs to loosen up. sweaty bodies, laughs and hands intertwined
  • lexa taking clarke to see the ocean. clarke being amazed, running in the sand and tripping over her own feet, feeling like a teenager for the first time since the ark. clarke stepping into the warm water, squealing when a wave hits her. lexa, smiling, joining her. the two of them, exhausted after playing in the water the whole day, sitting in the sand to eat and watch the sunset. at night, lying down to stargaze. there’s sand sticking to their hair, skin and sundresses, but they don’t care because it’s the happiest they’ve ever been
  • holding hands. all the time. during sex, baths, naps, walks. lexa distractedly playing with the clarke’s fingers. clarke bringing their joined hands to her lips and kissing lexa’s hand
  • linking pinkies. they link pinkies in public before they hold hands. it’s low-key and affectionate, and it feels like a promise that one day they will be able to hold hands without fear
  • lexa taking care of clarke. lexa holding clarke, reminding her to eat and take a bath, brushing and braiding her hair. lexa being there for clarke, helping her love heal
  • clarke taking care of lexa. clarke tenderly wiping lexa’s tears with her thumbs, softly kissing her wet cheeks and eyes. clarke being gentle and showing her fragile, sweet little lexa how loved she is

If I’m honest I know I would give it all back
For a chance to start over
And rewrite an ending or two 
For the girl that I knew