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Ideal way to confirm destiel next season

I say ideal as in, it’s subtle and canon-complicit (except in my scene Sam isn’t as compassionate and long-suffering as he usually has been written in the show) and not in your face the way fanfic tends to imagine. I think the show writers could plausibly get away with this scene:

Sam: Let’s take this case blah blah blah

Dean: [stares intensely at anything but Sam, and takes another swig]

Sam: [stiffens and drops laptop loudly on the table]

Dean: [jumps and looks offended and pissed]

Sam: I had a life before you suckered me back into hunting and our hunt for dad got my girlfriend killed. So suck it up. You pulled me into this life again–and it cost me everything. Now I’m gonna drag you back into it, kicking and screaming if I have to, because this is the only life we know. [Dean is unresponsive, so he sighs, looking for words, a softer approach] Look, dude… We both lost mom. We both lost Cas–

Dean: [eyes finally snapping to his brother, his voice like a hushed hurricane] You didn’t lose him the way I did.

Sam: ……

Dean: [stares holes into his brother and then his bottle, but it’s as if Sam can see the crack in his heart splitting wider and faster in his silence]

Sam: ………… [realization hits]

Dean: [tense jaw, slight tremor in his lips, his tough composure quickly slipping]

Sam: [quietly, apologetically] Dean, I…

Dean: [tears brim, but he won’t let Sam see][hoarsely] Leave me alone, Sammy. [shoves away from table and storms to his room]

Sam: ……. [flinches at the slam of Dean’s door, still letting it sink in]

Sam: [belatedly, reverently, quietly, maybe with one of those incredulous soft huffs] You loved him.

They probably couldn’t get away with the last line, I admit, but the rest I think could totally work. What do you guys think?

the parent trap pt7 // archie andrews

The Parent Trap (7/12)

Words: 1.6k

Summary-Archie and (Y/N) separate, splitting their twin daughters between them. what happens when ten years later, the pair seem to be reunited in a twist of fate at summer camp?

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“Mr Andrews! HI!” Jessica exclaimed, looking over to Aria, panicked and trying to think of a reason for Aria being, well, herself. “Amelia, over here, was just doing her impression of my cabin mate from camp.”

Archie eyed the two girls suspiciously before chuckling. Aria let out the breath she was holding in. “Terrible accent, Melia. Not even remotely British.”

Aria gasped at her father’s words and her inner self scoffed at his comment. “Okay, dad, you can go now! Catch up with you at dinner!” She grinned, rushing over to her father, pushing him out of her doorway and shutting the door in his face.

“I’ve only been home for a day and he already offends me like that.” Aria joked, knowing her father was still listening in. The pair sat in silence waiting to hear footsteps that would signal Archie had left.

“He probably hasn’t heard a British accent since your mom and uncle left him but anyways back to Tom Mantle!”

Archie’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion, Amelia didn’t seem to be Amelia. She seemed to be more bubbly and he loved this new found persona of hers; he was scared to burst her bubble by telling her what he needed to. Amelia never liked change and he couldn’t possibly imagine how she’d take the change that was about to happen.

“I can’t seem to tell her, Lil.” Archie sighed, pulling himself up onto the kitchen counter “I think it’s time for me to move on.”

“I think it’s time you told your daughter about Aria. Before you add this woman, who, by the way, none of us have met yet, into her life. She grew up with only me, you and your father. I don’t think she’s willing to accept this woman, she hasn’t met, straight away. So if she reacts differently then you wanted her to, don’t get mad.”

“She needs to find out about Miranda soon, the wedding’s in three months.” Archie groaned “We’re meant to be going out to San Francisco in a week.”

“You make this seem like it’s impossible. Fine, invite Miranda to lunch here in two hours and you can tell Amelia about Aria and (Y/N) when you’re ready but for now, tell her about Miranda before it’s too late.” Lillian smiled at the man, her hands shooing him out of the kitchen towards Amelia’s room.

Amelia sat on the passenger’s side of her mom’s car. She grinned as she passed by every landmark Aria had told her about. Amelia loved the thrill of busyness within the city. She loved seeing the tourists taking pictures with Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. She had yet to explore the city by foot but for now spending time with her mother was just what she wanted. “So I’ve been called into work today but instead of leaving you with Jughead once again, I decided to take you.”

Amelia grinned at her mother instead of responding and kept her sight on the landmarks around her. Riverdale was nothing like this. London had a constant noise of chatter and running engines, whereas Riverdale was quiet, the most noise heard would be the site her grandfather was working on.

(Y/N) bit her lip trying to keep the tears back. Nothing had hurt her more than seeing Archie cry. She knew her words were harsh and would cut like a knife but she never expected this impact on him. He held his face in his hands, not wanting to show her his moment of weakness. “God, Archie Andrews, I am so proud of you so why do I feel like this feeling isn’t mutual? Why do I feel like you aren’t proud of me? Why is this a one-sided thing?“

Archie sighed and looked at (Y/N), who was looking down at her hands. He noticed her tear stained face and the redness of her eyes that usually glimmered like the sun on a warm winter’s day. Her eyes looked so lifeless as she stared at her hands. Her face wasn’t holding her natural smiley look. She looked empty.

“If I were given a chance out in London to achieve my dreams, start my own boutique, make a name for myself, would you let me take it?” she asked him, taking his hand into hers “Would you leave this small town to help me prove you wrong?” (Y/N) sat, waiting for Archie’s answer but she was met with a thick silence. “No. No, you wouldn’t. You don’t want to leave Riverdale behind, you’re seventeen and have basically gotten what you’ve wanted. You wouldn’t give it up for me because you’re selfish. You are one of the most selfish humans I have ever met. You claim you’re not good enough for me because you’re scared to get hurt. I’m not asking you to run away with me, Arch, I’m asking you to take more pride in me. I’m asking you to believe in yourself, to believe you are good enough because we’ve basically been together since we were nine and I haven’t left just yet, I haven’t run away yet. Now, in this day and time, it’s even harder for me to run when I have a baby bump the size of Jupiter.”

Archie let out a loud snort at (Y/N)’s comment at the end, causing her to join in with his laughter. It was in that moment she realised that the reason why she hadn’t left yet was because no matter how much they argued, their love always came on top.

Aria sighed as she looked through Amelia’s draws. She desperately wished she had brought back her own bag back to her father’s house with her. Amelia’s clothes consisted of light blue jeans, that Aria despised. She made a mental note to take her sister shopping once the plan had fallen into place. A knock on her bedroom door pulled her out of her thoughts. “Come in!”

Archie looked at Aria and noticed the pile of clothes surrounding her. He noticed that she sat with a frown on her face almost as if she didn’t know what to wear, which was unlike Amelia. Amelia never planned outfits, she usually threw on whatever she picked out first. “You okay, A?”

“Yeah, dad. What’s up?”

“I want to talk about something and I don’t want you to get angry.” Archie looked at his daughter, who raised an eyebrow at him. “I don’t know how to say this so I’m just going to say it. I’m getting married in three months, Amelia!”

Aria felt a knot at the back of her throat, she had to alert Amelia immediately. She was unsure of whether to be glad for a father or angry. She preferred the latter choice. She believed that her mother would never move on and if she found out about this wedding it might ruin her forever. Aria was angry, she was angry that Amelia failed to mention her father’s girlfriend, now his fiancée. She was angry at her mother for never moving on. Of course, she had dated, and she dated quite often until recently. Her ex, Luke, never failed to make Aria laugh and her uncle Jughead loved him but their relationship stopped suddenly. She also noticed that her mother had stopped wearing the locket, her auntie Veronica gave her mum, before she left for camp. Now Aria thought about it, maybe it was a sign of her mother moving on.

“You’re probably not going to tell me you’re happy for me but I want you to know, we’re heading out to San Francisco next week.” Archie looked at his daughter once again, only to see her gaze flicker off him right to the door behind him. “I’ll take that as my cue to leave, but please think about it. I’m sure you’ll love Miranda!”

Aria rushed to her bedside table and picked the phone up, immediately dialling her number into it. The phone rang for what seemed to be forever, making Aria grow impatient. With her phone pressed against her ear, she wandered off into the back garden, noting that it was bigger than expected and that she shouldn’t wander too far in fear of getting lost.

“Hi! Sorry, I’m at mom’s shop and had to sneak off so I asked for some money for food. She gave me a loooong speech about how I should be cautious around the city but I’m here now!” Amelia rambled, causing Aria to giggle. “I have some news, uncle Jughead caught me straightaway!”

“Amelia, no! Don’t mess with me like this, you’re joking.”

“I’m not but look on the bright side, he promised not to tell mom or grandpa about it, so whenever we’re alone, he tends to let me talk normally. By the way, does your mouth ever getting tired of speaking because doing your accent in killing me!”

Aria rolled her eyes, only her sister would ramble away during the call. She could barely get a word in before Amelia started talking again. “Amelia, father is getting married soon and you’re ranting away about how tiring doing my accent, which, for your information, i don’t have, is.”

“What do you mean dad’s getting married? He doesn’t even have a girlfriend. Well, he’s certainly never mentioned having one.”

“No Amelia, he doesn’t have a girlfriend because he has a bloody fiancée.” Aria shouted, causing Amelia to burst out into laughter.

“I think that was the most British you’ve ever sounded.”

Lillian and Aria looked at each other as a ridiculously annoying squeal broke the silence and entered their hearing. Toby immediately ran over to the woman, instantly knocking her down, almost as if her high pitched squeal had hurt the dog’s ears.

“Well, aren’t you annoying?” Aria grinned, placing a hand out for Miranda to hold on to and helping the woman up. “I’m Amelia and you must be my father’s ex-fiancée.”

Why are so many of my fellow cishet men embarrassed to buy tampons or pads or Midol or whatever for their girlfriends?

Guys, that basically just means that she‘s comfortable enough with you and your relationship at that point to be like, “I AM BLEEDING LIKE A STUCK PIG AND I NEED LADY STUFF AND I WANT YOU TO GO GET IT FOR ME BECAUSE THESE CRAMPS ARE FUCKING KILLING ME AND I DON’T WANNA GO TO THE STORE!” Whereas at the beginning of a relationship, most girlfriends tend to not even mention their period, or to use little euphemisms if they do mention it at all.

Basically, the first time your girlfriend asks you to go get her that kind of stuff, instead of being embarrassed, take it as a sign she has chosen to award you enough boyfriend experience points to level up.

Congratulations–You are now a 4th level boyfriend. Be proud.


So I love Sheo. And the idea that they may be together for actual realness makes me happier than I was when Robsten finally admitted they were together. HOWEVER if he is with Ruth, as much as it kills my Sheo heart, stop the hate toward her. She’s an innocent in all this.

With that being said though I have a few critical issues to point out

If Theo IS in fact with Ruth still then

  • Why doesn’t he just say so. Why when in Sheo interviews the dating question comes up they’re either really quiet or say “we don’t answer that” or “what’s sacred is sacred”
  • You may counter the above with “he’s trying to protect her.” HOWEVER wouldn’t it just in fact make her self esteem feel better than having her have to read all this awful shit about her, girls are fragile I don’t care what industry or how strong a woman one is, it still hurts like hell.
  • With that being said just the way Sheo interacts alone (verbally and non verbally) compared to Theo and Ruth would make me jealous if I was his girlfriend and I would demand to be known, furthermore I would want to take premiere pictures with my boyfriend too.
  • Which oddly enough Theo and Ruth DID take the couples pictures together at the premiere of Theo’s movie Underworld, but not the London Divergent. Ever think that after 5 years of being together the possible ex-couple was mature enough to be amicable toward one another and remain friends, I personally am friends with 3 out of 4 of my ex’s.
  • Also when articles that interview Theo where he mentions a girlfriend, they also happen to mention an ex-girlfriend to, and in 2 out of 3 that I saw the ex is from acting classes. Now maybe its media, but articles don’t tend to be like tabloids. Again, being with someone that long and being able to be friends causes a certain level of amicability.

These are just purely my observations and I really don’t mean any hatered toward Ruth at all. Honestly in some world if Theo and her are actually together then good for them, even if it kills my Sheo shipping heart. But I don’t know something seems off to me and something in my gut, the same feeling I had before Robsten confirmed and fans were like are they aren’t they, tells me my instinct is right about Sheo but time will tell I guess.