my girlfriend is the best person ever

“None of you are listening!” Kara yelled at the assembled women trying to save the world. “You know what? If you don’t need my ideas, you’re welcome to go fight the Daxamites by yourself.” She zipped across the room fast enough to blur, almost tearing the door to the fire exit off its hinges in her temper.

Alex moved to follow, but Cat waved her off.

“Agent Scully, keep an eye on Norma Bates here,” Cat nodded towards Lillian. “Supergirl and I are due for a catchup.” Her heels clicked across the floor as she followed in Kara’s wake. Those would have to be changed out for flats if she really would be expected to venture out in the field with them. That suggestion had been the reason for Kara’s outburst, or at least the last straw across her unbreakable back.

“Go away, Alex,” Kara grumbled, landing blows on a cleaner than average dumpster.

“Last I checked your sister wasn’t wearing Gianvitto Rossi heels. Need that superhearing checked?”

“I’m not going to allow it, so don’t start with me, Cat.”

“Allow?” Cat stepped in closer, wrinkling her nose at the mess in the alley. She made exceptions for Kara all the time, but really. “That chucklehead from Dixon has really done a number on you, if you think a grown woman has to be allowed to do any damn thing she wants. I’ll be a decoy if I’m needed, Kara.”

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  • Tim McGraw: The name of my first summer love.
  • Picture To Burn: Someone who's picture I'd like to burn
  • Teardrops On My Guitar: The last time I cried during a song
  • A Place In This World: The Place I'd like to live the most
  • Cold As You: The worst rejection I've ever gotten.
  • The Outside: When did I feel most alone?
  • Tied Together With A Smile: Who is the strongest person I know?
  • Stay Beautiful: Who is the most beautiful person I know?
  • Mary's Song (Oh My My My): The name of my first crush
  • Our Song: A song that means a lot to me.
  • I'm Only Me When I'm With You: A person I can be myself with
  • Invisible: An awkward confession.
  • A Perfectly Good Heart: I'll tell you something sweet about your blog.
  • Fearless: My biggest fear.
  • Fifteen: A memory from when I was fifteen
  • Love Story: A story about something romantic that happened to me.
  • Hey Stephen: The name of my crush
  • White Horse: Have I ever been in love with someone who was taken?
  • You Belong With Me: Which celebrity shoyld see, they belong with me?
  • Breathe: Something I can't breathe without
  • Tell Me Why: A question of mine that has yet to be answered.
  • You're Not Sorry: Something I'm sorry for?
  • Forever & Always: What do I wish to have forever and always?
  • The Best Day: What was the best day so far?
  • Change: What do I want to change about myself?
  • Jump Then Fall: Who's laugh is the best sound I have ever heard?
  • Untouchable: My biggest dream
  • Come In With The Rain: My favourite kind of weather.
  • Superstar: My celebritycrush
  • The Other Side Of The Door: The last person I fought with
  • Mine: The best thing that's ever been mine
  • Sparks Fly: Who captivates my like a fireworkshow?
  • Back To December: If I could go back in time, where would I go?
  • Speak Now: *Insert any question here*
  • Dear John: Something I wanna say to my exboyfriend/girlfriend/crush
  • Mean: The meanest thing someone has ever said to me.
  • The Story Of Us: Tell a story about someone you know
  • Never Grow Up: A memory about growing up
  • Enchanted: Someone who enchants me.
  • Better Than Revenge: Someone you want to teach a lesson
  • Innocent: How easily do I forgive?
  • Haunted: A memory that haunts me.
  • Last kiss: The last person I kissed/wanted to kiss.
  • Long Live: Who will I remember forever?
  • Ours: Who has a pretty little mind?
  • If This Was A Movie: If my life was a movie, who would play me?
  • Superman; If I had any superpower, what would it be?
  • State Of Grace: Who is my achilles' heel?
  • Red: Someone I just can't forget.
  • Treacherous: The most dangerous thing I have ever done
  • I Knew You Were Trouble: The last time I got in trouble
  • All Too Well: Something someone said, I remember all too well
  • 22: My best birthday ever.
  • I almost do: How often do I doubt myself?
  • We Are Never Ever Getting Together: A couple you wish would get back together
  • Stay Stay Stay: Someone you can depend on
  • The Last Time: The Last Time I....*insert something here*
  • Holy Ground: I don't wanna dance, if I'm not dancing with....
  • Sad Beautiful Tragic: Something that makes me sad
  • The Lucky One: My biggest dream
  • Everything Has Changed: Something that has changed about me
  • Starlight: The most marvelous tune
  • Begin Again: What would I do again and again?
  • The Moment I Knew: The moment I knew...*insert something here*
  • Come Back...Be Here: Someone I miss
  • Girl at Home: Have I ever cheated on someone?
hey mom and dad (my coming out letter to my parents)

I debated sharing this on tumblr for a while, but figured if someone is struggling coming out to their conservative parents, there’s a chance this could help. I wrote a letter as not to put them on the spot, to allow them their own time to process it, and to give them a tangible part of myself so they could not dismiss it in conversation.

Please feel free to message me if you have questions or want advice in talking to your parents. I’m more than happy to share more of my story with you.

“As you both know, I’m much better at expressing myself through writing than in person. So even though we talked about some important things at dinner the other night, the topic that was intended to be covered was not. I was already feeling tense and nervous and had put a lot of pressure on myself, and for sharing something this personal I didn’t want the energy to be negative. There was also a lot of anticipation from everyone at the table and I didn’t want that to add to the possible ‘shock factor’ or put anyone on the spot.

The more I learn about human patterns and behavior, the more I learn about how willing people are to conform to social norms, conscious or not. Sometimes things that seem petty can be so influential on a person’s identity and sense of self without them even realizing it. I think it’s apparent that I have grown to the point of critically analyzing the way things are instead of accepting them at face value. I’m still making progress in this area, but being aware that the world’s expectations of me are not always who I am has helped me learn some things about myself that never seemed like viable options.

You have both witnessed the boys I have dated growing up and I know you weren’t all that crazy about any of them. Honestly neither was I- but I’m sure that was pretty apparent. I’d never experienced the heartbreak that I saw [my sister] experience with her relationships. I never really went through the typical teenage-girl “boy crazy” phase.  Mom, you’ve told me with every boyfriend that I’m a heartbreaker because of my apathy in the relationship. The most I’ve been hurt by other people is when friendships end- not when romantic relationships have ended. Of course, many things are factors of my lack of caring when it comes to boyfriends, but I think one of the main ones is just that I don’t want to date boys. And I don’t know if I ever really have, or if that was a reflection of me trying to find my place in society- conforming to what the world expects from me.

Then I met [my best friend, a man], who is essentially everything I thought I wanted in a boyfriend at the time. And yet I still could not bring myself to date him. There was still something missing aside from our personal compatibility. I value how close my friendship with him is and I want the best for him, but I have no desire to be his girlfriend or to have him as my boyfriend, or to have a boyfriend. I don’t know if you know where this is going yet, or if you are surprised at all by this statement, but I don’t want to date men. I want to date women (want to, lol. I’m still alone). That is who I am.

I’m the same person I was before you read this- the only thing that has changed is me deciding it’s time to open up to you. I love and appreciate you and the support you have shown me through the years and I hope you can still see me as me and not as a label. The only difference you can expect is for me to be more comfortable in being myself around you and not feeling like I have to hide a part of myself from you.”

side note: I left this letter in their room then left the country for a week where I had no service. not even sorry lol

  • Mom: Honey, come here please!
  • Me: Yeah?
  • Mom: *Gestures to the home page of YouTube on AppleTV*
  • Me: Oh fuck.
  • Mom's boyfriend Brent: Ahh, not too fond of the male gender huh?
  • Me: Uhm...
  • Brent: Relax kid, I'm not here to judge like a homophobic asshole. However, I'm probably a horrible dad since I placed bets on whether my daughter had a girlfriend or not. When she came out I told her about it, but boy was her reaction priceless! Totally worth it.
  • Mom: We're okay with this, but I don't need your younger siblings and cousins to be watching these videos just yet. There's no doubt that they're constantly curious and will click on anything that piques their interests.
  • Little brother: But the gay side of YouTube is the best side of YouTube. Tyler Oakley is the best person ever! So is Troye, Connor, Joey, and everyone else.
  • Little sister: Stevie & Ally are way too cute! Also the Gay Women Channel are hilarious!
  • Me: In my defense, I didn't tell them about these people or encourage them whatsoever to watch them.
  • Mom: *Sighs and shakes head*
  • Brent: A lot of Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow videos are popping up. I will never be able to watch those Pitch Perfect movies ever again without my Bechloe goggles on.
  • Me: I like you.
  • Brent: If you like me now, you'll love me soon enough. Your mom told me that you're obsessed with that lesbian vampire web series. Well since she says she doesn't have the time to watch it. How about we binge watch it right now?
  • Me: You my friend, are going to regret this.
  • Brent: I sat down and watched all of Faking It for my daughter's sake. I'm sure I can handle 72 episodes that are less than 6 minutes long.
  • Me: Well actually 84 episodes because there's season 1, 2, and 0.
  • Brent: What does this fandom do with their lives?
  • Me: Don't ask that question or else I'll be dragging you down this garbage chute with me.
  • Little sister: Sin. That's all that fandom ever does.
  • Brent: ...
  • Mom: ...
  • Little brother: ...
  • Me: No clue what she's talking about.

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Since we saw Juggie punch someone in the promo, could you write a fic where Juggie gets in a fight and Betty heals his wounds?

I’ll give it a go sure thing!

His knuckles were bleeding and he could hardly see out of his left eye, the swelling making it difficult to even blink. He had nowhere to go,The party still carrying on at Archie’s, and Pops already closed for the night. He continued to wander the streets of Riverdale, Glancing at his phone, it read 1:43, his birthday was over and his heart felt heavy.

It had been a nice gesture and it had all started out harmless enough, the blue and gold themed birthday party Betty had thrown him was thoughtful and quiet, he could still remember her softly singing him Happy Birthday as she held up the Hamburger shaped birthday cake, his new and old friends watching and clapping as he blew out the candles.

Then it all went to shit. And it was all thanks to Cheryl Blossom, the red headed child of Satan. no one asked her to come, no one asked her to invite the entire Riverdale Sophomore class and absolutely no one asked her to invite Chuck Clayton, resident asshole and douchebag to all. Jughead had plans to ignore the prick, that was until he started in on Ethel.

Ethel Muggs family was going through similar hardships Jughead had experienced just years ago and he genuinely felt for her. Chuck Clayton however, did not. Chuck had been vial, calling her homeless trash, a cowards daughter. One thing led to another and Jughead had Chucks blood on his hands and the dark skinned boys knuckle indents on his face.

Betty had tried to break up the fight, innocent and tipsy she had screamed at Chuck and attempted to defend her boyfriend, Jughead was far too gone for that though, he winced at his memories, he could really be an idiot sometimes.

As Betty was defending Jughead he was screaming at the blonde, publically breaking up with her, telling her she wasn’t who he thought she was, calling her a poser, a drunk. God he was an idiot, he freaked out, tensed up under the pressure. He could just call her, go back to the party, sneak her away into a room. Talk about it, that’s what they did. Talk. But no, he was the coward. He didn’t want to see the hurt in her eyes.


He froze in his spot. Holy shit.

“Jughead?! Where are you?” The familiar voice called again from somewhere behind him.

Whipping around and rounding the corner, he came face to face with a tear stained, messy ponytail Betty Cooper. She stopped abruptly, her hands clutching some small black bag.

“Jughead” she whispered, her shoulders slumping in relief. Grabbing his wrist quickly she pulled him over to sit on one of the park benches it was directly underneath a harsh street lamp.

“Betty?” He asked as she dug in the little black bag. She didn’t look up just continued digging before pulling out a cue tip and some form of clear cream, suddenly she was pressing down gently on his eye, the stinging making him wince

“I’m sorry” she whispered, placing two slender fingers on the bruise. She then moved on to his knuckles, she finally glanced up at him quickly

“This is going to hurt the most.”

He nodded slowly.

She dabbed his hand with the alcohol wipe and he hissed audibly, quickly she grabbed his hand and blew gently

“I had to disinfect it, I know it stings.” As she wrapped his knuckles with the white gauze he cleared his throat

“Betty I…”

She cut him off, her voice tired and weak

“I get it Jughead, okay? You don’t have to tell me again, I’m not what you want. It’s okay.”
He saw the lone tear drop on his pant leg.

He didn’t know you could physically feel your heart break until today, Jughead slowly gripped her chin, bringing her face to his as she finished taping his knuckles with her shaky fingers.

“I’m an idiot, the biggest idiot in the world. I didn’t mean what I said, any of it.”

Betty opened her mouth to argue, but he shook his head and continued

“I was angry, at everyone. My adrenaline, I don’t know, it’s no excuse but I need you to know, I didn’t mean any of it. You were the last person I should have taken my anger out on, after everything you did. You’re amazing, the best girlfriend, and I… I don’t want to lose you. You’re everything I want.” He felt his own voice grow thick with emotion at the thought of losing her.

Betty looked hesitant but nodded slowly, her hand dropping to hold his, she winced slightly. ever observant, Jughead noticed and pulled her fiery red palm to his face

“Woah, what happened here.” He questioned sigh concern. Betty blushed slightly
“I may have slapped Chuck, it’s a long story. It’s my turn to apologize. I got too caught up in it all. Caught up in Veronica, in Archie. It was your birthday, I should’ve been there for you. I’m so sorry Juggie. She dropped her forehead to his.
Shaking his head Jughead pulled her in for a quick kiss

“Have you heard of the after birthday, birthday?” He whispered close to her ear. He felt her smile against him and shake her head. “Oh it’s an age old tradition, the day after someone’s birthday the birthday boy, which is me, gets to pick someone to lay around, watch Netflix and eat burgers with, you’ve really never heard of it?” He pulled away and acted mock shocked.

Betty giggled shaking her head exaggeratedly

“What does one have to do to get this honor bestowed upon them?” She asked in a serious tone.

Jughead grabbed the little first aid kit and tucked her hand into his.

“She simply has to be Betty Cooper, worlds best girlfriend.”

Betty giggled excitedly “hey! That’s me!”

Jughead dropped a kiss to the side of her head

“Yeah Juliet, that’s you.”

with you i’ve learned that i don’t have to degrade myself so that you can shine.

i’ve learned that i don’t have to hold back when it comes to my passions and interests just because you don’t enjoy them as much as i do.

i’ve learned that i don’t have to be quiet and nice for you to love me. with you i can be loud, crazy, wild and even angry when i need to.

you have shown me what good love is.

and good love makes you blossom.

good love won’t ever make you wilt.


e.s. // a good love.

Sometimes you don’t even notice that your partner is suppressing you. But let me tell you, love is supposed to bring out the best in you and make you become the best person you can be. It won’t ever try to steal your light or turn you into something less.

  • Last Sacrifice: “She looks kind of uptight.”
  • Bloodlines: “You’re a solid person, Sage.”
  • The Golden Lily: “I look at you, and you’re like… like light made into flesh.”
  • The Indigo Spell: “You’re my flame in the dark.”
  • The Fiery Heart: “Sydney Sage, the aforementioned girlfriend and light of my life,”
  • Silver Shadows: “Sydney Katherine Sage,” he said, his green eyes full of love and earnestness. “Would you do a brooding, deadbeat Moroi the honor of being his wife?”
  • The Ruby Circle: “Being with you is the best thing that’s ever happened to me, the one perfect decision I’ve made in a lifetime of fumbling and poor judgment.“
Misunderstood : Reggie Mantle

request: Can I request a Reggie Mantle imagine maybe where the reader is his gf and friend with the og 4 and they keep talking bad about him but she always defends him and then one day he like sits with them at lunch and they realize he isn’t really that bad of a guy

requested by: anonymous

A/N: I AM THE WORST!!! I am so sorry it took so long. I really really hope you love this. xx, aubree. 

warnings: none :)

word count: 730

(gif not mine)


Originally posted by riverdalesource

Reggie Mantle. Tall, handsome as hell, and one of the most misunderstood people in all of Riverdale. There was only one person he ever opened up to. His best friend turned girlfriend, Y/N Y/L/N. She saw the side of him that he hid from the world. To everyone else, Reggie was the douchebag jock who was a little too full of himself. To Y/N, he was the boy who was pressured by his father to be perfect; to be someone he wasn’t.

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About a year ago I submitted a post here not really expecting anything to happen but a couple of followers. Little did I know my world would completely change when this girl followed me. We’ve known each other for a year now and been together for 6 months because SOMEONE was too shy to confess their feelings *cough, cough* Anyway, it’s long distance from the US to the UK but I’m currently laying next to her on a trip I took to the UK. So because of GWLG I met not only my best friend but my girlfriend and the most amazing person I’ve ever met. Thank you to this blog for connecting us.

URL: escapeyourrmind

NCT 127 React to their GF bringing them food

Request: hey I love your blog can i request an NCT 127 reaction to when their girlfriend brings them food on a busy schedule thankss

Yah sure thanks for the request hope you like it - Em

Taeil: You walked into the dance studio and Taeil had just stopped dancing and was standing with his head between his knees. He looked up and saw you carrying a bag filled with his favourite foods. Despite being really tired he immediately smiled and ran over. “Omg babe thank you so much,” He would be so happy but really sad that he didn’t have a lot of time tp eat with you. “Even when I can’t be with you, you think of me. I don’t know what I ever did to find such an amazing girlfriend.” He said giving you a quick peck on the cheek.

Originally posted by taei

Johnny: You showed up to the dorm holding a pizza. It was 2 am but Johnny was always awake so late as he was so busy. You knocked at the door quietly one of the boys was up and let you in. You snuck into Johnny’s room where he was watching some tv. He looked up surprised when you greeted him. “Y/n your here! You have Pizza! I haven’t had pizza in so long. I’m going to die this is great. I love you so much, you have pizza, you’re the best.”

Originally posted by nakamotens

Taeyong: Once you handed him the food you had brought Taeyong would give you a hug and then eat quietly. He felt bad that you had to be the one to surprise him and he didn’t have time to do special things for you. “You didn’t need to do this for me. But I’m really glad you are here. I can hardly ever see you and it’s the worst.” He would sit right next to you to make the most of the short time you had to eat together.

Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

Yuta: “I love food, this is so great babe.” Yuta would be really excited for the food. He would keep thanking you for buying it. “I will pay you back, no wait I will buy you teddies to make up. When this schedule ends I will take you to buy as much food as you want. That’s works out well for both of us. You are the best y/n, even better than this food. And that is saying something.”

Originally posted by taei

Doyoung would play cool but on the inside, he would be happier than a small kid on Christmas. “This is pretty awesome of you, I know I don’t have time to talk to you for real much, your smart to fit lunch into this. I would say this is almost the best part of my day, maybe second to when Haechan didn’t insult me at breakfast. Just joking.” He would be cocky and give you a kiss on the lips before running away back to practise.

Originally posted by taesyong

Jaehyun: “I’m proud that you know food is the answer. I’m so tired and you have made my week four times better.” Jaehyun would be really happy that you knew all his favourite foods and that he got to see you. “You know they boys have let Mark try and cook a bit recently. You have no idea how thankful I am for this baby.”

Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

Winwin: Winwin would be all smiles. He would give you a hug and fuss asking if there was anything he could do in return. “Thank you so much baobei, if you ever need anything just tell me. It may take me a while to do it for you because I have no time but I will always do it. Just remember I love you more than Taeyong loves me,”

Originally posted by ouchwinwin

Mark: Mark would be all shy and blushy he wouldn’t have expected you to do something so nice for him especially as he had no time to hang out with you because he was so caught up in schedules. “You didn’t need to do this for me y/n. It’s almost embarrassing how perfect you are compared to me. I actual must be the worst boyfriend ever.” You would probably need to reassure him with lots of hugs that he was the most talented person you knew. “Apart from Haechan.” You said with a smirk. Mark would probably just go jump in a well at that point. (Lmao same)

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Haechan: He would become the ultimate little kid. “Thank you!!!” He would shout giving you a bear hug. “This is the best day ever. I have food to eat that is my favourite and it was brought by the only person in this world who is better looking than me. The only one. And that one is you, my epic girlfriend. We will rule the world with our chicken, ice cream and beautiful faces.”

Eric Fanfiction pt. 1

(A/N) Hey again! So, this time I started writing something about Eric from Divergent. I used the Eric from the movies sind I haven’t read the books. I hope you enjoy it and as always, I’m open for feedback!

Warnings: I don’t think there are any warnings… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Originally posted by effindivergenteric

Eric POV

It’s been four years since I chose to chance my life. I left Erudite and joined Dauntless, the best decision I ever made for sure. The only downside? I had to leave her. No, not my girlfriend. But my best friend, the only person that ever put up with. The only one that was always able to put a smile on my face. Still, I chose to leave and swore to never look back.
Every time I see her, I start to regret it. The joy in her eyes I was used to, slowly left. Her rosy, full cheeks became hallow and her smile completely vanished.
I knew the problems she had, I was the only one who knew and I still had enough selfishness within me to leave her. Enough selfishness to never talk to her again or come to the pit when she visited me on visiting day. So I guess that’s the reason I was so nervous while waiting on the rooftop for the new Initiates. Nervous she could be one of them.
But, what are the chances? She can choose from five factions, why should she choose Dauntless?


I really chose Dauntless, huh? With two drops of blood I left Erudite and joined Dauntless, the worst decision I ever made for sure. I mean, okay, I’m not all too bad at running and I have good reflexes. But he is probably going to be there. He, the one that left me alone when I needed him the most. The one that knew of all my troubles and still chose to leave. Well, it’s too late to regret it, I was already on my way to my new home…at least I hope it is going to become one.
I leaned against a wall of the train that brought us to the Dauntless compound. All around me were other teens, a lot of them from Dauntless, seven from Candor, five, inclusive me, from Erudite, two from Amity and one from Abnegation. Most of them were boys, only six of us were girls.
“Get ready to jump!” one of the Dauntless born yelled and everyone from the other factions looked utterly confused.
We all stood up and walked to the doors. I stretched my head out and saw people jumping out of the train from the other carts. They landed on a roof, some with more elegance, some with less.
“They can’t expect us to jump! We will fall!” the girl from Abnegation tried to reason with the boy from Amity. “The first step for us to prove we are worthy.” I murmured to myself and walked back to the wall opposite of the door. As soon as I saw the roof, I started to run and leaped across the space between the tracks and the edge of the rooftop.
I fell to my knees while landing and I could feel the burning pain. Well done! Scraping your knees and you’re not even in the compound! Well, that’s just my luck.
“Initiates! Come here!” A tall guy yelled and the others walked over to him. Me? I seriously considered to jump down from the roof. After all, I knew the voice…too well. Of course I had to see him before anyone else. There, again, my luck!
I joined the others while trying to keep my head low. Still, I could see him, and he changed. A lot.
His blonde hair was now in a short military cut, he gained a lot of muscles and had one or two (or thirty for that matter) tattoos. Like every other Dauntless, he wore all black. It suited him. The piercing above his eyebrow seemed to match him so well, I got the feeling it’s always been there. Dauntless, through and through.

“Alright Initiates! This is the only way to Dauntless. Don’t even bother asking! If you want to know, you’ll have to jump.” Eric jumped down from the ledge and walked up and down in front of the group of sixteen year old teenagers. “Who’s going to jump first?” As soon as this question left his mouth, the group parted. It was as if Mosses parted the red sea and I was the only one who didn’t get the memo. So I just stood there and Eric’s eyes instantly found mine. If you looked closely you could see the exact moment realisation hit him. His eyes widened, if only for a fraction of a second. I only noticed it because I was looking for it.
He swallowed and cleared his throat. “What about you, Initiate?” Eric nodded towards the ledge and silently asked me to come forward.
He was never one to not listen, so I just did as I was asked and stepped forward.
“Need help, princess?” Eric stretched out his hand, as if he would like to help me, but I ignored it and climbed up onto the ledge. “Whenever you’re ready, Darling!” I rolled my eyes, took a deep breath and stepped forward.

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Okay op, I doubt this is what you wanted but here we go.


Look, no matter what some people (aka everybody) said about Marinette she wasn’t hot headed. Seriously, she wasn’t! It was just quick reacting. Yeah, totally quick reacting. Marinette was generally a very patient person, thank you very much. But there were times when Chloe was too much. The blonde huffed and put a hand on her hip while gesticulating wildily with the other while still holding a pair of pink panties.

“Well, excuse me for trying to give you fashion advice.”

“Why in the world are you giving me fashion advice on my underwear? Also, you insulted my favourite matching pink one with the black lace, so I won’t give you any sweets for the rest of the week.”

“Seriously, why are you so into lace and why is almost everything in here pink, Mari, sweetheart I love you, but… what did you just say?”

“No sweets,” Marinette announced calmly while scrolling through her phone and feigning disinterest. “For the rest of the week. Because you apparently seem to hate every piece of underwear I own.”

Chloe immediately threw the pink panties behind her back and leaned against the wall in a pose that was supposed to be seductive. Supposed being the key word. 

“You know why I did that?” Marinette finally turned her attention to her and raised an eyebrow. “Because I prefer you in nothing babe.”

Chloe gave an awkward smile as Marinette’s expression changed into something between entirely unimpressed and about to give the longest sigh ever. Fuck. She should have known better than take flirting advice from Adrien.

Marinette sighed. “Remind me, why am I dating you?”

“Um, because we are two individuals who love and trust each other, have complementing personalities, are very sassy and serve the best burns ever together and also have some insane sexual tension because of our still present rivality?”

Marinette got up from her chair and gave Chloe a honest smile. “That’s true.”

She went to put her phone to charge between turning to her girlfriend and giving her a quick kiss on the lips. 

“You are still not getting any sweets for the rest of the week.”


Fragility and Fractures

A/N: This one takes place on Jughead’s birthday. I wrote it before episode nine aired, so forgive me for continuity errors with Ethel! Enjoy :)

Jughead Jones was at a party.

Strange sentence, yes. But when said party happens to be your very own, you tend to be there.

When Betty decided to throw this party, at Archie’s house, Jughead was adamant at first- parties, while baby showers may be, were not his scene. “It’ll be fun,” She said, wide cerulean blue eyes pleading at him, and so he agreed.

But right here, right now, all Jughead wanted to do was curl up with his laptop, or even better, Betty. That clearly wasn’t going to happen, so Jughead had excused himself from the sweaty crowd in Fred’s living room, gone to the kitchen and grabbed a solo cup of coke. Sitting on the  a kitchen  a counter, he hoped it wasn’t laced with anything.

Nonetheless, he sipped it periodically as he glanced at his phone, listening to whatever overplayed pop song that his peers currently danced to.

He checked his texts. One from his dad.

Are you coming home for dinner?

Well, no, he wasn’t, not after he realised that the Serpents dealt with drugs.

And well, he was at his very own birthday party. He typed out a quick reply.

Not today, dad.

He shoved his phone inside his pocket, catching his foot tapping the counter with the pop song’s rhythm. He immediately stopped.

“Hey,” Came a voice from behind him. Jughead jumped, despite the noise.

“Hey.” He said, realizing it was only Ethel.

“So,” She began, going around the counter in front of him, “Happy Birthday. Seventeen!”

He smiled. “Yeah, I’m finally a dancing queen.”

The reference flew over her head.  

“Nevermind. What brings you to Archie’s humble abode?”

“I heard it was your party, which I really couldn’t believe, because Jughead Jones is throwing a party? I knew I had to come here for sure.”

Jughead chuckled and looked at her. “Actually, Betty’s throwing it for me. I’m not really a party person.”

Ethel deflated slightly. “So, you and Betty a thing now?”

“Yeah, she’s my girlfriend.” Jughead blushed. He was so utterly grateful that he was with Betty. Right now, he was the luckiest guy on earth.

Ethel smiled, in a way that seemed half-hearted. “Cute top she’s wearing.”

Ah, the crown one. Jughead’s very own reference. When he had first seen it, all he could do was laugh. Betty had actively searched for one online.

“She's​…” A ray of sun in his usually-dark life, the paragon of beauty, the best person he’s ever had the pleasure to meet, let alone spend time with- “cute, too.”

Ethel awkwardly nodded, and pursed her lips, still caught in a half-smile.

Thirty seconds passed with an awkward silence. Jughead decided to break it, and stood up.

“I should probably-”

“Archie still has feelings for Betty.”

Her interruption took him by complete surprise.

“What?” He asked. “He still… Does?”

Ethel nodded with sympathy. “I heard Veronica tell Kevin in PE yesterday.”

“You were eavesdropping?”

“No, I just happened to pass by.”

Jughead sighed. “Why are you telling me this, Ethel?”

Ethel’s eyes widened. “I just wanted you to be prepared, you know. And if you need someone to turn to, in case stuff happens…”

It was Jughead’s turn to purse his lips. “Listen, Ethel, I know Archie well, and he wouldn’t do this. I’m dating Betty, too… and I trust her.”

“Fine, Jughead. “ Ethel said, eyes suddenly misty. “I wanted to help.”

“There’s nothing to help with, Ethel. Thanks, though.” Jughead said, annoyed, and left the kitchen.

Half an hour later, after dancing (in his case, shuffling his feet) with Betty, on her request, they both went out to the porch, and sat on the swing.

She leaned in for a kiss. “Happy Birthday, Juggie.”

“Happy, all thanks to you.” He smiled against her lips.

She pulled away. “Oh! I almost forgot. Your birthday gift.” She bent down and pulled out a package- wrapped in blue and gold, haha, from underneath the swing.

He perked an eyebrow. “You hid it under here?”

“What can I say? Betty Cooper is always prepared.”

He laughed. “And may I ask what it is?”


“Well, can I open it?”


His fingers neatly unwrapped the pretty paper- unlike Archie and his sister, who both tore at wrapping like savages. With careful movements, he separated tape and dresses- “Will you hurry up already, Juggie?”

He glanced at her, smirking. “Didn’t think you were that type of unwrapper.”

“I’m not, but just do it already.”

He gave in, being a little more rash with his movements, and put paper aside to reveal-

“A Kindle?”

“You love reading, Jug, and I know you find it difficult finding some books you really want to read, so…Here!”

Jughead’s fingers traced its smooth surface. “Betty, this must have cost you a fortune.”

He said, looking up at her. “I mean, you didn’t have to-”

“Shut up, Jughead. I did. And don’t worry about the cost-that internship over the summer helped.” She held his hand. “Do you like it?”

Jughead hugged her. “It’s the best gift I’ve ever received.”

She grinned. “That’s not all.” And pulled out an A3 sized envelope.

“Open that.” She whispered.

His fingers prised the orange packet open, and pulled out a drawing. It was Jellybean and him, sitting in his treehouse, and he knew only one person who was so talented, especially for a ten year old- Jellybean.

‘Happy Birthday’, said a small message on the bottom right corner, right next to her signature.

“It’s from Jellybean.”

Betty smiled, eyes gleaming. “Yes.”

He pulled Betty into another hug. “How did-”

“I asked her.”


“Don’t ask so many questions, Jug.”

“Okay,” He said, softly. “Thank you.”

He leaned into their embrace even further.

They both startled when the flash of a camera disturbed them.

“Sorry, Lovebirds. We need pictures of this legendary party.” Veronica grinned.

The couple in question groaned in faux annoyance, but smiled anyway.

It was 10 pm, and the party was still going strong. The gang, which included Jughead, Betty, Archie, Veronica and Kevin, was sitting on the grass lawn behind the Andrew house- speaking of which, Fred Andrews was going to be pissed- in a circle.

Archie was super drunk, after Reggie had coerced him into multiple shots, and even though the sixteen year old was quite muscular, he still couldn’t hold his alcohol. He was just drunkenly giggling, each word slurring, and the buzzed Veronica just rolled her eyes at his shenanigans. Jughead and Betty were amused. Kevin was indifferent.

Although, Archie seemed to be a bit stony I’m attitude towards Jughead.

Truth or Dare was currently going on, and it was the birthday boy’s turn.

Jughead playing Truth or Dare. Another weird concept. This one night was the teenest of a teen he’d ever been.

“Jughead, pick one.” Veronica said. “Truth, or Dare.”

“As the name of the game suggests,” He said. He wasn’t going to spill out his life story to anyone right now, so the latter it was. “Dare.”

“Kiss anyone in this circle.” Veronica told him.

“Oh, come on.” Kevin protested. “Give ‘im something harder!”

“Nope, that’s it.” Veronica shook her head, lips curling up.

“Really? Anyone? That’s your dare?” Jughead raised an eyebrow.


“Then I’m not going to complain,” he said, turning to Betty, asking for permission with a questioning nod, and once he received a blushing nod back, their lips connected.

Another flash.

“Will you cut it out?” Jughead said. “At least try to be discreet.”

“Never,” Veronica said, putting her phone away. “This is going on Instagram. Hashtag Bughead.”

“Bughead?” Betty asked incredulously. “Bug- head. Really?”

“It’s endearing, and unique, and ‘Jetty’ doesn’t roll right off the tongue.” Kevin said. “So Bughead it is.”

Jughead pretended not to notice the glares Archie was throwing his way, and had been since they’d sat down.

They were about to move on, but Archie interjected. “Jughead, can I speak to you?” He mumbled.

Betty and Jug looked at each other.

“…Sure, Arch.” Jughead said. “Come get a drink with me.”

The two boys stood up, Archie slightly unsteady, and with a furtive glance behind him, at his girlfriend, Jughead entered the kitchen, redhead in tow.

Jughead took a red solo cup and lifted a bottle of coke, pouring its black contents into it. “Want some?” Jughead said.

“Jughead, did you ask Betty out just to get revenge on me?”

Jughead stopped, almost spilling the fizzy drink onto the white counter. He thought his ears stopped working. “Um, what?”

“I said, did you ask Betty out to get revenge on me? For the July 4th thing?”

“Two things, Arch. One, definitely not, and two, you’re too drunk to have his conversation.” Jughead said, looking over his shoulder with disbelief.

“Are you sure, Jug? Is it because I said no to her?”

Jughead’s hands clenched into fists. “Archie, we will not have this conversation, not right now.”

“Jug, tell me, or I’ll ask her.”

“Okay, don’t, just wait till tomorrow.”

Archie ignored him and started for the door.

“Okay, Arch, stop. No, not everything revolves around you. I genuinely have feelings for Betty and I’m almost sure she returns them.” Jughead moved in front of him. “I thought we were friends. I called you my brother.” Archie slumped.

“And you are! But what, exactly, is your problem with Betty and I?”

Archie looked at him with helplessness. “I may…”

“May what?”

“Have feelings for her.” Archie finished.

Was Archie kidding Jughead right now? The redhead was dating Valerie, and Jughead was pretty sure he liked Veronica too. Hell, he’d kissed Cheryl as well. And he’d already broken Betty’s heart.

“Archie? Are you kidding me?”

“No. I genuinely want to be with her. I made a mistake that night, the worst  a mistake of my life, probably.” Archie said, leaning against the wall, hands in pockets.

Jughead took a deep breath to calm himself. He was angry, angry beyond belief, but he needed to keep his cool. Archie was drunk.


“Jughead, you need to do me a favour.”

Jughead looked at him, deadpanned face. “And this favour is?”

“Break up with-”

“You think Betty’s a favour?”


“Absolutely not. I won’t break up with her because you told me too. I won’t break up with her at all, unless she ends it. Archie, no.”

“Jughead, I took you in-”

“I’ll move out, then!”

“Jughead, no-”

Jughead’s palms were clammy, his skin was crawling with ants, he was angry, furious, and he was getting suffocated in this kitchen. He needed to leave, get out, get some fresh air, anything.

“Archie, I love Betty, and you need to check yourself.” Jughead said, smooth and calm. “You’ve already broken her heart, and now you’ll probably break Valerie’s. I don’t know what to say or do that’ll help you.”

Archie’s face betrayed his emotions- both boys were irate.


“Boys?” Veronica said from the threshold, Betty and Kevin in tow. Archie and Jughead’s spat had apparently attracted attention. “What’s going on?”

Archie’s eyes fell upon Betty, and with unsteady legs, he moved towards her. “Betty, I have something to say…”

Jughead couldn’t possibly listen the the rest of it. He needed some air, he needed to leave the room, he needed all of this to stop. The universe wasn’t under his control, although, but he could… Leave.

With not word, he pushed himself off the counter, gave Archie the most hateful look he could muster up, and moved to the door.

“Jug, where are you-”

He looked up at Betty’s concerned eyes, and could only bring himself to shake his head. He needed to get out. Now. Fast. Before he imploded.

Breaking his gaze with Betty’s, he moved past her with a jerky movement and left the room, the house, Archie’s porch, and finally out on the road.

He swiveled about in two directions- where would he go? His dad’s? But any thought of going back into that stuffy trailer held no appeal. Open air was his goal.

Above Pop’s diner it would be.

Surprisingly, and thankfully, no one followed him, not even Betty. His heart twitched at that. But, with fast strides, almost running, he walked the short walk to the neon-lit building.

His mind was a jumbled mess of hurt sayings towards Archie, fearful mutterings that Betty would choose Archie, and guilt, though he couldn’t place why. In was October, not very hot, especially in Canada, but Jughead’s beanie and jacket were suffocating him.

His strides faster, relief when he finally caught sight of the neon banner- and instead of entering the front door, he went round that back, located the ladder that always seemed to be there, climbed its rusty rungs, and finally settled near the lit-up diner’s sign..He was hidden from view, but he could see people approaching. Only Betty knew of this particular hiding spot, even though it was one he visited only when he was in emotional anguish.

This counted.

He took deep breaths to calm himself down, mind still reeling.

He bit his lip and looked up at the star-studded sky, year’s worth of observing constellations with Archie leading him to identify each one immediately.



He was stuck in a cliché love triangle, a concept which he openly despised after reading same, boring old versions of it in numerous books. He was a hypocrite, it seemed.

He was livid at Archie. That July Fourth incident was nothing- this was crossing the line. Liquor induced or not, Archie was…

Jughead grit his teeth, removing the crown beanie from his head and setting it beside him; his hand running through his father’s raven locks, which both he and Jellybean had inherited.

It just occurred to him that he was, maybe, being overly dramatic, opting to storm off in a rage rather than stay and let communication take care of things. He was here already, though. He closed his eyes and leant back against some piping.

“Jughead Jones.”

He opened his eyes, evidently taken by surprise. “Betty?”

“Who else?” The girl in question came into view. Her arms were folded.

Jughead said nothing, meeting her gaze.

“Jughead, I heard everything.”

Dismay ploughed through his body. “From the beginning?”

Betty nodded. “Yep.”


“Jughead, if you underestimate me so much that you think I’d forget our entire relationship and go back to Archie, then you underestimate me.”

Jughead bowed his head. “I was angry. So, so angry, because a part of me is always insecure that you still have feelings for him, and I’m…”

“What? A rebound?”

Silence permeated, which betrayed Jughead’s answer.

“Jughead, I’m sorry, but if you think I’m as shallow as that, then maybe this relationship won’t work out.”

“Betty, no- I’m sorry.”

“Sorry? Jug, you just walked out like that, right before I realised that he still… Whatever, but it got me thinking that you were willing to just let the whole thing we have go, because of Archie, who’s drunk!” Betty gesticulated wildly.

“I am furious at Archie, Jug, but I’m furious at you, too. Yes, it’s your birthday, but you can’t walk out without talking to me first. I thought we had a mature relationship, but communication is key, Jug!”

Jughead stood up and took her hand. “Betty, I’m sorry. I just needed air, I was furious too. And please don’t end this.”

Betty pulled herself closer. “I won’t, Jug. And it’s okay, just don’t do it again.”

Jughead kissed her, and that was his reply.

He walked her to his original spot, and they sat down together side by side, him playing with her hand and her playing with his beanie-free hair.

“How did you know I was here?”

“Simple. When you’re upset, you go to Pop’s. When you’re annoyed and frustrated, you go to the Drive In. And when you’re angry, or really, really sad, then you come here.”

“Okay, you know me well.”


Their hands intertwined.

“Juggie, I heard you say that you…love me.”

Jughead blushed. “Um, yes, I do, Betts.”

“I love you too, Jug.” She cupped his cheeks and kissed him, slow and peaceful and reassuring and calming, everything he needed right now.

She loved him, he loved her, and even though they were just seventeen, future uncertain, what mattered was right now and right here.

“Hands down; best birthday gift ever.”

A sharp rapping on the mesh frame of FP Jones’s trailer was what woke Jughead up from his position on the couch. He didn’t want to stay at Archie’s last night, so he’d turned to his dad, whom he’d found passed out in the arm chair. After helping him back to bed, Jughead had curled up in his current position.

With a wince, he sat up. The couch had a broken spring, and his left shoulder was ever so sore.

Another knock. “Coming!” He said, pulling his beanie on and getting up.

On opening the door, he found Archie, evidently hung over, with mussed-up hair and a tired face.

No niceties. Jughead didn’t think he deserved it. “Go away.” And he made to shut the door.

“Jughead, wait, I’m so so sorry.”

Jughead stopped the door, and stared at him, brow furrowed. “And I’m supposed to believe that?”

“Jug, please, I was drunk.”

“That’s not going to excuse anything.”

“I know, Jug, please let me in.”

Jughead complied, though that didn’t mean he forgave Archie.

“You’ve been ignoring my texts and calls.”

“No shit, Sherlock.” Jughead said, plonking himself on the couch. “All I want to do is punch you right now.”

“I get it, Jug. What I did is inexcusable, and hurt both your and Betty’s feelings. I guess I took you granted.”

Jughead narrowed his eyes. “Surprisingly accurate.”

“I had a chance with Betty, and I ruined it, and I guess she’s happy with you. Part of me was confused and jealous, and after I downed,like, eight beers yesterday, it all came spilling out. My ego prevented me from understanding why Betty was happy with someone else, and when this someone else was you… I was hurt.”

Jughead, arms crossed, met Archie’s eyes with a steely gaze. The redhead continued.

“And nothing will ever excuse the fact that I asked you to break up with her for me. I don’t know what I was thinking, Jug. I am so, incredibly sorry. I’m not good with words, but I just want you to know that I would do anything to redeem myself. I hate myself because I ruined  a your birthday, too.”

Jughead replied. “What about Betty, Veronica and Valerie?”

“I apologised to Betty just now. After this, Veronica and Valerie.”


“Jughead, I’m going to say this again, and I won’t ever stop- I’m so sorry.”

Jughead stood up, crossed over to the counter, and leaned on it. “How am I supposed to live with the fact that I know you still like Betty?”

“I’ll get over it, like she got over me.”

Jughead bit his lip. “Archie, I’m never going to forget this, but I forgive you.”

Archie looked visibly relieved, chest heaving. “You don’t know how much that means to me, Jug.”

“Okay, but things aren’t going back to what they were before immediately, Archie. I’m still hurt, Betty’s still hurt, and who knows about Valerie, but it’s great to know​ that at least you’re sorry for your incendiary ways.”

“So much, so much that you won’t believe it.”

They both smiled softly at each other.

The friendship, although cracked, still remained intact.

Jughead yawned as he clocked out of his shift at Pop’s. After the Drive-In had closed, he needed a job, and after Hermione Lodge left, a spot had opened up for him. Their financial situation wasn’t great, so Jughead really needed this.

This wasn’t to say that he was tired though. He looked forward to curling up with a book, or maybe sneaking up to Betty’s room.

He shrugged off his uniform, shrugged on his jacket, switched the lights off, and left the diner with the bell ringing behind him.

He immediately tripped, though, when a flash of light and a huge ‘surprise!’ took him off guard.

“Crap.” He said, cradling the hand he’d landed on. He looked up at all his friends- Betty, Veronica, Archie, Kevin, and Joaquin.

“Oh gosh, Jug, you okay?” Betty said, bending and helping him up.

“I’m fine,” He winced. “What’s going on?”

“Well,” Betty started, a hopeful smile on her face, hands clasped in his, “After your birthday last week went, well awry…”

“We decided to throw you, or gently hand you an amazing night, the ultimate movie marathon of your choice.”
“Oh guys, this is too much…”

“Nonsense.” Archie said. He was noticeably standing further away from Betty and Veronica. He’d apologised, but things were still slightly awkward.

“Come on, we must make it up to you.” Betty said, squeezing his hand.

Jughead grinned. “Okay. As long as we binge watch Hitchcock.”

Kevin groaned, but his smile said something different.

So, hand in hand with Betty Cooper, Jughead Jones walked away from Pop’s surrounded by his friends. Relationships were still mending and new ones were forming, some people were sorry, some weren’t, and betrayals still ran rampant, but he was happy, at least for now.

Anyways I’m just gonna come right out and say what pissed me off about this episode: they’re shortchanging both Alex and Maggie’s character, and they’re not doing their relationship any favours by glossing over this new reveal in like, three minutes.

When I started shipping sanvers, I signed up for a romance between a DEO agent and a detective, who did their jobs, butted heads over their principles sometimes, and made each other better. I signed up for two characters who were both part of the action and the main plotline. And for a while, we got that. We got Maggie actively detecting, and Sanvers and Kara working together to take down the Infernian, and Maggie actively challenging and changing Alex’s view on alien refugees. It was FANTASTIC. I was in love.

But now that they’ve got us reeled in, they keep relegating both Alex and Maggie to a side rom-com plotline, while all the action goes on in the other plotlines. Where Kara and Mon-Hell’s relationship ‘drama’ is plot-relevant, Maggie and Alex’s drama are really generic rom com stuff that…doesn’t really belong in the Supergirl main plotline. Don’t get me wrong, I love wlw romcoms, but in Supergirl, it just takes away from Alex and Maggie’s relevance to overall Supergirl plot, and diminishes their screen time.

And the thing is, the writers could so easily write them into the main storyline, and still let them have organic relationship drama. Let them fight organically over their different approaches to law enforcement, their contrasting views on alien rights, their drastically different views on institutionalized law enforcement brutality. There is so much to challenge each other there, and learn from each other, and grow together. Instead, Maggie and Alex get shunted into Walmart-style generic rom com drama, and my love for this pairing is only kept alive by the fandom and the fanfic writers, who actually care to develop these characters outside of that.

What is happening in canon, is really detrimental to Maggie’s character, which doesn’t get developed at all. The writers are just coasting on her - rightful - popularity with our fandom, without putting any effort into her, and giving her minimal screentime. It’s even worse for Alex, who was the co-lead, and has now been shoved into a side role, where she gets trotted out for Very Special Episodes like the Cadmus one, or comes out once in a while to threaten people, but doesn’t really get the depth of character we had in S1. They’re shortchanging Chyler Leigh, a phenomenal actress, by making her into this one-note ooc character who’s a total softie with her girlfriend and a total violent agent in the field, with nothing in-between. It’s completely ooc for Alex. We barely get any scenes with her and Kara together anymore, even though the Danvers Sisters are supposed to be the core of the show.

Ultimately, I started watching Supergirl from the very first episode of Season 1 for Alex, and the for the platonic relationship between the Danvers Sisters. Alex is one of my favourite characters in fiction ever, and they’ve really ruined her personality this season, and kept her out of the action, and they’re really doing their best to ruin the Danvers Sisters dynamic too, and I’m not okay with any of that :\ I’m also not okay with sanvers, a ship that I love, being shortchanged in favour of the generic white m/f one :/

I’m gonna finish this show to the end of the season, because I’m not the type that can stop in the middle, but after that, I think I’m just gonna stick around for the the fandom and crack, not the show or the canon :\ I’m done taking this show seriously, because this show doesn’t take me as a viewer seriously :\

Yo, I’m the guy who was recently punched by a shoplifter, submitted a few more things as well
When ever I am the costumer…I admit I go on auto, so maybe a few pleases and thank yous slip by unsaid, but I always say thank you very much etc when I leave, and try not to be too shitty, I just auto my way through shopping because urgh people xD
When something goes wrong I understand, I assure them I’m okay with waiting etc,
I try to be not a great customer but at least a good customer.

A while back me and my girlfriend went on our first date (LDR) and we went to a nice resturant, and the server, although I wont say he was the best server ever to exist, thats stupid standard to hold anyone to, he was a lovely gentleman, and the food was lovely
So time comes to pay and I am worried about tip…I pay by card and I dont know if I can add a tip to a card payment (this is my first time I personally have paid at a restaurant) I am relieved to see gratuity added to the bill
So I pay and afterwards I ask to speak to the manager…and when she arrives I tell her how lovely everything was and how nice our server was and how good the food was, she was so relieved

Now…I’m not gonna lie I did that partially to impress my girlfriend…but I hope it made my servers night slightly better :D

TL;DR Be nice to your server and chef, and compliment them to the manager, it apparently impresses ladies :D

My review of Almost Adults

I really wanted to like this movie. I did. I was a backer after all! For all its faults I enjoyed the Carmilla series and the chemistry between Elise Bauman and Natasha Negovanlis, so I was excited to see what they could do together in a feature film setting. But after finishing Almost Adults, I come away feeling a bit empty.
Let’s start with the good;

• The acting is decent, at least that of the leads (more on that later). Not GREAT but I think we all know that Elise and Natasha were never very strong actors. The film plays to their strengths, giving them lots of opportunities for witty back and forth and playful squabbling.

• The comedic moments in the film are for the most part enjoyable, particularly the light banter between Mackenzie and Cassie. These characters are the most believable in these interactions, their friendship feels genuine and unforced.

• Elise Bauman smooches some ladies through the course of the film, can’t complain about that.

Unfortunately there’s a lot more bad then good. Let’s unpack that.

• The leads are unlikeable. Their characters are both incredibly self involved, which really seems to be the central conflict of them film; They’re so wrapped up in themselves and their own issues that they’re completely oblivious to what’s going on with their apparent best friend. Mackenzie is the worse of the two; she complains to her gay best friend when her parents are supportive of her coming out, complaining that they should have been more upset.  “My parents told me I was an abomination and that I was going to burn in hell for all eternity” says the gay best friend. “Rub it in my face” replies Mackenzie. It’s played for laughs, but Mackenzie just comes across as a petulant child. She’s also completely unaware of how having a Tumblr girlfriend would come across to her actual girlfriend. I know she’s new to lesbianning and everything but I just don’t buy that level of ignorance. Come on dude.

• On the note of Mackenzie’s ignorance; you put your finger in her vagina and just…left it there? Really? Have you ever masturbated? There is no way a human person would think that would work. Jesus.

•  Has a really weak supporting cast. Levi in particular isn’t so much a character as he is a walking gay best friend stereotype. He’s camp and bitchy. He exists to dole out advice and insult the lead characters fashion choices. I literally don’t know anything else about him. The other supporting characters aren’t any better, the scene with Cassie and Mackenzie’s parents made me cringe. Not sure if the acting or the script but wow.

• I said i enjoyed the comedic moments for the most part. The other parts though? There was some definite cringe happening at points, and not in a good way. See ‘finger in vagina’ point above.

• The plot is predictable. It’s all very paint by numbers, there’s no real surprise as to where the story is going. It’s all very bland and inoffensive, I mean if they were going for a ‘mainstream rom-com film’ vibe then…congrats? Those movies are terrible though. It’s like a ninety minute yogurt commercial.

• The film cannot pull off its dramatic moments. I said earlier that Bauman and Negovanlis aren’t strong actors and this comes through most glaringly during the dramatic scenes. I just don’t believe them. There’s no real sense of emotional stakes, no genuine tension. I can forgive predictable plot if a film makes me FEEL something. Simply put, this film does not give me the feelz™.

•  The end was kind of…anti-climactic, and felt rushed? It was cute, don’t get me wrong but, a film shouldn’t leave me saying “Oh. Well okay then”.

It wasn’t a terrible film. But it wasn’t a good film in the worst way, in that it was utterly forgettable. There’s no one point that’s especially bad, but nothing really sticks out in a good way either. It’s basically a movie that shrugs it’s shoulders and says ‘meh, good enough’. 

I really wanted to like this film, but I don’t. 1/5 (fingers in vaginas).

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@theaterdan, my actual best internet friend, youre a fuckface, but i love u. thanks for always being here for me. i appreciate you so much.

on with the ff!!

the phetus squad: @angelphannie, @becausedodie, @dansforeheadcurl, @energeticwarrior, @fringecheck, @gayeclipse, @lesterp, @moonphilight, @philester, @starinorbit, and @sweetpeachlester,,,, i love all of u and i miss you all!!! yall are the best :(

here are some other buds ive made over the course of my 11 months on this shithole wonderful website tumblrdotcom

my buds: 
✨ @abeautifultragic✨ @acleverphanpun@cluelesslester@cyxical@dantlers@have-a-balloon@hesitant-dan@looxylovegood@mochilester ✨  @opaquehowell@paradisedan@princephil@princessdan@royaltydan@space-bae@they-them@tigersinmyface@vciero666@yuri-howell@-xxmorganxx- (the only irl person that has my url -love u b-) ✨

and finally, people that i like seeing on my dash!


✨ @astronautdan​ ✨ @beanboyjoseph@blackparadehowell@bloomhowell@buttercupross@cafephan@cashtonflowers@cringe-attacks@cozydan


✨  @danisnotonfirewhiskey@danisnotonfirez@danisnotonfuego@dansshibe@dantea@deadpeej@demonphannie@denimnjh@doggodanny@fcknghowell@fireflyphil@fvesos@glasshowell@glowinghowell@godhatesteddy


 @helllointernet ✨  @hemmingd ✨  @iamprettyodd ✨  @intimatepml ✨  @leftsharklester ✨  @lesterlicioushowell ✨  @litraleehowell ✨  @lukemichael ✨  @moonsbitch@macaronidan ✨  


@p-h-a-n-g-e-e-k@phanhtml ✨  @phans-anime-shelf ✨  @phanperra ✨  @plainwhitebees ✨  @planethowell ✨  @ratinof ✨  @rainbowshowell ✨  @regionalblurryface ✨  @roughlester ✨  @ryan-ross-monstercock ✨  @saxo-sexual ✨  @shibes-howell ✨  @softdnp ✨  @sungminova ✨ 


✨ @theylikeboys ✨  @thiccphil ✨  @thorlester ✨  @tylerjosephs@vaporstan@vyou ✨  @wastedgf@whendodie ✨  @writerlester ✨  @yiffdan ✨  @yiffdnp ✨  @yuurihowell ✨  @2k13muke

again, thank you to everyone who got me here to 1k, it really means alot, ahhh!!!