my girlfriend is cooler than your girlfriend

Prompt: Naegi and Nanami swapping hoodies. That’s all I have to say. Go nuts. @rpbattleman

A/N Well they do have the same height and I do have an unhealthy obsession with hoodies so why not? In hindsight, I don’t know what happened. The characters wrote this themselves.

Hoodie Swap - Naegi and Nanami ft the rest of the cast

Wearing a hoodie was so much like second skin that they didn’t notice that they were wearing different hoodies.

Naegi wouldn’t even have noticed it and he probably would have gone home wearing it if his classmates hadn’t helpfully pointed it out.

“Halt! Naegi, how many times must we go over this? A hoodie is not welcome in a school environment. You are in clear violation of the school’s dress code.” Ishimaru was quick to reprimand him as soon as he entered the classroom.

“Huh? But isn’t it okay when it’s functional? It’s been getting colder lately so I thought the extra layer could help.” Naegi explained his reasons.

“I must admit that it is actually allowed to wear jackets provided that they aren’t needlessly distracting.” Ishimaru corrected himself and then pointed in accusation. “However! Yours is unconventionally designed! And quite honestly, I am distracted enough!”

“What do you mean? I thought it was plain enough.” Naegi replied with a lost expression.

“Can’t say I agree with your tastes for plain.” Mondo said from behind him as he reached out and pulled Naegi’s hood over him. “Cat ears eh? And here I figured you were more of a dog person.”

“What are you talking about?” Naegi asked, now more confused than before.

“I think it’s cute.” Maizono shared with a smile. “It’s unexpected but that’s what makes him look even cuter!”

“Master Naegi, if you would kindly listen to my request…” Yamada popped up beside him and positioned Naegi’s hand so that it was closed like a fist and raised beside his face. “Like nya.” He instructed as he demonstrated the action.

“Nya?” Naegi pawed uncertain as he tilted his head in confusion which only added to his catlike performance.

“Hold that pose!” Enoshima expertly slid in front of him and raised her phone to take pictures. “Okay now do that again with voice so I can get this on video.” She smiled widely behind her phone as she laughed. “Upupu… This is priceless! But I am willing to negotiate a price to any potential buyer.”

“Wait, is there something weird on my hoodie?” Naegi asked again as he slowly began to piece what was off with his garment.

“Well it’s not like there’s something wrong with the hoodie itself.” Fujisaki timidly answered. “It’s just that it’s… different from what you would usually wear.”

“Or is this something like your secret hobby?” Kuwata interjected with a smirk. “Because if it was, it’s cool, man. We won’t judge.”

Okay now that last remark convinced him that he was definitely wearing the wrong hoodie. He filtered his memories for any embarrassing hoodies he owned that he may have worn by accident. None seemed to strike him that would stand out. Last time he checked, he didn’t own any with cat ears unless… His eyes immediately went towards his sleeves and upon the familiar color, he confirmed just whose hoodie he was wearing.

“I’m wearing someone else’s hoodie…” He mumbled his revelation.

“Oh my, you’re quite the bold type to wear your girlfriend’s clothes.” Celes commented with a giggle. “Although it’s quite unconventional considering it’s usually the girl who wears the guy’s clothes afterwards.”

“W-What?!” Naegi could only spluter at her insinuation. “It’s n-not like that! In the first place, she isn’t even my girlfriend!”

“Back the fuck up. How did our resident herbivore land a girl before I could? I mean, I’m way cooler than him!” Kuwata took offense to the new information.

“With that kind of attitude, it’s no wonder.” Maizono commented offhandedly.

“So this is the source of today’s commotion? How absolutely trivial. I suppose this is the gossip that you commoner enjoy.” Togami scoffed from his seat. “Very well, consider this an honor. I shall allow you to indulge us in such to pass time.”

“Oh! Oh! I definitely want to hear this one!” Asahina all but squealed in excitement. “Yeah, tell us more about your girlfriend!”

Naegi blushed at that comment. “She’s not my girlfriend!” He denied.

“Hmm? Is that so?” Kirigiri intervened and although her face was the picture of calmness, there was a certain sharpness inflected in her tone, an underlying threat. “The evidence suggests others. Please, explain that by all means.”

“I didn’t mean to. It was an accident, okay!” He blurted out words without much thought in his panic.

“Naegi, that’s not nice to say about your girlfriend.” Asahina frowned in disappointment.

“Whether intentional or not, one must be prepare to take full responsibility of one’s actions.” Sakura reprimanded him as well.

“No, that’s not it. You guys are misunderstanding.” Naegi raised his hands in an appeal. “I was hanging out with a friend who happens to be a girl but isn’t my girlfriend and then I may have accidentally picked up her hoodie instead of mine.”

“Then w-why are you so d-defensive about it, huh?” Fukawa accused with a disgusted expression. “Just because you have a g-girlfriend now you’re g-gloating her already.”

“So you have a girlfriend now…” Ikusaba quietly sulked at one corner.

“Did you not hear what I just said? This is all just a misunderstanding.” He insisted, practically pleaded at this point.

“Chill, Naegichi. I believe in you!” Hagakure gave him a thumbs up in support.

“Hagakure…” Naegi smiled gratefully towards his friend. “At least someone’s on my side.”

“There’s no way you could get a girlfriend so aliens must have abducted your hoodie and replaced it with theirs which is filled with all sorts of probing stuff.” Hagakure added from way at the back of the room.

Whatever hope he had been filled with was instantly shattered.

“Ah, I should’ve known. It’s Hagakure. Why did I even expect?” Naegi sighed as he sank his face into his hands, defeated.

And as they hounded him with questions and camera phones, he took comfort at the fact that at least the hoodie was comfortable and warm just like how it reminded him of its original owner.

Nanami wouldn’t even have noticed it and she probably would have gone home wearing it if her classmates hadn’t helpfully pointed it out.

“Hi, Nanami. Welcome back.” Koizumi greeted her as soon as she returned. “Hey, that’s a new color on you.”

“Yeah, what’s with the outfit change?” Saionji asked offhandedly but quickly narrowed her eyes as she felt something unusual about Nanami’s choice in clothing. “Hey, is it just me or is that color disgustingly familiar?”

“Huh, what are the odds of that?” Komaeda said from behind as he just entered the classroom too. He smiled at her. “Now it looks like we’re matching.”

Nanami stare at Komaeda’s hoodie and then back to her own sleeves which she was slightly surprised to find them as dark green like his. She could already piece what had happened given the owner’s luck but it hardly fazed her. She could always ask for her hoodie after classes or tomorrow so she had nothing to worry about. Oddly enough, it fitted her quite well so she had no qualms wearing this in the meantime.

It was strange to wear green instead of her usual brown or blue one but it was just a bit funny since it complimented Komaeda’s own hoodie. “I guess we do match.” She smiled lightly.

There was a peaceful lull in the room… until all hell broke loose.

“Wait! Wait! Waaaaait!” Souda yelled and ran towards them with tears in his eyes. “You guys are wearing matching clothes like what couples do? Someone please tell me this is a joke before I faint.”

“What dark sorcery is this indeed? To have enraptured a divine being without alerting my zodiac generals, truly only a fiend could accomplish such a feat!” Tanaka bellowed with his usual dramatic flair. “Tell me, mortal of unfortunate chance, what are your nefarious intentions with the holy one?”

“In my country, couples wear matching crowns. I now see that this is Japan’s equivalent.” Sonia said with practically sparkling eyes. “I will take note of hoodies when I return to inform my people of such cultural highlights.”

“Let’s not jump into conclusions just yet. We haven’t even asked them if they’re actually an item now.” Koizumi did her best at crowd control and when she was closer to the two, she whispered lowly, “Please feel free to deny all accusations.”

“Yeah! As if Big sis Nanami would ever date trash like Komaeda!” Saionji vehemently shouted “I mean just look at him! She could definitely do better than this hope fanatic!”

“Well you’re not wrong. I am just lowly trash undeserving of love especially from someone with hope as bright as Nanami’s.” Komaeda agreed with a cheerful laugh.

Nanami huffed at his self-deprecating comments. “Komaeda, you should value yourself more. Whether or not I’d want to date you shouldn’t be a standard for your worth.” She then smiled softly at him. “Remember, you are always worth it.”

“What’s with that moment? Surely it was charged with love!” Hanamura jumped at them. “Now tell me, what sorts of love have you two already engaged in? The more physical, the more details I’ll be needing.”

“I suggest you refrain your tongue from spouting any more.” Pekoyama intervened with her bamboo sword right at his throat. “It would do you good to hold back a bit more and respect their privacy on the matter.”

“Oi! Don’t think you can get away with harrassing them. It’s their choice if they want to share anything. So don’t go doing anything that I would need to silence you for, got it?” Kuzuryuu threatened Hanamura but it was all in good will. He then turned to the two still in the hot seat. “You two better start confessing if anything’s going on or else the rest of these guys are going to go off with crazy ideas.”

“An unexpected ship has sailed! Ibuki calls dibs on being the captain! And as captain, I will see to it that this ship reaches the shores!” Ibuki hollered as she strummed on her guitar. “Alright! Let’s sail this ship away!”

“A rarepair, huh. Well it’s not unheard of.” Ryotwo thoughtfully commented. “It’s just a bit suspicious that there weren’t enough flags triggered and there’s suddenly a development.”

“Ack! A critical hit!” Ibuki dramatically clutched her hand over her chest as if she was shot right there. “Not even an hour in and someone’s already attacking my ship! The sea is merciless as ever!”

“Attack? So there’s a fight, yeah?” Owari’s ears perked at the mere mention of the word. “Let me at them! I’ll be sure to fight and win for ya.”

“If it’s a fight you want then I won’t hold back either.” Nidai crackled with energy. “Looks like I have no choice but to do damage control again.”

For the two people who were the center of attention, they took it more calmly than most would.

“Ahaha, everyone’s full of hope like always. Truly, what a wonderful class this is.” Komaeda’s grin reached his ears.

“I’m glad that everyone’s having fun over this.” Nanami seconded with a smile of her own.

And as they hounded her with questions and camera phones, she took comfort at the fact that at least the hoodie was comfortable and warm just like how it reminded her of its original owner.

Reaction (BTS): When they find out that their girlfriend has one light blue eye and one light green eye, and she’s insecure about it

Jin: “Quick let me take a picture so I can marvel at your beauty even when you’re not here.”

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Namjoon: (The girl is his girlfriend) “Why are you insecure, huh? I think your eyes are just the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

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Yoongi: “Damn baby, you can’t be cooler than me, it’s not allowed.” 

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Hoseok: *taken aback by her new beautiful trait* “I think you are so absolutely perfect.”

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Jimin: “Wow I think I love you even more now. My beautifully unique baby.”

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Taehyung: “Wow baby that’s so cool. Why have you hidden this from me?”

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Jungkook: “Awe no need to be insecure. I think that it makes you even more beautiful.”

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anonymous asked:

For otp questions, how about Fishe

sweet girls

Who gives the other person cool looking rocks?
ashe does, firi has a whole shelf dedicated to the little trinkets ashe finds for her

Who wants to take lots of pictures of them together?
firi’s selfie game is so strong ashe takes better pictures just by proximity

Who is excited to tell their friends that they are dating?
ashe is basically vibrating with excitement (”hey inien! want to meet my girlfriend that’s cooler than you?!) firi assumes that people already knew (she’s right)

How do they tell their friends that they are dating?
firi shows up at the bar “yes hello i’m looking for my girlfriend. we are going on a date” and thog just kind of calls back “ashe your girlfriend’s here”. markus gives her a high-five on the way out

How do they comfort each other?
ashe know what it’s like to get lost in your own head and when you just need time to yourself, and she can tell the difference between the two. it can be hard to get time to yourself at 9 shrines, so ashe finds firi her own quiet place in the woods
firi is very good at positive affirmation-type stuff, so she helps ashe balance out all the messy thoughts she has, good and bad. and if it’s a really bad mood she makes sure ashe has eaten and bathed 

How do they want to dress their baby?
they want to dress their child in everything, so the end result is kind of a mosh of several different outfits. their kid’s style when they grow up is Interesting

Who likes to have dinner parties with their friends?
firi likes to be able to look around and see all the people (and zeth) she loves together

Who is the prankster?
firi’s surprisingly good at pranks and ashe will blame markus until the day she dies

What is their most memorable date?
markus actually plans a date for them but (probably because of markus being the one to plan it) it turns into a wacky adventure episode that no one ever believes actually happened (kind of like the whatsitcalled haunted mansion adventure ashe didn’t go on?). they had a great time

What is an inside joke the two of them have?
firi once picked ashe up to prove a point and now she does it all the time. like, it is completely normal for firi to come into the bar with ashe chillin bridal style in firi’s strong, strong arms

Who likes to send the other memes?
firi texts like a meme. in lieu of bringing a cool-looking rock she’l take a picture of it and send it to ashe with a caption “it’s u!!”

Who still blushes when they say ‘I love you.’?
neither actually. firi’s not much of a blushing gal and ashe just says it too often to still be blushing about it

Who do they leave their kid(s)/animals with when they go on a vacation?
markus usually. but if markus is there then kyr will probably be around too. which means gregor’s likely to stop by. and then inien will check in. who’s followed by colvin, who brings narn… so when they finally come back firi and ashe find there’s suddenly A Lot of people

Who is the protective one?
ashe. although, sometimes people ashe firi if she’s ever worried about something happening to ashe on their adventures and firi just tells the “I will not let anything happen to my girlfriend. :)”

How do they handle a fight with one another?
it’s sometimes hard for people to remember that firi doesn’t need to be protected, regardless of how mild mannered she seems. so sometimes firi has to bring out her serious voice and sit ashe down so she can talk. and she talks until she’s said everything. and then they both talk. firi can be almost intimidatingly direct

send me an otp!

Give it A Chance

Chapter 3

Holly only had 3 days left in Toronto. She and Gail took the time to go on a real date last night. A nice proper restaurant, valet parking and all. Before last night, Holly can’t remember the last time she’s had butterflies in her stomach. Over desert Gail noticed her girlfriend playing with her thumbs.

“Hey, what are you thinking about?” Gail asked.

“Just you. How much I love you. How thankful I am that you’re willing to make us work no matter how hard it gets. How much i’ve questioned if its selfish of me to ask you to sorta wait for me..” Her chin was slowly lifted until she was looking straight at Gail.

“Nope, don’t do that. I mean, yes I love you. More than I ever could. Yes, I’m willing. But No. Not selfish. I want to wait for you because I can’t see my self even pretend to be with anyone else.” Gail dropped her hand over Holly’s giving her a secured smile. “ Plus, you’ve kinda ruined sex for anyone else.” Gail said trying to lighten the mood.

“Oh really..” Holly stood up quickly, dropping bills on the table, chugging the rest of her wine, holding out her hand for Gail to take. When she did, “We’ve got memories to make.” She said with a wink. 

It was early morning and the light was starting to shine through the curtains. Holly was starting to wake. She squeezed her eyes tighter as she stretched to wake her body. Slowly opening her eyes to adjust to the light, she was greeted with a pair of bright blue eyes staring intensely at her.

“ Uh, hey..” Holly said as she watched her girlfriend hover over her looking very.. focused?

“Goodmoring.” Gail said quickly dipping down for a peck then returning to find whatever it was she was looking for on Holly’s face.

“Yes, morning. What are you doing?" 

"Nothing” Finally moving back she kept her eyes at Holly’s face. “Just, mapping out your face. Trying to remember as much as I can about it.”

“You won’t believe how cute you look when you wake up.” Gail began. “You do this thing with your nose…” She scrunches her nose while touching Holly’s with her index finger. Lightly dragging her finger towards a mole..“ This, this mole. Its totally you babe. Oh and when you did that whole body stretch thing, totally saw your boobs.” Holly lets out a small laugh. “ But this, this is my favorite” Gail said slowly tracing her girlfriend’s lips with her thumb. “ These, told me that you loved me.” She bent down for a kiss. “These kissed away my worries” She kissed the corner of her lips. “These said the words that made me feel important” She kissed her lower lip. “These made me feeling things I had never felt before” Gail began to kiss her girlfriend deeply. Holly sighs as their tongues clashed together making her feel a high. As the kiss slowly ended, Holly pulled back slightly.

“Who are you and what have you done with my snarky girlfriend?!”

“Yeah yeah, I’m all ooey gooey for you babe. Tell anyone and say goodbye to your beloved Lost DVD collection”

Holly grabbed Gail’s head forcefully for another kiss.

“By the way, Sophie asked if she can see you again before you leave.” Gail mumbled on Holly’s lips.

Pulling back completely. “ Really?”

“Yeah, she said you we’re great. Not the singing but she thinks you’re the coolest. even cooler than me apparently.”

“Lets take her out today, please! And just so you know. Everyone’s singing is crap when you compare it to Idena Menzel’s ”