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• Gay. The gayest to ever be gay in this gay world
• women of color !!
• Hayley’s voice is a goddamn angel call
• stretch marks !!!!
• fuckin aesthetic
• makes you wana cry and dance all at once
• bath water looks like tasty strawberry milk
• relatable as fuck


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Shadow bae

They say actions speak louder than words, which for the species of the world that can tell lies it’s the most true thing you can think of. How gently or harsh someone touches you can speak volumes of how much they value you. You don’t grab at a wine glass. You don’t toss fine china around. You’re gentle and mindful of its breaking point. Your shadow was like that with you. Always careful and mindful of how you were. They never were rough, and when you needed someone to lift your spirits they were there. You’d never had someone like them in your life before. It was a wild relationship and your friends almost didn’t believe it if your shadow hadn’t come out to meet them personally. They say they’re good for you and you agree completely. You don’t know what you’d do without them.

You sit in the center of a mostly empty room. The only other thing is a lamp you have turned on with its shade ripped off. You’re on the edge of hysterics because the one thing that cares about you the most isn’t here. They’re not here and you don’t know what to do. You place a shaky hand on your face to cover your eyes because you can feel another wave of tears coming. 

Your parents had your home cleansed like some sort of demon lived here. They didn’t understand that your shadow was real. You came home to an empty house were nothing had moved all day. It was quite uncharacteristic of your lover and left you worried. Then you found the letter on your table. They didn’t even have the courage to be here and tell you themselves. Those selfish bastards (’no,’ you tell yourself, ‘they just didn’t know better.’). 

So, you try to recreate the first time they appeared. One lamp and an empty room. But you’ve been sitting here for over an hour and nothing has happened. You want to scream and smash the lamp but it’s the only thing you have left connected to them. Your hand falls from you face and you look to the wall in front of you. Your breath stops in your throat and makes a strangled sound come from your mouth. 

A shadow is sitting next to yours on the wall, it leans to connect with yours and you can almost feels the tingle of pressure on your flesh arm. You blink in disbelief because this must be a dream. 

And a dream you sure it is because the shadow is gone again. “No!” You shout and your body jerks toward the wall.

Your body stills, however, at the click of the light being turned off behind you and your vision being plunged into sudden darkness. Your wonderful, careful shadow is back.  

i’m probably the only one but i HATE when nct does fanservice like that whole “do you have a boyfriend ;)” shit like it’s all so FORCED i really don’t like it but since most fans do like fake cuteness and sexiness i guess i’ll never escape from fanservice. seriously if i was at a fansign for example and taeil would go hahahah you’re my girlfriend i’d be like HAHAHA OOOOOOOOKAY I HAVE SOME APPOINTMENTS I HAVE TO GO THANK YOU

Hart sharing some stories with Vier. They’re probably about her punching things to death. I’m so behind with posting drawings, my lap top isn’t doing the best.

BTS Reacts - Eating Their Food


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“Did you eat the last pudding?”

You: Yeah Jinnie, sorry! I was really craving something sweet

“Oh… ha..ha…”

(actually he’s the last pudding eater who ran to the store to replace the last pudding)


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“Hey.. what happened to that sandwich from subway?”

You: Ate it.

“……. I thought it had gone bad… I guess we’ll find out won’t we?”


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Jimin: Hyung what happened?

She just sent me a picture of the fridge… It’s empty!!!! That little monster ate all my snacks!!!!!!!”


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(embarrassed while buying the same pack of cookies from the same store for the second day in a row)

Store Auntie: Weren’t you just in here yesterday?

“Hahaha…. my girlfriend found my hiding spot…”


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(wakes up to see the kitchen in a mess) “Oh? Is it time for her finals already?! She better not have eaten my favorite chips or there will be consequences.”


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(you catch him eating all of your snacks instead)

“I am definitely not eating your favorite cupcakes that were in the fridge…you know. The chocolate ones with the cream cheese frosting are definitely not in my mouth right now”


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(stares you down like this until you confess)

You: Okay! I did it! I confess! HOW DID YOU KNOW?!

“Nutella at the corner of your lips, sweetheart ^~^”

Exo Reaction to you being a real princess.

Sorry that I haven’t updated in a while >.< Anyways please


Baekhyun: Baek wouldn’t believe you at first. “Sure, Y/N. And I am the King of Korea.”

He’d sacrastically mock you until you show him proof that you are an actual princess. “Oh, so you were telling the truth….KKaebsong~.” He’d become quiet and taken aback.

Chanyeol: “Wow, really? My girlfriend is a princess. Wahh, and you chose to come to Korea?” He’d be really surprised and honored for you to chose Korea to hide away. Also, he’d be amazed that his girlfriend is a princess.

Chen: “Eh??? No way! How are you a actual princess? Are you lying to me?” As soon as you tell him, he makes a confused face and won’t believe you. But you show him evidence of you actually being royalty.

“Omg, you are actually telling the truth! Your a princess! My jagiya is a princess! I thought this only happened in the movies!” Chen would fangirl and be excited because he is dating an actual princess. Chenismewhenigetthemfeels

D.o: “Sure, sure. I believe you, Babe.” D.o would brush you off until you show him evidence of you actually being the princess of your country. “Oh um…yeah..sorry I didn’t believe you, forgive me Princess.”

Kai: You tell him about you being a princess and even show him your actual crown. “Wow, your a princess. Hahaha my girlfriend is a princess! That means your royalty and your famous.” Kai would be stunned at first but then giggle proudly at you being some big figure in your country and he is the one dating you. He’d love it.

Kris: “Good Job, Kris.(he pats himself) Of course, I would be dating a princess since I am way to awesome for regular people.” Kris would be proud and kinda unimpressed since only important people get to date this guy dork.

Lay:”Woah! Really? This is the first time I am hearing this.” Lay be surprised but he would actually believe you the first time you tell him. 

You show him pictures of your family and you in your country as the princess.“That amazing! That so cool, Baobei! Tell me more about your country!”

Luhan: “Huh, sure and I am the princess of China.” Luhan would sarcastically answer back and judge you for trying to fool him into thinking your a princess.

You: “But I am really, look if you google my name the princess of _____(country) shows up.” You show him on your computer.

“Oh, your right, hehehe. Can you forgive me princess? But no really, sorry, can you tell me more about your country?” He feel embarrassed at doubting you and ask you about your country.

Sehun: “Hahaha, your lying to me right?  How can you be royalty?” Sehun would laugh in your face once you tell him and judge you. You would show him actual proof and show him your crown of gold to shut him up.

“Oh, so you were telling the truth.” Hahaha serves you right Hunnie.XD

Suho: “Awwm my Jagi is a princess, and you chose to be in South Korea. Tell me more about your country and how was your life there.” Suho would be proud that you chose to come to Korea and he’d super interested to know about your life back in your country.

Tao: “I wasn’t born yesterday Y/N. Stop trying to make me fall for your tricks again.” Tao won’t believe you because he doesn’t want to fall for your trap again.

You show him a video of you having your coronation, crowning you to have power in your country. “Woah so you weren’t lying. That is so cool! How did you feel when you got your official crown. *whispers* does this mean I get gucci? He’d be fascinated and wowed making you smirk in at him believing you.

You:”See I told you.”

Xiumin: “Damn, really I got myself a princess.” Xiu would like that your a princess and that he is dating you. He nod his head in approval and even ask you how was life in the palace, and the pressures of ruling a country.

Hope you like it~~~~~~ :3

The Signs As Things I've Said to My Best Friends Today Alone
  • Aries: UM? Heck no Mr. Walasky (my bffs dad) we are not "fickle" as the kids say. We cool as hecky broster.
  • Taurus: (Mr. Walsky aka Mr. Walasky aka my bffs dad wanted to join our group we ironically call the biffls) friend: "He says hey and wonders if he's still an honorary biffl" me: "Tell him we've been busy sorting through many applicants but his resume is in the top bucket"
  • Gemini: (Another girl my bff met but turned out to be her RA) Me: "Can the one in the chair be my girlfriend" Friend: "Hahaha the one in the chair is my RA" Me: "Well shes not my RA 😏"
  • Cancer: They're so INTELLIGENT SPEAKING
  • Leo: (Talking about a cute girl my other bff made friends with from her hall at a state honors program)
  • Ooo redhead can tutor me ANYtime
  • I think you found my "The One"
  • I need more pics of the math major
  • She's my future wife i swear guys
  • Virgo: Why am i SO GAY (I'm bi and don't mean to offend anyone by using that term when I'm not I was just trying to express my feelings about another woman I found attractive and couldn't find another way to make it clear)
  • Libra: 11:11 make a wish!!!!! I'm just trying to get a significant other.
  • Scorpio: She transcends cuteness
  • Sagittarius: (Roasting this bitch I hate for no apparent reason) Ugly ass white ass bitch
  • Her forehead so big
  • Literally no lips
  • Fake ass colored in eyebrows
  • No eyes or eyelashes
  • Theyre coated in mascara cuz without it you wont see the eyelashes
  • Shes so fucking orange shes Donald Trump
  • Her hair is fake as fuck
  • I wonder how many chemicals she has up in that rats nest
  • Capricorn: (Talking about what RA means) Idk but i know you shouldn't date yours
  • Aquarius: All I hear is smart smart AND smart
  • Pisces: I wanna watch 100 disney movies at the same time

This is my girlfriend and I. Hahaha. She’s the ginger, pretty eyes one and I’m the gangsta brunette. One day I’m gonna marry her. We have a little flat and (soon hopefully) a cat (which I will name Pudding). We love to travel and we’ve been to France, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Finland, Greece, Malta, Switzerland, Estonia, Spain, Belarus, Ireland, Portugal, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, The Gambia and most recently the Fiji Islands, between us and we love to volunteer. We have a lot of stories. We’re from Scotland. We’re pretty goofy. We would like some more cool couple friends to hang out with.