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The Seven + Nico as YouTubers

This has been done so many times omG but this is my interpretation.


Percy (TheAdventuresOfPercy)


~LOTS OF TRAVELING VLOGs (FunForLouis), getting hurt and then filming blogs at the infirmary (where he finds Nico and Will)

~Some collaborations> 

W/ Annabeth : Girlfriend Tag, Girlfriend Does My Makeup.

W/ jason; BroTag , Pranks 

W/ Nico: scaRY VIDEO GAMES(where he screams super high pitched and nico barely getting scare like)

~ Gf vs Bro (Annabeth vs Jason or Grover)

Jason (ItsJasonGrace)

INTRO: Whats up, Its Jason Grace!

~ GaminG w/ Leo (who adds more levels and stuff) 

~ Lots of videos with Piper


~ Girlfriend vs Best friend (Piper vs Leo)


Leo (AllDaLadiesLuvLeo)

INTRO: Hey hey hey, its AllDaLadiesLuvLeo


~ Lots of complicated experiments which also end up going boom

~ Collabs with Frank (which is strange)

~ Best Friend VS Girlfriend with Calypso vs Jason

Piper (BeautyMcQueen)

Intro; Hey, its Piper McLean, welcome to my channel BeautyMcQueen!

~ SO mANY TAGS WITH JASON (Boyfriend does my makeup etC)

~ Makeup tutorials (especially for halloween)

~ Pranking Percy and Jason w/ Annabeth to get back at them

~ BEst FRIEND VS BOYFRIEND (Leo and Jason)


Annabeth (WiseGirl)

INTRO: Hey everyone! Welcome to my channel!

~ Percy shows up a lot even uninvited which makeS HER MAD AND CALL HIM SEAWEED BRAIN


~Vlogs with Piper

~ Bloopers!


Hazel (ShineLikeADiamond)


~ Trying to get frank to come into the videos to do his makeup

~ SUper cute diy’s with Annabeth

~ Story Time

~ BROTHER DOES MY MAKEUP (I love this like imagine Nico putting on eyeliner perfectly and she’s shocked but he doesn’t know wtf foundation is ‘Is it the one in the black tube? Where does IT GO? Hazel!)

~ Brother Vs Boyfriend (FrANK IS TERRIFIED OF NICO EVERYTIME HE GETS more poinTs than him)

Frank (FranklyFrank)

Intro: Hey, Its Frank here

~ Supercute pet videos 



~ Simple and very child friendly

Nico (DiGhostKing)

Intro: *small wave* Hey 

~Ghost Stories 

~BoyFRIEND TAGS (WILL CALLING HIM DEATHBOY AND SHIP NAME SOLANGELO AND NICO GETTING ANNOYED AW, and sarcastic remarks when answering “nico’s favorite color? hm i wonder? mayBE Its yellow”)

~Piano tutorials



anonymous asked:

Youtuber!jungkook “I’m back by popular demand, baby!”

⇢ MEMBER Jeon Jeongguk (Jungkook)
⇢ AU YouTuber

“Rise and shine!”

With a quiet groan you lift your head up from where you have it buried between two pillows.

“No,” you whine, quick to hide your face the moment you spot Jungkook’s grin, and the camera lens pointed right at you. “Babe, why? I look gross without any makeup on. I feel like a damn troll.”

“What troll? I don’t see one anywhere.” You feel the bed shift beside you as he climbs back up onto the mattress, lying on his back and turning the camera around to face him. “It’s been a while, huh, guys? I think it’s been almost a month since I last uploaded anything on here. Yikes. Well, good news: I’m back by popular demand, baby! Oh, and _____’s here too.”

Jungkook laughs when you smack his arm, but you find yourself grinning into the sheets anyway.


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Makeup Tag

(I think I did this wrong? I did the “my girlfriend does my makeup tag” instead. I think I was confused by the “reaction” part of it and misread it. Sorry, I hope you enjoy anyway! I can do the boyfriend one if someone requests it again.)


Kuroo’s makeup would be glamorous, old Hollywood. We’re talking false lashes, heavy cat eye, and red lipstick. The black hair and sly look just lends itself to high drama. His girlfriend would probably be the most capable of applying makeup to him too, as he’d be the most likely to actually sit still and let her do her job.

When Kuroo saw himself in the hand mirror his girlfriend handed him, he would smile and trace the tips of his fingers against his skin. Obviously, he would think it looked phenomenal.

 “I should wear lipstick more often,” he would tell his girlfriend. “How good do you think this would look when we got… intimate?” His girlfriend would look at him for a moment before realizing they were still recording. Smiling, she would reach over to turn off the camera. What they would do next wouldn’t be so Youtube appropriate.


Oikawa’s makeup would be very feminine, like a “first date in a shoujo manga with the most popular bishi boy in class” style. Pink lipstick, pale shimmery eyes, and a lot of blush. You get the picture. Applying the makeup would be a bit complicated though, as he would try talking through the makeup application to his girlfriend, exclaiming about how much finesse applying makeup must take. Finally, she would just wrestle him down and tell him to shut up so she could finish.

Unsurprisingly, Oikawa would be a whore for the camera as soon as his girlfriend finished the last touch of lip gloss. Looking in the mirror, he would exclaim about how hot he was (despite his eyeshadow being a bit smudged.)

“Do I look good?” He would say in a sweet, seductive voice, giving the camera bedroom eyes and blowing kisses into the lense. “Tell me what you’d do to me in the comments…”

The camera would switch off rather suddenly after he began licking his lips and sucking his fingers while looking into the camera. Obviously, it would be his girlfriend’s most popular video.


Lev’s makeup would be the messiest. Lev would just have too much energy to sit down for a set amount of time to let someone touch his face. Plus, as he so eloquently would state, the mascara wand tickles too much. About halfway through applying makeup, he’d start trying to distract his girlfriend, making faces and telling her jokes. By the time they were done, she’s be laughing too hard at his distractions, amplified by the fact that all his makeup would be so smudged it would look like a child did it.

“I look like a voodoo doll in a horror movie,” he would announce as he saw himself in the mirror. “How do you manage to look so good in this? You must be magical.”

After putting down the mirror, Lev would look begin taking selfies and sending them everyone on the Nekoma team, posing with faces that seemed a mix between erotic and maniacal.


Tsukki would be reluctant to have his makeup done, much less on camera for a million people to see, but his makeup would be spot-on. His girlfriend would go for more of an androgynous rock star look on him, with black eyeliner and pale skin. While his girlfriend would have trouble applying it (being nervous to disappoint him and simultaneously trying to force him not to screw up his eyes when she was putting liner on his waterline), it would look good.

When Tsukki saw it, he’s raise an eyebrow and examine his girlfriend’s handiwork, before finally giving the camera a coy smirk. “Am I hot enough for you? Are you finally happy, Internet?”

As much as Tsukki wouldn’t want to admit it, he would like the smudged, smoky eyeliner look more than he expected. As appreciation, he’d give the camera a low-lidded look and flick it off, climbing on top of his girlfriend and whispering in her ear if she’d ever thought about him wearing makeup and nothing else.

Girlfriend Does My Makeup (Joe Sugg Imagine)

Request: Hello I love your imagines can you please do one where y/n and Joe are making a “girlfriend does my makeup tag”


Joe turned the camera on before looking at you with a sigh, which made you laugh.

“You ready?” you teased as Joe placed himself beside you on his bed. He had agreed to let you put makeup on him for his Sugg Sunday Special this week. You would be lying if you said you weren’t excited. This would be amazing.

“Let’s just get this overwith,” Joe said with a pout which made you push him gently with a grin.

“So today I’m joined with my girlfriend Y/N and she is going to put makeup on my face,” Joe said and pouted to the camera and you rolled your eyes at him with a laugh.

“You’re such a girl,” you said before turning Joe’s head so you could put foundation on his face. You explained everything you did throughout the video with Joe complaining, especially when you got to the mascara.

“Can you stop crying so much?” you asked with a chuckle. You were beginning to get pretty impatient with him.

“You’re putting a stick with black stuff into my eye, what do you want me to do?” Joe asked and you couldn’t help but laugh because of his choice of words.

“Shut up,” you laughed and Joe laughed as well. You finished his makeup and he was looking awesome. At least that’s what you thought.

“So this is the final product. Do I look cute?” Joe asked and turned his head from the camera to you.

“I have never seen you prettier,” you said sarcastically and Joe smiled satisfied to the camera.

“Then give me a kiss,” Joe said with a smirk and before you could react Joe took your head in his hands and pushed his lips onto yours. You had given Joe a red lipstick on and it was now all over your face. Joe pulled back and looked at his creation on your face.

“Wow you’re sexy babe,” Joe said before turning your head to the camera. Now it was your turn to pout.

“I think my work is way better than yours,” Joe said with a huge smirk and you looked at him offended and pushed him so he almost fell off the bed. Joe started laughing out loud at how offended you got.

“I’m never doing a video with you again,” you said with crossed arms and you looked the other way.

“Aww, she’s mad,” Joe said before pulling you towards him and repeatedly kissing your cheek.

“I promise I’ll cook for you for the rest of your life if you forgive me,” Joe said and you looked at him with a grin.

“I think it would be best for all of us if I continued doing the cooking in this house,” you said whilst looking into Joe’s blue eyes, and Joe couldn’t help but laugh.

“You’re probably right. I think Caspar would appreciate that as well,” Joe said and you nodded with a laugh. Joe ended the video and for the next hour you had to hear Joe complain about not being able to get the makeup off his face. You just shook your head and laughed. He was such a dork and you were totally in love with him.

The Girlfriend Tag

A/N: v v v v sorry this has taken so long, going through a breakup and just needed to take a beat but now i am back. thnx in advance for bearin with me ❤︎

It’s been a long time coming so you don’t know why you’re so nervous.

You and Dan have finally decided that, after a year of dating, you ought to be introduced to his YouTube audience.

It’s not like you have ever particularly cared what people think of you, it’s just… the thought of so many people. Seeing, judging, watching, commenting. The twinge of anxiety in the pit of your stomach is growing by the second.

Dan sets up his camera and lights and then joins you on his bed, taking your hand in his and squeezing it gently.

“We don’t have to do this today, y’know,” he comments, obviously noticing the concerned expression on your face.

“No, no, I want to,” you dismiss, forcing a smile. “I’m sick of lying about it.”

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Girlfriend Tag- Matthew Espinosa Imagine

Okay this is for anon, I hope you like it! If you want one just request and I promise that I’ll have it out.

Request: Can you do a Matt imagine where him and y/n do a girlfriend does my makeup video and it’s really cute and fluffy please? I love your blog btw💕

Before filming, Matt came over and kissed you telling you that he loves you. Matt hit record and hid below the table where the camera was sitting on. He jumped up and began his intro. “What’s up you guys, it’s Matt and today I’m going to be do the girlfriend does my makeup tag, with my girlfriend Y/N. Although I’m afraid, I know that Y/N is going to make me look perty. So let’s get started!” 

He took your makeup bag and spilled the contents across the table, “I couldn’t even tell you what one of these things are.” He said. “That’s good.” You replied. He picked up an elastic headband that you would wear if your hair was getting in the way, and put int on his head slicking his hair back.

You got out the foundation and began applying a thin layer across his face. “So right now she’s applying some type of paint to my face.” He said laughing. At first he would complain about the smell until I shushed him with a kiss. You looked down at the colors of eye shadow finally deciding on doing a smokey eye on him. 

You took a soft brush and added a darker skin tone to the foundation. “That brush is so soft.” Matt said feeling it. 

“Now for this part might be cold but you can’t move.” I said getting ready to do the winged eyeliner as he responded with a simple “Okay.” I took the felt tip eyeliner and started to create a small wing.

He twitched as the brush touched his eye creating a little bump, but it still looked really good.

“Y/N, my nose is itchy.” Matt said. I started scratching his nose softly as he indicated me where the itch was.

After finishing the makeup you showed Matt what he looked like in a mirror. “Damn I look good!” He said kissing your cheek getting the red lipstick on your cheek. 

“Okay guys that’s it for today! Be sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe!

Boyfriend Does My Makeup//A Will Poulter Imagine

Anon said: yay! maybe a Will Poulter imagine? He’s dating Y/N and Y/N’s a YouTuber and they do a boyfriend does my makeup tag and he’s all romantic and fluffy?

Yes I like this


 "Hellooooo Internet!“ you yelled, sliding into the view of the camera. "So, a bunch of you have been asking me to do a boyfriend does my makeup tag, and I realized, none of you have actually met my boyfriend! Now, I know I talk about him a lot, and some of you have called me a crazy stalker. Here he is to prove you wrong, the wonderful, handsome, incredible, Will Poulter!” You did jazz hands as Will leapt onto the bed behind you.

“Hellooooo Internet! I am here with my lovely girlfriend to do her makeup.” He turned to me. “Okay, so I don’t actually know anything about makeup, so if you end up looking like a clown, I apologize in advance.”

“I’m sure,” you said, kissing his cheek quickly. “Now, this is foundation, concealer, lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow pencil, and eyeshadow,” you said, pointing to each product that was laid out on the table in front of you. 

“I’m scared. You do this every morning?" 


“Okay, so what do I start with?” he asked.

You shook your head, smiling. “Nuh-uh. You’re gonna have to figure this out on your own.”

He shot you a look of mock desperation. “Good luck,” you told him, closing your eyes.

“Okay, here we go,” you heard him say. You listened to him describe what he was doing. You could listen to him talk all day.

“Okay, done,” he finally said. You opened your eyes, and busted out laughing at the sight that greeted you. 

“My face looks like a damn pancake!” you yelled, laughing even harder.

He buried his head in his hands. “Oh god.”

you smacked his arm. “I look fab, you did an excellent job,” you told him. He grinned and stood up and picked you up. “Will!” you squealed. He didn’t move and hung resignedly from his shoulder. “Until next time, Internet!” you said, waving at the camera. “Okay, Will, seriously, put me down, I need to turn my camera off.”

He obliged and you did what needed to be done. When you finished, he put his hands on your waist. “Wanna go get lunch?”

“Absolutely. Just let me wash this off and we can go.”

“Okay,” he said, pecking your lips. “I’ll watch TV while you do your thing.”

You hugged him and ran to the bathroom.

GOT7 doing the “My Boyfriend does my makeup” tag

JB: I feel like he would be so bad at it lmao. I picture him saying things such as “why do you need so many brushes?”, “wait! isn’t this a red lipstick? don’t you already have one??… what do you mean it’s not the same color? it’s RED.”. He would probably even give up at some point.

Jinyoung: Jinyoung would be so careful and concentated. He probably watched his girlfriend doing it many times so he is not so bad.

Mark: He would try his best. He wouldn’t know every product or what to use every brush for, but he wouldn’t admit it and would fight until the makeup is done. I picture him sticking his tongue out while blending the eyeshadow.

Jackson: As usual Jackson would be freaking extra. He would scream and complain every time he would fail on doing something. “AHHHH I CAN’T DO IT.”, “how do you do this?”, “HOW DOES THIS WORK ?”, “how are you so good at doing it and i’m not??”. He wouldn’t give up tho !

BamBam: I think BamBam would be the best at this. He would slay it and his girlfriend would end up with the best makeup look of her life. Then he would look at the camera and say some stupid thing like “I should own this channel”.

Youngjae: I don’t think Youngjae would be good at it. He would giggle all the time and make jokes to make his girlfriend laugh and forget about this tag because he would be embarrassed about the fact that he was bad at it.

Yugyeom: Yugyeom would be quite good! Not as good as BamBam, but better than Jinyoung. I feel like he probably watches makeup videos on Youtube alone, for some reason.


My girlfriend and I did the Boyfriend Does My Makeup Tag in Kyman cosplay so if you dudes get the chance, check it out ^^ Thanks!

Jumper - Dan Howell Imagine

CHRISTMAS IMAGINES DAY 2: “Really? That jumper?”

WARNINGS: Lil bit of swearing

SUMMARY: Dan asks you to do the “Girlfriend/Boyfriend Does My Makeup Tag” on his channel. As it’s a festive time of year, you decide to go for some festive outfits. Dan is unimpressed by your choice of jumper.

NOTES: So, although I feel kind of grinchy right now (my dad wouldn’t take me to the Christmas Light switch on in the neighbouring town so I had to stay at home and play G-Mod instead), I still wanted to write this one, because Christmas Jumper Day is actually coming up next week for me, so I’m going to play on my jumper choice for this one.

Hope you enjoy!

Originally posted by danielfuckinghowell

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Girlfriend Tag- A Nate Maloley Imagine

Okay so xmashtonlights requested a Nate imagine where you do a collab video. So I know very little about Nate and stuff. I was given the option to substitute another boy but I was determined to get it right. I hope you like it <3 Thanks for being patient and I hope this is okay!

You were sitting in front of Nate’s computer as he set up the mics and webcam. Both of you had become quite successful webstars; you for your guitar and him for his hip-hop. The two of you had only met three months prior at digitour but had clicked really well. The two of you had collaborated once before but Nate needed some help doing a tag video and asked you to give him a hand. Since you had drove out to see the boys anyway, you agreed.

“Hey Nate, are you sure this isn’t going to be a little weird?” you asked him shyly, fans had already shipped you together and you didn’t want to give them the wrong idea.

“Nah, it’ll be fine Y/n, I think it’s gonna go well. Ready?”  He replied and after you nodded he began recording. “Hey guys I’m here with Y/n and today she’s going to be helping me with a tag you guys have requested over and over. I finally gave in but I don’t actually have a girlfriend, so we’re just going to try the girlfriend tag to the best of our ability” He said the last part with a laugh. “Ready Y/n?”

You chuckled to yourself “I should be the one asking you Maloley , I’m the one with the questions.”

“How many did you pick anyway?”

“Ten, and I’m switching it up, instead of pouring something on you when you get them wrong I’m just going to apply a portion of makeup on your face” you said holding up some of your makeup to the camera.

“I was wondering why that was out, no worries though I won’t get anything wrong.” He added with a wink at the camera.

So you began asking questions:

  1. “If I am watching TV what am I watching?” “That’s not even fair I’ve never seen you watch TV!” he looked at you confused. “Soooooo?” “I guess I need to try… Something on TLC? Like the Little Couple or something?” You laughed out loud “Not even close; I always try to find Simpsons reruns” “I thought you might have a guilty pleasue..” “Nope” and with that you opened the foundation you had bought for him and began to apply it. “Wow, I actually got pretty close with matching you skin” you had honestly just taken a guess when you bought it.
  2. “I’ll make this one easy; where am I from?” Nate breathed in relief “W/Y/F” “Good job” you said with extra enthusiasm as a joke “I try.” He smirked proudly at you.
  3. “What cake would you get me for my birthday?” you smiled to yourself knowing this one would trick him. “You don’t even like cake that much, NICE TRY!” he said right in your face. “Nice try” you mimicked back “I don’t like most cake. I like icecream cake” you finished as you opened your blush and started adding it to his cheeks.
  4. “When we go out to eat, what do I order to drink?” Nate paused and thought for a bit; you and the boys had gone for food lots while on tour “pepsiiii?” he dragged out nervously. “Wrong, coke.” “Same thing.” “except not.” You grabbed a tube of your red lipstick and put it on him. “Man Maloley, keep getting these wrong and you’ll have to make this the “girlfriend” does my makeup tag” you chuckled. “Don’t even joke about that” he said, now much more determined to get things right.
  5. “When did you meet my family?” “The day before the Boston show, so December 17th. They came out to watch and meet us and stuff.” “Good one” you said, slightly disappointed you put the mascara down.
  6. “Do I have any weird habits or obsessions, if so, what are they?” “You organize your clothing by colour and your movies HAVE to be alphabetized. Like you got so mad when I switched one around behind your back and anytime you get a new DVD you shuffle everything over. As for obsessions, you really like 5SOS” “I like things to be CONVINIENT Nate” you rolled your eyes before saying “But that was impressive you got all three of them.” “Aww thanks!” he said as he kissed your cheek, purposefully leaving a big red lipstick stain” “Was that absolutely necessary?” you giggled as you attempted to wipe away the lipstick. “I think so.” He said in a matter-of-fact tone.
  7. “What would I eat every day if I could?” “Fries I think, everywhere we go you ask for a side of fries or to try someone elses” “oooh incorrect sir” you said shaking your head, faking disappointment “I just like seeing if a place has good fries or not, they’re really hit and miss. I always order pasta though, because if I could eat pasta every day I would. Now look up” you stated as you worked on his mascara. “Wow Nate you have long eyelashes, honestly I’m a little jealous” you said closing the tube. “Gee, thanks” this time it was his turn to roll his eyes.
  8. You covered your eyes before asking the next question “What colour are my eyes?” “How could I forget that?” He started and you chimed in “I don’t know, but did you forget?” “Not a chance y/n, they’re the most incredible y/e/c I have ever seen.” You felt yourself blush a little as you gave him a gentle nudge.
  9. “What do we argue about the most?” “Do we argue? I guess we do a bit eh? I think it’s usually just what to eat or something because you like, always want to eat at (your favourite restaurant)” “Okay I’ll accept that answer, that’s pretty accurate. Also let me look up the questions on my phone because my last one was going to be my favourite restaurant but I guess not.” “Whoops, sorry” he said sarcastically. “Yeah I bet”
  10. “What’s my favourite kind of sandwich?” “Fuck. You order clubs a lot for room service… But you also eat PB&J a lot if you get hungry in the middle of the night.. You order clubs less than you make PB&J though so I’m going with that” “How did you even know that?” he opened his phone to a screenshoted snapchat of a sandwich timestamped at 1:15AM with the caption “I promise I am mature” and showed you. You laughed and he held it up to the camera.

“Alright Nate you got six out of ten. That’s actually not bad at all”

“And she thought I was going to fail. HA! Well thanks for watching guys, as always like and subscribe. Link to my insta/twitter/soundcloud will be below as well as Y/N’s channel. Cya later” Nate said and you gave the camera a smile and wave.

Nate went upstairs to wash off the makeup as you started to edit the video; he came back down to help you finish editing. You guys made some food while waiting for the video to upload. When it finally finished comments began flooding in, the top comments being “omg you look better than me with makeup Nate” and “SHIP #y/ship/n” as you got ready to leave Nate looked over at you not really saying anything. “Um, bye Nate?” you said not really sure what was going on. You got to the door and finally he spoke, “Yo y/n hold up.  Today was really fun, and I kinda agree with those comments.” “What that you look good with makeup?” you joked, almost expecting what he was going to say next. He laughed when he realized you knew what was coming “No loser, the ‘ship’. We should go out sometime, if you hang around for a bit we can go watch a movie.” “Sure, might as well give it a chance.” So you did, and you never regretted it.

Luke Imagine - Boyfriend Does My Makeup Tag

Requested: Si

Author: Brit

Boyfriend Does My Makeup Tag – Luke Imagine

“Why don’t you ever want to be in my videos?” You poked Luke’s cheek as you were editing a past video. He shrugged without saying a word. “Half of my subscribers only watch me because I’m the Luke Hemmings’ girlfriend,” You noted honestly while fiddling with his fingers. You tried to look into his eyes, but he had his head down low. “Come on, babe,” You lifted his chin up, “What’s the problem?”

Luke sighed and nuzzled into your neck. “I hate cameras,” He mumbled and ran his fingers through his quiff, “I’d love to make a cameo in one of your videos, but I’d get all awkward and ruin everything.”

You smiled as a light bulb turned on in your head. You grabbed his hand and pulled him into the living room. You grabbed all the makeup you owned and plopped it in front of him. You fetched your camera and set it up. “What are we doing?” Luke asked nervously.

“Boyfriend Does My Makeup Tag,” You explained. He immediately tensed up. “Relax,” You rubbed his back, “There’s no pressure, it’s all laidback, and you’ll be fine.”

He finally agreed and you started rolling. “Hi!” You greeted the camera, “I’m Y/N, and I’m here with my amazing boyfriend, Luke Hemmings. He’s finally agreed to make an appearance so we’ll be doing the Boyfriend Does My Makeup Tag. For those of you who don’t know the rules, including Luke, basically here’s what’s gonna go down. I have all of my makeup right here. Luke is going to do my makeup, but I can’t give him any hints or tell him what anything is.”

“Shit,” Luke rubbed his eyes and laughed, “Y/N, I came from a family full of guys. I’m not gonna know what anything is!”

“And that’s the fun of it,” You chirped and kissed his cheek, “Shall we get started?”

He nodded and picked up green eyeliner. He took the cap off and looked at it with amazement. “This is…” He trailed off, “This goes on your lips?” You laughed and let him put it on your lips. He stuck his little tongue out as he outlined your lips with the green pencil. He was so focused.

“Next we put on this stuff,” Luke said very matter-of-factly, picking up your eye shadow palette. He scanned the colors and furrowed his brow. “Interesting blush colors,” He muttered and picked out a bright, bright red. He dipped his fingers into it, ignoring the brush right in front of him, and rubbed it all over your cheeks.

Then Luke picked the actual blush and combed it through your hair. “This must be hair chalk,” He confirmed. He grabbed your favorite lip-gloss and squeezed it over your eyelids. You cringed in disgust and he knew he’d done something wrong. “Aw fuck,” Luke slumped his shoulders, “That’s not right at all.” You laughed in response and told him to keep going.

“And for my finishing touch,” Luke bit his lip, trying to find something else to use. He traced a tube of mascara and took hold of it. He unscrewed the top and pulled out the brush. His eyes lit up and a smile spread across his face. “Oh!” He beamed, “I know what this is! It’s mascara, it goes on your eyelashes!” You clapped and opened your eyes wide so he could apply it.

Luke’s hand shook as he held it close to your eye. He carefully brushed it against your eyelashes and everything was going smoothly until his hand twitched. The point of the brush stabbed you in the eye so abruptly. “Ow, shit!” You yelled and held your eye.

Your boyfriend jumped back and cowered in the corner of the couch. “I’m so sorry, Y/N!” He spat, “ I didn’t mean to, I swear!”

“It’s ok, Luke,” You giggled and brought him close you. You picked up your baby powder that was stashed with your make up and dumped some in your hands. Luke didn’t see what you were doing. “Luke,” You said so he would face you. When his face met yours, you blew all the powder in his face.

The poor guy started coughing and sneezing like crazy. “Ah!” He shouted in between coughs, “What’d you do that for?”

“Payback, Lucas,” You teased. You turned towards the camera and smiled, “Well that just about wraps up our video! What do you think of the final product?” You posed. You looked in the mirror and started laughing hysterically, “Luke! This is absolutely revolting!”

He sneezed a couple more times and said, “I know I’m no good at this stuff, but I think you can make anything look beautiful.”

You blushed and whispered, “Thanks for watching. Subscribe and like for this monstrosity on my face, and leave nice comments so Luke will come back for more videos. Bye!” You turned off your camera and turned your attention back to your boyfriend.

“You got it up my nose,” He pouted with another sneeze, followed by a small cough.

“I’m sorry, babe,” You leaned in to kiss him. As your lips were just about to touch his, Luke sneezed all over your face. “Ew!” You squealed, “Disgusting!”

Luke scrunched up his nose with a smile and pecked your cheek, “Payback, my dear… Payback.”

request here


Girlfriend does my makeup tag [jack gilinsky]

Jack and I were sitting around trying to find an idea for a video that I would be able to film and put on my youtube channel where I did skits and beauty videos.

“Why don’t we do the girlfriend does my makeup tag?” I asked knowing the viewers would find it hilarious to see Jack Gilinsky with makeup on. “You would look so hot!” I said laughing at the thought of him with a full face of makeup.

“Okay..” He answered not really sure of how this would go down. “Just don’t poke my eyes out.” He warned with a pleading look.

And that’s how we got there, sitting on the comfiest chairs in the house in front of the camera while jack wore my Hello Kitty headband I wore when I did my makeup so I didn’t get any in my hair. Before I pressed the record button I kissed Jack on the nose softly and said that I loved him and he said it back afterwards.

I did my usual intro and presented my boyfriend to the viewers who didn’t already know him and then I started applying a thin layer of foundation and concealer on his face since he didn’t need very much because his skin is pretty much flawless.

At first he complained about the smell until I shushed him with a kiss on the lips which he seemed to be quite content with. I finally decided to go with a bronze and brown smokey eye with a winged eyeliner along with some long fake eyelashes I had bought earlier during the day once we had chosen what type of video we would be doing.

“This feels good babe.” He spoke to me as I placed the chocolate brown powder in his crease with a fluffy brush. I laughed a bit before switching to another brush so I could add the bronze and afterwards blend it all together to give a beautiful somewhat aztec looking eye makeup.

“Now for this part it might be cold but you can’t move.” I said getting ready to do the winged eyeliner as he responded with a simple “Okay.” I took my felt tip eyeliner and started to create a small wing.

“Y/N, my nose is itchy.” Jack said as I finished the second wing. I lifted my finger and started scratching his nose softly as he indicated me where the itch was.

“Now for the mascara!” I said trying to laugh in an evil way but it didn’t work very well since I ended up chocking and that obviously made Jack laugh like a maniac.

“You suck baby!” Jack said still laughing as I finally joined him with the laughter until our stomach hurt and tears rolled down our cheeks.

“Okay, just stare at my chest like you always do so it’ll be easier for me.” I said while winking at him as he looked confused as if he thought I couldn’t see him do it. I placed the mascara wand near his eye and told him to blink so I could place the mascara on his eyelashes. 

“Now for the real deal,” I said wiggling my eyebrows at the camera. “We’re going to fill in your caterpillars, meaning his eyebrows to those who didn’t get my hilarious joke.” I said shaking my head faking disappointment. 

I took out my eyebrow pencil and started filling in his brows and making them look even better. “The next two things I’m about to do are going to be hilarious.” I turned my back to him taking out my false lashes.

“You’re going to get butterfly wings on your eyes baby!” I said clapping my hands excitedly but when I turned towards him his face fell. “For real?” He asked with a shocked face, at first I didn’t know if he was serious but when he kept the same face I knew he actually thought I was going to stick butterfly wings to his face.

“You are the biggest idiot ever!” I said while shaking my head and laughing at the same time. “Of course not! Who do you think I am?” I showed him the flasies and he sighed in relief before chuckling at his own stupidity.

After laughing for a while I placed the eyelashes on and when they were dry he fluttered his eyes making funny faces at and the camera. I then took out a creamy/pink coloured lipstick and told him to open his mouth slightly so I could complete his man to woman makeover.

“You are such a hot chick. I’m calling you Jacqueline from now on.” I announced as he smiled flirtatiously towards me and gave me soft peck on the lips.

“Well that’s it for today peeps! Say goodbye Jacqueline!” I said turning towards jack while saying the last part. He hugged me from behind and kissed my neck before saying his goodbyes and closing the camera.


Carter Reynolds Imagine for dreamingintheclouds34 and camirogers

“Hey guys, I’m here with my beautiful girlfriend (Y/N) and we’re going to do the makeup tag!” Carter said cheerily, making you smile.
“It’s called the boyfriend does my makeup tag, get it right Carter.” You said with a little sass. He rolled his eyes jokingly and leaned in to kiss your cheek. You giggled and felt your face heat up then turned your head to look at your boyfriend dead on.
“Hi.” He said quietly, his eyes staring into yours. You were mere centimeters away from him and no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t keep a straight face. You broke into a smile and looked down.
“Hi.” You replied and he chuckled, kissing your nose.
“Should we get started?” You asked him, and he shrugged.
“What were we going to do?”
“You were going to do my makeup.”
“Oh! Yeah, let’s get started!” He said excitedly and his fingers fluttered over the makeup laid out on the counter in front of you two. You were sitting in your kitchen at the breakfast bar with all the makeup you could find spread out in front of you, which was a lot.
“So, (Y/N) already cleaned her face and she’s all ready for her makeover. Let’s begin with this stuff..what is this stuff?” He asked, picking up a bottle of foundation. He opened the bottle and smelled it, then gagged.
“Smells funny. You put this on your face?” He asked, dipping his finger into the jar.
“I can’t tell you, you gotta figure this out all on your own.”
Carter looked directly at the camera. “This is nuts. I applaud you girls for doing this every single day to look nice, because I would never be able to.” He said and then scooped up some foundation and wiped two fingers of it onto your cheek.
“Carter!” You exclaimed as he laughed at the makeup sliding down your face.
“You’re looking beautiful already.” He said as he evened the makeup, spreading it onto your cheek. Once he finished one cheek he put the bottle down.
“Aren’t you going to even it out?” You asked him.
“Hell no! That stuff is nasty, I’m not touching it again.” He said, picking up an eyeshadow palette.
“This must be the eyes.” He said, grabbing a small brush and covering it in dark eyeshadow.
“Close your eyes.” He said and you complied, feeling him wipe the brush on your eyelids messily. His hand shook slightly as he did so.
“Am I beautiful yet?”
“You were beautiful to start.” He said as he concentrated, trying to perfect the other eye now.
“Aww,” You said with a smile.
“Okay, open them.” He said and you were greeted by Carter’s face dangerously close to yours once again.
“Looks great.” He said with a grin.
“For all those watching, we’re going for the dark and mysterious look today. As you can see from this and this,” he said, pointing to your eyes, “the look has already been established.
“I’m the queen of the night.” You added with a wink at the camera.
“Now, we’re going to use this eyeliner right here,” Carter said, holding it up to the camera.
“What’s the plan?” You asked him.
“The plan is to coat it evenly and start from the inside to the out, so draw your lines first and SHIT I messed up. How do you do this?!” He exclaimed, drawing another line on your closed eyelid.
“Shit! Shit! Crap! Shit!” Carter cursed one after the other, redrawing your eyeliner.
“This is what the end product will look like, for all those viewing at home for beauty tips.” He said. “Don’t open your eyes, it’s not dry!” He scolded as you tried to peek at him.
“Rude. I can do what I want.” You said and stuck out your tongue at him.
“Hey, I’m the one holding the brush. Just saying.”
You waited a few moments before opening your eyes to find him opening your black mascara.
“How do I use this?” He asked innocently, looking up at you.
“I don’t know. Figure it out.”
“Fine, I will. Close them.”
You closed your eyes and after a few seconds Carter realized his mistake.
“Wait…open your eyes.”
You complied and flinched as you saw the mascara brush coming directly toward your eye.
“Don’t jump! Look up like this,” he demonstrated, looking upward. You copied him and he shakily ran the brush over your lashes.
“This really makes the eyes pop.”
“Pop?” You asked, entertained.
“Pop right outta yo head. You don’t need eyes, you got mascara.”
He finished and you could feel your lashes clumped together messily.
“I feel pretty. Do I look pretty?” You asked, turning to him. He was barely containing his laughter as you fluttered your clumpy eyelashes at him flirtily.
“Yes. Always.” He said, picking up the blush. You groaned as he opened it and blew some onto your face.
“Don’t do that!” You said as your nose tingled. You sneezed into your elbow and Carter laughed.
“Which brush should I use? Hmm..this one! Always use the biggest brush you can find. It helps spread the beauty.”
He smashed the brush into the powder and then dusted it lightly over your cheeks and across your nose.
“You want that “I just went for a five mile run” look without the running.” He advised as he dusted over again, this time including your forehead.
“Aw, what’s this stuff?” Carter picked up highlighter pink eyeliner and opened it, finished with the blush.
“I can’t say. What is it?” You asked, but he didn’t respond.
“This bright color helps bring out the pink in your cheeks and takes the focus off your clumpy eyelashes.” He said as he drew on the skin right next to your eyes.
“What are you doing?” You asked fondly, watching him from the corner of your eye.
“Working. Shush.”
After he finished that he picked out a nice bright red lipstick and a dull orange as well.
“The key to nice lipstick is to use two different shades. They make your lips look nice and…plump?” He said with a laugh.
“Pout for me, baby.” He said and after rolling your eyes you did.
He traced your upper lip shakily with the red first and then your bottom one with the orange.
“Shit, does this stuff even come off?” He asked, rubbing just below your bottom lip.
“I know one way to get it off, but you’ll end up wearing it too.” You said cheekily, watching a blush rise in his cheeks.
“You’re such a tease.” He mumbled and looked down at the rest of the makeup.
“Eyebrow pencil? Hmm..” he read the label and your eyes widened.
“You wouldn’t dare.”
“So guys, we’re going to be experimenting with an eyebrow pencil today. Should be fun! What you need to do is make sure you have a nice sharp tip like this,” he said, showing the pencil to the camera.
“Oh god, oh god.” You whispered as he began filling in your right eyebrow.
“See, you have to start bold at the beginning and then fade it out like so. But press really hard so it’s more noticeable.”
“Caaaarter!” You whined, but he just chuckled in response.
“Now we dust the whole face with this fun powder that smells like gingerbread.” He said, opening another palette and dusting tan powder all over your face. You sneezed again and again as he patted your back comfortingly.
“I think..I think you might be done.” He said, leaning back to fully look at you. He then turned to the camera.
“And that is how it’s done.”
“Do I look dark and mysterious?” You asked, modeling for the camera.
“You look..definitely mysterious. And a little drugged up.”
“Oh, that’s natural.” You said, laughing to yourself.
He finished filming an outro with you and then you ran to the bathroom as he uploaded it. You scrubbed your face and washed it, getting off every icky bit of caked on makeup. Carter had done a terrific job. You had raccoon eyes and half your face was discolored, as well as orangey red lips and crudely drawn pink hearts in eyeliner next to your eyes.
“Babe, you coming back?” Carter yelled and you smiled to yourself.
“Yeah, I’m just dunking my face in makeup remover real quick and I’ll be out!” You shouted back, hearing him laugh. You might look like a mess and get a lot of rude comments from the video, but Carter made it worth it. And if it made him laugh, it was definitely worth it.

Requested by dreamingintheclouds34 and camirogers

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Jack Gilinsky imagine *Requested*

can you make an imagine when y/n and jack g are doing the girlfriends does my makeup thing?


“Hey guys! I’m back again but this time I have a special guest! My lovely girlfriend Y/N!” Jack spoke into the camera with a smile. “Hiii.” You sang out laughing. “You guys have been asking me and Y/N to do the my boyfriend does my make up tag for quite some time now so we decided to finally do it!”
“Yeah, you’re going to be horrible at this.” You smiled already thinking about how bad he was going to make you look. “Ok, i’ll prove you wrong!” He shouted slinging his arm over your shoulder.

You poured out the contents of your makeup bag on the floor and watched Jack’s eyes widen in confusion. You laughed and kissed his cheek. “You’ll be fine babe.”

“Ok I think this stuff” Jack says picking up a foundation bottle “goes over your face. I see you doing it sometimes. Even though you don’t need this junk on your face. You’re perfect the way you are baby.” You laugh and roll your eyes blushing deeply. He squirts out a lot of foudation onto his hand like 3x more than what you would normally use. You try to supress your laugh and he notices.
“Have I already done something wrong.” He asks pouting at you. “No, babe you’re doing fine.”
He scooped up the foundation with his hands and smeared to all over your face. You could feel how thick is was and you probably looked so pasty.

“Oooh, I think i’ll try this.” He shouts picking up bright pink blush. “I know this goes on your eye lids. See I know my stuff.” He says confidently picking some up with his fingers. You close your eyes and he leans in forward and you can feel his hot breath because of how close you were. You could feel him putting on the blush on your eye lids and he let’s out a alight gasp obviously bot expecting it to come out that bright and full. He pulls away kissing your nose. “You look like a princess.” He chuckles. “Shut up!” You say nudging his arm playfully.

He looks down at the rest of the makeup bag searching through the stuff looking for something else. He picks up some lip liner and motions for you to close your eyes. You looked at him confused but didn’t say anything.

“Ok you can’t even see this stuff over the pink stuff I put on.”
“Ouch! You just poked me in the eye!” You scream out covering your eye with your hands as tears build up instantly. “Aww, i’m so sorry Y/N I didn’t mean to.” You laugh at his reaction. “It’s ok babe! But maybe we should move on from the eyes.”

After about 5 minutes Jack finally finishes sitting back and admiring the work he had done. “I think you look amazing.” He laughs as you shake your head. “I’ll be the judge of that!”

You grabbed a small mirror and examined your face. “Oh my gosh! I look horrible!” You exclaimed looking carefully at the mess he had made on your face. You looked like a 5 year old had scribbled all over it.

“Ahh, no you don’t you look perect! That hurt my feelings.” He feigned a hurt expression before pulling you in and kissing the top of your head.

“Well, on that note i’ll see you next time.” Jack and you both wave good bye to the camera and he switches it off before pulling you in for a long sweet kiss.

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mads-mingee  asked:

Can you make me a nash imagine where we're doing a 'boyfriend does my makeup tag' video? My name is Maddy.

What a cute prompt!  I really hope you like this, nashty—grier, because it was so much fun to write!

“MADDY!” Nash screamed in your face as soon as you walked through his door.

“NASH!” You screamed back, confused.

“I need your help!” He said seriously.

“Oh my god, what’s the matter?” You demanded.

He took a deep breath, like what he was about to say was very hard, “I need you to be in a video.”

You smacked his arm, “Hamilton!”

He ran for cover, laughing.  You weren’t finished yet, “I thought you were being serious!”

“I am!” He said, crossing his arms, “Like, a shit ton of fans have requested that we do the ‘boyfriend does my makeup tag’ in a video.  I have the boyfriend part,” he gestured to himself, “now I need the girlfriend part!” He gestured to you.

You sighed, “But Nash, you don’t know how to do makeup.”

He waved his hands dismissively, “Sure I do.  Please, Maddy?!”

You sighed again, “Fine.”

He cheered and went to set up the camera.  You groaned, wondering what on Earth you’d just gotten yourself into.

Nash waved at the camera, “Hey guys!  You all know my girlfriend Maddy.”

You smiled, “Hi!”

He continued, “So, thousands of you guys have requested we do the 'boyfriend does my makeup tag’, so that’s what we’re doing today!”  He picked up a bag of your makeup, “This is Maddy’s makeup.” He patted your head, “This is the girlfriend.” He pointed to himself, “And this is the boyfriend!”

You laughed, “Just get on with it, dork.”

He saluted, “Yes of course.” Throughout the rest of the video, you could feel him using little brushes and appliers on your face, and he kept up a running commentary for the fans in various silly voices.

Your back had been to the camera so the fans could only see Nash’s face. “FINISHED!” He announced, spinning you around and holding up a mirror for you to see.

You blinked. Then you blinked again, “Uh, Nash, sweetie, there’s no makeup on my face.”

“I know!” He said proudly.  Then, to the camera, “I keep telling her that she’s beautiful without makeup, but she doesn’t listen to me!” You were blushing bright red at this point.  Nash grinned and said, “Maybe this will convince her otherwise.”

You tackled him in a hug as he turned the camera off.  "I love you.“ You told him.

"I love you too.” He said, kissing you.

anonymous asked:

Hey princess can you do a Matt imagine where you guys film the "my boyfriend does my makeup tag" and it's real flirty ya know??! Love you and thank you!

Love u too, hope u like it sunshine !!!

“What’s up guys, I’m here with my gorgeous girlfriend (y/n) and today, she is going to be doing my makeup” Matt says into the camera. 
You smile and wave before looking down at the makeup Matt bought specially for the video.
“Oh my god” You pick up a algae green eye shadow and show the camera.
“What?” Matt exclaims, “I just chose the cheapest one”
You drop the eyeshadow onto the pile of makeup and laugh, covering your mouth. “You’re so stupid” 
“Wow” Matt says turning to you and kissing you, “So rude" 
You kiss his cheek as he turns back to the camera. 
"I’m kind of scared” Matt says moving his arms around.
You pick up some foundation and rub it on your fingers, “stop moving” you order him as you place your hands on his face.
You start rubbing the foundation - that is much darker than his natural skin tone - onto his face. 
“Okay so this is foundation.” You explain to Matt.
“Why does it feel warm.” You stop and pull your hands back.
“That’s not the foundation, that’s my hands” You tell him
“Oh” He says, “Guess it’s just cause you’re hot." 
You smirk and raise an eyebrow at the camera, wiping your hands and picking up some blush.
"Matt oh my god” You complain, “this is basically neon.”
You show the camera the bright, nearly fluorescent pink blush.
You grab a brush and start applying some to Matt’s cheeks, he starts laugh; making the blush make his cheeks look more defined - you start laughing again, so much that you lean over and clutch your stomach.

You start applying eyeliner, “keep your eye open Matt!” You order.
“I can’t you’re going to poke me” He says, you grip his jaw firmly, and lightly apply the liquid eyeliner onto his bottom lid and start laughing, “this was such a bad idea.” You say in between laughs.
“You’re not the one having this done to you!” Matt exclaims.

You finish with the eye make up and have lipstick left to put on and - thankfully - Matt has chosen a subtle colour. He apply it quickly and grab a mirror. “Are you ready?” You ask him
“I don’t even know anymore.” Matt jokes.
You laugh as you hand him the mirror.
“Oh my god.” He says
You look at the camera and start laughing again.
“Oh my god” He says again.
“You look gorgeous!” You joke.
“You need a kiss.” He says, knowing that you aren’t going to want that lipstick anywhere near you.
“Uh” You laugh, edging away “Nope”
“No, no you do. You need a kiss.” He says, grabbing you by the waist and pulling you closer to him.
“Matt NO!” You tell, but it’s too late, he starts kissing your cheeks, leaving dark red marks everywhere, then moves to your lips.
You grab the mirror and look at all the lipstick marks, and slap your forehead, “oh god” You laugh.

“Okay, thanks a lot guys, I hope you enjoyed watching me lose my dignity.” Matt says into the camera as you wipe lipstick stains off of your face. “Uh, subscribe.” He points his thumbs up and smiles.