my girlfriend does my makeup tag

The Seven + Nico as YouTubers

This has been done so many times omG but this is my interpretation.


Percy (TheAdventuresOfPercy)


~LOTS OF TRAVELING VLOGs (FunForLouis), getting hurt and then filming blogs at the infirmary (where he finds Nico and Will)

~Some collaborations> 

W/ Annabeth : Girlfriend Tag, Girlfriend Does My Makeup.

W/ jason; BroTag , Pranks 

W/ Nico: scaRY VIDEO GAMES(where he screams super high pitched and nico barely getting scare like)

~ Gf vs Bro (Annabeth vs Jason or Grover)

Jason (ItsJasonGrace)

INTRO: Whats up, Its Jason Grace!

~ GaminG w/ Leo (who adds more levels and stuff) 

~ Lots of videos with Piper


~ Girlfriend vs Best friend (Piper vs Leo)


Leo (AllDaLadiesLuvLeo)

INTRO: Hey hey hey, its AllDaLadiesLuvLeo


~ Lots of complicated experiments which also end up going boom

~ Collabs with Frank (which is strange)

~ Best Friend VS Girlfriend with Calypso vs Jason

Piper (BeautyMcQueen)

Intro; Hey, its Piper McLean, welcome to my channel BeautyMcQueen!

~ SO mANY TAGS WITH JASON (Boyfriend does my makeup etC)

~ Makeup tutorials (especially for halloween)

~ Pranking Percy and Jason w/ Annabeth to get back at them

~ BEst FRIEND VS BOYFRIEND (Leo and Jason)


Annabeth (WiseGirl)

INTRO: Hey everyone! Welcome to my channel!

~ Percy shows up a lot even uninvited which makeS HER MAD AND CALL HIM SEAWEED BRAIN


~Vlogs with Piper

~ Bloopers!


Hazel (ShineLikeADiamond)


~ Trying to get frank to come into the videos to do his makeup

~ SUper cute diy’s with Annabeth

~ Story Time

~ BROTHER DOES MY MAKEUP (I love this like imagine Nico putting on eyeliner perfectly and she’s shocked but he doesn’t know wtf foundation is ‘Is it the one in the black tube? Where does IT GO? Hazel!)

~ Brother Vs Boyfriend (FrANK IS TERRIFIED OF NICO EVERYTIME HE GETS more poinTs than him)

Frank (FranklyFrank)

Intro: Hey, Its Frank here

~ Supercute pet videos 



~ Simple and very child friendly

Nico (DiGhostKing)

Intro: *small wave* Hey 

~Ghost Stories 

~BoyFRIEND TAGS (WILL CALLING HIM DEATHBOY AND SHIP NAME SOLANGELO AND NICO GETTING ANNOYED AW, and sarcastic remarks when answering “nico’s favorite color? hm i wonder? mayBE Its yellow”)

~Piano tutorials



Girlfriend Does My Makeup (Joe Sugg Imagine)

Request: Hello I love your imagines can you please do one where y/n and Joe are making a “girlfriend does my makeup tag”


Joe turned the camera on before looking at you with a sigh, which made you laugh.

“You ready?” you teased as Joe placed himself beside you on his bed. He had agreed to let you put makeup on him for his Sugg Sunday Special this week. You would be lying if you said you weren’t excited. This would be amazing.

“Let’s just get this overwith,” Joe said with a pout which made you push him gently with a grin.

“So today I’m joined with my girlfriend Y/N and she is going to put makeup on my face,” Joe said and pouted to the camera and you rolled your eyes at him with a laugh.

“You’re such a girl,” you said before turning Joe’s head so you could put foundation on his face. You explained everything you did throughout the video with Joe complaining, especially when you got to the mascara.

“Can you stop crying so much?” you asked with a chuckle. You were beginning to get pretty impatient with him.

“You’re putting a stick with black stuff into my eye, what do you want me to do?” Joe asked and you couldn’t help but laugh because of his choice of words.

“Shut up,” you laughed and Joe laughed as well. You finished his makeup and he was looking awesome. At least that’s what you thought.

“So this is the final product. Do I look cute?” Joe asked and turned his head from the camera to you.

“I have never seen you prettier,” you said sarcastically and Joe smiled satisfied to the camera.

“Then give me a kiss,” Joe said with a smirk and before you could react Joe took your head in his hands and pushed his lips onto yours. You had given Joe a red lipstick on and it was now all over your face. Joe pulled back and looked at his creation on your face.

“Wow you’re sexy babe,” Joe said before turning your head to the camera. Now it was your turn to pout.

“I think my work is way better than yours,” Joe said with a huge smirk and you looked at him offended and pushed him so he almost fell off the bed. Joe started laughing out loud at how offended you got.

“I’m never doing a video with you again,” you said with crossed arms and you looked the other way.

“Aww, she’s mad,” Joe said before pulling you towards him and repeatedly kissing your cheek.

“I promise I’ll cook for you for the rest of your life if you forgive me,” Joe said and you looked at him with a grin.

“I think it would be best for all of us if I continued doing the cooking in this house,” you said whilst looking into Joe’s blue eyes, and Joe couldn’t help but laugh.

“You’re probably right. I think Caspar would appreciate that as well,” Joe said and you nodded with a laugh. Joe ended the video and for the next hour you had to hear Joe complain about not being able to get the makeup off his face. You just shook your head and laughed. He was such a dork and you were totally in love with him.

GOT7 doing the “My Boyfriend does my makeup” tag

JB: I feel like he would be so bad at it lmao. I picture him saying things such as “why do you need so many brushes?”, “wait! isn’t this a red lipstick? don’t you already have one??… what do you mean it’s not the same color? it’s RED.”. He would probably even give up at some point.

Jinyoung: Jinyoung would be so careful and concentated. He probably watched his girlfriend doing it many times so he is not so bad.

Mark: He would try his best. He wouldn’t know every product or what to use every brush for, but he wouldn’t admit it and would fight until the makeup is done. I picture him sticking his tongue out while blending the eyeshadow.

Jackson: As usual Jackson would be freaking extra. He would scream and complain every time he would fail on doing something. “AHHHH I CAN’T DO IT.”, “how do you do this?”, “HOW DOES THIS WORK ?”, “how are you so good at doing it and i’m not??”. He wouldn’t give up tho !

BamBam: I think BamBam would be the best at this. He would slay it and his girlfriend would end up with the best makeup look of her life. Then he would look at the camera and say some stupid thing like “I should own this channel”.

Youngjae: I don’t think Youngjae would be good at it. He would giggle all the time and make jokes to make his girlfriend laugh and forget about this tag because he would be embarrassed about the fact that he was bad at it.

Yugyeom: Yugyeom would be quite good! Not as good as BamBam, but better than Jinyoung. I feel like he probably watches makeup videos on Youtube alone, for some reason.

Makeup Tag

(I think I did this wrong? I did the “my girlfriend does my makeup tag” instead. I think I was confused by the “reaction” part of it and misread it. Sorry, I hope you enjoy anyway! I can do the boyfriend one if someone requests it again.)


Kuroo’s makeup would be glamorous, old Hollywood. We’re talking false lashes, heavy cat eye, and red lipstick. The black hair and sly look just lends itself to high drama. His girlfriend would probably be the most capable of applying makeup to him too, as he’d be the most likely to actually sit still and let her do her job.

When Kuroo saw himself in the hand mirror his girlfriend handed him, he would smile and trace the tips of his fingers against his skin. Obviously, he would think it looked phenomenal.

 “I should wear lipstick more often,” he would tell his girlfriend. “How good do you think this would look when we got… intimate?” His girlfriend would look at him for a moment before realizing they were still recording. Smiling, she would reach over to turn off the camera. What they would do next wouldn’t be so Youtube appropriate.


Oikawa’s makeup would be very feminine, like a “first date in a shoujo manga with the most popular bishi boy in class” style. Pink lipstick, pale shimmery eyes, and a lot of blush. You get the picture. Applying the makeup would be a bit complicated though, as he would try talking through the makeup application to his girlfriend, exclaiming about how much finesse applying makeup must take. Finally, she would just wrestle him down and tell him to shut up so she could finish.

Unsurprisingly, Oikawa would be a whore for the camera as soon as his girlfriend finished the last touch of lip gloss. Looking in the mirror, he would exclaim about how hot he was (despite his eyeshadow being a bit smudged.)

“Do I look good?” He would say in a sweet, seductive voice, giving the camera bedroom eyes and blowing kisses into the lense. “Tell me what you’d do to me in the comments…”

The camera would switch off rather suddenly after he began licking his lips and sucking his fingers while looking into the camera. Obviously, it would be his girlfriend’s most popular video.


Lev’s makeup would be the messiest. Lev would just have too much energy to sit down for a set amount of time to let someone touch his face. Plus, as he so eloquently would state, the mascara wand tickles too much. About halfway through applying makeup, he’d start trying to distract his girlfriend, making faces and telling her jokes. By the time they were done, she’s be laughing too hard at his distractions, amplified by the fact that all his makeup would be so smudged it would look like a child did it.

“I look like a voodoo doll in a horror movie,” he would announce as he saw himself in the mirror. “How do you manage to look so good in this? You must be magical.”

After putting down the mirror, Lev would look begin taking selfies and sending them everyone on the Nekoma team, posing with faces that seemed a mix between erotic and maniacal.


Tsukki would be reluctant to have his makeup done, much less on camera for a million people to see, but his makeup would be spot-on. His girlfriend would go for more of an androgynous rock star look on him, with black eyeliner and pale skin. While his girlfriend would have trouble applying it (being nervous to disappoint him and simultaneously trying to force him not to screw up his eyes when she was putting liner on his waterline), it would look good.

When Tsukki saw it, he’s raise an eyebrow and examine his girlfriend’s handiwork, before finally giving the camera a coy smirk. “Am I hot enough for you? Are you finally happy, Internet?”

As much as Tsukki wouldn’t want to admit it, he would like the smudged, smoky eyeliner look more than he expected. As appreciation, he’d give the camera a low-lidded look and flick it off, climbing on top of his girlfriend and whispering in her ear if she’d ever thought about him wearing makeup and nothing else.

anonymous asked:

mlt participate in the "boyfriend does my makeup" challenge with his YouTuber girlfriend and enjoy it?

Michael omg he’d wanna do it just to see if he could do it tbh so you’d turn on the camera and set all your makeup out for him with no instructions whatsoever. “hey guys, so I’m with Michael from 5sos aka my boyfriend and he wanted to do my makeup today for the boyfriend does my makeup tag so I’m just gonna shut my eyes and we’ll let him do whatever he wants.” Michael would have a tight grip on your face as he repeatedly stabbed your eye with the eyeshadow brush. “Michael, that hurts.” You laughed, grabbing his hand and pulling it away from your eye. “Sorry babe.” He apologized, lightening his maneuvers against your face. “Is this for your eyebrows?” Michael asked, holding out your mascara and pressing gently against your forehead. “I guess it is now.” You giggled. Finally, he was finished with his ‘masterpiece’. “Can I look? Is it safe?” You opened your eyes, grabbing the mirror you’d set aside for the after part. He hadn’t done too bad except for the too dark eyebrows and the excess of eyeshadow that sat underneath your eyes and the lack of mascara on your eyelashes. “You look beautiful, babe.” Michael smiled. “Even when i fuck up your makeup.”


My girlfriend and I did the Boyfriend Does My Makeup Tag in Kyman cosplay so if you dudes get the chance, check it out ^^ Thanks!