my girlfriend and childhood friend fight too much


Ore no Kanojo to Osanajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru FNAR Review #24:

          First of all, Happy Easter everyone and if you don’t celebrate Easter, Happy Sunday or whatever you do. Ore no Kanojo to Osanajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru which is shortened as OreShura is transalted as My Girlfriend and Childhood Friend Fight Too Much is a harem/romantic comedy anime. The main character’s name is Eita Kidou and the story starts with him and his childhood friend Chiwas Harusaki. He is a first year in high school and one day his seat is moved and now he sits next to Masuzu Natsukawa, a silver haired girl who is regarded as a silent and beautiful princess. Their interactions start and here we have our series. The plot goes from there but eventually includes Himeka Akishino and Ai Fuyuumi into the harem. The only other notable characters are Saeko Kiryu, Eita’s aunt and Kaoru Asoi who is Eita’s best friend and to be honest I can’t tell if he is a she. He might be gay or a straight girl and I honestly cannot tell. Kaoru is one of those neutral names.

          There’s not really anything remarkable about OreShura. It’s a harem and if you like watching harem you’ll like OreShura (most likely). I found most of the characters to be entertaining enough and I was rarely annoyed. Eita was a pretty okay MC but he was forgettable. Also he was very indecisive and flip floppy. What I liked about him though was that he was much more aware of what was going on in contrast to other harem MC’s. All the girls were decent as well. I won’t get into who I think should’ve won and my own personal preference bla bla.  I do wish that some characters were given a little more screen time and weren’t there just to fill the stereotype and the empty slot in the harem. Specifically, I wish Ai Fuyuumi wasn’t so back and forth with herself. I liked her at sometimes but then she went on the complete opposite end of the spectrum and I couldn’t see it as her being the same character. Honestly, there was a major lack of consistency throughout and that’s the one big problem I had with it.

          OreShura was a fairly decent and enjoyable harem, if there’s a second season I wouldn’t mind watching it but if you didn’t get around to watching this series I wouldn’t really say that you’re missing anything wonderful. It was alright. It had it’s drastic high points and low points but it was just alright. I give Ore no Kanojo to Osanajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru a 5.75/10.