my girl confessed first


Rae + Converse throughout the series

Confession: My First Love

My first love was a girl named Kiki. She was so pretty, I remember the first time I saw her, heard her voice, and actually got the chance to talk to her, I felt my heart skip a beat. Even now, my heart flutters at the thought of that first day. Anyway, she seemed to really like me, and I really liked her. We met up a few times after that, just exchanging occasional sentences…and it was wonderful.

Time went by, and I couldn’t help but get drawn to Kiki. She was someone who just…really understood me. No matter what I did, who else I talked to, or what trouble I was causing, she was there, to listen, offer advice, and it really gave me the strength I needed to be myself, you know? 

Without warning…I found myself in love. Deeply, madly, wonderfully in love. Every day, I would rush downstairs to meet her, and she would always be there, waiting for me. Every day, I wondered if she’d leave without a trace but…every day I was surprised. 

…And so…I became complacent. I assumed she’d always be there for me. But…one day…she started acting strange. I didn’t know what was happening, but she asked me if I actually wanted her there. We always joked around, Kiki and I, and I’ll never forget this until the day I die. I said “I mean I guess.” and pushed her. I was joking…she didn’t think so. She moved away from town, away from the town I had spent my entire existence in…and she was gone. And then, all I had was Tom Nook.