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on my own: voulme II // listen here

killer female solos that are really amazing volume two

01. don’t rain on my parade funny girl / 02. don;t cry for me argentina evita / 03. i don’t know how to love him jesus christ superstar / 04. over the moon rent / 05. now that i’ve seen her miss saigon / 06. i’m not that girl wicked / 07. memory cats / 08. castle on a cloud les miserables / 09. the world above the little mermaid / 10. sun and moon (reprise) miss saigon / 11. when you’re good to mama chicago / 12. popular wicked / 13. as long as he needs me oliver! / 14. kindergarten boyfriend heathers / 15. didn’t i see this movie? next to normal / 16. i can’t do it alone chicago / 17. naughty matilda / 18. wishing you were somehow here again the phantom of the opera / 19. always starting over if/then / 20. i have a dream mamma mia! / and the beast beauty and the beast / 22. there are worst things i could do grease / 23. i miss the mountains next to normal / 24. pathetic matilda / 25. what the fuck? if/then

A mix for the ladies of All For the Game. All female artists, all empowering, all for women. Think Foxes, Vixens, Trojans and the older ladies.            PLAY   /   PLAY .

01 .   that’s my girl   /   fifth harmony .   02 .   me & my girls   /   selena gomez .   03 .   salute   /   little mix .   04 .   bo$$   /   fifth harmony .   05 .   do it like a dude   /   jessie j .   06 .   you’re such a   /   hailee steinfeld .   07 .   hard out here   /   lily allen .   08 .   maneater   /   nelly furtado .   09 .   me too   /   meghan trainor .   10 .   worth it   /   fifth harmony .   11 .   i love it   /   icona pop ft. charlii xcx .   12 .   no more sad songs   /   little mix .   13 .   love myself   /   hailee steinfeld .   14 .   sit still, look pretty   /   daya .   15 .   the greatest   /   sia .

The more I think about Digimon Adventure tri., the more I dislike it, especially the existence of Meiko. The thing is, Meiko comes out of nowhere and is immediately accepted into the group. They care about her, they worry about her, they spend a lot of time with her.

Where was that concern for Daisuke, Ken, Miyako, and Iori? They’ve been part of the group, part of their friends, for three+ years and now literally none of the rest of them are bothered to check up on them. Digimon attacking the city? Don’t call up the 02 kids. Their Digimon partners returning from the Digital World? Don’t call up the 02 kids. A mysterious infection that’s fucking up all the Digimon? Don’t call up the 02 kids. THE DIGITAL WORLD LITERALLY ABOUT TO REBOOT AND AFFECT ALL THE DIGIMON AND THEIR MEMORIES? Don’t call up the 02 kids.

But Takeru can take time out of his busy schedule to post online to the global Chosen Children about what’s going on. And all of them sure can spend a lot of time worrying about Meiko.

There’s no excuse for it. Even if they all grew apart over the years, they would still have that connection as Chosen Children. Miyako and Iori are Hikari and Takeru’s Jogress partners. That’s a powerful bond that 02 spent a lot of time developing and putting emphasis on. Now it apparently doesn’t matter except for Taichi and Yamato. Except for Ken, the 02 kids all go to the same school. Takeru lives in the same building as Miyako and Iori. And still none of them seem to care. Even after the Emperor/Kaiser appears before them, with an Infected Imperialdramon no less, they’re all only marginally concerned.

Every episode of tri. makes this problem more and more apparent and has me questioning why Meiko is getting so much focus. Her character and screentime are included at the expense of not one but FOUR majorly important characters in the Adventure universe, and as a result makes all the other kids look like phenomenal assholes. And for what? Her character has proven to be not that interesting. She hardly does anything. How am I supposed to care about her when four characters I’ve cared about for 15 years are missing and no one gives a shit?

I really don’t understand why the writer’s are going this route. I mean, it’s possible they’ll turn things around in the back half of the series and have the 02 kids come back full force but it seems highly unlikely. We’ll probably get some kind of tacked on Taichi/Meiko storyline instead.

A brief history of me trying to pick my favorite male DigiDestined, Digimon Adventure edition
  • 1999: Matt bc angst and ANGST IS GOOD
  • 2000: Yeah, but Izzy tho
  • Late 2000/Early 2001: tAI MAYBE??
  • 2001-2008: TAI TAI TAI TAI DEFINITELY TAI (and Izzy)
  • 2008-2015: Ok well I'm going to keep SAYING Tai, but really I love them all and can't choose
  • Secret feelings simmering for years, finally boiling over immediately after Ketsui: IT'S JOE
  • 2016-Present: Yeah, but TK tho

Hey zedrin-maybe I did something Megaman related :Y

Her arms are heavily inspired by those of Kraft (MMZ4) while her ponytail comes from Ashe (MMZXA - Not a Zero entry but is the same artist nonetheless) with a little modification. I tried to preserve her proportions while also fitting certain traits within the universe, like the Reploid feet and arm guards for example; what did take time was to adapt the outfit into a more Zero-ish attire while also keeping it recognizable.

It is also the first time in a long… well, time, that I try to do this style again on a more serious mindset. Man, I’m rusty (but there’s no big guy here)… :T

i still have two more images on store to do u kno :y

EDIT Jun/06: Oh forget it heres the second one :y

EDIT Jun/07: She’s got that vibe of a cyber-elf for some reason, maybe it is just me :T    Anyways, heres the third one :D