the love of my life. i cannot express how in love with you i am. i cannot put into words how much i feel for you. i love you. i was not looking for anything serious, i was not looking for love, but my god i have found the most serious love i could’ve imagined. i am invested in you. i am so excited to start my forever with you. i love you. always, my girl. ❤ oknxpe

Birthday love || F2F

To say Ashton was happy since he woke up was an understatement, the boy just couldn’t stop smiling at all. Seeing all the support from the fans then having his family flying over as a surprise, he just couldn’t imagine a better birthday. As the guests were slowly coming the boy just wanted to spend some time with his girlfriend. Barbara just made the day even more perfect, she came into his life unexpectedly but it made it so much better. Spotting the girl in the pool, Ash took off his shirt and jumped in just in his swim trunks. He swam up to the model holding onto the edge of the pool with his hands on either side of her. “Hey beautiful” Ashton smiled pecking her lips once.


My girlfriend is making breakfast and fried strawberries and singing and I can’t even handle how perfect she is and how great her voice sounds and how happy she makes me :)