Finally got to meet Mackenzie 😍We only got to spend a few days together, but every moment was perfect. I’ll see you again in roughly 125 days 💕 I love you, keep-calm-for-me

Things I want as a Little Princess..

- Kisses 💋 

- Spankies ✋

 - Cuddles 💑

 - Daddy’s Cummies 💦

 - Tiaras 👑 

- Coloring Books 📖 

- Bows 🎀 

- Stuffies 🐧🐻 

- Kissies 💋 

- Cute Dresses 👗

 - Sexy Lingerie 👙 

 -Binkies 🍭 

- Sippies 🍺 

- Travel the World with Daddy ✈🌏 

- Lots and Lots of LOVE!! 💕


“today is considered "throwback Thursday” and i wanted this one to be special. i want to throwback to the way you first made my heart flutter and skip a beat, the way you first said i love you, the way you stared at me and i got lost in your beautiful eyes, the way you captivated me with your words to the way you continue to do that and more. but most importantly, i want to throwback to the day i met you and how it changed my life for the better. i was broken, hurt, and lost and you found me, put me back together, and showed me what love truly felt like that. so thank you for that. throwback to our last facetime where my stomach was filled with butterflies at the way i fell even harder for you. i love you, gray.“ yesacceptance 😘