my gigapause

Hey remember when these guys were like 13 year old goof balls and everything was a simpler time? Yeah those were the good ol’ days~ (old man voice)

Pre-game Jade Harley~

So dawns the 150th Day of the Gigapause.

We shall celebrate this event in the customary fashion by bathing in our own tears, and staring soulfully at the mspa website while tapping the f5 key in memory of simpler times in our youth when tricksters danced, mind controlled clowns hid in closets, green skullmen wore little bow ties and everybody died. Repeatedly. 

Happy Anniversary!

Do you have any idea how much power I wield over you?? To what extent I can RUIN the shit you step in with that squeaky clean sunday loafer you use to stomp that bookmark and stamp that F5 key, day goddamn in and day fucking out???” - Andrew Hussie